Electric forklifts refer to forklifts that use electricity to work, and most of them use batteries. An electric forklift is a loading, unloading and handling vehicle powered by a DC power supply. In large warehouses, forklifts are the most widely used, especially when encountering heavy goods, forklifts can double our work with half the effort. It is precisely because the forklift can support heavy goods, so the power of the DC motor must be very high in order to have a strong capacity.

As a tool for cargo handling, forklifts with DC motors need batteries to provide sufficient energy. Therefore, the battery is the most important part of the electric forklift. Without the DC power supply, the electric forklift cannot start and work.


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How to choose right Forklift Battery in 2021

In case you're an entrepreneur or supervisor who relies upon forklifts to run the processes at your business, the kind of modern battery you pick will significantly affect your organization's general proficiency and that is valid in the event that you have only one electric lift vehicle or a whole armada of forklifts being used. 

It really defines upon which kind of electric forklift battery a business picks up, a ton of time and cash could be saved as time goes on. 

This guide is all about driving you through the different perspectives of the forklift batteries like price, comparisons, and how the right choice will impact your routine operations.

1.What is a forklift battery?

Forklift batteries are more suitable for use on forklifts than camper vehicle batteries and other deep-cycle lipo batteries. Each of our batteries has its most suitable place to use. A lead-acid forklift battery which is used for industrial operations is much heavier than a lithium-ion forklift battery. A single individual could never be able to carry the forklift battery himself. Rather it needs a proper lift to carry it from one location to another. 

What is a forklift battery?

To use for industrial purposes, forklift batteries should be able to use for at least straight six to eight hours. One time shift could easily need to manage with the forklift battery charged one time. The forklift battery is affected by the temperature. It needs to be taken greater care of. Otherwise, the battery span would decrease. Any kind of extreme external conditions will have adverse effects on the forklift battery. Likewise, overcharging and discharging are some other factors that affect battery life. 

Moreover, it is not very convenient for the user to change the forklift battery all by himself. A crew of workers will do this task. it is because of its heavier weight. Forklift battery needs greater care. So, handle it with caution. It is not easy to replace the one. 

2.Are forklift batteries 12v?

Before making a purchase decision you need to identify the kind of forklift battery and the voltage supply to ensure proper functioning. First of all, you need to select the voltage. No matter if it is an electric forklift battery or lithium-ion forklift battery.

Are forklift batteries 12v?

However, the simple answer to this question is a big no. it is because the forklift vehicle could never operate with such small volts of 12. However, the voltage selected solely depends on the user's needs. Different equipment requires different voltages to function properly. The best forklift battery is the one that satisfies the needs of the consumers.

Here are some of the voltage options available for the buyer to choose from according to his needs. 

• 24v Forklift Battery 

A 24-volt forklift battery is good to use in small electric equipment but not in an actual forklift vehicle. Because the ampere current driven by this battery is too small to initiate any vehicle to start. 

24v Forklift Battery

• 36 Volt Forklift Battery 

A 36-volt forklift battery is considered best for aisle forklifts. They are usually very narrow in size. 

36 Volt Forklift Battery

• 48 Volt Forklift Battery 

48 Volt Forklift Battery

A 48-volt forklift battery is enough to cater to the needs of heavy-duty equipment. 

• 80 Volt Forklift Battery 

Quite heavy equipment which bears more weight like those of the forklifts at airport grounds would preferably install 80-volt forklift battery for better performance. 

80 Volt Forklift Battery

It is deemed necessary to go through the manual of the product to know the desired voltage. Otherwise, there are greater chances of damaging the equipment in which the battery is installed. 

3.What kind of battery does a forklift use?

To fulfill your operational needs different kinds of batteries will benefit in different ways. You may be getting confused among flat plate batteries, waterless batteries, and tubular batteries. These three are the main kinds of a forklift batteries. Note that there are some others as well.

Given below is a brief description of various batteries which a forklift use. 

• Flat Plate Battery 

Flat plate battery is more commonly used in pallet jacks and of course in forklifts. 

