Have you ever imagined that you can drive your RV to the beautiful lake and cook a delicious meal by yourself? This is not a daydream, it can be achieved.

In fact, this is to install a small photovoltaic system on the RV. You only need one or two photovoltaic modules, equipped with photovoltaic inverters and batteries, and you can get a perfect RV photovoltaic system. You can enjoy your vacation time by the lake with your family.

When it comes to batteries, we have to mention our lithium iron phosphate batteries. Our lithium battery is perfectly matched with various RV systems, and can store a huge capacity for various electrical appliances in the RV. 

Compared with other storage batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are safer, lighter and easier to install. This can save you a lot of time.

what are you waiting for? Hurry up and assemble your RV system, drive your RV, and have a pleasant weekend trip.


Tycorun lithium battery


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Ultimate Buying Guide for RV Battery in 2021

Failure of a battery system in RV's most probably happen when you overcharge or discharge the battery for more than expected time period this is happen when battery can't complete its cycle.

RV's use multiple sorts of batteries including lead-acid battery, AGM battery and lithium-ion battery as well and these batteries are up with the combination of multiple cells to fulfil the power requirement of Recreational vehicle.

The life span of RV battery depends on its usage along with other factors like when you charge the battery, how many hours do you charge it and after how many hours you remove the charger. In this authentic buying guide I am going to explain you everything related to the?RV Lithium batteries.

1. What type of RV's are there in the market?

What type of RV's are there in the market?

According to the size and specifications, there are many different types of RVs that one can buy from the market. Here is the list of some RVs.

Class A Diesel & Gas Motorhome RV's

Diesel RV's mostly used for special tours when you visit specific areas where you need more engine power and greater energy to work with the RV appliances. These diesel RV's have more engine power and longer durability run.

When you talk about Gas based RV these mostly come with better comfort and are also useful for longer road trips with different kinds of home accessories like microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

Class C RV

This motorhome is also used for camping purposes in different areas. The size of this RV is smaller as compared to other A-class RVs.

Class B RV

B class RV's are smaller in size but very quick in terms of traveling as well as for camping purpose if you want to explore different remote areas around the countryside then you can use this RV.

There are also some other Towable RV types.

? Five wheel RV for camping purpose.

? Toy Hauler RV.

? Travel Trailer RV.

? Teardrop RV.

2. What are the different types of RV batteries?

Mainly there are three common?RV deep cycle battery?types that are used in different RV's according to the need and specification of RV applications.

CVE RV Batteries

Conventional batteries having flooded electrolytes in them these are the most common battery types coming in RV's these days. Because they are better in their performance rate in many ways like these batteries have a longer lifespan.

Conventional electrolyte batteries are available in different sizes and shapes they require very less maintenance and provide more required energy as compared to other batteries.

AGM RV Batteries

Absorbent glass metal batteries are one of the highly recommended batteries for your RV and can be used for engine startup purposes as well as deep cycles to operate multiple appliances. Fiberglass present inside this battery helps to hold the electrolytes properly. Inner construction of AGM battery is done very rightly so, that it can easily handle every type of vibration or outer jerk.

If you maintain the shape and quality of the AGM battery then it will remain longer and will provide you the required energy for more than 5 years.

GEL RV Batteries

These gel batteries work same as the lead-acid batteries they are constructed with the help of silica gel when mixed electrolytes and sulphuric acid.

They remain less maintenance and can be installed easily within your RV system because they contain gel instead of liquid.

Lithium RV Batteries

12v deep cycle lithium batteries?of different Amps are also useful in RV systems. These lithium batteries are more authentic in terms of performance rate, lifecycle, and higher energy density as compared to lead-acid and AGM battery types.

3. How RV batteries work?

How RV batteries work?

RV batteries when installed with the engine they work as a startup battery to provide the electric spark to the RV engine to start the engine and charging of these batteries did instantly as they get charged with the help of the RV engine.

And when you talk about deep cycle RV batteries these batteries are often used to run a household appliances that are present in the RV like for cooking purposes microwave oven installed in the RV's, refrigerators for storing different types of food items and other necessary household appliances.

When deep cycle battery connected to the RV appliances it works as a powerhouse to provide the required electrical energy to the motorhome appliances.

