Off-grid solar power generation system uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy under the condition of illumination, and supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, while charging the battery; 

In cloudy weather or when there is no light, the battery pack supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller. 

Meanwhile, the battery also supplies power directly to the independent inverter, which inverts ac power to the AC load. 

Off-grid solar power generation system is composed of solar panels, solar inverter and battery. If the output power is 220V ac or 110V ac, a dedicated off-grid inverter needs to be configured. Common storage battery capacity is 100Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah. It can be configured as 12V system, 24V and 48V system according to different power demand, which is convenient and widely used.


Tycorun lithium battery

Before the battery leaves the factory, it is generally charged, so it is necessary to detect whether the voltage of the battery is normal. If the battery is not used for a long time, it will be slowly discharge. When multiple batteries are connected in series or parallel, check whether battery connectors are firm. 
Off-grid system voltage is 12V, 24V, 48V and other kinds of applications to more than one battery series to meet the system voltage; If the cable is not properly connected, the battery voltage is not enough.

Do not connect the battery terminal inversely. The battery terminal has positive and negative poles, which are generally connected to the positive terminal in red and the negative terminal in black. Note that a small amount of sparks may be generated if the connection is live.

With the improvement of people's demand for environmental protection and the development of clean energy industry,solar lithium batteryare more and more used in our life. Solar lithium battery can directly convert light energy into electricity for use and have the function of power storage.
With the continuous development of photovoltaic technology, solar battery have also evolved from the original lead-acid battery to the present lithium battery. Solar lithium batteries are widely used, especially in road lighting. The popularity of solar lithium battery also owes to its own advantages. Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery has the following advantages:

1. Long Life

Normal lead-acid battery life is about one year, lithium battery life is about two years, special process lithium battery life can reach 3-5 times of lead-acid battery life;

2. High Energy

The mass ratio and volume ratio energy of lithium batteries are about 40% higher than that of lead-acid batteries.

3. Convenient installation

The lithium battery is small in size and light in weight, which can be installed directly under the solar panel to reduce the construction cost.

4. No pollution

Lead-acid batteries are polluted in the production process, and may cause pollution if improperly recycled. Lithium batteries are relatively green and environmentally friendly, and lithium batteries are obviously more popular in emphasizing green and pollution-free energy.

5. High and low temperature resistance

Lithium battery can be used in the -20℃-60℃ environment, seiko special process can be used in the -45℃ environment, not easy to damage, maintenance free performance is good

Lithium battery has been widely used for its small size, high energy density, no memory effect, small pollution and long cycle life. Then more and more lithium battery manufacturers enter the market, the competition is more and more fierce, and the products are differentiated. Lithium battery development prospects are very good, the future is bright.

Lithium battery industry will continue to accelerate in the future development. Because of the current market, the demand for lithium batteries is very large. Unless fuel cell technology matures and is widely used, it may then affect the status of lithium batteries.

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Complete Buying Guide for Off-grid Battery in 2021

There are many?off-grid systems that use batteries?to work as a backup plan in different areas such as, home appliances use?UPS battery?as off-grid system with a battery backup.

Mostly, all the off-grid systems have a backup plan and these backup plans consists of batteries which works to store current and then provide the power when on-grid system is not responding.

In this complete buying guide I am going to explain you each and every point about an?off-grid battery. Which battery best suits you, which has the battery lifecycle and what are the different advantages to have a battery with your off-grid system.

This buying is covering the different features you need to know before making a buying decision. Let's know more about this.?

1.What is Off-grid system & which battery is used in it?

1.What is Off-grid system & which battery is used in it?

There are many types of off-grid systems which require a backup battery to provide power to your household appliances. By all means, an Off-grid system does not get any power from the electric powerhouse it works through a battery system.

Off-grid systems are very useful solutions to work in different rural areas where the on-grid system is not available and most of the people utilize solar energy through a solar system which works as an off-grid system to provide power to different electric accessories.

