Use kayaks to make our fishing easier. At the same time, kayaking is really a very interesting sport. Even if you don't catch any fish, you can row a boat on the quiet water by yourself at the dawn of the morning. Just looking at the scenery is enough.

Compared to shore fishing, kayaking fishing is more convenient. In the summer, fish hide in deep water, and some fish are almost hard to catch on the shore. But with kayak and fish finder, you can find the structure of the bottom of the lake, making it easier to catch fish. Of course, paddling directly to the island in the lake or under the bridge piers, you don't have to worry about grabbing spots with others.

And since the lithium battery, kayaking has become easier and more fun. Using lithium batteries to power the motor, it is possible to quickly drive the kayak to areas with dense fish. As long as you spend a few minutes here, you will definitely get a huge gain. But remember to bring GPS Our 12v Lithium Kayak Battery Pack. allows you to keep in touch with your family and let them know that you are safe.


Tycorun lithium battery

First of all, we know that kayaks have a variety of sizes and weights. We must first consider the size and weight of the boat when we buy an electric kayak. Most people are looking for 30 to 55 pounds. Trolling motor. So you may need a 12v 30Ah or 12V 50Ah lithium ion battery.

If what you really want to know is, "How long can my kayak motor run on this battery?" You want to know if you can go back safely in a canoe 5 miles offshore. If you want to determine the battery life, it can be boiled down to some simple mathematical calculations, including current and ampere-hours.

After we help you confirm which battery capacity is more suitable for you, please provide or check the specifications of your motor and other configurations, the manufacturer will more clearly indicate how much power you need, But if you are not sure, just contact our technical team at any time, and we will answer all the questions you want to know. We are happy to provide the best performance guarantee for your kayak.

lithium batteries are safe regardless of whether they are at sea or on ships.If you are in the wild for a long time, I think you may be interested in our Kayak Lithium Battery. We can seal the lithium batteries through a special process, which means that even if water splashes on it, it will not cause harm.

In short, lithium batteries work better than many lead-acid batteries, have a longer service life, and take up more space and weight, and their cycle life is three times that of other types of batteries.

After so many years of development in the battery industry, lead-acid batteries have reached the saturation of the market and have been gradually eliminated, and cannot fully meet the power supply requirements of all ships on the market. However, at present, lithium-ion batteries are in The field of civil electric ships is gradually expanding its application, and it covers the whole world. It is a promising direction for marine battery technology.

At the same time, with the stability of lithium-ion battery safety technology, lithium-ion batteries will usher in rapid development in the shipbuilding industry and improve equipment performance in many aspects. Not only in the shipbuilding industry, the high-power characteristics of lithium-ion batteries will be used in different fields. Correspondingly, there are Kayak Lithium Battery on our website to use with your drone to better detect the surrounding environment of phishing.With great advantages and important uses.

Lithium ion battery is one of the ideal submarine lithium ion batteries with high energy density, good rate performance, long cycle life and maintenance-free, which can be used as a backup battery for ships to meet the requirements of weight reduction and maintenance-free. At the same time, with the development of ships towards all-electric propulsion, high-energy electromagnetic weapons have an urgent demand for high-power power supply technology. The high-power characteristics of lithium-ion batteries can meet the development needs of high-energy electromagnetic weapons and have a huge application prospect. Many high-power RVs are also using our deep-cycle kayak lithium batteries.

In the field of civil electric ships, lithium ion batteries are mainly used in hybrid electric ships and pure electric electric ships. The total energy of lithium ion battery system can reach hundreds of KWH to megawatt hours, and the lithium ion battery system adopted includes iron phosphate lithium ion battery and ternary lithium ion battery. In order to meet the large energy demand of the system, Marine modules need large-scale array design, which is arranged in the form of shelves or battery cabinets. The voltage of Marine propulsion system is generally around 600-1000V. Batteries are generally managed in clusters, and each battery cluster is connected in parallel. Charge and discharge are controlled through the energy management system, Lithium ion power lithium ion battery has high specific energy, good charge and discharge characteristics and normal use without acid for hydrogen evolution analysis, long cycle life, use of the advantages of easy maintenance, can overcome the shortage of lead-acid battery application has realized the ship abroad, domestic have amassed electric cars, electric grid energy storage application areas such as mobile platform, unmanned system related experience.


