As a motorcycle rider, would you consider configuring a lighter and more powerful lithium battery? Don't worry about replying, we will let you gradually like our motorcycle lithium batteries.

Motorcycle lithium batteries are a new direction for lithium batteries, and lithium batteries are used in energy storage batteries to account for a greater proportion of the market. For motorcycle batteries, what we need to consider is whether it can provide enough current to drive the motorcycle to start. At present, this part of the market is becoming more mature.

For motorcycle riders, how to reduce the weight of the motorcycle itself and increase the displacement of the motorcycle has become the topic of most concern. For racing drivers, these parameters become critical. Because they need to build their own stronger car to win the race.

For enthusiasts, the fun of driving is endless. We can travel freely on the roads of the city, and we can also break through on the small roads of the countryside.

Come and configure an unprecedentedly powerful lithium battery for your beloved motorcycle.


Tycorun lithium battery

iron lithium battery, manganese lithium battery, three batteries.
Lithium iron batteries are the most stable.
Motorcycle lithium battery rated voltage is 12.8V, high stability, in the motorcycle start moment can release high rate current (is 90% of the battery), provide sufficient large current for the engine, to achieve a good start effect. Lithium battery recovery ability is strong, after releasing most of the current 5 seconds can be nearly full, all every 5 seconds battery can be restored to the best state, to start the motorcycle, there will be no more start more can not start the phenomenon.

Used to start vehicles can save fuel and reduce harmful gas emissions. The working voltage of ordinary lead-acid battery used for vehicle startup is 12V, and the voltage will decrease with the battery capacity in the use process, resulting in low spark plug ignition efficiency. However, the working voltage of iron lithium battery is 13V and the voltage is very stable, and the spark plug ignition is always in the best state when the voltage platform is 1V higher than the lead acid. Increase spark plug ignition efficiency, produce more spark, make cylinder gasoline burn more fully, increase unit kinetic energy to increase vehicle engine torque. Improve vehicle performance, achieve fuel savings and reduce exhaust pollution effect.

Lithium batteries are the best choice for your motorcycle if you want better performance and greater energy density from battery charging and discharging. 12V-14AH lithium ion battery is one of the most commonly used electric motorcycle battery, street motorcycle battery, small motorcycle battery. Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are easy to carry around because they are dense and lightweight The 12V lithium motorcycle battery provides more power in starting or deep cycle batteries due to its higher voltage rate. These batteries are maintenance-free due to their sealed packaging system and lower discharge volt rate.

Upgrading to a lithium-ion motorcycle battery is an easy way to reduce the weight of your bike while also increasing its reliability. Lithium-ion batteries outperform lead-acid and AGM batteries at every measurable level, including power density, battery life, charge time, temperature sensitivity and weight.

Most manufacturers minimum life expectancy for lithium-ion batteries is around five years, or at least 2,000 charge cycles. But if taken care of and used under the right conditions, lithium-ion batteries can last up to 3,000 cycles.

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For the majority of users to provide safe, stable, reliable, long life lithium battery replacement of traditional high pollution lead-acid battery application solutions, reduce the environmental pollution of lead-acid battery, the company set: Technology research and development, production, service, the company adhere to the "credibility first, customer first" purpose, with high quality, high technology content, the good faith management, mutual benefit business philosophy, around the "keep improving, streamlined and efficient, safe and reliable" business policy, with good product quality and excellent after-sales service to win the support of all social enterprise. And establish a good cooperative relationship.


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Battery in 2021

Motorbikes are one of the most used vehicles these days in many Asian as well as European countries because they are easy to handle and user-friendly.

Battery stored in the bikes are usually used to operate different kinds of lights present on the bike like signal lights, headlights, and the motorcycle itself can be operated with the help of a battery.

To overcome different kinds of battery problems in motorbike you must consider the best battery to fulfill your bike demands so,In general, I should use the corresponding battery for the corresponding product. Those less professional suppliers often mix various batteries together, and here we divide the batteries into many types: golf cart lithium Battery, kayak lithium battery, lawnmower lithium battery, trolling battery, etc.This is the strength of a professional supplier.
that you can easily handle the required functions that can be operated with the help of a battery.

Let me explain to you all the important aspects of motorcycle batteries

1.What are the different types of motorcycle batteries?

1.What are the different types of motorcycle batteries?

There are mainly three different types of motorcycle batteries that are used in motorcycle to operate different accessories of motorcycle like lights etc.

