Lithium batteries have been developed for decades now. The most rapid development today isdrone battery. The development of drone batteries is classified based on the types and use requirements of drone. Generally speaking, drone battery is divided into two categories according to the discharge current, one is high-rate discharge, and the other is ordinary discharge rate. At the same time, there can be different classifications according to the types of drone used.


Tycorun lithium battery

Lithium batteries are an important part of the drone power system. They are expensive and must be used and maintained correctly to make them more durable.

Before using the lithium battery, check the appearance of the battery. If you find that the battery is swollen or damaged, please do not continue to use it to avoid fire, explosion and other hazards.

Before turning on the battery, make sure to load the battery into the battery compartment. Similarly, before unplugging the battery, turn off the battery first. To prevent damage to the power interface.

During use, if the battery in the card slot is not tightly locked, it is very likely to cause poor power connection, or failure to obtain battery information in time, which will affect flight safety and even make it impossible to take off.

After the flight, the battery temperature is relatively high. You need to charge the battery after the flight battery temperature drops below 40°C. After the operation is over, it is recommended to charge the battery slowly.

Please be careful not to use swollen batteries. Because the battery power of the bulge was not up to the standard for automatic return to home, it eventually caused the drone to break down.

Compared with other plant protection drones, the helicopter plant protection drone has a better pesticide spraying depth and is better for dense crops. The disadvantage is that the control coefficient is relatively high, the amount of pesticides in the load belt is relatively small, and it needs to be operated many times, and there are leaks. Regional possibilities. This kind of drone is suitable for small area plant protection. The UAV battery used is generally medium rate.

The advantages of multi-axis multi-rotor agricultural drone over other plant protection drone are that they have a wide range of pesticide spraying, large amounts of pesticides, easy operation, stable flight, and no missing areas for operations, and are suitable for medium-sized operations. Disadvantages: The power consumption is relatively large, and the drone battery is replaced frequently. At present, our plant protection drone battery with good performance on the market is relatively high.

Fixed-wing drone are mainly used for plant protection over a large area, mainly for burning oil, but the start-up still requires a corresponding start-up power source. It uses a high-rate start-up battery. The batteries generally used are not very large, but the requirements for the large discharge capacity and the recovery cycle performance of the battery are relatively high.

High current discharge in a short .time The advantage of lithium battery is its strong instantaneous discharge capability. The number of cycles of lithium iron phosphate battery is 3000 times, which can be charged and discharged with high current and has a good safety factor. A battery with a larger discharge rate can release a larger current.

High battery capacity. Drone batteries have high capacity and low voltage. Under the same output power, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current required, which is convenient to fully meet the voltage requirements of UAV model airplanes.

The manufacturing process is mature and stable, and cost-effective. The technology for producing drone batteries is mature and stable. For example, lithium batteries have been widely put into the market very early. UAV batteries developed and designed based on this technical premise are mature, stable and cost-effective.

In terms of performance, the drone needs to overcome its own gravity to do work. Therefore, the weight of the battery is required. Increasing the battery capacity will increase the weight. Therefore, only the lighter lithium-ion battery with the same capacity can meet the requirements. need.

On the other hand, drones have extremely high requirements for battery power. When the throttle is increased rapidly from hovering to the highest speed, the battery power will increase rapidly, and the power will increase several times in a short period of time. This power change is only lithium ion. The battery can satisfy.

Therefore, whether it is from a performance or safety perspective, the battery requirements used by drones are higher than ordinary batteries. Investing in UAV lithium batteries can make the drone's work more effective. You can also experience the endless fun of driving drones.


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Your Complete Buying Guide for Drone battery in 2021

Drones are one of the most unique devices used in film industry & videography and there is a powerful battery pack installed inside them which provides them power.

Drone batteries are very demanding in these days because of their usage. It is hard to select the most suitable and reliable battery for drone but by reading this informatics guide you can have the best drone according to your demands.

There are many batteries that you can use in drone. But in this guide I am going to explain about different capacity levels and power levels in different drone batteries so, that you can easily buy the best suitable battery for your drone.

