There are several factors that affect the life of a battery. Weather, temperature, recharge cycles, depth of discharge (DOD), discharge current, charging current, charging method and duration of static use can all have dramatic effects on battery life. A properly maintained Lithium Battery should last roughly three times as long as lead-acid battery used in similar conditions. Life expectancy is 10 years.

For greatest longevity, we recommend not fully discharging the battery nor over-charging by leaving it connected to a charger well beyond its full charge cycle. Remember that over the long term, the battery has a limited number of charge and discharge cycles with “one cycle” being either a complete charge and discharge cycle, or a cumulative of both to add up to a full cycle.

The lithium ion battery should be charged with special charger for lithium ion battery. To select the correct charger for your lithium battery: One 12v battery works with one 12v charger. Two 12v batteries run in parallel work with one 12v charger. Two 12v batteries run in series work with one 24v charger. Four 12v batteries run in series work with one 48v charger.

If you are charging at 10 amps, and your battery is a 12V 100AH, then it will take you 10 hours if the battery is completely dead. If you charge at 30A, then it will take 3.3 hours. It’s as simple as that.

If you charge your lithium battery too high, the BMS inside the battery terminal will turn off. The cut-off voltage settings will vary slightly depending on current levels, temperature and part tolerances. To turn on the battery again, disconnect the charging source and let the battery rest for several seconds (~30 sec) it should come on. In the event the 12V battery had voltages higher than 18V, the internal BMS is damaged and will not turn on.

Store Tycorun Lithium batteries in a cool dry place, and be sure to fully charge them before storage. If storing it for an extended period of time, we advise charging them up at regular intervals–typically “topping off” every month or every other month. 

Our lithium ion batteries are very safe and reliable. “lithium ion battery” Is the name for a type of battery with many variations, and each of those variations have their levels of risk.In addition, each Tycorun Lithium battery is protected from over heating, over charging, and short circuiting, by a battery management system (BMS) microchip.

They can not be put completely under water. Water can be splashed on them and they will be okay.

Like all batteries. High temperatures will lower the life expectancy of the lithium battery. However. Although at very high temperatures the cycle life can be reduced by a factor of ten the cycle life at high temperatures is still above the lead acid equivalent.

Absolutely. Our customers range from tunnel boat racers to professional anglers and our products have undergone strict safety and abuse tests for lithium ion batteries, so our battery take a beating every day without issue.

Yes, because the batteries are individually tested before shipping.

In most standard 12, 24, or 48 volt systems the best choice of lithium battery is LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate). The voltage of this type of battery is very similar to an AGM and will work great with readily available system components for your RV, boat, or off-grid power system.

When considering cable sizing there are a few factors to consider. First, what is the size of the load you are powering with the battery bank? Second, how far away from the battery is the load? You can do voltage drop calculations to see if you need to step up your cable size. Last, As a rule of thumb, you can use these numbers as a guideline. -4 AWG wire approximate max rating is 157 amps DC -1/0 AWT wire approximate max rating is 291 amps DC -4/0 AWT wire approximate max rating is 456 amps DC

Yes! Connecting multiple batteries together to create a higher voltage is called connecting in series. Wiring batteries in series is common practice in the boating and solar storage community. For example, a number of the pro-bass fishing champions we sponsor use three 12 volt Lithium batteries in parallel to run their trolling motors. It provides the high voltage needed for big motors, while providing the long amp hours needed to run a trolling motor for a full day.

There are two reasons. First we use only the best high power lithium ion cells and these come with a cost, usually about 3~4 times higher than lead acid for the same capacity. Second, the battery management system contributes much to the cost depending on its complexity. This system checks for high voltage, low voltage, over current, short circuit, or over temperature. If these conditions exist the battery management system will protect the battery from harm.

Sure! Please give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly staff is available anytime to answer your questions, no matter how technical.