Dry Batteries 

Most of the dry cell batteries that are used in motorcycles are lithium-ion batteries because they do not contain any liquid like other batteries. These batteries are sealed in such a way that they are maintenance-free and can be opened for repairing when necessary.

Dry cell batteries are often more productive in terms of providing efficient energy for longer time period and provides you more lifecycle as compared to other batteries.

Wet Batteries

These batteries are often called lead-acid batteries and these types of cells are often used in many motorcycles to provide energy for multiple accessories. These conventional flooded wet batteries contain liquid acid during charging and discharging process liquid acids emits off-hydrogen gas which is very hazardous for human health.

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries also, contain lead acid in the form of gel and this acid is mixed with silica gel to form an alloy of gel and liquid acid which is then used in gel battery. These batteries are more reliable to use when compared to liquid lead-acid batteries. These gel-based motorcycle batteries tend to work on the oxygen & hydrogen intent with high pressure. Electrolytes of the gel motorcycle batteries are often covered with gel-based silica agents to maintain the battery working in the preferred position.

2.How can I charge a motorcycle battery?

The charging of motorcycle battery depends on the type of battery and its use as well like what type of battery you have installed in the motorcycle and with is the purpose of it.

If you are using a lithium deep cycle battery to operate the electric motorcycle then it is charged with the help of a charger. 

There are three different types of chargers that can be used to charge the motorcycle batteries and these charger types are the following.

Manual charger

Float charger

Smart charger

And if you are using a normal battery or a traditional battery which is used to operate some small appliances of motorcycle like headlights, braking lights, signal lights, and other sirens installed with the motorcycle. These batteries need charging after 6 or 8 months and then you can use these batteries again.

Most of these batteries are lead-acid batteries that require less charging because motorcycle accessories use very little power.

3.Is it possible to charge the dead motorcycle battery?

You can charge or repair the dead motorcycle battery when it is not providing the energy required according to your system. Sometimes the battery is not dead but it provides very little power to the accessories and that is why you think that the battery is might be dead or need repairing.

If you think your motorcycle lithium battery is dead or need repairing then connect the charger or tender to the battery for the whole night and when the charger shows that your battery is fully charged then remove the charging hook from the charging port of the battery. Try to charge the battery on the low mode by using the smart charger or tender for the whole night in this way your battery will be charged deeply.

Sometimes battery terminals are not working properly in terms of transmitting the energy then try to replace them with the new terminals. If you are using a lead-acid battery remove the caps of the battery and then charge it on low charging voltage.

4.What type of charger is required to charge the motorcycle battery?

4.What type of charger is required to charge the motorcycle battery?

According to the type of battery the chargers are also present in the different types as most of the lead-acid batteries use normal chargers during their charging process because these lead-acid batteries are designed in such a way that they do not require any special charger they can be easily charged with 6 volt normal motorcycle battery.

Lithium batteries are often designed in such a modern way that they can be charged with any type of the normal or special charger which is used for quick charging. And most of the dry cell motorcycle batteries are charged with the help of smart & quick charger which is designed only for these battery types because they handle and charge the batteries according to the progress report.

Float charger is also one of the chargers types which are used to charge different types of batteries and it is considered as one of the common charger types for batteries. You can use a float charger to charge the lead-acid and AGM batteries.

Smart charger is very unique and specially designed to charge the motorcycle battery according to the charging progress report, it works in such a way that if your battery is fully charged the charger will automatically stop the charging voltages to make sure your battery is not getting overcharged.

5.Is it possible to use a 12v lithium battery in motorcycle?

Lithium batteries are always the best choice for your motorcycle if you are looking for better performance and greater energy density rate from a battery with more lifecycle in terms of charging and discharging.

12v 14ah lithium-ion battery is one of the most used batteries for electric motorcycle batteries, street motorcycle batteries, and scooters. Lithium batteries are easy to carry because of their lightweight as compared to lead-acid batteries.

12v lithium motorcycle battery provides more power in terms of starting battery or as a deep cycle battery because of its higher voltage rate. These batteries are maintenance-free because of their sealed packing system and lower discharging volt rate.

6.Which motorcycle battery is cheap to buy?

6.Which motorcycle battery is cheap to buy?

Most of the battery price depends on the size and current capacity that the battery holds. If you look for a cheaper battery than most of the batteries that comes into this category are lead-acid batteries because they are made in a cheaper way and easy to buy for you.

But if you look for a cheaper battery instead of an expensive battery with a higher density rate in terms of power then this is one of your biggest mistakes because the cheaper battery will require more maintenance and it may damage your motorcycle wiring as well.