4. Why you need to install battery in your RV?

It is necessary to have a battery in your RV because you can not run different motorhome appliances if there is no deep cycle battery installed in your RV. Installation of a battery in your RV will provide you a better experience during your long adventure.

You can not start your engine without a starting battery because every type of engine requires an electric spark to start its working.

Different lights present in the RV also operated with the help of a battery and braking of electrical wheels in the RV system also work through battery so, that is why you need to install the battery in your RV.

5. What are the key features that you should remember when selecting the RV battery?

What are the key features that you should remember when selecting the RV battery?

First and for most, you must know that what type of battery you are going to install for your RV. Because there are mainly two types of batteries that you can install in your RV one is used as a starting battery and the other one is called deep cycle battery to run the accessories inside of your RV.

Or you can use only one dual-purpose battery to work as starting battery as well as deep cycle to run the RV appliances.

You can select any type of battery as a starting purpose for your RV's engine like sealed lead-acid battery, AGM battery, or lithium-ion battery any type of battery can be used for startup purpose.

And when you are selecting the battery for your RV appliances then first try to know that how much power your RV appliances required and what is the size of your RV if the RV size is big it will have more appliances than the smaller one so, select the bigger size and more powerful battery.

Select the battery with more durability and reliability in terms of the longer lifecycle with higher energy rate so, that you can easily cope with all the electrical applications of your RV.

6. What type of battery is best in terms of Deep cycle when used in RV?

As the most commonly used battery type is lead-acid which is very familiar in RV's because of their longer serving role and deep cycle. AGM batteries are also one of the commonly used battery types for RV's they are proven to be the handful solution in RV system in the past years.

12v sealed lead-acid battery is one of the most iconic deep cycle batteries used in RV systems they are capable to perform under every type of vibration that can possibly occur in the RV.

As the technology growing day by day and people want more efficient power solution that can run longer than usual batteries and 12v lithium batteries are taking up the speed to reach the new market values because of their power-weight ratio efficiency and capacity to give longer lifecycles than normal lead-acid and AGM batteries.

Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and very quick in charging with deep cycle duty for your multiple appliances.

7. Why I should use deep cycle battery in my RV instead of normal traditional battery?

Why I should use deep cycle battery in my RV instead of normal traditional battery?

Because a normal battery or a traditional battery installed in the RV is used as a starting battery to fulfill the engine requirements. You can not use that battery to run the household appliances of your RV with that traditional battery because it is not that efficient to run the accessories as compared to a deep cycle battery.

Deep cycle battery is specially designed to run the motorhome applications because of its longer-lasting time and continuous amount of energy providing purpose for many hours.

If you use a regular?travel trailer battery?for motorhome appliances it will work up to some extent then it will become slower in terms of providing the required energy for the appliances.

You can use deep cycle battery for starting purpose as well and after discharging the current at the maximum level they can be charged again and ready to be used again at full.

8. How RV battery get effected by overcharging & discharging?

Overcharging any type of a battery is very dangerous and can cause many problems to your battery or system. When you overcharge a lead-acid battery the molecules of acid became heat up and start the boiling process with distilled water that cause the explosion to your battery or heat up in your battery when you touch the outer surface you can feel that heat.

In lithium battery thermal heating effect can happen inside the battery when overcharging because of the increasing pressure in the lithium-ions.

As every battery is made up with the combination of cells connected in series or parallel ways and every cell work its own way to get charge and discharge up to its minimum and maximum level.

So, when the whole battery gets discharged instantly one of the cells with a smaller size and capacity may get discharged fully with 0 reaming charges inside of it and that can cause the reverse effect on your battery.

As the cell with zero discharge rate will become a resisting force against the other cells and it will start affecting the lifecycle of your battery.

9. Which battery is beneficial for your RV?

Which battery is beneficial for your RV?

If you want longer lifecycle battery with a better efficiency rate in terms of power and discharging cycle then you need to buy a lithium battery for your RV. Because lithium cells are made with modern technology to overcome all the old energy problems.

Most of the old RV's have lead-acid and AGM batteries stored inside them but they become older these days and they required maintenance after some time period on the other hand lithium cells are maintenance-free and protected by a battery management system with modern use of technology.

10. Why I should use lithium battery in my RV instead of AGM or lead-acid battery?

Some key points that make the lithium battery more preferable in your RV than AGM or Lead-acid battery.