Your complete buying guide for 12v Lithium-ion batteries in 2021

12v lithium-ion battery is vital in different ways around the world as it holds the latest technology. This battery provides every type of flexibility to work as a backup to store energy for later use. These types of batteries are more reliable and effective in their performance rate as compared to other batteries. It also provides you best output in every kind of weather. 12v Lithium ion battery works in better way to get charged quickly and useful in different kinds of applications. Many people in the modern world use this latest technology based battery to fulfill their purpose with much ease and less deficiency. In this article I am going to explain you about this battery, its different types, storage efficiency and usage in different fields of life with the comparison with the other batteries. 

1.What are the different kinds of Batteries?

Mainly there are two main categories in which battery is divided the first one primary battery type and the second one is secondary battery type. Primary batteries are non-rechargeable and the secondary batteries are chargeable.
Now, most of the batteries that we use are secondary types and there are 2 main types of secondary batteries.

● Lead Acid Battery

Lead Acid Battery-Photo

● Lithium ion Battery

LifePO4 12v Lithium battery

2.What is the difference between Lithium Battery and Lead Acid Battery?

Here are some following points that make the difference between Lithium ion Battery and Lead Acid Battery.

What is the difference between Lithium Battery and Lead Acid Battery
It has more energy storage range like 120-600+ wh/L. Less energy storage range 50-90 wh/L.
Covers less space and can be adjusted in small space with maximum storage level. Require more space & area for adjustment with the same storage level that lithium provides.
Take small area and space for mounting. Require more area because of its big size.
Quick charging in lithium batteries make them faster to get charged in less than 4 hours depending on the size of battery and also on the charger as well. It will take at least 8 hours to fully charge the lead acid battery depending on the size of a battery and charger speed.
It has greater life cycle as compared to Lead acid batteries like if 4.0/cell charged it will give 1200 to 2000 cycles. Life cycle of this battery is less with less output rate as it requires 50 to 100 life cycles.
Lithium battery will give you maximum output even in almost every aspect. Lead acid gives you maximum output in specific conditions.
When it comes to cost this battery is somehow more costly like 12v 100ah cost $250. This battery cheap as compared to lithium ion battery as it comes in different sizes so it has different rates as well.

3.How many Lithium series Batteries are there?

Mainly there are three main series of lithium ion batteries in which they are divided according to their energy and power storage level.

  • 48v lithium battery.
  • 24v lithium battery.
  • 12v lithium battery.

Furthermore these batteries are also divided into different similar split batteries according to their power and energy storage level.

12v lithium ion battery is further divided into different power levels according to their AH level.

How many Lithium series Batteries are there?

4.What is 12V Lithium Battery?

This battery is based on many different and unique lithium elements to provide better life cycle in low cost as compared to other batteries. Lithium iron phosphate when combined with other lithium based chemicals it produces a stable battery combination.

What is 12V Lithium Battery

Combination of lithium cells make the 12v lithium battery usually it contains 4 cells in series mode to give 12.8v of nominal voltage. 12v lithium battery is very efficient in high energy capacity & greater energy density having light weight make it easy for you to carry it anywhere.

This type of battery is based on modern technology to out give you the best output in every type of situation. 12v lithium battery is a unique technology based storage gadget which is made up with the combination of multiple cells.

Mostly 12v lithium batteries are based on the combination of 4 cells to give you 14.4 to 14.6V while depending on the manufacturing level.

5.What is the use of Lithium ion Battery in Solar Power System?

In solar power system lithium ion battery is used to store electric current coming from the solar panel so, that you can utilize it for later use. As it is based on latest and modern technology so, it is very useful in solar power system to store the electric current and get charged quickly.

What is the use of Lithium ion Battery in Solar Power System

During the running phase in solar system the life cycle of this battery is better than other batteries when used in solar power system. Beside this it will take less time to get charged and gives you maximum and efficient amount of energy. In lithium ion battery RT (round trip) energy rate is 95 to 98% which is considered as the best output that a battery can provide.

BMS system in this battery make it safe to use in every kind of situation like it will maintain the voltage level and stop the battery from heating during the change of voltage level.