The cheapest battery that one can buy is come with a price tag of 30 to 40 USD and it's a wet cell-like lead-acid battery. This battery comes with a less energy rate needs more maintenance after a month or more you need to put the liquid if it goes down from the required level.

Instead of having a cheaper motorcycle battery you need to get the expensive battery that can provide you better energy ratio, requires less maintenance, and remain longer in terms of the lifecycle.

7.What kind of battery is used in Kid's motorcycles to operate them?

There are many types of deep cycle batteries that are used in kid toy bikes to operate them for some hours so, that kids can enjoy their rides easily within the limited time period.

12v lithium batteries are also used in children's toy cars and bikes with 8 to 11 KG weight with a continuous rate of power provide. Mostly 12v 4.5Ah batteries are used in children's bikes for running the toys. It can be used on 2 wheels, 3 wheels or even 4 wheels toys that are used for children.

6 volt battery is also used in children bikes like mini bikes, electric bikes for children and also for other toy batteries.

If you are looking for a better performance rate from a battery then you need to use 12v lithium battery to operate the kid's bike as it is lighter in weight and provides a great amount of energy more efficiently.

8.Difference between 6v and 12v operated motorcycle batteries?

8.Difference between 6v and 12v operated motorcycle batteries?

As most of the motorcycles came in different sizes and shapes and they required different energy capacity rates from the battery. As the batteries are also not limited to provide the voltages up to some extent they often came in different sizes with different energy capacity rates.

6v batteries are used to operate the 6-volt motorcycle because they need less power for their operation and motorcycles operated with this type of battery they use less power.

12v batteries are used in 12-volt motorcycles as more the power more smooth the vehicle will run on rough roads. 12v operated motorcycles have more power as compared to 6v because they use more power.

If the motorcycle is supportive of a 24v battery then you can use this battery as well because more volts will provide more power to the engine of your vehicle. 

So, 6v operated motorcycles have less power as compared to 12v operated motorcycles because they have more battery power behind them to support the engine.

9.For how many hours motorcycle battery will last if used at once?

We can't predict a specific life for a motorcycle battery. It depends on the quality of the battery being used. If you have a high-quality battery that was handled appropriately, ultimately, it will give you a ride of more hours.

 When we compare this highly organized battery with a low-quality battery, it'll give a different output. Furthermore, the life span of the battery also plays a significant role. Battery capacity dies.

If someone uses it at regular intervals, it'll initially work well, but gradually, it will lose its life. So, this factor depends upon your care and for how long you're using a particular battery.

The average rate that a battery will give you is 2-4 months without being used. While sitting, It'll give you 1- 3 months until the battery dies. There is a lot of stuff to consider about battery life.

10.Which battery is best for motorcycles?

10.Which battery is best for motorcycles?

Motorcycle batteries have many varieties in the market. The main ones are listed below:

Gel cell batteries

AGM (absorbed glass mat)

Wet cell batteries

The listed points will allow you to make a difference between these three batteries:


The capability of a battery to spill its constituents makes a battery unsafe for use. The acid trapped in AGM and the gelatinized acid in the gel cell batteries makes a lot more chances for the corrosion of hydrogen, which can lead to an explosion. So here, lead-acid batteries are the safest option.


Gel cell and AGM batteries both have high prices in contrast with well cell batteries.
If you buy a battery of 40 USD, you can quickly get an AGM battery for around 15USD. But a gel cell battery will have a minimum cost of 100USD.

Physical features

All of these batteries come in a similar size and even in other physical terms. But these batteries' work is different due to the voltage difference between them.

However, their weights are different. Out of these three batteries, wet cell batteries are the most expensive ones, then there come gel cell batteries and, at last, AGM batteries.

11.What type of battery is used in an electric motorcycle?

This is a tricky thing to decide. So there are various options available that one gets confused about whether a particular battery is good.

The following factors can be kept in mind while choosing the best option for your e-bike battery.


Brands and manufacturers play a significant role in battery performance. Here, we can prioritize Samsung, Panasonic, and LG over other brands. This is because they provide you best batteries with high-quality cells.

Chemistry of battery

In terms of chemistry, Lithium-ion batteries are the best providers. In comparison, lead-acid batteries are cheaper, where Lithium-ion batteries will cost you a little more.

The best chemistry for electric bikes are:

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Nickel Manganese Cobalt

Lithium Cobalt Oxide

Choosing a proper battery concerns with fact what matters to you the most. Whether you want a battery with a higher range but not having a high power? Or a high-power battery with short-term life.

