Tycorun lithium marine battery is created specifically for the fishing industry. Our battery has a unique higher technology that can support long-term, high-power discharge. At the same time, we also have a professional fish finder lithium battery, which can help you find larger fish without having to consider replacing the battery. This is enough to save us a lot of worry. You can even live on the boat day and night, night and day, just to catch the 20-pound fish!

If you have the habit of ocean fishing, then we can customize a marine lithium battery specifically for you, which can drive your trolling boat, and the fishing boat travels to 20 nautical miles area away for fishing. You can enjoy this vast expanse of sea exclusively.There is no competition and no noise. You can enjoy your time. 

When you want to add more batteries to your electric boat to drive loads, be sure to consider the Tycorun marine lithium battery. Only two batteries can provide up to 10 hours of backup time for your appliances, lights and entertainment equipment. To stay at sea for a long time, we must keep in touch with our family at all times, so we also provide professional marine batteries to ensure your safety.


Tycorun lithium battery

Our batteries work with all 12V, 24V, and 36V trolling Motors and offer the greatest flexibility as a dual purpose battery for deep cycle and starting. Our lithium batteries hold above 13 volts for your trolling motor giving it the power it needs to keep running at its highest thrust throughout the entire day. In contrast lead batteries, their initial voltage starts at 12.8V and quickly go down to 11V in in strong current or winds. This causes your motor to run slower when you need power the most. Our batteries use LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, a strong electrolyte capable storing an extraordinary amount of power.

When you start your motor a heavy load is placed on your battery. Voltage in lead acid and AGM batteries starts out low and can drop below 10V during cranking causing your motor to spin over slowly. Our lithium batteries hold a steady voltage above 13V giving your starter all the power it needs to start your engine noticeably faster and stronger. At the same time, ourRV lithium batteryis also made using this technology.


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

lithium Marine Battery Buying Guide in 2021

lithium marine batteries?are planned explicitly for use upon boats, due to the heaviness of the plates and also because of the complex construction that normally happens on the board they withstand well.?

Thus, lithium marine batteries are normally more costly than batteries used for automobiles, which can entice some boat proprietors to buy an auto battery rather than a marine battery. Try not to settle on that helpless choice. A?12v lithium deep cycle?marine battery?will last more and be more dependable than an auto battery in a boat.

This buying is covering the different features you need to know before making a buying decision. Let’s know more about this.?

1. What is Marine Battery?

What is Marine Battery?

Different kinds of boats use batteries to perform some specific tasks and these batteries are designed in such a way that they contain electric plates with high weight density & very solid robust development so, that they can perform better when installed within the boats.

These batteries are constructed in such a way that they can stand firmly against different kinds of vibrations, jerks when the boat moves on to the water and any type of materiel hits with the battery due to bad movement of a boat.Similarly, our?deep-cycle mobility scooter battery?is also made with this structure, which can make our scooter run smoothly on the road, and the power and battery life can also be guaranteed.

Lithium marine batteries are the most often used batteries for boats because they are designed with the latest battery management system having greater lifecycle and better power ratio as compared to other auto batteries.

2. What are the Types of Marine Battery?

Basically, there are many different types of batteries that can be used in a boat but when you talk about Lithium marine batteries these are some of the following battery types that are used in boats.

? Starting Batteries for Marine

As most of the power batteries that we often use in our cars and other vehicles these batteries provide the powerful electric burst to start the engine of the car and this starting marine battery does the same to give a powerful electric burst to the boat engine.

You can not use the startup battery for other appliances that are installed in the boat because they are only used to start the boat engine and then charged quickly with the power of boat engine to store energy for later use.

? Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine

Most of the?deep cycle Lithium marine batteries?are often used to work as a powerhouse to operate different kinds of appliances like oven system in boats, refrigerators, audio & video system, trolling motors and other fishing appliances like fishfinder/locater or ground depth finder.

These batteries take some time during charging as compared to startup marine battery but they can be used for a longer time to run multiple appliances.

? Dual-Stand Batteries for Marine

As you know by the name these Lithium marine batteries are developed with the combination of deep cycle and starting marine battery to work as a double standard marine battery.

This marine battery type can work as a starting battery for your boat engine as well as deep cycle to run different appliances. When there is less space on the boat to install 2 batteries than people who use this dual-standard marine battery but when you talk about performance rate and efficiency is better to use two single batteries.

3. Which Category of 12v Marine Battery one can use?

Which Category of 12v Marine Battery one can use?

If you want to use a 12v lithium marine battery then some of the categories fall into this type of requirement.