? Lithium batteries have longer lifecycle than AGM batteries.

? More durable and reliable in deep cycle applications use.

? Maintenance free.

? Quick in charging process.

? More safe and secure as compared to lead-acid batteries.

? Lighter in weight.

? Constant power efficient.

11. Should I connect the charger to my RV battery all the time is it hazardous or not?

Should I connect the charger to my RV battery all the time is it hazardous or not?

No, because when your RV battery is fully charged and you keep the charger plugged into the battery then it will affect the level of the electrolytes of your battery cell and in this way the life of your RV battery will start decreasing.

So, remove the charger when the battery is fully charged or use the smart charger or maintenance tender for a battery that will automatically disconnect the charging slot of your battery from the charger and in this way your battery will remain in good condition.

You can not buy a battery after every year so, try to avoid the overcharging of your RV battery so, that it remains in healthy condition.

If you keep the charger plugged into your battery it will also cause the overcharging effect to your battery.

12. How long RV fridge can be operated with the help of battery during travelling?

Most of the Narcold fridges that are used in RV's are very handy to use for long road trips as they can provide the cooling for almost 7 hours depending upon the size of a refrigerator.

If refrigerator is having a bigger size then it can be operated for almost 5 to 7 hours with the help of a deep cycle battery when no other application is working on the battery rather than just a fridge.

Smaller size refrigerators can be operated for more hours than a big size refrigerator because a smaller size fridge will take less power as compared to bigger size refrigerators.

12v direct current is used to operate the refrigerators present in the RV system and residential refrigerator can be operated for 12 hours with the use of a deep cycle battery.

13. Which RV battery is best in terms of Cost efficiency?

There are some ways to test the?marine deep cycle battery?in terms of its discharging current rate and how much good it is in terms of health level and performance rate because a bad battery can cause you many problems during your adventure.

Which RV battery is best in terms of Cost efficiency?

If you want more efficient battery as compared to the lead-acid battery then LifePo4 12v lithium-ion battery with different Ah, levels are one of the best fits for your RV system.

Lithium batteries are made up of a modern BMS system that can provide you longer lifecycle, maintenance free services, easy to handle, less in weight, and user-friendly.

It is maybe expensive for you to buy a lithium battery as compared to a lead-acid battery and AGM battery but it is very cost-efficient providing you many key features that a lead-acid or AGM battery can not provide you.

Compact sizing of lithium batteries make them 60% lighter in weight so, that you can carry the battery within your RV with less weight limitation.

Lithium iron phosphate is used to manufacture lithium batteries which make them secure and safe to use as compared to lead-acid batteries.

14. What should I do to maintain the RV battery in good health & shape?

Here are some following points to keep in mind to maintain the good life health of your RV battery.

? Try to charge the battery on time when required.

? Do not fully discharge the battery as it will make an impact on your RV battery lifecycle.

? Protect your battery from extreme weather conditions like heavy raining, sun rays etc.

? Always keep your battery safe from moisture.

? Unplug the charger when battery is fully charged.

? If any kind of charging issue occurs in the battery do not try your own to solve the issue by opening the battery.

? Keep the terminals of the battery dry and clean.

? If you are using lead-acid battery always fill the required level of liquid using distilled water.

15. How much charging time will be required to charge the dead RV battery?

How much charging time will be required to charge the dead RV battery?

It is necessary to charge a battery when it is discharged up to its minimum limit in this way it will extend the lifecycle of your battery.

If you see your RV battery storage level below 50% then try to charge the battery. If you charge the battery with the help of a smart charger then it will take only 2 hours to charge the battery.

But if the RV battery is fully gone then you need to plug the smart charger into your battery for almost 8 hours so, that the health of your battery is completely restored and you can easily use it later for your required appliances.

The smart charger will not let your battery get overcharged because it will work automatically to remove the charger from your RV battery and in this way your battery will remain safe.

16. How to select the best size RV battery?

Battery size for RV depend on the size of RV as well because if you buy a small capacity battery for big size RV then it will not work properly with your RV accessories.

Always choose a battery that can provide you the required amount of power for your household appliances.

Compare the size and capacity level of different batteries and select the best one.

Always select the lighter-weight battery with a higher energy rate.

Look for compact size and greater energy capacity.

Choose the deep cycle battery for RV motorhome appliances.

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