The trolling boat may make your fishing every time easy. We all know that human beings are yearning to break through themselves. For anglers, who doesn't want to catch a 20kg fish? Because of the great power of big fish, anglers are easily injured, so they use boats to troll. Boat fishing rods are fixed on the boat's rod holder to catch big fish like sharks, tuna, and swordfish.

In order to enjoy the joy of fishing, we strongly recommend that you use our lithium batteries. Let us get a complete harvest every time we fish, and make every voyage out to sea become colorful. We have more time to stay on the boat and settle down to fish instead of having to return after going out for 2 hours. This will affect our fishing experience and our mood.

Below we will provide a variety of lithium batteries for you to choose from, choose the most suitable lithium battery for your trolling boat. Let us get a perfect success for our next fishing.


Tycorun lithium battery

Trolling motor lithium BatteryWatts One watt is a power unit. It is the energy quantity that an item needs to work. The energy consumption rate.Electricity flowing in one watt is comparable to one joule per second (energy unit). If the battery watts are suitably based on trolling motor lithiuming needs it is advisable to confirm. The battery's energy supply should last you long enough to complete your targeted journey. trolling motor lithium Battery Amp. Hour The amp hour is the classification used to tell consumers how much amperage the battery can generate for one hour exactly. The amp hour rating is generally provided in milli-amp hours in small batteries, such those used in personal vaporizer or in regular AA batteries, or (mAh). The key to getting a battery that will sustain you during daily routine is by knowing how many amp hours it supplies your battery. You don't want to buy a short-capacity battery.

The voltage is the pressure that drives charged electrons (current) through a conduction loop, from an electrical circuit power supply which enables them to work, such as lighting. In short, tension Equals pressure and volts are measured (V). It is good to make sure that the tension works well and the circuit power pressures are in order.

The recommended battery temperature is between 15 °C and 35 °C to maximize the battery life and usability. The temperature, however, is around 45°C, where the battery can supply the most power. Understanding the temperature of the battery allows you to prevent against being damaged.

A battery discharge depth (DoD) reflects the battery discharged as a proportion of total battery capacity. Discharge depth is defined as the discharge capacity of a fully charged, nominal battery capacity. This ensures the full loading of the battery. It allows you to view the percentage of the battery and so make it easier to operate.

The best maintenance and storage practices can make a great contribution to maximizing the life of your trolling motor battery. However, the following general guidelines should also be taken into account:
If you are unaware of the power requirements of your boat, read a few steps to strengthen your understanding of batteries. It will make you a more trustworthy and capable boat in the long run.
Comply, if possible, with the power consumption of your battery. For example, a 55-pound thrust engine needs a 120-amp-hour battery load. (An amperage hour is a means to quantify the energy that can be stored and discharged by a battery. Further amperage time is equivalent to increased energy storage, which allows your engine to be powered longer

Light weight, the weight of the same volume of lead acid products about 1/6-1/5; High and low temperature adaptability, can be used in the -20℃- 60℃ environment, after processing, can be used in the -45℃ environment; Green environmental protection, no matter production, use or scrap, does not contain or produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances. Production basically does not consume water, water shortage of our country, very advantageous.


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Ultimate Buying Guide for Trolling Motor Battery in 2021

The trolling motor battery is a basic component of trolling motor. A top-notch profound battery ought to be utilized in such products. Not at all like car batteries, are profound?trolling motor batteries?intended to be gotten down to a released state and afterward re-energized.?

To broaden the existence of your battery, consistently re-energize after use. Most savaging engine batteries bomb because of the absence of appropriate charging.

In this article, you will come to know almost everything you must need to know before purchasing the trolling motor battery.?

1. What is a trolling motor battery?

1. What is a trolling motor battery?

Trolling motor batteries are made especially for trolling motors. This motor was first invented by O-G. Schmidt added in 1934 by adding shafts and propellers. He named his company Mankato,which is named after the North Dakota Border Which is still a major manufacturer of trolling motors. This is the purpose behind making these batteries that they can provide electricity for a longer period time. These batteries are also commonly used to power boats Trolling motors and equipment connected to them. And fishermen use them during their trips because of their high capacity and efficiency.