You can use a?100Ah 12v deep cycle lithium battery?to run the applications within the boat.?12v deep cycle 200ah lithium battery?is also durable and reliable to use in the marine system to operate multiple applications.

12v 36ah lithium battery?is also one of the 12v category battery that can be used for the marine system. These batteries are more reliable and durable with a better performance rate and low maintenance cost.

These 12v batteries will give you more lasting time, safe to use and it also has a long lifecycle as compared to AGM and lead-acid battery types.

4. How do you charge a marine battery?

If there is a starting marine battery present in your boat which is only used to start the engine or to provide an electrical spark then there is no special way to charge the battery as it will be charged automatically by the engine.

And if there is a deep cycle marine battery that operates the multiple appliances of your boat then you have to charge it with the help of a specific charger as it can not be charged with the engine power.

Any type of standard charger or a special charger can be used to charge the battery according to the charger and battery specifications.

5. How long Marine Battery Lasts when it is fully charged?

How long Marine Battery Lasts when it is fully charged?

The long-lasting of your battery depends upon its usage like what type of appliances you are operating with the help of this battery.

If there is a single application running with the battery power then it will remain more than 4 to 5 hours but if multiple appliances are operating through the battery then it may remain up to 3 hours or less.

Use the maintenance charger to charge the battery up to the maximum level and it will help your battery to remain in quality shape with better lifespan.

A normal marine battery total lifespan is about 3 years but if you keep your battery in good condition under good maintenance then it may remain longer than 3 years.

6. How to Choose a Marine Battery?

First and for most you must know the purpose of your battery like is it going to be a startup battery or a battery that can run your appliances that are present inside the boat.

In this way, it will be better for you to choose the battery for your marine system.?Deep cycle batteries?are normally used to operate multiple appliances within the boat system.

Make sure to understand the required power that your appliances want then choose the battery according to these specifications and always select the battery with a better performance rate, greater durability values, safe construction, and greater power density.

And 12v batteries are best if you want to take your marine system up to the next level because these batteries have all the specifications that a marine system requires.

7. When should you replace your Marine Battery?

When should you replace your Marine Battery?

As I explained earlier the lifespan of a normal marine battery is about 3 to 4 years and after that, you may have difficulty to work with them.

When you see your battery is not giving you the lasting time as it was giving you before or it is causing you trouble in terms of charging and discharging then try to replace it.

If your battery required more maintenance then its work rate then try to replace it with the newer one as the battery may have dead cells or connectivity problems.

Most of the Lithium marine batteries when charged up to a maximum level they discharge very quickly at that moment you must know that your battery is maybe at a dying level or its lifespan is about to be over.

The replacement of a battery is made according to its performance level and if it cause you trouble again and again.

8. What Size Battery can be used in the Marine Battery System?

Size of a battery to use in the marine system depends on the space or area that you have to install the battery the size of a battery depends on your area size.

If you have much space to easily adjust the large size battery then you can use a larger size battery for the marine system. There are many different sizes of Lithium marine batteries that are present in the market.

If you have less space to install or to mount the battery within the marine system then you can use a 24-meter marine battery as it is the smallest size battery that can be used in the marine system.

27 and 31 marine battery sizes often come in middle size batteries like these batteries have medium size and can be adjusted easily in a space or area of 30 to 32 meters.

Larger size batteries that we most often hear are came as 4D and 8D as these batteries are greater in size and they will require more space to get installed within your marine system.?

These are some of the batteries with different physical size appearance according to their shape, design, and construction. The current capacity of these batteries has no connection with their size as all of these different size batteries have their own specifications.

If you want to choose the best battery size for your marine system then try to know these points like cranking Amps that your applications or your system has required, what is the Amperage level that your system requires, what type of battery you want for your system, & parallel cells connection that what are the number of these cells connected in a parallel way.

In this way, you will have the best battery size for your marine system.

9. How to Avoid Marine Battery Problem?

How to Avoid Marine Battery Problem?

Some following points can help your battery to remain trouble-free and continue to provide you best output.

? Make sure that all the connections of your battery with other accessories is clean and in the right way.

? A bad connection in wiring will cause the short circuit.

? Clean your battery every week as if you are using a lead-acid battery try to remove acid crystals that often came of the terminals of the battery.

? Try not to overcharge your battery when you are not using it like when the battery is charged up to maximum remove your charger.

? Use the maintenance charger along with the battery when you are using the battery as it will help your battery to remain in good shape and quality.

? Turn off the appliances after the usage as they will make an impact on the lifespan of a marine battery.

? Do not discharge the battery quickly like, operate the required applications when you require them.