Flat Plate Battery

• Tubular Plate Battery 

Tubular plate battery is extensively used in forklifts and has some benefits over flat plate battery. It does not go slow after long running times. Rather it provides smooth long running times in addition to higher voltages. However, they are somewhat not at par with the standard battery. 

Tubular Plate Battery

• High Amp Hour Batteries 

As the name indicates, high amp-batteries are considered good when there is quite a great load. Moreover, to compensate for the load, a high amp hour battery can be used as a second battery inside forklifts. 

• Waterless Batteries 

Waterless Batteries

Waterless batteries are quite convenient to use. They need to check their water levels but only after a month or two. The less manpower has to care for this kind of battery. 

• Maintenance Free Batteries 

Maintenance-free batteries are very user-friendly. If you want to use the forklift for carrying medicines, or any kind of edible product then maintenance-free batteries must be the preferred choice. however, it provides the buyer a short period of warranty. 

Hence, all the above kinds of batteries are used by the forklifts. They have their importance. it all depends upon the usage of the buyer. So, choose wisely. 

4.What are normal Forklift Battery Sizes?

Since it is discussed above that forklift batteries are never easy to deal with by one person. It is because they comparatively have larger sizes and thus the weight. 

The size of the battery can be estimated by its weight. In some cases, it is the width, height, battery type, and volts that contribute to the size of the forklift battery. Larger width height and higher voltages trace to the larger batteries in size. 

What are normal Forklift Battery Sizes?

Approximately the size of the forklift battery ranges between 30x 5/8"L x 19 1/8"W x 22 5/8"H and 38 1/8"L x 15 3/8"W x 22 5/8"H. 

5.What is Forklift Battery Watering System?

Every forklift manufacturer out there has some sort of detailed instructions to follow. All this is to keep the forklift battery in a better condition. Poor maintenance of the forklift battery ends up in many adverse consequences. The adverse outcomes could lead to the stoppage of business operations at the workplace. So, time spends in checking and maintaining the battery watering system is no big deal. 

What is Forklift Battery Watering System?

When the forklift batteries are not watered after a particular time, the concentration of the electrolyte present inside is not balanced and maintained as well. It will in turn results in reducing the life of the battery. 

Thus, portable battery watering systems could make life easier for the working employees who deal with forklifts every day. 

6.How does a forklift battery work?

to understand the working principle of the battery it is of utmost importance to know more about the science and chemistry of how a forklift battery operates. Inside the lithium-ion forklift battery, there is a plate coated with lithium iron phosphate. Inside the plate, several tiny holes allow the diffusion process of ions to take place. 

the paste mixture forms of two ions is a porous substance. In lithium forklift batteries, it is not that reactive because it is not acidic. However, in the case of lead-acid forklift batteries, the lead oxide forms a porous substance on the plate or grid. This mixture is very much reactive. 

How does a forklift battery work?

One of the plates is positively charged and the other one is negatively charged which we called anode and cathode respectively. The basic working principle of the battery-powered forklift takes place on these two electrodes. The ions from the electrodes mix in the electrolyte inside the battery. The electrolyte conducts current and lets the forklift operators. 

However, in the case of lead-acid forklift batteries, the lead oxide ions go down in the electrolyte mixture of sulfuric acid and water. The electrodes also tend to change their color when the ions once stick to their left.

The negative electrode is bound to send electrons to the external circuit. On the other hand, positive electrons receive electrons from that external circuit during the process of discharging. The internal circuit processing of the forklift battery is maintained by the electrolyte. 

There is a separator that keeps the two electrodes apart from each other. it may be of glass or plastic in nature. The battery will face short-circuiting if the separator is not there, and the two electrodes come into contact. 

How the battery operates under this working principle is another side of the story. While this process is happening, it is essential to keep the battery in optimal external temperature and environment to perform better. A harsh environment just affects the performance and battery life of the forklift batteries. 

7.What is the difference between lithium forklift batteries and others?

There are two main types of forklift batteries. One is the lithium forklift batteries and the other one is lead-acid forklift batteries. The main difference between the two points out about the type of battery technology.

It is one of the most important decisions when it comes to choosing between the two batteries. 

Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery

In the forklift battery industry, lithium-ion forklift battery is a somewhat new technology in the marketplaces. However, it comes with its privileges. One of the most common chemistries of this battery type is lithium-ion phosphate. 

Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery

This kind of battery is denser as compared to other batteries. Its seals are sealed. So, no leakage will occur. Moreover, one need not put himself in the hassle of water maintenance now and then, like other batteries. 

While taking into view the safety concerns, lithium-ion batteries have never failed to impress their users. It is not prone to heating even while. All these features give lithium-ion batteries a competitive advantage over lead-acid batteries. 

Lead Acid Batteries for Forklifts 

Lead-acid batteries for forklifts are quite a traditional approach. It is quite heavy and larger if we compare it to a lithium-ion battery of the same capacity, voltage, and height. However, this battery has a removable top. In addition to this, it requires consistent checks over chemicals and water. 

Lead Acid Batteries for Forklifts

Just at the moment the chemical reactions going on inside the battery goes down, its performance will also decrease. Regular check and balance of the water levels and refilling is just another hassle. 

8.What is the price range for forklift batteries?

Compared with other golf cart lithium batteries, kayak batteries, telecom lithium batteries, lipo batteries, forklift batteries are more expensive. More commonly a forklift battery price will cost you the amount ranging from $2000 to $6000. However, this amount varies depending upon the battery type, battery technology, and certain other features. It is advisable to choose the one that best fits your needs. 

You can easily search for forklift batteries near me to get an estimate. Due to the higher prices, consumers may opt for industrial forklift batteries for sale that are in good condition to serve their purpose. 

9.How to choose the best forklift battery for your warehouse?

To choose the forklift battery for your warehouse you need to have an environmentally friendly product. Also, it depends on the kind of goods stored at your warehouse. Lithium-ion forklift batteries are almost considered best when some products could contribute directly to the health of humans. 

There is a need to introduce those lithium forklift battery companies that could only supply consumer-friendly products. Since lead-acid forklift batteries are some conventional products already available. however, lithium battery for forklifts is quite a new invention to the market. 

How to choose the best forklift battery for your warehouse?

Forklift batteries that reduce carbon footprint are generally considered best for use in warehouses. Since it contributes to the sustainable development goals of the company as well. 

It is not just about selecting the right forklift battery but also about the best extreme power forklift battery charger out there. If in case, you start using the wrong charger with the forklift battery then there are greater chances of early damage. forklift battery cells are not prone to absorb such fluctuations of volts received due to incompatible chargers. 

For instance, the 36-volt forklift battery charger is considered best for a 36-volt forklift battery. Otherwise, it could damage the battery in no time. So, choosing both the battery and compatible charger ensures you the perfect battery for the warehouse. 

10.How to check the required capacity of the battery in a forklift?

The right forklift battery chargers can only be bought when the capacity of the battery in the forklift is known. So, for this purpose estimating the amp hours by the instructions as provided by the forklift battery manufacturers is essential to note. 

How to check the required capacity of the battery in a forklift?

In addition to amp-hours load requirement, the correct amp hours needed for the battery operation with various other temperature ranges should be correct. The required forklift battery cells are also important to know for estimating the capacity of the battery. 

11.When should you do forklift battery replacement?

forklift battery replacement is never an easy task to accomplish. Here are some of the main indications which dictate the bad battery conditions, needed to replace. 

When should you do forklift battery replacement?

• Decreased Operational Time 

Sometimes, the battery shows decreased operational time, no matter if it is charged fully. After some working hours, the battery needs to charge which is an indication that it needs to replace. 

• Decreased Response Time 

Whenever you need to start the forklift with the battery the equipment starts very slowly. This shows the decreased response time. There is difficulty in operating and increased hazards for the equipment and the user. 

• Build Up Corrosion 

When you open up the forklift battery it indicates that the corrosion is build up inside. It shows that now is the time for forklift battery replacement. 

• Foul Smelling 

Sometimes you can smell the rotten eggs like smell coming from the battery. It is because the electrolyte present inside is boiled due to overheating. 