1.What is drone battery?

What is Marine Battery?

A drone battery is one of type of batteries that are most effectively used to provide power and energy to the drone system. Usually, a drone battery which mostly used by its system is called lithium battery because of its long lifecycle and consistency in power providing for multiple sources.

Whenever you use a drone battery tries to have a one with a high rate of current. Most of the drone battery users choose battery according to the specs of the drone because if the drone size is of bigger size than drone battery then you may adjust it somehow but if the size of the battery is larger it will become difficult for you to adjust the battery inside the drone.

2.What are the different types of drone batteries?

Basically, the types of batteries that are used in drones are divided according to their power specifications. Depending upon the discharging current of the battery there are generally two types of batteries that are used in the drones.

• 12 Series or High Multiplier Battery

In this series, all those batteries with a long lifecycle and comparatively low cut-off voltage rate lie there. However, there are always different current specifications, or you can say different power storage capacity levels in these batteries.

If you are in need of a battery with a higher current capacity rate and you are required a type of battery that can help you to provide a consistent power rate for multiple hours then the batteries which lie in this series are the best ones for you to work with.

Always choose the battery according to the type of your drone and mostly, lithium batteries are the best solution for you to overcome different current priorities.

• 6 Series or Normal Batteries

Most of the drones when you buy from the market they often have a normal battery installed inside of them with lower voltage rates which some people replace while purchasing them. 

Many of those who are not familiar with these kinds of batteries they start using them and at the end they come along with having many problems regarding the battery like charging issues or low timing rate, etc.

They are not that perfect although they are manageable as well because when you compare these batteries with 12 series batteries having higher current capacity storage then these batteries are a bit lower in terms of their working principle.

Regarding the capacity level or storage current there are some of the following lithium-ion deep cycles batteries used in the drone.

• 10,000mAh Lithium Drone Battery

It is one of the types of lithium batteries used in drone system it has the voltage rate of 22.2V with deep cycle and longer lifecycle. People who want a powerful storage house for their small size drone system they used to purchase this battery because of its manageable size and greater current storage capacity rate.

• 16,000mAh Lithium Drone Battery

A medium-size drone battery very flawless to be used in different kinds of drone systems. This battery type is used in moderate-size drones that are mostly used by filmmakers or videographers.

It is enough to operate your drone for a half-hour or maybe more depending upon the type. Most of the 16,000mAh lithium batteries that are used in drones are lithium-ion deep cycle batteries because you can easily recharge them and these types of batteries can provide you thousands of charging and recharging cycles.

• 22,0000mAh Lithium Drone Battery

It is the maximum capacity that a drone battery can hold depending upon the size although, there are some large size drones available in the market indeed they also require higher storage capacity battery according to their specs. But most of the large size drones use this battery type when they need to be operated for longer use. People often use these batteries when they want maximum discharging time from a drone as this battery does consume very slowly but provide a constant amount of power.

3.Which type of charger is used to charge drone battery?

Which Category of 12v Marine Battery one can use?

Depending upon the type of drone, there are multiple chargers that you can use to charge a drone. A drone charger simply works like a cell phone battery when you find out that your mobile need charging then you plug in the charger and do your work after one or maybe two hours you found your cell fully charged.

Drone charger works on the same principle as a cell phone charger. There are many quick drone chargers present in the market like Venom Pro4 is one of the types of drone battery chargers mostly used by different people.

The charger is selected by considering the input current rate which a battery can handle for charging purposes. Most of the chargers like Mavic Pro use 50W power to charge your drone battery.

Normal and quick chargers are available in the market as per the customer demands depending upon the type of a drone battery.

4.How do you charge a drone battery?

The lifecycle of the polymer drone battery depends upon its usage and how much it is charged and recharged on a weekly basis or daily basis. Usually, a typical drone battery can provide you consistent power rate for 20 to 30 minutes.

When you use a drone battery normally it will provide you like thousand or more recharging cycle depending upon which sort of drone you are operating. The long-lasting battery of a drone when you use it on regular basis then it will last for 6 months normally and if you take good care of it then you can enjoy the battery for longer time.

