The lawn mower was invented in response to the crazy growth of weeds. The growth of weeds means that all nutrients are absorbed by the weeds, and crops and crops cannot get nutrients, so they wither and lose harvest. So we will take different ways to deal with weeds, we will choose to use herbicides, we will use biological methods to weed, and we will also use lawn mowers.

Our team knows that lithium batteries are a vital part of lawn mowers, so we pay special attention to user experience when developing products. We have done countless tests in order to make people use lawn mowers better.

Below you will have more choices of lawn mower lithium batteries, you can choose a lithium battery suitable for your lawn mower.Of course, if you are a golf enthusiast, you can also add our deep cycle lithium ion golf cart battery to your golf cart.


Tycorun lithium battery


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

1. What is Lawnmower?

Lawnmower is a type of garden machine. The basic use of this machine is to cut the grass. The Lawnmower has the moving blades in it which helps the machine in cutting the grass. The size of the blades is fixable. The Lawnmower commonly works on the batteries. This machine lessens the human effort.

The equipment is made up of iron plates which are hard, thin and sharp. By this the equipment can cut the grass easily. There are two blades that are used in lawnmower for cutting purpose. These blades are called rotary mowers and reel mowers.

What is Lawnmower?

2. What sort of battery can be used in battery operated lawnmower?

The main reason to buy a lawnmower is that it works on the battery. So, there is no need for any fuel to start the equipment and cut the grass.

There are two types of batteries used in the lawnmowers.

? Lithium-ion? ? ??

? Lead-acid


This type of battery has a large capacity to store energy in it and works for the longer period of time. This battery is much more efficient than the other type. It can be charged almost 500 times.

This type of battery is usually used for portable devices. This battery is made up of some individual cells.

So, the battery gives a higher voltage to the equipment and as a result the equipment works and cuts the grass in large amounts.

This battery gives almost 18 volts to 120 volts power to the equipment.



The battery has the same voltages as the Lithium-ion battery holds. This battery is rechargeable.

The three main components of the battery are:

Sulphuric Acid

Lead Plates

Lead IV oxide

Sulphuric acid works as an electrolyte in the production of the voltage.

And also compared to the Lithium-ion this works more consistently and these are the ones which are considered to be the most resistant to corrosion.

But it does not matter which type of battery you are choosing as it gives you more energy and works for a longer period of time.


The best battery for the Lawnmower is Lead acid battery. These batteries are more favorable than the lithium-ion battery. So, the lawnmower which uses the lead acid battery is inexpensive than the?lithium-ion batteries.

3. What lawnmower battery size is normally used?

Most lawnmowers have the same battery size and voltages. The battery is about 8 volts. The length of the battery is almost 7 to 8. And the width of it is nearly 5 to 6. And also 6 to 7 high.

Therefore, this size battery is most suitable for lawn mowers. If you need a?UPS lithium-ion battery?of the same size at home, you can also find it on our website.

4. Why should you choose a battery powered lawnmower?

Every person wants a lawnmower for the lawn. A lawnmower makes the work easier for the person and works speedily than the human. It saves time for the person.

The?excellent lipo battery?powered mower has the greater value in the market than all other lawnmowers. It takes very less time to charge. Almost one hour. It works for nearly 60 minutes on one charge.

Why should you choose a battery powered lawnmower?

The following are the reasons why battery powered lawnmower is best to choose:

? Good Cutting Technique

The battery powered lawnmower has a great cutting technique. If you want healthy grass than choose the battery powered lawnmower that cuts in the better way.

? They are the Better Machines

Although the battery powered lawnmowers are costly, they are the better ones than the other type of lawnmowers. These lawnmower works very efficiently than the gas-powered lawnmower.

? Easy to Start

The next reason for choosing the battery powered lawnmower is that it is very easy to start and work. These lawnmowers have a start button on it and by pressing it the lawnmowers start and are ready to work.

The battery powered lawnmower has also easy storage capacity.

? Environment Friendly

The battery powered lawnmowers have zero emissions. They used electricity for charging. Electricity has no impact on the environment. Moreover, the battery powered lawnmower does not pollute the environment. So, the atmosphere near the lawnmower is stay cleaned.

? Easy to Maintain

The battery powered lawnmowers are very easy to maintain. It does not require the maintenance like the other lawnmower requires. So, these lawnmowers are easy to clean and maintain.

