Fish finder is a "conventional weapon" for fishing enthusiasts. The fish finder is composed of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter floats on the water and sends out a signal underwater. After the signal captures the information of the fish, it will be transmitted to the host, and the host will generate the image of the fish according to the signal feedback.

The fish finder has such a powerful search ability, more thanks to the lithium battery with excellent waterproof performance. Only equipped with a battery with strong waterproof performance can the fish finder run longer and detect deeper in the water.

Presumably the hobby of fishing is a favorite of most people. We can calm down and wait for the bait of the fish. This not only exercises our will, but also exercises our patience. We have been waiting, waiting for the moment when the harvest is successful. And when that moment really comes, that kind of joy cannot be replaced by words.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and equip your fish finder with a powerful lithium battery.


Tycorun lithium battery

Before the battery leaves the factory, it is generally charged, so it is necessary to detect whether the voltage of the battery is normal. If the battery is not used for a long time, it will be slowly discharge. When multiple batteries are connected in series or parallel, check whether battery connectors are firm. 
Off-grid system voltage is 12V, 24V, 48V and other kinds of applications to more than one battery series to meet the system voltage; If the cable is not properly connected, the battery voltage is not enough.

Do not connect the battery terminal inversely. The battery terminal has positive and negative poles, which are generally connected to the positive terminal in red and the negative terminal in black. Note that a small amount of sparks may be generated if the connection is live.

With the improvement of people's demand for environmental protection and the development of clean energy industry,solar lithium batteryare more and more used in our life. Solar lithium battery can directly convert light energy into electricity for use and have the function of power storage.
With the continuous development of photovoltaic technology, solar battery have also evolved from the original lead-acid battery to the present lithium battery. Solar lithium batteries are widely used, especially in road lighting. The popularity of solar lithium battery also owes to its own advantages. Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery has the following advantages:

1. Long Life

Normal lead-acid battery life is about one year, lithium battery life is about two years, special process lithium battery life can reach 3-5 times of lead-acid battery life;

2. High Energy

The mass ratio and volume ratio energy of lithium batteries are about 40% higher than that of lead-acid batteries.

3. Convenient installation

The lithium battery is small in size and light in weight, which can be installed directly under the solar panel to reduce the construction cost.

4. No pollution

Lead-acid batteries are polluted in the production process, and may cause pollution if improperly recycled. Lithium batteries are relatively green and environmentally friendly, and lithium batteries are obviously more popular in emphasizing green and pollution-free energy.

5. High and low temperature resistance

Lithium battery can be used in the -20℃-60℃ environment, seiko special process can be used in the -45℃ environment, not easy to damage, maintenance free performance is good

Lithium battery has been widely used for its small size, high energy density, no memory effect, small pollution and long cycle life. Then more and more lithium battery manufacturers enter the market, the competition is more and more fierce, and the products are differentiated. Lithium battery development prospects are very good, the future is bright.

Lithium battery industry will continue to accelerate in the future development. Because of the current market, the demand for lithium batteries is very large. Unless fuel cell technology matures and is widely used, it may then affect the status of lithium batteries.

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●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

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●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

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Your Buying Guide For Fish Finder Battery in 2021

Different modern world technologies taking very rapid action on different kinds of applications and Fish Finder is one of them.

Mostly, when people go for fishing they use a fishing hook connected to a battery in a direct way or may be indirectly but these batteries help the fish finder to work without facing any problem.

Fish finder battery is now becoming of the top trending product in different countries providing ease to many of the people for fishing purpose. However, in this guide I am going to explain different kinds of fish finding batteries and the working principle of fish finder battery in different areas.

1. What is meant by Fish Finder Battery?

What is meant by Fish Finder Battery?

A fish finder is such a unique gadget which is used in different local areas for fishing purpose what this device actually does it tells you about the presence of fish in the depth of water and also used for other water purposes.

Fish finder usually works through sound waves by generating pulses in different sound waves and these waves when went into the sea depth and hits with any kind of hard object or fish or sea plants then after hitting with the objects the eventually came up onto the surface and then a measuring device called fish finder measures the travelling speed of waves and frequency when they hit with an object and produce signals about the object detection.

In many of the European countries as well as in other US states people use this device for fishing purpose in different urban areas. And it proves to be such a vital equipment for fish finding.

2. What is the purpose of storing a battery with Fish Finder?

As usual?Off-grid Lithium Batteries?provide power sources for different applications and helps to operate different appliances present in a boat. So for working with the fish finder one must needs to install a battery with it because battery works as a powerhouse to give power to the fish finder.

Without a battery you can not generate sound waves of higher frequency as the main working of fish finder depends on sound waves. Most of the batteries that are commonly used in a fish finder is deep cycle battery and there are many types of deep cycle batteries as well that you can use with fish finder.