No fisherman wants to return early during their trip, they want to catch as many fish as possible that’s why he likes to carry a low discharge rate and a long-lasting trolling battery. Trolling motor power output is measured in force pounds. The power of this motor depends on the force pound. The higher the force pound, the higher its power. The presence of lead sulfate in the cells of these batteries affects their age and performance. Due to the different types of batteries, their age and performance are also different. This includes a control electric motor and propeller. The life of trolling motor battery depends on her care. Lithium trolling batteries are generally more capable than other batteries.

2. What are the advantages of the trolling motor battery?

There are many advantages of trolling motor batteries. Let's learn about these advantages.

Less weight and more power

This motor battery gives a speed boost and gives more power than other batteries because less weight and more power always defeat more weight and less power. In that sense, too, the motor battery is considered high power and excellent because it weighs less and has more power. That is, you can say that the second name for less trouble is more power.

Easy to move?

As you know, lithium trolling batteries are also used in boats if you want to get to your place sooner than other boats to catch fish. So you will need this motor battery because this battery increases the speed by a few miles per hour. This saves the boat time and also saves gas if you use this motor battery. The lightweight lithium-ion battery does not carry much weight on the boat and the boat moves easily from one place to another which is beneficial for tournament anglers.

Quick charge

The?lithium battery?charges in two hours, so if a fisherman forgets to charge the battery and is in a hurry, he can quickly recharge the battery in less time than other batteries. You can partially charge them in a pinch. And you can save your day. Because of this, their performance will not be affected and they will not be harmed.?

Bluetooth monitoring

Bluetooth monitoring of the lithium battery allows you to see the exact state of the battery's charging capacity. If you have participated in a tournament or are on a fishing trip with your family, you can go fishing from morning to evening without fear of battery discharge.?

Constant voltage

The advantage of this motor battery is that it gives constant voltage. When other motor batteries run out of capacity up to 50%, they stop giving the motor the same power as before. But the use of lithium motor batteries relieves stress that your boat does not get stuck. The lithium battery keeps the motor running until it is completely discharged.

High character

There is no doubt that lithium motor batteries are more expensive than other batteries. But these batteries are much better than other batteries because of their charging time, time on the water, high battery life, and some other capabilities make them better as compared to other batteries.

Save money

You should know the fact that using it can save the weight of the boat and the cost of gas. If you are spending more money, you should also know that using this motor battery consumes no gas. And it takes less time. And the weight of the boat is less. you can save a lot of dollars every year and it won't cost you much to travel.

One fisherman gives a 50dollar cane and the other a 500 dollar cane. Both are used for catching fish but the 500 dollar cane is stronger and catches more fish. Similarly, a lithium trolling battery is better than lead-acid and quickly gets the boat in place.

Comfortable boat trip

When you use a?trolling lithium motor battery, your boat runs like a brand new boat. You will be surprised to see that your fuel consumption is very low. Using it makes you travel in peace and comfort. Because then you don't have the tension that your battery will run out you have to charge the battery quickly and your boat is running slowly or you are wasting your time. Using this battery will allow you to spend more time in the water and you will not have to come back soon.

Longer lifespan

2. What are the advantages of the trolling motor battery?

Another advantage of a trolling motor battery is that it lasts longer. Lead-acid batteries usually last at least for 2 to 3 years and if the battery is maintained. It lasts for more time. Its long-lasting ability saves you the cost of replacing the battery. As the battery should be checked as usual, if you do not charge the battery quickly when needed, you're charging timing and longevity will still be reduced.

Save on gas

The best advantage of using a lithium motor battery is that you will save gas because trolling motorboats do not use gas, they use charged batteries. That way, you don't have to use a lot of throttles to get around, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

Get rid of anxiety

These motor batteries are easy to use, eco-friendly and quiet, as these plants and animals are less of a nuisance to people on the shores of other boats and waterways.

Easy travel everywhere

This motor easily takes the fisherman to the place where he wants to go fishing. This motor can take you to deep water, shallow water, or very grassy places without any fear and does not bother or disappoint the fisherman.?

3. What are the disadvantages of the trolling motor battery?

Just as everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages, so too does a trolling motor battery have some disadvantages. Which need to be balanced with advantages. Let's take a look at them.

