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Your Perfect Buying Guide for Mobility Scooter Battery in 2021

Many of the disabled or handicapped people find it difficult to move around for providing them ease mobility scooter is used which is operated with a powerful mobility scooter lithium battery.

Mobility scooter batteries are massive in terms of providing a required power to different electrical parts of the mobility scooter. These rechargeable batteries provide ease during charging and discharging cycle.

Nevertheless, a battery in a mobility scooter make sure that the required amount of power is delivering to your bike. And in this helpful guide for a mobility scooter battery I am going to illustrate different aspects & uses of mobility scooter battery regarding the size and current values.

This buying is covering the different features you need to know before making a buying decision. Let’s know more about this. 

1. What is a mobility scooter battery?

Choosing an idol battery for yourself may seem a little tricky, but if you have enough information about a specific product, that will ease you out. It's totally fine to be aware of what sort of batteries are present for mobility scooters.

A scooter battery is the only source to provide power to a scooter. This battery works differently as compared to car batteries or any other battery. These batteries offer a constant flow of energy for a more extended period. This is called a cycle. Batteries that are used in Wheelchairs and scooters all come with some type of batteries. These sealed batteries have two different types.

1.AGM (absorbed glass mat)

2.GEL batteries

All scooter batteries basically have a voltage of 12 volts, and they are fitted in the form of pairs giving you an output of 24 volts. They are sealed and can't be spilled. So you don't need to provide maintenance for them.

They are easily available on markets and their demands are getting increased day by day. 

1. What is a mobility scooter battery?

2. How many types of mobility scooter batteries are available in market?

Typically, there are four distinct types of scooter batteries for mobility. They have their own weakness and strengths. A scooter's producer-only specifies the best kind of battery for the model he has designed. It totally depends upon the benefits he wants his buyers to have. These batteries are as follow:


AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

Lithium battery (Li-ion)


These batteries are robust enough to control a large scale of mobility scooter models. The best thing is that they don't require any maintenance. 

Price: They are pocket-friendly; one can consider them without caring about the budget. If money is not an issue for someone, the SLA battery can be a great choice.


This type of battery produces more cycles, and comparatively, they last longer. They are totally reliable for regular use daily. This product is considered a good mobility battery with unrivaled performance, but this version comes with high price.

Price: They are kind of expensive, but they have a shorter time in comparison with lead-acid batteries 

Application: They are applicable in electric wheelchairs and scooters. They can be supplied through planes.


They are also called Absorbent Glass Mat. They produce a few cycles and are therefore recommended for the users that work occasionally.

Price: They are a lot cheaper and ensure you to give an incredible performance for a reasonable amount of cost.

Transport: They can be quickly supplied by planes. They cannot get spilled or require any sort of maintenance.


Price:  If money is of no consequence, then these batteries are the way to go. They consume more budget than SLA, GEL, and AGM batteries.

Cycle:  They can last up to 10 times. For an estimation, you can get about 40% more range just on a unit charge with a lithium battery.

Air traveling: They are safer for atmosphere traveling.

Environment: Let's talk about battery disposal. Lithium batteries are eco-friendly and can be recycled.

3. What is the price of a mobility scooter battery?

The most expensive thing about buying a mobility scooter is its battery. Yes, It's probably more costly in most cases, even though more than its own engine. So the question arises how much it costs? Well, it depends upon the model you are using. Some models are far costly than others.

The price of the battery depends upon the power of the battery. The more the power, the more will be the price and vice versa.

The typical cost of a mobility scooter battery will be 1/3 to the price of the scooter being used.For an average model, the price can fall between 150$ to 300$.


Xiaomi Mija falls around 150$ on China websites.  

Masters provide a battery that costs a minimum of 300$.

Battery Eco provides models which are about 260$

Reasons why these batteries cost so high:

 The first reason is Lithium. Recently the price of Lithium increased due to its massive usage in battery production and other electronic appliances.

 The other reason is Cobalt. Cobalt is the most expensive material found in batteries, and this factor is making the batteries out of budget. In addition, this unique material is produced by just a single country.

 Not every battery uses cathode material, but the ones with cathode material are comparatively higher in price.

4. What is the average lifespan of Mobility scooter battery?

How ideal will this sound to listen that all batteries could last forever? Mobility scooter and any other battery will slowly stop working at some point.