6.What are the Applications of the 12v Lithium Battery?

There are some of the following applications or purposes that 12v lithium battery provides but most of these applications use 48v and 24v lithium batteries.

What are the Applications of the 12v Lithium Battery

Storage of Electric Current

12v lithium can be used in solar power system or in UPS backup to store the electric current for later use. As the modern based technology present in this battery make it more reliable and safe to use for getting charged quickly and then deliver the maximum energy output.

Vehicle System

Different kinds of electrical vehicles or other vehicles including street scooters, motor bikes, electric cars and other running vehicles use lithium battery for their operation. Submarine system and other water boats also use this battery in many ways.

Electronic Devices

Most of the cell phone, tablets, laptop and other small size electronic devices use lithium battery for quick charging and greater life cycle. Different portable devices like wireless internet devices, electric based small gadgets use this battery because of tiny size of this battery.

Space Aircraft

Many of the satellites & other GPS systems operating in the space hold 12v lithium battery packs to operate the specific functions without any disturbance because this battery type is liquid free and based on sold substances.

7.What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the 12V Lithium Battery?


If you are going to use 12 v lithium battery for personal or business use there are some following benefits that you are going to get.

  • Quick charging with best output energy rate.
  • Better life cycle during charging and discharging phase.
  • Very stable and reliable.
  • It will occupy less area and space & provide you same energy rate as the other battery is providing by covering more area and space.
  • It will provide you greater TR (trip round) & density of energy.
  • Lower rate of discharging & more storage capacity.
  • Easy to use in every type of environment.
  • BMS safety system makes it more secure & reliable to use.
  • Very efficient in energy storage.
  • Light weight of Lithium batteries make them easy to carry around and user friendly to transfer from one place to another.
  • You can buy your battery according to your mounting area they often came in both series and parallel mode.


As there are many advantages of 12v lithium battery here are some rare disadvantages as well.

  • As this battery is very impressive in giving best output but on the other hand you will require a safe circuit to complete its working process.
  • Ageing of this battery also matters because when the life cycle decreases it will make an impact on the output rate.
  • Cost of this battery may be a major issue for you as it is more expensive than other batteries.

8.What is the purpose of Lithium Battery Packs?

Lithium battery packs provide great energy backups in different fields of life. This battery can be used inside a submarine as a backup and you will require large amount of backup plan if the electricity goes out in this way lithium battery packs came into help.

Many running vehicles also work through different lithium battery packs and it is also used to provide electricity to hospitals, schools and other fields where you can’t take any risks.

What is the purpose of Lithium Battery Packs

Lithium battery packs are made up with the combination of different lithium batteries to store greater amount of energy. These battery packs are very useful if you are running your own factory for some kind of production.

Different kind of portable electrical devices use these batteries including our laptop battery as the battery contain 3 cells of lithium ion phosphate to get charged quickly and then provide the required current to the device.

Different kinds of running companies use lithium battery to operate different kind of power equipment. There are a lot of other electronic devices that use this battery to perform their operation like e-bikes, hoverboards, scooters and backup in solar power system.

9.Compare 100ah & 200ah storage level in 12v Lithium Battery?

Here are the comparison points between 100ah & 200ah storage level in lithium battery.

Compare 100ah & 200ah storage level in 12v Lithium Battery
Contain/Provide 12 volt current. Contain same amount of voltage level as 100ah does.
100ah battery can provide you 100amps of electric current continuously for 1 hour. 200ah battery will provide 200amps of electric current continuously for almost 1 hour.
It has the capacity to deliver 100amps for almost 1 hour. Capacity of this battery is 200 amps of current for 1 hour.
Internals resistance in this battery is 0.8m to 1.8m ohm. It has the same amount of resistance as it also provides 12v current.
It will take1 or 2 hours to charge 100ah battery if the charger is 12v 50ah. It will take 2 to 3 hours to charge 200ah battery depending on the charger as well.
There are 1200 watt hours present in 12v 100ah lithium battery. There are 2400 watt hours present in 12v 200ah lithium battery.
It delivers less power as it has less amount of amps/hour. Higher power rate because it contain greater amount of amps/hour.