There are different kinds of batteries available in the market which you can use with your off-grid system such as 600 to 800 Amp hour batteries are the most frequent and quality batteries to be used in different off-grid systems.

In the modern world, the?most used battery in an off-grid system is a lithium battery well known for its deep lifecycle operation & continuous power rate for multiple hours. 48V lithium battery is a very powerful solution for different kinds of multiple appliances operated with the off-grid system

2.Which battery is used in Off-grid solar system?

Most authentic battery type in an?off-grid system deep cycle lithium battery?which is better than normal lead-acid and AGM battery types. Virtually, deep cycle battery is safe, strong, and reliable enough to be used within the system. This battery type is more efficient and accurate to provide continuous power for a longer time period.

12v 100Ah LifePo4 battery?is one of the best deep cycle batteries used in different Off-grid solar systems. There are also other kinds of batteries that you can use in Off-grid solar systems such as, lead-acid batteries, AGM battery or lithium batteries. And you can use any of these batteries having deep lifecycle properties.

If you are looking for a liquid-free and longer lifecycle battery without any maintenance requirements then?deep cycle lithium batteries?that can support your system are the best backups for you. The basic work of a battery in an off-grid system is to work as a storage device for current so that one can utilize the stored energy later or maybe at the run time if there is no electric connection.

3.Explain different battery types for Off-grid system?

3.Explain different battery types for Off-grid system?

Depending upon the type of Off-grid system, there are basically, three main battery types that you can use in your off-grid system.

Lead-Acid Battery

This is one of the most commonly used batteries in different electric systems as well as in off-grid system because of its low cost and easy maintenance. On the other hand lead-acid batteries require more maintenance as compared to other batteries.

Normally, most of the ready-made Off-grid systems have lead-acid batteries installed with them because these batteries are easy to cope with and easily available in the market. You need to maintain the water level of the lead-acid battery if you are using one of these kinds of a battery.

AGM Battery

AGM batteries are also very useful if you want a higher power rate in less time period. AGM battery works in its own way to provide power to Off-grid systems or different kinds of RVs. These batteries are made as sealed batteries flooded with liquid inside and without liquid as well.

AGM battery is a much expensive powerhouse as compared to a lead-acid battery because it requires less maintenance as compared to other ordinary batteries. Many off-grid systems use deep cycle AGM battery types for operating different kinds of appliances and 12V 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery is one of the most used batteries for Off-grid system.

Lithium Battery

Deep cycle lithium battery is a flawless solution in terms of providing you long lifecycle and consistent power for consecutive hours. Lithium battery is more reliable and more efficient as compared to other lead-acid and AGM batteries.

It is designed and developed under the modern BMS to overcome different kinds of problems that the older battery types were facing during the storage and discharging operation. These battery packs are sealed without having any liquid prepared with lithium-iron-phosphate and provides you the flexibility to mount the battery in any desired position.

These are the main and basic types of batteries that one can use in an Off-grid battery system but depending upon the current storage level & work rate these batteries have further types as well

4.What are the advantages of a battery in Off-grid system?

The main and basic purpose of a battery is to store electric charges when you need to utilize energy for later use when there is no on-grid system available.

There are some of the benefits of storing a battery system with an Off-grid applications like the solar system.

  • Helps to store electric current with the help of an inverter.
  • Helps you reduce your electricity bills by providing you direct energy from an off-grid system.
  • It is easy enough to install the battery with your Off-grid system & start storing the current in no time.
  • Provides you required power during electric outages.
  • No pollution and safe to operate with any kind of system.
  • You can store your own energy and reuse it whenever you wish to. Not only that, you can even sell electric energy to On-grid system by installing?off-grid battery packs.

These are some of the advantages that you can get when you use a battery with your Off-grid system.

5.What is the price of an Off-grid battery?

5.What is the price of an Off-grid battery?

The cost of an Off-grid battery depends upon the type of battery that you want for your system. Not only that the voltage rate and storage capacity of the battery also made a difference in the price of the battery.