5.Explain different types of 3.7v drone batteries?

How long Marine Battery Lasts when it is fully charged?

There are many sorts of 3.7V drone batteries according to their storage capacity level. Here are the types of these batteries.

• 3.7V 3,50mAh Drone Battery

The least amount of current that a battery can store is 3,50mAh with voltage rate of 3.7. Size of this battery is very small and mostly used in small size drones.

• 3.7V 8,00mAh Drone Battery

8,00mAh battery for drone is quite a good powerhouse if you want to operate your drone in air for 10 to 15 minutes.

• 3.7V 1,000mAh Drone Battery

This is also one of the types of 3.7V battery the most versatile and useful in different drones having a moderate size.

These are some of the types of 3.7V drone batteries mostly used in small size drones with higher and lower current storage capacity rates.

6.What is 10000mAh drone battery?

A 10,000mAh drone battery is one of the most used batteries for drone systems. Highly recommended for those who want to operate their drone for the long run and they usually fly them on a high level.

The nominal voltage rate of this battery is 22.2V with a maximum storage capacity of 10,000mAh not only that, it can be charged quickly by using a fast charger. The amount of continuous discharging current at the peak rate is 25C which is normally hard to get in other batteries.

This battery is designed by the latest battery management system to protect it from overcharging, over-discharging, and from electrical short circuits which often happen when any type of wire gets sick.

The dimension of 10,000mAh battery is 11mm*66mm*155mm, these dimensions are not fixed for every type of this battery, they are different according to the manufacturing of battery.

7.How to choose best battery for drone?

When should you replace your Marine Battery?

There are different key aspects that you need to remember while choosing a battery for your RC drone or any other type of drone.

• Size of Drone & Battery

Select the drone battery by comparing the size of your drone with the type of battery that you are going to select because it will help you to find the best size battery for your drone which you can adjust easily.

• Technical Parameters

Always read the technical parameters of the drone battery while purchasing it as this will help you to select the best battery type having best specs. A battery with higher storage rate will always benefit you for longer run and longer lifecycle.

During technical parameters comparison try to do following comparisons storage capacity, current voltage level, peak discharging current rate and charging ability.

8.Which battery provides the best lifecycle in a drone?

Lithium polymer batteries are the best batteries when it comes to the best life cycle of the drone. These batteries use lithium on technology with the polymer electrolyte. This technology gives them high storage power, better battery retaining, and high-power output.

Moreover, these batteries are rechargeable, and you do not need frequent replacing if you use them wisely.

9.How much will it cost to have a drone battery?

How much will it cost to have a drone battery?

There is no doubt in saying that drone batteries are quite expensive. This is because of the technology that is used in designing these batteries. Drones mostly use LiPo batteries that are quite different from the NiCad and the simple lithium batteries. 

This is why these batteries are expensive. The most calculated battery cost is about the total 20 percent of the total drone cost. The more expensive drone you buy, the more expensive the battery is going to be. If a drone is 500 dollars, then batteries are going to be around 100 to 150 dollars.

10.How long will the drone battery last?

How much the battery will last depends upon the cell count of your battery. The more the voltage is, the more power it will provide to the drone. The batteries with the higher voltage provide more power that means they will last even longer. 

The average time that a battery lasts is about 5-10 minutes. This is for the lower quality batteries, but for the mid-range, the battery mostly lasts up to 15-20 minutes. Whereas higher quality batteries can last longer. 

Do bear in mind that never let the battery die down to zero, as when you use the drone with the battery below 20 percent, the battery will start to wear out. And if you keep on doing that, the battery is going to die down very soon.

11.Is it possible to use two batteries in a drone?

Is it possible to use two batteries in a drone?

Well, yes, you can put more than one battery in your drone for backup, but you might need to consider these factors before. Having more than one battery does have its charms and may help you in longer flight, but it also has its downsides.

• Technical Parameters

You can increase the flight time as you can immediately use the second battery for flight.

Using more than one battery increases the protection of the battery. If one battery drains out, then you can immediately switch to the second one. In this way, you can safely land your drone back. And prevents any risk of drone damage.