? Do not overload the battery like use the applications according to the battery specifications do not use overpower applications as they may burn the battery cells.

? Try not to undercharge your marine battery regularly as it will cause sulfation process that will impact the performance of your battery.

10. What are the tips for the batter Performance of the Marine Battery?

Some following points can help your battery to remain trouble-free and continue to provide you best output.

? Most of the people go for cheap batteries instead of expensive and better batteries if you choose a cheap battery may give you the required output for some time but later you will encounter with many problems.

? If you are using a wet battery like the lead-acid battery then try to maintain the acid level of your battery by putting the required distilled water into it.

? Before using the battery make sure that your battery is fully charged and ready to be used with different kinds of applications.

? Whenever you are installing the battery in your boat try to fix it properly as when the boat moves your battery may get damaged if not installed or strip properly.

? Keep the terminals of your battery neat and clean under every kind of environment.

? Try to install or mount your battery at safer places where sun rays can’t reach and the place is not that cold but proper in terms of air passage and temperature level.

? When you are using your battery try to check how much power is coming from it to make sure about the voltage and amperage level of the battery is durable enough.

11. Can you use a marine battery in a car, a carvan or other device?

Can you use a marine battery in a car, a carvan or other device?

Depending upon the usage and specification level of a battery deep cycle AGM battery can be used easily in a marine system, a car, motorhome or a caravan.

12v marine battery can also be used in a car system as a startup battery or a deep cycle battery to operate different accessories as?12v marine battery?must fulfill the specs of a normal car battery to use inside the car system.

Most of the batteries that are used in the car system are startup batteries because they are designed for this purpose and there are also no such appliances present in a car that need to operate with the battery.

But in marine systems deep cycle batteries as well as startup batteries can be installed because these batteries are the requirements of a marine system.

12. What is the best marine battery?

If you are considering buying the best battery for your marine system then many batteries can be installed in a marine system. Here are some of the best Lithium marine batteries that you need to buy for your marine.

12v 35Ah deep-cycle AGM or sealed lead acid battery is one of the most used battery types for marine systems having 25 to 30lbs weight. This battery is well known because of its long life run for almost more than 5 years with very low maintenance value.

UPG known as universal power group battery used for deep cycle purposes is also one of the most usable batteries in a marine system designed in such a way that it can easily be mounted in a marine system to deliver you quality output under every type of vibration and jerk.

This battery has a low resistance value, maintenance-free with a low discharging rate and it can provide you 1,200 lifecycles.

A Dual-purpose sealed lead acid battery is also one of the most used marine battery having a capacity level of 48Ah. Due to its compact size, this battery is lighter in weight and can be easily mounted in a small space area to deliver you a dual purpose as a deep cycle and startup battery.

As the technology is developing day by day?LifePo4 marine batteries?are also making an impact on the market to overcome lead-acid and AGM batteries with a better performance rate.

12v lithium batteries are also very useful in a marine system to work as a deep cycle or a startup battery because of their secure and safe manufacturing level providing greater energy density as compared to other batteries.

13. How to test a marine battery? (such as discharge current, voltage, temperature)

There are some ways to test the marine battery in terms of its discharging current rate and how much good it is in terms of health level and performance rate because a bad battery can cause you many problems during your adventure.

DC Voltmeter Test

First of all, charge your battery fully and do not use the battery for 5 hours then use a DC voltmeter to check the voltage level of marine battery do it when the battery is not connected to any kind of cable. Compare the voltage values with each after every percentage like what is the percentage of voltage at peak charging level and what is the level of voltage with low percentage compare the values with each other.

Load Test

Load test is done with the help of a device that is mostly available at auto part shops or this test must be done by the manufacturer when you are buying the marine battery that tells you about the Amps of a battery.

Discharging Test

This test is performed when the battery is charged fully at first use try to discharge the battery and see for how many hours marine battery provides you the required energy in this way you will know about the long-lasting of a battery per cycle.

14. How to clean marine battery terminals? And which points we should pay attention to?

Battery terminals need to be clean whenever you see any kind of outer material get stuck on them because it will work as a resistance force against the current.

First of all, remove the connected wires to the battery terminals then you can use household stuff like vinegar or lemon juice. As these household ingredients are very handy to remove the alkaline charges that got stuck to the battery terminals.

Use one or two drops of lemon juice or vinegar on the marine battery terminals then wait for at least a minute for the neutralization process to be happened then clean the terminals with a dry cloth.

Try to clean the lead-acid terminals when there is a white substance appears on the top of terminals as it will affect the performance rate. Keep the lead-acid battery wet from inside up to the required level.

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