10.In how many storage levels this Battery is present?

In how many storage levels this Battery is present

Presence of cell combination in 12v lithium battery tells about the storage level present in the battery or how much electric charges a battery can store. For example a 12v 100ah lithium battery contain 60 cell combinations including positive & negative plate where 3 cells are connected in series & 20 cells connected in parallel way. It also includes electrolytes, separator and plastic casing to cover the battery from outside.

About 150 hours of watt a general lithium battery can hold inside having weight of 1kg. Size and material used inside will tell about the storage capacity of lithium battery a normal lithium battery can store up to 60 to 70 watt hours of electric current. It often came in different size so you can get the required storage capacity battery according to your demands.

The capacity of the battery can be measured by knowing the nominal voltage that a battery contains and how much current it delivers in the form of amp per hour. For example if a battery has 12v nominal voltage and 1amp/hour ratio of delivering electric current then the capacity of battery to hold electric current will be 12 wh.

11.What are the different types of 12v Lithium battery?

There are many types of 12v lithium ion battery as it is based on the material used inside to make the battery and how much electric current capacity does it holds.

  • Lithium Cobalt Oxide
Lithium Cobalt Oxide

This is one of the lithium ion battery type also called as lithium ion cobaltate or lithium cobalt. This type of battery made up with lithium cobalt and lithium carbonate to make it more reliable in every type of environment. These types of lithium batteries are used in mobile phone, tablets and laptops.

  • Lithium Manganese Oxide
Lithium Manganese Oxide

This type of lithium battery cells are made with manganese along with a cathodic material and also name as lithium manganite battery or manganese spinal. This type of 12v lithium battery is specially designed for extreme temperature stability.

  • Lithium Titanate
Lithium Titanate

Titanate is used to manufacture this battery type along with lithium elements. This battery type is based on latest nanotechnology and very useful in quick charging purpose.

It is used in many applications including different vehicles that are used for transportation system and for personal use. 12v lithium titanate has lower energy density as compared to other lithium batteries but it still have more energy density than other lead acid batteries.

  • Lithium Nickel Cobalt
Lithium Nickel Cobalt

NCA battery or lithium nickel cobalt battery is very useful in automobile industry. Having higher energy rate in this battery it is not that safe as compared to other lithium batteries Here is the list of some top NCA battery manufacturers.

Lithium Werks.

This type of lithium battery is more costly as compared to other lithium batteries while providing more energy density and higher electric current capacity.

  • Lithium Manganese Cobalt
Lithium Manganese Cobalt

NMC of manganese cobalt lithium oxide battery can have one property at once like you can have one with high energy density or greater power rate you can’t have both options in one battery.

Cathodic combination is based on nickel having 60% amount and remaining 40% contain 20% cobalt and 20% manganese.

Lower material rate in this type of 12v lithium battery make it less costly as compared to other lithium based batteries.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate
Lithium Iron Phosphate

Iron phosphate is used in this battery as a cathodic material that gives more life cycle and increase the safety of the battery as well. As 12v lithium battery contains less voltage power so that makes it more secure, safe and less harmful than other lithium batteries including long life cycle.

This battery type is often used in many electrical applications that include electric motors and other electric vehicles.

12.How many classifications are there of this Battery?

According to the inside material that is used in manufacturing the battery and shape of lithium battery it is divided into different classifications.

By Material

By material there are four classifications of lithium battery. Material that is used in development of lithium batteries are of four types including LifePO4, Li4Ti5O12, NCM, and LiCoO2.

By Material

By Shape

There are three classifications of 12v lithium battery while comparing their different shapes. Cylindrical shape in the form of cells, Prismatic in the form of battery that use different type of horizontal cells and the third one is Polymer type that comes for the use in portable devices like cellphone, tablets etc.

So, these are the classifications of lithium battery on the basis of their manufacturing material and shape.