12.What are the key questions to ask when buying a forklift battery?

There are some of the key questions to ask when buying a forklift battery. 

• Do you want a batter for the gas-powered or electric-powered forklift? 

• What about a very narrow aisle if the battery is for a warehouse forklift?

• What is the classification of the forklifts?

• How much weight is important to lift in every shift?

• In what kind of environment does the forklift battery need to survive?

• How long will the forklift battery be used weekly?

13.What is Forklift battery charging procedure, hazards & safety?

• Battery Charging

The forklift battery charging must be done in some specific charging station. Similarly, the changing of battery location should also be some similar spot. Take in view the location of charging should have enough ventilation. So, if poisonous chemicals come flowing out of the battery, then there would be some air to extinguish it. 

Battery Charging

The battery charging area should not have any smoking place around. However, there must be some detector at the charging location of the battery. It will detect any unusual substance in the air. 

• Hazards and Safety

The hazards associated with the battery are always there. So, there is utmost need for the battery handlers to take greater care of themselves when the battery is out for charging and maintenance purposes. 

The laborers must dress in proper clothes which save them from any kind of harm if occurred. The workers must already know the risks and work with a proactive approach to come up with the procedures and plans of risk assessments. 

Whenever there is a need for the replacement of forklift batteries, it should be done by the hands of the trained mechanic. Otherwise, the results could be devastating. Those individuals know what to wear and how to avoid any metallic object coming in contact with them while working either the forklift batteries. 

14.How long will a forklift battery last?

A forklift battery may last up to five years. However, proper care and maintenance may extend the battery life up to two folds. So, to make the battery life to use for ten years the care must be taken in external temperature, environment, charging, operation, and handling. 

15.How many volts is a forklift battery?

Forklift battery comes in a different range of voltages. However, there is not any 12 volt battery for a forklift that could bring out the efficiency and effectiveness. 

How many volts is a forklift battery?

The more commonly used forklifts batteries are 24-volt forklift battery, 36-volt forklift battery, 48-volt forklift battery, and 80-volt forklift battery. All these batteries with variations of volts have their usage. So, choose the one that satisfies your needs. 

16.How to charge a dead 36-volt forklift battery?

Do not ever let the 36-volt forklift battery gone down to zero charging. Make sure to charge it when the battery reaches 30 percent. However, if in case the battery has gone dead then it is essential to add all kinds of chemicals and fluids inside. You need to go for a maintenance check and then charge the battery when it is good on fluid levels. 

17. Can a forklift battery explode?

Yes! There are chances that the forklift battery explodes when it gets heated. It usually occurs at the time of forklift battery replacement. When it emits smoke, it means that the battery may explode and should be replaced. The smoke may come out during charging or usage of the battery. 

Can a forklift battery explode?

It will end up in dangerous consequences. There are chances that the battery may catch fire or explode. 

18.What quality standards a forklift battery needs to meet?

Here are some of the quality standards to meet the standards of a forklift battery. 

• Charging the Battery Correctly 

You could not hamper the business operations just because the battery of the forklift is not charged. So, for this reason, go for charging the battery when it is up to 30 percent. More frequent charging, overcharging, and zero charging could decrease the life of the battery. 

• Equalizing battery 

Equalizing the battery means keeping the electrolyte balanced. Equalization can easily take place with the extreme power forklift battery charger. Equalization is necessary after every five to ten charging cycles. So, do it after this limit.

Equalizing battery

• Checking Fluid Levels 

The forklift batteries must have the right amount of water inside. Otherwise, it will harm the performance of the battery. It is not just about water but other fluids inside the battery as well. 

The Ph of the fluids should also be maintained. Very much alkaline or acidic fluid would do more harm than good. 

• Keeping batteries at Optimum Temperature 

Make sure that the external environment of the battery is kept up to the mark. The operating temperature should never exceed 45 degrees. 

All the above maintenance routines should be included in the weekly maintenance schedule for better performance. 

So, purchasing a forklift battery is a decision that takes a lot of money. So, make the purchase worth it, by considering your usage and conditions. 

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