Battery works as a strong backup to provide required current to your fish finder if you do not use any battery then it will be hard for you to work with the device. Try to have a best deep cycle backup battery for your finder because it will operate way better than other normal batteries.

3. What types of batteries can we use with Fish Finder?

What types of batteries can we use with Fish Finder?

Basically, there are two main battery types that you can install with your fish finder and all of these batteries have different working principle and different rates as well depending upon their cell combination and voltage level.

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

As fish finder is installed within a boat system that works over the water so you can not use a normal lead-acid battery which is not sealed properly because it is hard for those batteries to cope with extreme weather conditions. A properly sealed Lead-acid acid battery is a much better solution for a fish finder.

12V lead-acid battery having different current storage capacity rates is used for fish finder. This battery is less expensive as compared to lithium-ion but it requires more attention for maintenance. One major defect about lead-acid batteries is their heavy weight which makes them less appropriate to be used in fish finder.

Lithium-ion Batteries

These battery types are one of the most used for fishing purposes different boats use lithium battery to work with different on boat applications and fish finder is one of those appliances.

12V deep cycle lithium battery?is a top contender to be used in a fish finder system because of its maintenance free operation and fully sealed without having any liquid inside. It also gives you flexibility to be mounted in any direction because there is no risk of liquid leakage like lead-acid battery. Nevertheless, it is a liquid free battery made only with lithium-ions with iron phosphate combination.

There are different lithium-ion battery types that you can use in fish finder depending upon their voltage and current capacity level. Such as?12V 10Ah,?12V 18Ah?and?12V 24Ah. These are some of the lithium-ion batteries that you can use to provide power to your fish finder application.

4. Explain different advantages of Fish Finder battery?

Having a strong backup for your fish finder can help you overcome many future problems that might happen to you during your fishing journey or it can help you out when you get stuck in the middle of a sea or a lake.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get by using a battery to operate a fish finder.

? The require voltage rate that a fish finder requires is 10V so by having a 12V battery installed with it you can make sure that your system is getting the required current without any resistance even if the cut-off voltage gets low.

? Quick charging will eventually help you to save your time.

? Deep cycle battery can be charged and recharged again and again having more than thousand charging cycles.

? A typical lithium-ion battery is always less in weight as compared to other lead-acid batteries.

? Having a battery backup will provide you ease during your work and you can work for long enough time by having a best deep cycle battery.

? A battery can help your system to provide stable amount of electric current to support other accessories that are present within the system.

? Fish finders don’t have enough space to install large size batteries within so for that reason 12V small size battery is easy to adjust and mount within the boat or fish finder.

5. How to select best serving Fish Finder battery?

How to select best serving Fish Finder battery?

The selection of a battery for your fishing boat depends upon some key points which I am going to explain to you.

Required Voltage & Current Capacity

The voltage requirement in most of the fish finder cases is found out to be 10V but the storage capacity rates are always different because all the fish finders are not same in size. You must need to understand that how much voltage you are requiring to work with your equipment and how much amount of current you want to store within your battery.

Size & Specs

Before buying a battery measure the space in which you are going to mount your battery because sometimes it becomes hard to adjust a large size battery in such a small space. You also need to look the specs of the battery because sometimes some of the battery specs do not match to your equipment.

Battery Type

Always select LifePo4 or Deep cycle battery for consistent power rate that can provide you continuous amount of current for more than required hours.

Whenever you select a lead-acid battery choose the sealed one because it is specially designed for these kinds of purposes. And on the hand lithium-ion battery without a doubt is the best battery that one can have for a fish finder because of its better work rate and efficiency.

6. Explain different12V Fish Finder Batterytypes?

There are many kinds of 12V batteries and you can avail a battery having 12 volt in any of the two types lead-acid and lithium-ion.

12V 10Ah is a battery that you can use with a small storage capacity and small in size. However, it provides the required amount of energy to your fish finder.

Not only that 12V 18Ah lithium-ion or sealed lead-acid battery is also very commonly used battery in many fish finder applications because of its moderate size and helpful storing capacity that can remain longer for more than 4 hours.

12V 23Ah battery is also used in fish finder with the high energy capacity and greater current efficiency rate. People use this battery type more often as has the greater storage capacity and low cut-off voltage during discharging it means it can provide more discharging time as compared to other types.

All of the 12V battery types are available in lead-acid and lithium-ion but the best one to work with is a lithium-ion battery because it requires no maintenance and provides longer lifecycle having less weight as well so you can cope with it easily as compared to other sealed lead-acid battery.

7. Which 12V battery is best for Fish Finder?

There are many types of 12V batteries that you can avail as I explained earlier but there is no special or specific type that you can get.

12V batteries with different Ah levels are available but the selection from these batteries is done by according to the fish finder requirements because if you choose a battery without knowing the requirements of your system then it is all going to be a mess.