By Shape

13.What is 12v LifePO4 Deep Cycle Lifetime Lithium Battery?

What is 12v LifePO4 Deep Cycle Lifetime Lithium Battery

12v deep cycle lithium battery is based on LifePO4 material with higher deep life cycle started from 2500 to 7000 in almost 10 years of use. This lithium battery type use LifePO4 element to get more stability and efficiency in output.

This battery type provide efficient power and holds almost 12v of energy with up to maximum capacity rate of 95% or more than that which is considered as the best that you can get from any battery. On the other hand lead acid battery only provides 50% of energy capacity at maximum output level.

This battery is designed with BMS system which makes it more secure and safe to use while giving the protection from overcharging, overheating and overloading. It also includes less discharge rate which makes it more reliable.

14.What are the benefits of 12v Lithium Battery as compared to other Batteries?

There are some following benefits that you will get from 12v lithium battery as compared to other batteries.

What are the benefits of 12v Lithium Battery as compared to other Batteries
Quick in charging. Not that quick as lithium battery.
Easy to mount in every type of direction. Only mounted in horizontal way.
Liquid free contain all solid elements inside. Based on liquid elements so require more protection.
Light in weight with same amount of electrical energy as other lead acid batteries hold. Greater weight as compared to lithium batteries having same amount of energy storing capacity.
12v lithium battery is safer to use as it uses the BMS system. Overcharging or overloading may cause the explosion in acid batteries.
Greater life cycle as compared to lead acid batteries. Lesser life cycle as compared to lithium battery.
It can easily maintain 2500 to 7000 lifetimes cycles for 10 years with low maintenance. It can only maintain 200 to 500 life cycles for 3 years.
High energy density as per the light weight ratio. Low energy density and higher weight ratio.

15.In how many shapes this Battery is available?

According to shape classification 12v lithium battery is divided into three different shapes.



Battery cells that we often use for our clocks, remote and for other small electrical gadgets that work through battery cells they are called cylindrical lithium battery cells or lithium battery.



This type of lithium battery cells are covered with an aluminum foil to make the inside material safe. This lithium battery type is widely used in electronic vehicles including hybrid vehicles. Heat sinking system in this battery makes it more valuable to use as a plug in current in PHEV devices.

Shape of prismatic lithium battery cells is rectangular that gives them more stability while mounting them at any place. You can also get 12v lithium battery either in series or in parallel mode according to your requirement.


Polymer lithium battery is made up of polymer ion material and very useful for recharging purpose and can be used in many portable devices. This battery is present in rectangular shape as well but very thin in width as we see the chargeable batteries in cell phone.


16.Where you can Use 12v Lithium Batteries?

There are mainly two uses of 12v lithium battery you can use it for energy storing purpose and for power supply.

Somehow you can use it for solar power system as well or in UPS system.

Where you can Use 12v Lithium Batteries

It can be used in different kind of devices to operate these devices including small electrical devices like electric toothbrush, cell phone battery, scoter battery, medical gadgets and other devices.

Different kind of electrical vehicles also work through lithium ion battery like cars, buses, and motorcycle. It can also be used as a backup in any industry when electricity goes out.

You can use lithium battery packs in your office as a backup of electricity. It is also used in different hospitals to operate medical devices of different energy levels.

Lithium metal when used in lithium battery manufacturing it makes the battery hazardous so to overcome this situation different kind of lithium compounds are used for the development and design of this battery.

17.Is 12V Lithium battery compatible with other High power batteries?

Yes, as I explained earlier 12v LifePO4 deep life cycle battery is an expert power based battery used for many different purposes. It is easy for you to work with his battery as it provides high energy rate in low weight ratio and small size.

Is 12V Lithium battery compatible with other High power batteries

In other words 12v lithium battery is more efficient than other expert lead acid batteries with higher deep life cycle and greater charging and discharging rate. These types of expert battery get charged very quickly and consume less amount of energy to operate a device as compared to other batteries.

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