You can have both the batteries charged at a time. All you need is two chargers, and you have two batteries, one at a time.

• Disadvantages of having more than one battery

Putting two batteries comes with a complexity of its own. This means you have to hassle a lot with the wiring and the mounting.

Also, the batteries of the drones do not just come cheap. It can turn out to be costly for you.

More than one battery can also put pressure over the drone and increase its weight. Due to this, the neutralization effect is canceled, and the increased weight means more battery usage. And hence even the two batteries might also last long.

12.Can we use a lithium-ion battery in a drone?

Yes, you can use a lithium-ion battery, a lithium polymer battery, to be exact. In this matter, lithium-ion uses a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid medium. Now, this makes them capable of storing more power and working for longer times.

These LiPo batteries are considered to be the best batteries for drones, and they have a good shelf life; along with that, they are rechargeable. These batteries have output power and have a capacity for larger storage. 

Another good feature of these types of batteries is their weight. These batteries are ideal for those types of applications in which the weight of the battery is really important. So, it means these are the deal-type batteries for the drones. 

13.How to charge a drone battery quickly?

Charging time is something really to consider when it comes to drones, especially for the ones who are looking for long uninterrupted flights. Drones do take a considerable amount of time in charge. But it mostly depends upon the type of charger you are using. 

Replacing your charger with a high-powered one is a key to quick battery charging. If you are using a charger that takes about 2 hours to charge the battery, then you can replace this time in half by using a charger with a bigger output. In this way, you get your work done in half the time and also no hindrance in between the flights. 

One thing that you should be careful about is never letting your battery drain completely. Always keep an eye on the battery charge, especially before the flights, and never fly a drone when the battery is nearly 20 percent. As if it keeps shrinking and shrinking, you might end up damaging your batteries. 

14.How to replace drone batteries?

How to replace drone batteries?

Drones are quite expensive when it comes to the price. So one recommended practice is to calculate the total drone cost along with the batteries. Of courses, you also might need some extra batteries to replace whenever needed and also to have something when the occasion calls for it.

The thing is, the fancier and expensive the drone is, the more the battery cost is going to be. For example, if you are going to buy a drone worth 500 dollars worth of drone, then the battery is going to be about 20 percent total cost of the drone.

When you are replacing a battery, you can either replace them with either original branded ones, or you can opt for a little less in cost but best in quality one. Of course, you can find batteries like these, but you would have to do careful consideration. 

• For replacing a battery, all you need to do is:

Take out the battery from the battery compartment. For that, you will find two buttons on the above and below the batteries. 

Push these buttons simultaneously and take out the batteries.

Now replace or change your batteries and put the batteries back in the compartment. Be sure to place it right so that both the male and female connectors are united. 

If you have a rechargeable battery, you need to follow the same procedure: just take the battery out, charge it, and put it back.

15.Can we put a higher mAh battery in the drone?

Before learning about the drone, mAh capacity, let's get to know what mAh is.

The term mAh means the milliamp hours. IT refers to the storage capacity of a particular battery. Batteries have different capacities, and you can find from low capacity to a very large capacity battery. 

Now talking about the drone then drone batteries come in different capacities, but the most common use capacities are between 1300 mAh to 1500 mAh. This is the most common type of LiPo battery that is used in the drone. In larger drones, you can go for even bigger mAh capacity drones, but they are generally bigger and are made for heavy-duty tasks.

Yes, you can put higher mAh batteries in your drone, but it mostly depends upon the handling capacity of your drone.

 Now, if you are thinking of replacing the battery of your drone with a bigger capacity one, then firstly, you need to check whether the battery and the capacity of the battery are compatible with your drone. If it is, then you might want to consider the size of the battery. Going for larger capacity is good, but the downside is that not only are these expensive but also heavy in weight. 

Now when you put heavily weighted batteries on the drone, you are canceling the neutralization of the drone. The more the weight drone has to carry, the more power it is going to use. That means your drone will not fly for a longer time, and the battery will be drains sooner than it should.

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