Lower thrust

If you are using a?12v trolling motor battery?it is less powerful so it can operate small and light boats properly and is not considered suitable for large and heavy boats. The 12v motor battery emits more energy as heat as the 12v trolling motor moves along the surface. The 12v trolling motor has hand-operated steering. You will have difficulty finding the remote control between the 12v motor batteries.

More complex

For a 24v trolling battery motor system you have to connect two 12v batteries in series which seems like a very complicated task to some people. Their disadvantage is that they need to be completely discharged and protected from overcharging.?

Extra space and weight

A 24v motor battery is more powerful as well as heavier than 12 volts. If you have a light boat, you have to think about whether your boat will be able to carry the weight of this heavy battery and whether you will carry extra weight. If the fisherman wants to go to such an area where you need two or three more powerful batteries for more power but his boat is light and cannot carry much weight, so he will not be able to enter the area.?

Remove from the boat

The biggest downside is that if you don't have a system that can't charge your batteries inside the boat so you have to take the battery from the boat to the charging area. You still need to remove the battery from the boat to protect it. It can be a hassle when your boat is tied to a tree.?


The disadvantage of lithium motor batteries is that they are very expensive. It costs 3,600 to buy a 36v battery that powers the trolling motor which is so expensive.

4. How lithium trolling motor batteries is different from lithium boat batteries?

A few differences between a?lithium trolling motor battery?and a lithium boat battery. Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM are commonly used in lithium boat batteries and lithium polymer batteries are commonly used as lithium trolling motor batteries. This is how AGM and Deep cycle batteries are compared to lithium polymer batteries. The AGM and Deep Cycle batteries contain lead-acid which gives them power. Lead polymer batteries, on the other hand, do not contain lead acid and their charge is stable and lasts a long time.

5. Which type of the battery is best battery for trolling motor?

5. Which type of the battery is best battery for trolling motor?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a battery for a trolling motor: battery amperage, battery type, budget, and size, etc. Most people never stop thinking about the battery that gives them power in their daily life.

You should choose a?lithium deep cycle marine battery. Lithium phosphate (LiFe po4) is used if more lifetimes is required. As the word Deep Cycle suggests; these batteries are designed to be charged repeatedly for a long time and to emit a small amount of current. This battery is reliable and has long lasting battery life. It is made of very high-quality material. These batteries are also better than other batteries in that they do not require water. They can be used easily all day with a single charge. Their timing is better than other batteries. That's why most people like to use this battery.

6. Which size battery is used for trolling motor?

The trolling motor determines what size battery we need if you do not choose the right battery for the trolling motor. So you will not have the power to turn the trolling motor. And you will get stuck in the water.

6. Which size battery is used for trolling motor?

?Group 24, 12-volt batteries typically deliver 70-85 Amps hours, which works well for small batteries.

?If you want better runtime, you will need to have a 12-volt battery of group 27 which gives 110 to 85 amps per hour. This battery will work better for bass boats.

For best runtime, the Group 31, 12-volt battery, which delivers 95-125 amps an hour, will also work best for bass boats.

7. Can you use a car battery for trolling motor?

7. Can you use a car battery for trolling motor?

You cannot use car batteries for a trolling motor, largely because car batteries are designed that way. That they give a lot of current in a very short time will give more charge. Using it for a trolling motor means ruining it quickly if you use it for a continuous trolling motor, its timing will be reduced and it will deteriorate quickly.

8. What is the different lithium trolling motor batteries capacity?

Battery capacity is measured as the output of current. The capacity of any battery is measured in AH. If you do not know the capacity of any battery, you can know its Amps by multiplying it by hours. Battery running timing depends on Ah. If a 12v battery is used in the trolling motor, an attempt is made to increase its Ah because then the battery capacity will be higher.

Let's take a look at some of the batteries and their capacity on the table.

When should you replace your Marine Battery?

9. What size battery do I need for my small trolling motor?

Some questions come to mind when you buy a battery. Do you have space for that battery? Is this the?best battery for a trolling motor? You find the answers to these questions. You need to know that if you use the wrong battery you will get stuck. That is the trolling motor has gone beyond the required power by using the wrong battery and the battery won't work much better and will break down quickly. The size of the battery indicates how much power the battery can hold and deliver. About 5 pounds of force is required for every 200 pounds of weight. And a 12-volt, 24size battery is ideal for a 60 to 70 pound trolling motor. So a 12v battery is best for small size trolling motor.