●Bolted Cells for increased strength and better conductivity

●Built In Fully Automatic Battery Management System

●Explosion proof stainless steel cells - Built in Thermal Fuse

●Flame Retardant Electrolyte

●3.2V LiFePO4 Smart Cells

●High Pressure Safety VentOver voltage and under voltage protection

●Reverse polarity and short circuit protection Automatic Cell Balancing

●Safe - LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry

●Replaces any lead acid, gel or AGM batteries

●ZERO Maintenance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Kayak Battery Buying Guide in 2021

Are you following trout in clear streams, or cruising in the lake to find the next fish, a decent kayak battery generally implies something basic, more fish. 

Since you will be able to cover more water, so you can hunt more and more. In case you're hoping to take your calculating game to a higher level, and don't have any desire to purchase another boat, consider controlling your kayak with a lithium battery arrangement. Our amazing kayak battery is great, moderate, and will be a perfect it for your kayak, giving you that additional increase in power you're searching for. Cover more, get more!

In this article, kayak battery different aspects will be explained so, you can make your purchase decision better. Let’s dig more. 

1.What are the Kayak batteries?

There was a time when fish finders and aquatic marine Fishman searches for their prey by taking a vessel along with them. Nowadays kayaks are more commonly serving this purpose for fishermen. They have a very well-equipped lithium battery for kayak fish finder. So, with the best fish finder battery for kayaks, the whole process has now become easier for the fisherman. 

What are the Kayak batteries?

Kayak motors are now fitted with batteries that are used on the seaside for fishing and navigation. Though fishing or sitting on the journeys inside water is time taking activities. Thus, the kayak lithium battery is considered the best fish finder battery for kayak due to its lightweight, small size, long battery power. All such features make the life of the fisherman easy. 

It is noteworthy that finding the best kayak battery for trolling motors is not an easy task. you have to take into view certain features to get the best kayak battery

2.What are the Basics of the Kayak Battery?

The basics of the kayak battery majorly include its size, weight, and chemical composition. Since it is used in kayak and fish finders, so the batteries need to be compact while carrying on the kayak and lightweight to take it anywhere with the user. The lightest trolling motor battery for the kayak, if used, does not bring the kayak down. 

What are the Basics of the Kayak Battery?

As for the chemical composition best fish finder battery for a kayak is considered to be the lithium-ion kayak battery. Lithium-ion batteries contain chemicals that are relatively less harmful to the health of living beings as well as the environment. It contains iron-lithium phosphate ions instead of harmful chemicals utilized as in lead-acid batteries. So, choose the kayak electric motor battery wisely. 

3.What are the differences between SLA/VRLA/AGM vs Lithium-Ion vs Lithium polymer?

There are many types of batteries to use for trolling kayak motors. Other motors may not be the best choice for the kayak due to environmentally unfriendly features. Since the battery may cause harm to the environment to end up contaminating the water in which the kayak is operating.

There are some differences between SLA/VRLA/AGM, lithium-ion, and lithium polymer. 



SLA battery stands for sealed lead-acid batteries, whereas VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. Both of these batteries are the same. These have sealed valves and vents to release the gases if there is pressure build-up inside the battery. Although they are leak-proof, however, such batteries are not a preferred choice to use as kayak trolling batteries because of extensive chemicals. 


AGM batteries are one of the best kayak trolling motor batteries. It is also one of the types of SLA/VRLA. They are known to be marine lithium  batteries as well as deep cycle batteries. It is because the product shows you the efficiency irrespective of the orientation in which it is operating. 


AGM batteries are most of the time sealed batteries. Thus, making them very easy to be used as kayak batteries. However, the AGM batteries are a bit heavier than other batteries. This is perhaps one of the only cons associated with AGM among kayak battery packs. Furthermore, the low cost of the product still makes it a preferred choice for the consumers. 

While using AGM as a kayak motor battery, rest assured that it should not exhaust more than 80 percent. Otherwise, there are chances of reducing the life of the battery. All such features make absorbed glass mat batteries (AGM) to use as kayak fish finder batteries. 

Lithium-ion batteries 

It is imperative to say that the lithium-ion kayak battery is one of the most effective and efficient products out there among other competitive batteries. With the features of efficient charging, compact in size, lighter in weight, and the longer battery life price of the product increases simultaneously.

Lithium-ion batteries

However, the benefits that come with the lithium-ion battery for kayak trolling motor or lithium battery for kayak fish finder ultimately make it the best kayak battery for trolling motor. 

To make this concept clearer to you, reflect upon the lithium-ion batteries utilized in your phones, electric vehicles, solar panels, and electronic equipment. 12v lithium battery for kayak will also provide similar benefits to its users. 