5. What are the different available battery types in the lawnmowers?

The types of batteries available in the market are:

What are the different available battery types in the lawnmowers?

6. What is the difference between Petrol vs battery (cordless) vs electric lawnmowers?

? Petrol Lawnmowers

The petrol lawnmowers are the large machines. It has a very wide cutting blade. This type of lawnmower is specially used for the cutting grass of large lawns. The area required for the large lawns is almost 150m sq.

The best petrol lawnmowers which work equals more than 75%. This score is higher than the other lawnmowers like battery or electric.

The petrol lawnmower has very strong cutter blades. Which makes the cutting easy.

? Petrol Lawnmowers


? Strong

The petrol lawnmower has a very strong engine. So, it cuts the grass strongly. In addition, the petrol lawnmowers can cut every type of grass i.e., log or the rough ones.

? Great Features

The petrol lawnmowers have great features which help them in the clean cutting. These features are the

Mulching plugs

?Rear rollers

These two features make the lawnmower efficient in working. We can say it is smart working.

? Construct for the Bigger Lawns

These petrol lawnmowers are specially constructed for the large and bigger lawns. It has a long-lasting fuel system which makes it work for a longer time. Large blades make the smooth cutting.


? Difficult to Start

The petrol lawnmowers are very tricky to start as they have the string to push to start the machine. It causes some problems in the start and if the machine has some issues like mobility issues than it is very difficult to work.

? Heavy to Lift

The petrol lawnmower is very heavy to lift. The weight of the equipment is too much that it can only be lifted up by the two persons. The blades make it heavier to lift up.

? Noisy while Working

Also, the petrol lawnmowers are very noisy when working. They produce a very large noise while cutting the grass. So, it may be problematic for others.

? Cordless Lawnmower

One of the modern types of lawnmowers is battery powered or cordless lawnmowers. These lawnmowers are usually used in the small lawns.

The cordless lawnmowers used batteries to work or cut the grass. The batteries are rechargeable. It costs less than the competitors like petrol or electric lawnmowers.

? Cordless Lawnmower


? Easy to Start

The cordless lawnmowers are very easy to start. They have a simple start button on them and by pressing it the lawnmower gets started for the work. So, there is no need for any string here to push it.

? Multi-Functioning

The cordless lawnmowers do multi functions with its battery. They can easily switch to the grass trimmer mood or hedge trimmer mood. So, this type of lawnmower is very beneficial.

? Efficient

The cordless lawnmowers are energy efficient ones. They use very little energy to charge the batteries.


? Long Charging Time

The cordless?lawnmowers lithium batteries?take a long charging time to load and get back to work. The charging time is almost one hour but some batteries take nearly six hours to charge.

? Batteries Inclusion

Sometimes the batteries are not part of the cordless lawnmowers when buying a new one. So, make sure while buying that the lawnmower has the battery in it. Batteries are not cheap. It costs a lot.

? Varies in the Running

The cordless lawnmowers easily get frustrated if you use it before the full charging of the machine. It will work for only almost 10 minutes if it does not charge properly.

? Electric Lawnmowers

The very light type of lawnmower is the Electric lawnmower. The weight of the Electric lawnmower is very less than the petrol lawnmower. The weight of the Electric lawnmower is almost 11 and half kg and the Petrol lawnmower is almost 32kg.

The Electric lawnmowers are the satisfactory ones as it gives the score of 79 percent reliability while using.

? Electric Lawnmowers


? No Requirement of Fuel

In the Electric lawnmowers there is no need for fuel in order to work or cut the grass. No need for a battery to charge there also. Simply, you need electricity to work with the equipment. And cut the grass in your desirable way.

? Cheaper

Electric lawnmowers are very less costly to buy. Its price is almost half of the Cordless lawnmower. So, these are the cheapest one to buy.

? Having less Weight

The Electric lawnmower is very lightweight. So, it can be moveable easily. It is very easy to turn or dodge. Only one person can turn it.


? Length of Cable

The Electric lawnmower requires the cable for working. So, the reliable cable is a needle for the lawnmower. First it is important that you know the actual length of your lawn before buying a cable.

? Risks of Safety

The safety of the cable of an Electric lawnmower is the first priority of the user. So, make sure the cable does not damage while cutting the grass. So, to avoid the shock of the electricity you should use a residual current device. It will protect you from electric shock.