10. What are the Buying Tips for a Trolling Motor Battery?

? ? ?Let's see what to look for when buying a battery.

Battery size

The size of the battery is very important to avoid vibration damage when buying a battery. The size of the battery depends on the size of the trolling motor. A 12-volt battery is usually used for small size trolling motors. Trolling motors are generally recommended for batteries with a minimum of 100 amperes, 27 rated, and 175 reserve capacities.

Can you use a marine battery in a car, a carvan or other device?

Battery freshness

When buying a battery, it is important to check whether the battery is new or old. The code on the battery shows the freshness of the battery. It contains the letter and number. The letter shows the month and the number show the year. Do not buy batteries older than 5?6 months.


The trolling motor uses two types of batteries, low-maintenance batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Low maintenance batteries sometimes require water, and are sealed with a cap. Maintenance should also be considered when buying a battery.


It is advised to consider the warranty. The advantage of a warranty is that if the battery does not give high capacity after some time, it can be replaced.

Capacity (AH)

It is important to check the capacity of the battery before buying it. AH means how long the battery will last. If AH is high, the battery will last longer.

Previous experience

Consider previous experience before buying a battery and if your battery lasted long enough without any problems. And if its lifetime is also fine, choose this battery. If you have never used a battery before, consult a friend or acquaintance who knows about it.

11. How long will a trolling motor run on a Full battery?

Before buying a battery it is important to check the capacity of the battery. AH means how long the battery can last. The ideal battery runtime should be about five hours. If there is less than this, is it a bad battery or not charged properly. The quality depends on the maintenance and age of the battery. From which you can estimates how long the battery will last on a single charge. Battery's amperage draw and amperage hour rating also estimates its runtime.?

Amperage hour?

The amperage hour indicates how long the battery will last. The higher the battery rating, the longer the battery will last. For example, if a 100-ampere battery lasts for 4 hours, it will provide 25 amps of power. When dry, the same battery will last for 10 hours with ten amps of power.

Amperage draw

The second factor to determine the runtime of a trolling motor is the amperage draw which means how many amperes the battery draws at a certain speed.

Both of these factors usually play an important role in determining battery run life.

12. How often should I charge my trolling motor battery?

Battery charging depends on their maintenance and type. Generally, lead-acid batteries can be recharged 300 to 400 times. If you use it daily, it will last for about a year. Thus, if we look at the second type of trolling motor battery,?lithium deep-cycle trolling motor batteries, their life cycle is longer than lead-acid batteries.

13. What size trolling motor battery do I need?

13. What size trolling motor battery do I need?

Typically a?12 volt deep cycle marine battery?with 110AMPS is used. But what kind of battery is required for a trolling motor depends on the size of trolling motor. For example, a 55-70pound trolling motor requires a 12v battery, a 70-85pound 24-v battery, and an 85-100-pound 36-volt battery.

14. How many batteries do a trolling motor need?

A 12-volt single battery is recommended for small and medium trolling motors. 24 and 36volt batteries are used in large-sized trolling motors and require 2 or 3 batteries.

15. How long will a trolling motor battery last?

15. How long will a trolling motor battery last?

The charging capacity and life cycle of a battery depending on its maintenance and battery model. In addition, the motor also affects the performance of the battery. The motor's amperage draw indicates the life of the battery. A higher rating will also increase the motor's current pulling speed, which will shorten the battery life. Deep cycle batteries typically last 2 to 3 years, and AGM deep cycle batteries last 4 to 5 years. If they are well cared for and they do not get damaged during the charge, their lifetime can be extended.

16. Are AGM batteries better than wet cell batteries?

16. Are AGM batteries better than wet cell batteries?

AGM is much better than wet cell because AGM battery life cycle is many times longer than a wet cell. This battery is also used to protect against vibration damage. AGM batteries are standard and superior to wet cell batteries in almost every respect.

17. How should I store my trolling motor battery?

There are a few ways to protect a trolling battery.

Save them in a place where they are not frozen.

Storing batteries on the floor is harmful to them. Store them in garage wood surfaces, etc.

Clean batteries before storage to prevent corrosion and Charge them fully before storing.

Store them in a cool, dry, and temperature-controlled environment.

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