Most often people use 12V 23Ah or higher Ah level battery which can help them in their purpose for longer use and can provide continuous amount of energy as per the requirements for many hours without any flaw in the system. Higher the Ah level higher will be the current storage capacity and greater current efficiency.

8. How long Fish Finder battery will last when charged up to maximum level?

How long Fish Finder battery will last when charged up to maximum level?

Basically, fish finder battery is not specific to just one type there are different types of batteries that people use in the fish finder and the charging and discharging cycle of a battery also depends upon its construction and manufacturing level.

A typical?lithium-iron phosphate battery?when charged fully it can provide you current for a day depending upon the amount of current that your fish finder in getting from the battery.

If a fish finder required only 2Amps of current so by using a lithium-ion battery you can run the thrust motor for more than a day but if the motor size of your fish finder is heavier than the normal fish finder then you will require higher energy Amps from a battery to operate it for more than 5 hours.

A fish finder does not use full amount of a battery instead it uses few Amps and then utilize these Amps to form strong radio waves for finding fish which is present in under water. Most of the fish finders use high duty batteries with fish finders to operate the engine motor and fish finder as well with the same type of a battery which they have had installed.

9. Which Fish Finder battery is used for Kayak?

Kayak Fish Finder is one of the best fish finder used in different countries for local fishing purpose because this fish finder is developed according to the customer needs and requirements.

The best battery that one can use in kayak fish finder is?12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery. This battery type can provide longer lasting time to your fish finder and provide you maximum amount of current with less resistance rate.

You can also use?12V 18Ah lithium-ion battery?with your?Kayak battery?because it has less flaws and errors as compared to sealed lead-acid batteries. Use of sealed lead-acid battery does not make any strong impact on fish finder however it can be used up to some extent.

10. How to connect Fish Finder with a battery?

The hook or connection between battery and a fish finder can normally be done in two ways.

Fuse box Connection

The first and foremost common method to connect a battery with a fish finder is by using a fuse box. A fuse box or simply called an electric panel is used to get the current from an input method and then divide it into the required circuits.

This method is one of the most used to deliver a battery current to the fish finder by hooking the connection of battery to fuse box. This way is secure to use and more appropriate as well because if any kind of electricity short circuit happens then it helps you to save your system from getting any kind of serious damage.

Inline or Direct Connection

In most of the finders people recommend this connection when you are working with any kind of fish finder because it is a ready made system present in the fish finder.

There is an inline fuse box which is present in fish finder and by using this inline connection you make a secure hook between a battery and a fish finder. It is a direct way to connect a battery to your fish finder because there is no other connecting device used in this method.

So these are the two basic connection types that you can use to connect your battery with a fish finder.

11. Can you use 7Ah battery in Fish Finder?

Yes you can use a 7Ah?best fish finder battery. Some of the fish finders require less power and 12V 7Ah can be used in a fish finder because it is appropriate enough to use this battery type.

By fully charging the 12V 7Ah battery you can work with your fish finder for more than 10 hours as it can facilitate you for long enough time so that you can survive for much longer.

On the other hand 7Ah is not a battery with least Ah level that you can use but most of the experts say that it is not appropriate to use less than 7Ah battery with a fish finder.

12. Which size of battery is best for Fish Finder?

There are many types of batteries that you can use in a fish finder as I explained earlier but all of these batteries have different sizes according to their AH level.

Most probably lithium-ion batteries are one of the best battery types having less weight and small size as compared to sealed lead-acid battery. It is good enough to use a lithium-ion battery for your finder battery if you are looking for a small size with maximum current ratio.

However, sealed lead-acid batteries are not that bad to be used in a fish finder but if you want a battery with small size, easy to adjust and less in weight that you can carry anywhere easily without any problem then you need to use lithium-ion batteries.

12V 18Ah lithium-ion battery is a moderate battery and easy to mount in small space with less weight and high efficiency in current ratio.

13. What type of chargers are used to charge a Fish Finder battery?

What type of chargers are used to charge a Fish Finder battery?

There are many manufacturers that provide different chargers for different types of batteries but here are two of the basic charger types that you can use for charging your fish finder battery.

Quick Charger

If your battery is designed in the latest BMS system then you can use this charger type to charge your battery. This charger is used to quickly charge your battery within two hours.

You can not use a quick charger to charge a normal battery because it will not work on that battery as the battery must have the functionality or ability to get charged quickly like lithium-ion batteries coming these days have the quick charging port so that you can use a quick charger to charge these batteries.

Normal Charger

A normal charger is slow in terms of charging and most of the normal lead-acid and other batteries use this charger for their charging purpose.

1Amp 12V charger is very helpful to use sealed lead-acid batteries.

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