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Tycorun 12 Volt 10Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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About Tycorun 12 Volt 10Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Five advantages will make you like our 12V 10Ah lithium ion battery: Very powerful: fast start-up, powerful discharge capacity, and high-rate instantaneous...

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About Tycorun 12 Volt 10Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Five advantages will make you like our 12V 10Ah lithium ion battery:

Very powerful: fast start-up, powerful discharge capacity, and high-rate instantaneous discharge capacity can easily drive your load.

Long battery life: The natural characteristics of lithium iron phosphate batteries can last three times longer than lead-acid batteries.

Long life: The life of our lithium battery is more than three times that of the traditional lead-acid battery, and it can be used for at least 2 years.

Ultra-safe: Excellent and powerful BMS protection system, providing a variety of protections to ensure the safety of the battery, and at the same time let you use it more confidently

Ultra-lightweight: small size, light weight, easy to use.

Tycorun 12V 10AH environmental protection lithium iron phosphate battery specifications


Tycorun 12V 10AH environmental protection lithium iron phosphate battery specifications

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Current
Nominal Capacity 128Wh
Size:(length×width×height) 151x65x94mm/6x2.6x3.8in
Weight 1.3Kg/2.9Lbs
Cycle Life >4000cycle(0.2C,25℃,90%DOD)
Ingress Protection Rating (IP65>IP55) IP65 (Highest level of protection from dust, protection from low pressure water spraying for 3 minutes)
Standard Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
Standard Charge Current 2A,5℃(41℉)<@T<55℃(131℉)
Allowed Max. Charge Current 10A,5℃(41℉)<@T<55℃(131℉)
Standard Discharge Current 10A,-15℃(5℉)<@T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Continuous Discharge Current 15A,-15℃(5℉)<@T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(long pulse) 20A,@T<1min or @T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(short pulse) 30A,@T<3s or @T<70℃(158℉)
Battery Ceryifications UN38.3(Battery)、Msds(Battery)、ios9001 (Brand Certification), etc

Free Shipping to Lower 48

TYCORUN Lithium will ship your batteries for free anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Batteries ship UPS ground freight and will arrive in 5-7 days to most of the US. You will receive an email with a tracking number after your order ships. The USPS does not allow for batteries to be shipped to Post Office boxes (PO Box). Please use a street address. Larger batteries (over 300 watts) require hazmat shipping. We pay the cost of Hazmat and freight (typically $90 to $150 a battery). You pay $0 for shipping. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is higher due to federal law that requires that batteries ship Air Freight and have Hazmat protection. Shipping to Canada includes duty, GST and import fees.

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Can I get my battery shipped to me faster?

TYCORUN Lithium can ship to most Canadian provinces served by UPS or FedEx. Canadian shipping is calculated at checkout and we pay for duty & GST fees for you. The fastest way to calculate your estimated shipping cost outside of the contiguous United States (“Lower 48”) would be to add the desired product(s) to your cart on our site and enter your shipping information. This will not complete the transaction, but will give the system enough information to calculate the cost. The total price and cost breakdown should update with the new totals.

Battery FAQ

1.How safe are Lithium Ion Batteries?
Our LiFePo4 batteries are considered to be safe, non-flammable and non-hazardous by international and federally regulated standards.

2.What can I use a Lithium Battery for?
Our Batteries are commonly used for marine, RV and golf cart applications. You can use our lithium batteries for any application that would normally use a single or multiple lead acid, GEL or AGM batteries.

3.How do I change my batteries to Lithium?
After you take out your old batteries, place our batteries in the same way. You can use the same cables to reconnect into the Lithium Battery.

4.How do I charge a Lithium battery?
Our lithium ion technology uses the latest and most advanced built-in battery protection system to prevent damage to the battery. You may utilize a standard charger for our products, although in some cases a lithium charger may be required to charge the batteries.