? Risks of Safety

7. What features should I look for in a lawnmower?

Following features should be kept in mind while looking for an ideal lawnmower :


The holding grip of a lawnmower should be comfortable and adjustable to height. Look for a turned-up handle as it is simpler on the wrists and provides better control over the lawnmower. All important functions and engine control lever should be near the hands and easily visible.

Cutting height adjustment:

The cutting height of a lawnmower should be height-adjustable with multiple positions. Although the minimum cutting height differs, for example, a battery model tested provides only 35mm cutting height at its minimum range. If someone requires lesser than this he/she should look for a petrol mower.

Easy to use:

Start button or ignition key models should be preferred as they didn’t require much strength to start and effort to operate. Look for a lawnmower light in weight and with big wheels, as it will provide smooth handling and comfortability?


If someone has children at home, always look for a safety key option as it will avoid the mower to start unexpectedly when removed.

8. How Battery technology is improving for Lawnmower?

Battery technology has made a huge impact on lawnmowers over the last 2 decades. The most significant feature to be addressed is the battery life and average runtime. With battery technology improved lawnmowers average running time is improved and the battery life is extended to 5 years depending upon the use. Battery operated mowers start without any effort, don’t have any noise and are easy to maintain as compared to any other type of mowers. One of the biggest wins of battery technology in the case of lawnmowers is that it is environment-friendly. This also applies to?medical lithium batteries, which can be easily used in various environments.

9. How to change a lawnmower battery?

Find the Battery

Batteries of the lawn mowers are placed either on the hood or under the seat of the mower. After turning off the mower and removing the keys look in both places. When the battery is found remove fastenings or clips holding the battery.

Remove Battery Cables

Black wire (ground wire) should be removed in the first place. If the connectors aren’t loosening due to corrosion using a rigid wire brush and make it clean and if the battery is corroded use water and baking soda mixture and apply it on the terminals. After removing the black wire with the negative sign, then remove the red wire with the positive sign.

Battery replacement

After removing cables and straps carefully hold the dead battery out and put it away. Make sure to dispose of off carefully as it can be dangerous. Once the battery is removed, clean corrosion if any and dry the battery holder. Fix the new battery into the battery holder and tighten the strap or clips. Firstly attach the red cable to the positive battery terminal and tight the clip to fix it. Afterwards, attach a black cable to the negative terminal and fix it.?

10. What are the best batteries for Lawnmowers?

Best batteries with their features are listed and explained below:

What are the best batteries for Lawnmowers?

Weize Lawn Tractor Battery

Weize Lawn Tractor Battery

(Weize 12V 35 AH Rechargeable Battery-Photo credits: Electronics Hub)
Weize 12V 35 AH battery is set up from a long-lasting calcium-alloy grid to deliver extraordinary performance and service life cycle. It is a battery with screws but no wire hitch or escalating.

Expert Power (EXP12180 Battery)

Expert Power (EXP12180 Battery)

One of the most authentic batteries in recent times. It is a lead-acid battery, rechargeable and sealed with nuts and bolts and has T1 type terminal. This battery is resistant to heat and shakings because it is made up of ABS non-conductive plastic. More sturdy, robust and organized battery design works well for lawnmowers and guarantees long-lasting life.

Mighty Battery

Mighty Battery

Mighty max battery is known for its sleek design and easy install feature. For this reason, a mighty max battery can be placed or fixed in any position in a vast range of electrical appliances. This battery offers a high level of shock resistance and shaking.?

Expert Power (EXP12200 Battery)

Expert Power (EXP12200 Battery)

This Expert Power EXP12200 lead-acid battery is rated best due to its extraordinary performance and long life span. With AGM technology (absorbed glass mat) it provides smooth and steadiness push to the mower. This battery is leak-proof which means it can be used outdoors.

Chrome Battery

Chrome Battery

This chrome battery is a multipurpose and user-friendly lawn mower battery. It has a special design that allows different types of electronic appliances to be used with this battery. This battery has AGM technology ( absorbent glass mat) and is leak-proof.?

Universal Power Battery

Universal Power Battery

The Universal Power battery is known for its number of safety features. With the absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology it protects the battery from unforeseen. This is a?12-volt lawn mower battery?and is maintenance-free which eases the aggregate of precaution necessary.?

11. How to charge a lawnmower battery?

? ? ? ? While charging a lawnmower battery, the following steps should be followed:


Always wear safety glasses, thick protective clothes and gloves.?