Lithium Polymer Batteries 

Lithium polymer batteries are robust yet flexible enough. These batteries are also lighter in weight with very low or zero chances of electrolyte leakage from the battery. So, taking into view these features it is also considered as one of the best lithium batteries for kayak fish finders. 

Lithium Polymer Batteries

4.What is the Weight and Size of the Kayak Battery?

It is imperative to say that to get the best kayak trolling motor battery, the weight and size of the kayak battery pack matter much more than a user can imagine. Although the hassle of paddling has long been forgotten with the advent of kayak electric motor batteries. However, you still have to find the one that won’t take up much space and is comparatively lighter in weight. 

For this purpose, while searching for the best kayak battery for trolling motor you may end up coming across a lithium-ion battery for a kayak trolling motor. It is one of the lightest in weight and smallest in size ever available. for the standard weight, one could say that the battery must be lighter than 60lbs. 

In addition to this, everybody tries to refrain from carrying larger size batteries along with them. Especially when it comes to kayak trolling batteries. The option is to opt for the lightest trolling motor battery for a kayak with the smallest size possible. 

What is the Weight and Size of the Kayak Battery?

Thus, the above convenience which comes along with all the above features must be kept in mind before buying the one. the standard weight and size for the best lithium battery for a kayak trolling motor are 6.3 x 3.0 x 7.1 inches by size and 7.2-13 lbs in weight. These figures may vary depending upon the kind of battery the user opts for. 

5.How about the Power and Battery Life of the kayak Battery?

These two aspects are briefly elaborated below.

Battery Power 

By hearing the term battery power, it would occur to you that how long a kayak trolling battery will be running with the stored power. 

Battery Power

To estimate the power drawn by the battery you need to have some exact figures of amp-hours and current drawn from the battery. Current drawn is mentioned on the specification’s column pasted on the battery. Amp-hours of the battery are also listed.  

Amp-hours current/current drawn by kayak electric motor = running time of kayak trolling battery

So, if a 100 amp-hour kayak trolling motor battery draws a current of 20-amp then the running time for the kayak battery will be 5 hours. Now, estimate the running time of your kayak battery and travel accordingly. 

You can easily charge your kayak trolling battery with a kayak battery charger by connecting to the power source. However, be very vigilant while setting on the journey. 

Battery Life of the kayak Battery

The battery life of the kayak battery is measured in charging and discharging cycles. Rest assured that the battery life of the kayak battery is considerably more than that of the lead-acid batteries. Thus, the battery life for lithium-ion kayak batteries falls somewhere between the 2000-2500 cycles of charging and discharging. 

6.How do you Recharge and Store a Kayak Battery?

There is not just way to recharge the kayak battery since the battery charging is dependent on its type. However, it can be recharged through a solar panel and the portable and onboard kayak battery charger. It is highly advisable to take precautions while recharging the battery when you are near water. 

Storing a kayak battery in the right place will affect storing the charge inside the battery. So, make sure that the battery is stored in a temperature-controlled and dry place. Use the phenomenon of trickle charge for storing charge in the battery for quite a while. 

How do you Recharge and Store a Kayak Battery?

7.Which are the Best Kayak Batteries (Best Battery For Fish Finders)?

It is vital to find the best battery for a kayak fish finder. When you have purchased the right battery for your job, then it will last the entire trip while working effectively and efficiently. Even if you have recharged the kayak trolling battery before setting out on a journey, then it must last longer than expected and for the entire trip. 

Which are the Best Kayak Batteries (Best Battery For Fish Finders)?

By carrying out an in-depth analysis of all the available kayak battery packs, we have concluded that a 12v deep cycle lithium battery for a kayak will be a good source of power when you set out on the journey in the water. 

Features of Lithium Battery for Kayak Fish Finder

Here is why it is essential to go for a kayak lithium battery.

More Energy Efficient  

One of the competitive advantages that lithium battery for kayak trolling motor has over every other battery is its power ratio. Since it is a deep cycle battery. So, it is better than all other lead-acid batteries which do not have such a long span of running time. 

Self-discharge rates for lithium batteries for kayak fish finders are also minimum and range between 1-3 percent usually. On the other hand, the self-discharge rate for other lead-acid batteries could go up to 30 percent every month. 

It also offers usage capacity stored inside around 99 percent. Whereas it is only 50-60 percent for lead-acid batteries. 

More Reliable 

The reliability of the lithium-ion kayak battery is hidden in its life span. The average life span of a kayak lithium battery is two folds as compared to lead-acid batteries. Thus, the battery can last up to ten years.