5.What battery do I need for my RV or Camper Van?
The industry standard house battery size used in most RVs, Campers, and #VanLife builds is the 12v 100Ah battery. This is a drop in replacement for AGM and most lead acid batteries. If you are charging off your engine's alternator we recommend a Victron DC-DC smart charger. If charging off solar panels we recommend a Victron Smart Solar charge controller, or if you have a solar charge controller choose the lithium setting. A handy size chart for number of batteri

Inverter FAQ
1.Is a 3000W inverter safe?
A 3000W inverter is generally safe, provided it is installed and used correctly. Following our user manual, purchasing recommendations, and local electrical regulations are key to ensuring safety. Make sure the inverter is not exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, and keep it away from liquids to enhance safety. Additionally, avoid inserting metal objects into the inverter's ventilation ports and disconnect the power supply before operation.

2.Where can a 3000W inverter be used?
A 3000W inverter is suitable for various applications, including but not limited to home backup power, solar power generation, camping and outdoor activities, and commercial use.

3.How do you use a 3000W inverter?
Place the inverter in a well-ventilated location away from high temperatures and humidity.
Connect the appropriate DC power source to the inverter's DC input port.
Connect the devices you want to power to the inverter's AC output ports.
Turn on the inverter, and monitor the indicator lights to check the operational status.
During use, regularly inspect the inverter to ensure it is operating correctly.

4.How long can a 3000W inverter be used?
The lifespan of a 3000W inverter varies depending on its quality and usage. Typically, it can last between 5 to 15 years. Regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the inverter's lifespan. Higher-quality inverters tend to be more durable and provide longer-term reliability.

5.How do you connect a 3000W inverter to a battery?
Ensure the battery is in good working condition and has the required voltage and capacity.
Use the correct cables to connect the positive/negative terminal of the battery to the positive/negative terminal of the inverter's DC input.
Securely fasten the cables, ensuring they are not damaged or loose.
Turn on the inverter to begin converting the battery's DC power into AC power.

Please exercise caution when connecting the batte


12v 10Ah lithium battery for monitoring system


The backup power of the monitoring system is an important part of maintaining social stability. Whether it is a national monitoring system or a private monitoring system, batteries are needed to provide continuous backup power. And 12V 10Ah has always been the leader in power backup by virtue of its more use time and longer service life. You no longer have to worry about the failure of the monitoring system due to power outages.


Presumably white-collar workers working in office buildings will encounter this problem: when the mains power goes out, the access control system is paralyzed, causing everyone to be trapped in the office building. This is very dangerous, but you don't have to worry, the 12V 10Ah lithium iron phosphate battery can perfectly help you solve this problem. When the mains fails, the lithium battery can provide emergency power to the access control system in time to protect your life safety.

12v 100Ah lithium battery for access control system

12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery

The 12v 10ah lithium battery's remarkable default Battery Management System (BMS) shields it from damage, profound release, over-burdening, overheating, and unreasonable low self-release rate guaranteeing as long as 1-year storage without any problem at all. 

Well, the science of the lithium-ion battery cuts the heaviness of the customary lead acid battery to not exactly half while giving more capacity and performance to the battery. It has become indispensable in transportation, communication, military service, electric power, and other navigation fields. 

In this article, we will begin with the fundamental presentation, and later on, every one of the subtleties individually identified with a 12v 10ah battery. Let's know more about this product.

1.What is a 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery?

What Is a 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery

To start with, first know what does 12v 10ah mean in lithium-ion batteries. Amp-hours label on any battery is associated with its voltage. A 1 Amp-hour battery gives 1 Amp current power for 1 hour. Here, 10 Ah refers to the continuous current of 10 Amperes that this battery provides over the discharge period of 1 hour (10A multiple 1hour). Or constant current of 1 Ampere over the discharge period of 10 hours (1A multiple 10hours). Moreover, the amount of power stored within 12 voltages are 120 watt-hours (10 Amp-hour multiple 12v).

A 12v 10ah is a smart addition to the lead-acid battery replacement series. It is the best lithium-ion rechargeable battery with so many applications that uses a sealed lead-acid battery. You can run your devices for a longer time on a single charge with its high voltage performance. Moreover, the lifepo4 battery 12v 10ah has deep cycle and energy storage applications on a single full charge. You can also place power 12v 10Ah battery in e-Bikes, electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters.