Unplug The Charger

Switch off the electrical outlet and disconnect the charger.

Find the Battery Access

The lawnmower battery is under the seat or the hood, if you can't access it, read the working manual.

First Connection

A red charging cable should be connected with a positive battery terminal.

Second Connection

A black charging cable should be connected with a negative battery terminal.

Mower And Charger Voltage Matching

Adjust the charger's voltage setting to match with the mower battery voltage. For the past 3 decades, the precise setting is 12 volts.?

Connect The Charger

Find an electrical outlet and plug in the charger.


Before unplugging the charger make sure the battery is fully charged.

12. How long does it take to charge a lawnmower battery?

Whenever the question arises about how long it takes to charge a lawnmower battery the answer will not be precise because it directly depends on how much the battery is discharged. If the lawnmower battery is completely discharged normally it would take about 12 hours to charge completely. It is also suggested that whenever the battery feels hot when touch, the charger should be removed before it gets overheated.?

Batteries are highly hazardous, while charging batteries or handling them, you should be in the high ventilation area and taking protective measures. Then connect the cables, remember to put the red cable in the positive terminal first and the black cable in the negative terminal afterwards. Settings of charging can also be set up from slow rate to fast rate.

The lawnmower battery setting performs well on slow charging. Its life is also increased. If charging is done on a faster setting, most probably there is a chance of overheating. Safety precautions are always recommended while doing charging.

13. Are battery mowers as good as petrol?

Nowadays it is a surprising fact that battery lawnmowers are as good as petrol lawnmowers. It is the self-propelled lawnmower that competes with petrol lawnmowers. The only missing feature in the battery-operated lawnmower is the hose wash port. So, having the same features in both types of mowers choosing the best option is a bit difficult. Well, for this, below mentioned are some key points which will make your decision easier for selecting a lawnmower.

Size of Lawn

Some lawns are very huge to mow in a single charge in the case of a battery mower. But a petrol lawnmower can do this job in a single tank. Another notable thing is larger deck size is required to mow more grass in a single round. For an average lawn, a battery lawnmower performs well and is environment friendly.?


If you are going to use your lawnmower for anything other than cutting your lawn, i.e. for commercial purposes, then again a petrol lawnmower should be your first choice. If you don’t mow your lawn regularly then look for petrol mowers as it has high power to cut the grass. Usually, petrol mowers have more power. Mowers with more power can mulch the grass cuttings efficiently. It is notable to address here that battery mowers are not bad at their job, but petrol mowers have more power and do their job more efficiently.


Battery lawnmowers are a little bit expensive than petrol lawnmowers, but are easy to maintain and save services cost which is not the case in petrol lawnmowers. Lawnmower batteries are cost-effective but won't last long and need replacement within 3 to 5 years depending upon usage.


The best feature of battery mowers is that they are environmentally friendly and doesn’t make noise or air pollution like petrol mowers.


The battery lawn mower requires very less or no maintenance as compared to petrol lawnmowers. Maintenance of petrol lawnmowers is not difficult but this is something to be done on regular basis like servicing.

14. Can you cut wet grass with a battery mower?

Yes, the battery lawnmowers can cut the wet grass due to their environment-friendly and battery power source features. On a single charge, it can mow the grass up to 1/8 of an acre. With different heights and adjustments, wet grass can be mowed easily until reached the desired length of the grass. Most of the battery mowers are not heavy, so when the grass is wet they are comfortable to mow. If someone wants to maintain their outdoor lawn in the rainy season, battery mowers with their unlimited abilities and adjustments are the best choice.

15. Conclusion

Nowadays people make more and more environment-friendly choices and it is also applied in the case of lawnmowers. Battery operated lawnmowers sound varies from 65-80 decibels as compared to traditional mowers of 90 decibels. This clearly states that noise pollution will be less. If we calculate yearly cost the battery-operated mowers have less cost as compare to traditional mowers because of less maintenance and fuel saving. Battery operated mowers are easy to use as they have no cords. The only cord used is for charging the battery. The battery is the single source of power. The major disadvantage of the battery operated lawnmower is its incompetence to mow large lawns or yards in a single charge. More than one battery as a backup is required to fulfill the job. Most people feel awkward in this situation. The life span of the battery is 3-5 years depending upon the use. This is also the cost one must not forget.

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