Furthermore, the battery is capable to endure variations in temperature ranges, unlike other competitive batteries. So, what else a buyer could need when he needs to travel through water. You also need to look no further. 

Ensures High Safety 

Ensures High Safety

When anyone thinks about traveling through water, he will readily think about his safety during the journey. best kayak battery for trolling motor offers this feature. Kayak lithium battery is known for its commendable safety. Although it contains certain chemicals, they are not as harmful as the chemicals present inside lead-acid batteries. 

A built-in microprocessor works for monitoring the temperature of the battery, voltages, and currents. 

Plug-In and Use 

All you need to do is plug your batteries and let them charge for the due time. After that, you can easily utilize the recharged batteries. 

Plug-In and Use

Small and Very Light in Weight 

Huge batteries inside kayaks are on the verge of weighing it down. If it happens then the fisherman could not withstand the damage. To avoid such discrepancies, lithium-ion battery for kayak trolling motor for better user experience. 

8.When Should you trickle charge a deep cycle Kayak Battery?

Before getting into the details of charging a deep cycle Kayak Battery let’s take a look at what does it mean by trickle charge. Trickle charging is the slow charging of the battery. The battery is supposed to charge steadfastly with a rate equals to the rate of self-discharge.

In this way, trickle charging is just another way of preventing over-charging of the battery. However, do not assume that if the kayak battery is charging under the influence of trickle charge, then it somehow increases its battery life, just because it is not overcharging.

When should you replace your Marine Battery?

It does not go that way. Although there are more chances of kayak battery ending up with a shorter life span if it is overcharged. Charging at a regular rate is more likely to maintain battery life. 

Thus, you should trickle charge a deep cycle Kayak Battery. The charging process of deep cycle batteries is slightly different from other batteries. 

The usefulness of Trickle Charging a Deep Cycle Battery 

Although trickle charging a deep cycle battery does not have so many advantages, it surely has some solid perks. 

Trickle charging is extremely useful when it comes to kayak fish finder batteries. It is because the kayak does not set on the journey to water every day. Weeks and even months have passed since they did not use the kayak for purpose. 

There arise some charging issues with the battery when the kayak drove out seldom. It is kore likely that the battery has not charged fully. Here the trickle charge is very much beneficial for the battery’s health. 

The usefulness of Trickle Charging a Deep Cycle Battery

There is a science behind trickle charging a battery that differs from other batteries. Other batteries charge regularly and take their time. Whereas trickle charging occurs at a slow yet steadfast rate that may take up to days. It is very much beneficial for storing the power for an entire season, using the battery on alternate days, etc. 

It is more commonly seen that the batteries get heated up while charging. Trickle charge solves this frustration as well. so, try the trickle charging the best battery for trolling motor on kayak and feel the difference in the results. It will not heat like an ordinary battery. 

9.Can you overcharge a deep cycle battery?

Can you overcharge a deep cycle battery?

You can overcharge a deep cycle battery. However, the outcomes may not be positive if you do so. In case of overcharging, the amperes take the rule over the battery and come up with overcharging the battery sometimes. In addition to this, the charger used for charging the batteries as well as the method adopted for charging will determine overcharging. 

It is imperative to say that when the batteries get overcharged, the user may face a lot of issues. 

Outcomes of Overcharging

Some of those outcomes due to overcharging are the following. 

The two main issues associated with overcharging are overheating issues and grid corrosion.


While overcharging the deep cycle batteries one may notice that the battery is overheating simultaneously. Overheating will not only be experienced while charging the battery but also during its usage. Hence, this excess heat dissipation will have an enormously negative impact on the overall conditions of the battery. 



Grid is fitted inside the batteries which are not visible to the users. However, it is that part of the kayak battery which gets severely damaged due to overcharging. The damaged grid results in underperformance of the battery and decreased battery life.

Thus, overcharging will never bring any fruitful outcomes. 

10.How to maintain a Kayak Battery?

To maintain a kayak battery, it is crucial to charge it when the battery goes down to only 10-25 percent with trickled charging. Storing in a favorable environment is always a reliable option for battery maintenance. Provided that do not ever think of overcharging the battery ever. 

How to maintain a Kayak Battery?

11.How To Mount a Battery on Your Kayak?

For mounting a battery on the kayak in a safe manner it is advisable to use a bag. Inside the bag, there are fewer chances of the battery getting wet, when on the kayak. The bag will also absorb any unprecedented shocks experienced by the kayak. Place the bag in a suitable manner either glued down or hooked to the static position. 

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