2. What Are The Industrial Usages Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries?

What Are The Industrial Usages Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries

12v 10 Ah lithium-ion deep cycle battery is an advanced move towards a stronger, cleaner, and safer power solution. It has multiple industrial usages, especially in drop-in replacements. A power lithium-ion battery is designed to drive the power supply for electric vehicles and golf cart, e-bikes, and electric motorcycles. 

lithium-ion battery pack can be used for fishing adventures, boating electronics, outdoor recreations and SLA replacement. In addition, head light, digital and power products, medical devices, security alarms system, security backup systems, telecommunications and UPS energy supply also demand a 12 volt 10 Amp-hour energy lithium-ion battery.  

3. What Is The Difference Between the Power Of A 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery & Energy Storing Lithium-Ion Battery?

There is another kind of lithium-ion battery in addition to the power battery, which is energy storage. When comparing both of them, you can easily differentiate them based on their applications. Since power lithium-ion batteries are useful for transportation, you can use them in electric vehicles, motorcycles, and electric tools. On the other hand, energy storage of a 10 amperes lithium-ion battery finds its uses in hydropower, solar power stations, win power, UPS power supply, digital, and power products. 

In addition, some other variations in cycle life, battery capacity, and other characteristics are described below. 

Cycle Life

Cycle Life

As a matter of lifespan, energy storage lithium-ion battery is in much demand than 10 amperes power lithium-ion battery. It is because the cycle life of a power battery is less than an energy storage battery that can live up to more than ten years . 

Battery Capacity

Use a discharge meter to check the battery capacity, and you will get to know that the power lithium battery pack has a less capacity than the energy storage 10Ah lithium battery.

Cell Type

Cell Type

Energy storage lithium battery uses lithium iron phosphate for a battery pack, whereas the battery types in power electric vehicles use lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary battery. 


Power lithium battery has high needs for volume and energy density to increase longevity and safety. It generally uses a discharge capacity of 1C in electric vehicles. In contrast, energy storage batteries do not have mobility uses, so they have less energy density needs, i.e., 0.2C and 0.5C.



The preparation of a power lithium-ion battery focuses on charging and discharging, high energy density for safety, more vibration resistance, small size and less volume, and long-term durability. While, energy storage lithium-ion battery focuses on consistency of battery materials, uniformity of electrodes, and cost-effectiveness performance.

4. Describe The Different Advantages Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries?

In this part, various advantages of 12v 10 Ah lithium-ion batteries will be discussed. 

High Energy Density

It is defined as the energy per unit volume of a battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density than lead-acid batteries. In simple words, it gives high current output with compact size, so it has become the best choice for small electrical uses. 

Outstanding Cycle Life

With its good cycle life, the battery will deliver more power for a long time. Yet, longevity depends on the frequency of use. For instance, life cycles with 100% DOD are 2500, 80% DOD cycles are 3600, and 7000 with 50% DOD. 

Low Self-Discharge

Replacing your traditional batteries with lithium ones with a low self-discharge rate is the need of the hour. A 10Ah battery will not lose energy quickly during storage; minimum charge loss per month. Thus, the battery lasts longer even when not in use. 

Low Maintenance

Save your maintenance cost because these batteries don't require high maintenance since they have no memory effect. Moreover, they are not only budget-friendly but also environment-friendly as they are toxic-free and safe to use.  

Low Maintenance

5. What Are The Disadvantages Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries?

A lithium-ion battery is undoubtedly the best choice for its high power density, long life, and low environmental impact. But where there are pros, there are some cons as well. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries

• It uses three kinds of typical cells. The cylindrical battery also has a higher heat production rate. Moreover, soft package cells also have poor safety. 

• With aging, capacity degrades due to different mechanisms like solid electrolyte interphase formation and dissolution, Li-plating, and thermal runaway. For example, after completing 2000 cycles, it will lose 30% capacity. Moreover, the performance will drop in high-temperature. 

• A 10-ampere lithium battery is expensive than other lead-acid batteries. It is because the raw materials used in its making are not easily accessible than materials used for lead-acid batteries.

6. Explain Different Applications Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Power and energy lithium-ion batteries have different applications. A lightweight deep cycle 12v 10ah lithium-ion battery is suitable for providing energy for portable electronic devices. Lithium iron phosphate cells are applicable in electronics and military, recreational vehicles, and aerospace applications. 