12.How much it will cost to buy the motorcycle battery?

12.How much it will cost to buy the motorcycle battery?

Due to various ranges and choices, every battery comes with a different cost. Therefore, it's an obvious thing to take concern about purchasing a battery.

The battery quality matters a lot, but it is essential to know a fair price for a battery.

Batteries that are used in motorcycles come up with a price range between $10 and $100. The price varies itself on the type of battery and other specifications related to the product.

A lead-acid battery might cost you around about $80

A Li-ion battery can also charge up to $200.

While the AGM battery price gets to starts at $100.

Suppose you have more concern with your budget and looking for an accurate product that could be pocket-friendly, so you must visit a market or seek a piece of advice from your battery operator. This will help you to stay away from getting scams.

13.Which lithium-ion battery is best for motorcycles?

If you will for shopping to buy batteries, you'll notice the two terms that are mentioned below:

1.Lead-acid battery

2.Lithium-ion battery

Reasons to consider lithium-ion batteries over the lead-acid ones


Lead-acid battery provides a little bit lower efficiency as compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Li-ion batteries will give you an efficiency of about 85%.

Lead-acid batteries will provide you 80% results.


As a general principle, all batteries die from time to time. The discharge that is produced when the battery powers an engine makes one complete cycle.

Lithium-ion batteries deliver you more cycles means they will last for the long term.


The discharge of a battery depends upon its capacity that you can take from it without damaging it.

A lithium-ion battery will allow you to use 85% discharge.

A lead-acid battery will allow you to use 50% discharge.

14.Why you should use lithium battery in motorcycle instead of other lead-acid batteries?

14.Why you should use lithium battery in motorcycle instead of other lead-acid batteries?

With the advancement in technology, bikers are switching their bikes with lithium-ion batteries

A lithium-ion battery will make your bike so much quicker because it has a high voltage. But demand is getting increased, which battery should be purchased. You can have a look at the following batteries for a basic concept.

Battery Tender Engine Start Battery

This is a powerful source. It can start your electronic vehicles regardless of the weather circumstances. It has the power of about 480amps, from which most kinds of a motorcycle can quickly begin.


Low rate of discharging


High voltage


Long life-span


Not recommended for all kinds of motorcycles.

AGM battery (antigravity battery)

We can conclude this battery is one of the best lithium-ion batteries. There is no exception for it. This low-weighted battery can provide you enough voltage for braking and acceleration.

AG-1201 is an excellent option connected with many varieties of motorcycles, jet skis, and other vehicles.


It's a branded choice

Weight: 2.25lbs

Voltage: 12.7volts

Service type: motorcycle, vehicles, and jet skies


Low discharge

Fast motor turnover


Highly versatile

Its highly durable


If it runs out of charge, it can get damaged.

15.How you can test the motorcycle battery?

To see if your battery is good enough to run your motorbike or not. The best way is to test it. You will need a few tools that will allow you to run a test on your battery. The steps are explained below in an orderly arrangement.

Placing the error

Make sure if your battery even has an error or not. Electrical switches on modern bikes that will not run a cycle if two conditions are not obeyed.

If the bike's key is in the ignition position?

Is the stand pulled up

Voltage test

If the issue is placed, run a voltage test on your battery. Different batteries have different procedures. All you will need is a multimeter.

Join the black port to the COM and the red port to the V. Turn on the meter. 
Touch the black lead to the negative side of the battery, and touch the red information to the positive terminal. 

Now you can easily record the voltage from the meter display.

Voltage test

Voltage test

The next step is to perform a test when the battery is running to note the amount of current flowing through it. Attach your DVOM in the same manner as you did for the voltage test. When the starter is getting spun, notice the voltage.

Prepare your battery for repair

If your battery is dead, you should power it and look for why it is even weak? If the battery is not eligible to use, then replace it.

16.How many hours will be required to charge the motorcycle battery?

One of the most frequently asked questions about batteries is charging time. So naturally, such people interested in keeping their batteries fully charged will be curious to know how long a battery will require to set.

The charge rate of a battery depends upon the following factors:

Size of battery

Age of the battery

On average, a motorcycle battery requires about 6 to 24 hours for a complete charge of 100%.

When a constant current is provided, the battery's charging becomes non-linear. 
The first 70% of charging capacity will fill up in about 5-8 hours, while the remaining 30% can take a long time, an average of 8-10 hours.

Suppose you buy a sealed packed battery from the market. It's already charged 80% out of 100%. So, it's beneficial to charge your battery before putting it in the motorcycle.

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