If you want a 12V 100Ah sealed AGM battery for your Off-grid solar system then it may cost you about 175USD. Depending upon the storage capacity and amperage level the cost difference varies accordingly. For instance an AGM battery of 12V 200Ah current storage capacity level will be expensive as compared to 200Ah?a?battery that's how the price varies.

Lithium battery is more expensive as compared to AGM battery because it is developed by using the best battery management system and sealed in a perfect manner to work effectively under every type of environment. Such as 12V 100Ah deep cycle lithium battery will cost you between 225USD-250USD depending upon the manufacturing quality.,

Lead-acid battery is cheaper and needs more maintenance as compared to AGM and lithium battery types. It consists of liquid and acid which works to store the electric charges. For example, if you are looking for a 12V 100Ah lead-acid battery for an Off-grid system it will costs you about 98USD to 150USD.

Every battery has its own specific rate according to its storage level and voltage level to deliver the amount of current.

6.What type of battery is best for Off-grid solar system?

An Off-grid system works mainly through a battery and for that purpose you need to have the best battery that can fulfill your requirements.

According to some experts and researchers, AGM & Lithium-ion batteries are two of the most powerful solutions for your Off-grid system because these batteries are made in the best possible to way and efficient as well in terms of longer lifecycle with deep cycle usage.

However, Most often and one of the commonly used batteries is a lead-acid battery because it is cheaper to buy. Maybe people do not know that there are other better batteries in the market available now and they work more effectively as compared to the lead-acid battery. And lead-acid batteries need more maintenance than other batteries such as water level must be obtained up to the desired level.

7.Which battery is best in terms of performance for Off-grid system?

When you talk about the best overall performance rate then you need to go with Lithium-ion deep cycle batteries because these are the only up to date batteries that one overcome different kinds of electricity shortage problems.?

Moreover, lithium batteries do not require regular or monthly maintenance because they are developed with lithium cells combination in series or in parallel mode.

The best battery that you can get from the market to install with an Off-grid system is a 48V lithium battery that works without any electric cut-off problem. If you are looking for a large size battery then 3,000 watts 48V battery is the unique solution and if you want to have a small battery with 1,000 to 5,000 watts then 24V is best regarding your system specs.

8.Which Off-grid battery bank is best to buy?

8.Which Off-grid battery bank is best to buy?

A battery bank usually works in the same way as the battery does in the Off-grid system the only difference is that a single battery works in its own way to store and deliver the current to the required applications while on the other hand a battery bank is composed of two or more?batteries combination.

These batteries may be connected in a series or in parallel mode depending upon the structure of the battery bank. If you want to operate high energy appliances then you need to install a power bank to work with these appliances like washing machine.

The storage capacity of the battery bank depends upon its storage level and size as well. One of the best battery banks that most of industries use is AGM battery bank made with the combination of AGM batteries connected in the desired mode.

9.How long Off-grid batteries last?

The lifespan and long lasting of the battery in any type of Off-grid system depends upon its usage and maintenance level as well as safety during charging and discharging.

If you use a battery with an Off-grid solar system then after the charging completion your battery will remain more than 3 hours, in general, depending upon its usage as well. If you use a single battery to operate multiple appliances at once then it may remain lasts for an hour so the major point to understand here is that battery lasts longer or shorter depending upon its usage.

And when it comes to the lifespan of the battery maintenance of and safety of the battery plays a major role that under what type of environment you are mounting the battery and how often do you charge and discharge the battery regularly.

The average lifespan of an?Off-grid battery system?is about 7 to 10 years and after these years you may require to replace the battery. Lithium-ion battery with deep cycle development lasts longer than normal battery types.

10.Can I use lead acid battery in Off-grid system?

10.Can I use lead acid battery in Off-grid system?

As I explained earlier lead-acid battery with a deep cycle operation feature can be used in an Off-grid system because it is one of the basic types of batteries that you can utilize and avail in cheaper rate as well.