Here are some automotive and stationary applications of 10 amperes lithium batteries.

Explain Different Applications Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Batteries

• In RV, it will lighten your home amenities even when the engine is off.

• Outdoor activities such as sea fishing, sailing or boating also use marine batteries to generate electricity. 

• It is best for high-vibration automotive applications like e-scooter, hybrid electric vehicles, and start-stop systems. 

• It is the best alternative to gas-powered golf carts since it makes less noise and occupies less space than traditional batteries. What else do you need in your battery-operated golf cart?

• 12v lithium battery is a perfect investment for solar installations. It is plug-and-play for deep cycle purpose likes solar and off-grid applications. Isn't it an amazing backup plan for electrical appliances, especially in emergency power blackout situations?

• It is common for UPS, telecommunication, Grid Support, photovoltaic, and Renewable Energy System (RES) with energy storage uses. 

7. What About The Cold Temperature Performance Of The 12v 10ah Battery Compared With Other Available Batteries?

The charging and discharging rate of the battery define its cold temperature performance. A lithium battery has a low discharge rate at low temperatures as compared to lead-acid batteries. It means that lead-acid batteries will reduce 70-80% of their rated capacity whereas, lithium batteries will lose 90-95% of their rated capacity at extreme low temperature.

Moreover, lithium batteries show superb performance even at 11 degrees Celsius. 

What About The Cold Temperature Performance Of The 12v 10ah Battery Compared With Other Available Batteries

However, lithium batteries do not accept a charge if the temperature is under 32°F. Therefore, they are not designed for low-temperature performance, and they can only deliver power at a suitable temperature. 

8. What Is The 12v 10ah Battery Storage Comparison With Other Batteries?

The self-discharge rate of the battery evaluates the battery storage. If the battery has a low self-discharge rate, it can be stored for a long time and vice versa. A 12v 10ah lithium battery has a monthly self-discharge rate of less than 1%. In contrast, lead-acid batteries show a high self-discharge rate of approximately 4% a week. 

What Is The 12v 10ah Battery Storage Comparison With Other Batteries

9. What Is The 12v 10ah Battery Weight Compared With Another Type Of Available Options In The Market?

12v 10ah battery provides the best energy-to-weight ratios as compared to its counterparts. Lithium 10 Amperes batteries weigh about 2.7 pounds or 1.2kg, whereas 12v 10ah AGM batteries are almost 6 pounds in weight. 

Therefore, the weight of a lithium battery is 1/3 of that of lead-acid batteries under the same voltage and capacity. 

10. What Is The Composition Of The 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery?

A lithium battery is made from the best manufacturing techniques. It has cells, a battery management system, anode, cathode, packaging material, electrolyte, and separator. All the cells are assembled within composite film packaging. 

The battery cell is composed of lithium ions, and intercalated lithium compounds act as the electrode material. The negative terminal "cathode" directs the current, and the positive terminal "anode" allows it to pass through an external circuit. Then, a separator between both electrodes is present to avoid internal short circuits.

What Is The Composition Of The 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery

The most important internal battery management system ensures protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short circuits. Other built-in safety features include a temperature sensor, a voltage regulator circuit, and a charge-state monitor. 

11. How Long Is The Life Of A 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery Last?

LifePo4 battery provides longer service life with ten years warranty than other batteries. It depends on the frequency of use. 

How Long Is The Life Of A 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery Last

12. What Are The Uses Of 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery Cells?

Users have demanded a 12v 10ah deep cycle lithium battery for its unique features. Here are some uses of this product.

• Industrial energy storage

• Security communication

• Surveying and navigating 

• Medical electronics

• Transportation and logistics

• Power transmission

• Home energy storage power 

13. What Is the Best 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery?

What Is the Best 12v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery

For finding the best 12v 10ah lithium batteries, you need to focus on cycle life, certification, and proper working of the battery. It must have gone through soak, vibration, and other testing standards to avoid short circuits. The best 12v 10ah battery has a longer warranty, product liability insurance, anti-drop properties, and in-built BMS.

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