Lead-acid batteries are normally used in different On-grid UPS systems as well because they are easy to maintain but not that safe as compared to AGM and Lithium-ion batteries. Liquid acid present in the lead battery catches fire more often than other battery types.

Somehow people manage the lead-acid battery to be used with an Off-grid system and they can cope with the problems they face during the operation. So, yes you can use a lead-acid battery with your Off-grid system and about 65% of Off-grid systems use this battery.

Maintenance of lead-acid battery is very easy such as you need to look at the liquid acid level of the battery after a week or maybe two and if you see a fall down in the liquid according to the given level then you need to fill up the liquid to the desired level using distilled water remember not to use an ordinary water during the liquid filling.

11.Which lithium battery best serves Off-grid system?

There are many lithium battery types that you can use in an Off-grid system like solar power system but the most often used lithium-ion battery types are 12V & 24V with different storage capacities.

Such as?12V 100Ah deep cycle LifePo4 battery?is proved to be a strong backup if you want to work with an Off-grid system. You can also use 12V 200Ah deep cycle LifePo4 lithium battery for your Off-grid system as this battery has a greater storage capacity rate. These batteries are often used in homes and offices.

24V lithium-ion battery types are one of the most powerful battery types that can operate different kinds of high energy appliances in an industry. Most of the IT industries use this battery type to operate their servers.

Lithium-ion batteries are not just limited to some kinds. Lithium power banks are also very useful in different kinds of industries and factories where high energy devices need to be operated by utilizing the energy coming from power bank Off-grid systems.

12.How to select a best battery for off-grid system?

12.How to select a best battery for off-grid system?

There are some points that you need to remember while selecting a battery for your Off-grid system.

Type of Battery

Always make up your mind that what type of battery you are going to buy because a right battery type will ease your further investigation about the battery.

Technical Specs?

After selecting the battery type try to read and go through technical specifications of different kinds of batteries by doing this you can easily select the preferred one for your Off-grid system.

While checking different specifications of the battery try to measure the size as well because it will help you to know about the required area for mounting the battery.

Application Types

Select the battery according to the type of appliances or accessories that you want to operate by using a battery or a power bank because large-size industrial appliances required more power as compared to normal home appliances.

Try to select a battery with a high-efficiency rate and having a low cut-off voltage when it comes to round trip. If you are looking to get a battery that takes less time for charging and provide energy for many hours then lithium-iron phosphate battery is the best one that you can have.

13.Can you use multiple batteries in Off-grid system?

Different Off-grid systems have multiple battery types installed with them as storage can be done in multiple batteries.

Most of the solar power systems have a combination of 2 batteries but you need to remember that both battery types must be the same you can use different types as well by asking for help from an expert.

Battery bank consists of the combination of batteries when connected in series or in parallel mode. If you want high amps/hour from a battery to operate a heavy-duty applications then you may require two or more batteries combined together for high current rate.

By combining two or more batteries one can utilize more energy and store a greater amount of current to operate different electrical gadgets for longer use. It is likely to use multiple batteries in an off-grid system.

14.Is it possible to use 12V battery in Off-grid system?

14.Is it possible to use 12V battery in Off-grid system?

12V batteries are one of the most used battery types in an Off-grid system. Like 12V AGM battery is one of the top batteries to be installed with a solar power system or with any other Off-grid system.

12V AGM battery with different storage capacity rates is available in the market you can get one as per the requirements. 12V lead-acid batteries are also used in the Off-grid system but these are not comfortable enough to work with and require maintenance yet they are cheaper to buy.

12V lithium-ion batteries are now introduced to the modern world and people are finding them more helpful and cooperative as compared to other battery types such as AGM and lead-acid.

So the most common battery type used in an Off-grid system is 12V. Somehow 24V & 48V batteries are also very familiar in off-grid systems but 12V is the most common one between these battery types.

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