New customers frequently ask: How long a mobility scooter battery can last? I would try to answer this tricky question in two different ways.

Let's talk about the average life expectancy of these batteries over their purchase.


If you want a general idea of how long a disability scooter lasts, it depends on different factors. The most pressing reason is how a driver uses its scooter.

This battery will last for about one and a half or maybe two years if you use it daily. However, if the battery is being used periodically, it'll stay for approximately 3 years.

Duration:The duration of a mobility battery depends upon the range of frequency usage and the quality of the product being used.

However, you can enhance its life span by following specific steps.

  • Practice habits such as only use the battery when its charge is over 25 percent at least.
  • If a battery gets drops below 25 percent, the driver will stop using the product.

It's a saying that overpowering a device will damage it. Each battery and scooter Is different from the other; some batteries require 4 hours, and some require 4 to 12 hours for their complete charge. It's not safe to leave your battery overcharging. Gradually it'll decrease its life. Proper care will prove you more.

5. Which battery is used for gogo mobility scooter?

 A gogo mobility scooter offers an excellent experience of driving and stability to all of its customers. It ensures that it will allow you to have the best performance. It comes with a revolutionary feather–touch setting, which will enable you to travel much faster and easier for transportation and storage.

Let's talk about a battery that can be accompanied by a gogo mobility scooter. A 12v 12Ah battery pack will be the best thing to consider. 

This product fits all sorts of mobility gogo scooters that were built after 2006. But they have some issues working covalently for the models that were built before 2006.

Your Gogo traveler scooter battery should have the following characteristics

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Regulated spill proof construction
  • A good performance is guaranteed.
  • Explicitly designed for deep cycle usage.
  • CE certified
  • Factory fresh, brand new

Besides it, you will need to use all existing cables from your configuration to connect a wheelchair battery.

 If you still find yourself confused about selecting a good battery, you must visit an experienced battery operator to avoid future crises.

5. Which battery is used for gogo mobility scooter?

6. Explain different types of 12V mobility scooter batteries?

12V sealed lead-acid battery:

This battery has different numbers of cells depending upon their voltage. A battery with a voltage of 12V has 6 cells in it.

Shelf life:

These batteries are able to be stored for 5-6 months when they are at full capacity. But for their maintenance, they should be charged after every 2-3 months.

Discharge rate:

They have a minimum discharge rate of approximately 40% per year.

This product is specifically built to be maintenance-free, which ensures it, buyer, that it'll not spill. This non-spilling characteristic Is guaranteed by its design.

They are ideal for mobility scooters and some cycles. They can be operated in any orientation. They are not accompanied by a variety of applications, but they give you a life expectancy between 3-5 years.

Types: It is classified into further two types:

  • 12V AGM battery
  • 12V GEL battery

12V AGM Battery:

 It stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. They are names glass as they have a glass mat between their lead plates to avoid mixing up electrolytes. This feature allows for less resistance in the battery, which provides a higher discharge.

Price: they are cheaper but can consume more power capacity as compared to other SLA.

Voltage: they give a voltage of 12V. If higher voltage is required, they can be connected in series. The more the voltage, the more batteries will be connected to the series.

Discharge rate: A typical fresh AGM battery can discharge about 1-2% per month.

Shelf life: The shelf life of an AGM battery is about 12V if it remains unused. After keeping them for about 5 to 6 years, they still retain 80% of their original capacity.

PROS: The following characteristics make it more reliable

  • They have high specific power
  • They are responsive to load
  • They have more cranking power
  • They stand up well to the temperature.
  • They are less costly


  • They are sensitive to overcharging
  • They do quick discharge

12V GEL battery:This battery is occupied by silica-type gel in which the electrolyte is suspended. They are costly, but they have a superior life cycle in comparison with AGM batteries.

Discharge rate: The discharge rate Is lower than AGM

Shelf life: Their shelf life is the same as the AGM batteries.

Temperature-sensitive: Their performance can be enhanced if they are placed at ambient temperature.

PROS: The following points will allow you to consider Gel batteries.

  • They give a superior service life
  • They have a superior shelf life
  • They give less discharge
  • They have a high tolerance to extreme weather circumstances
  • They have large gel electrolyte resistance


  • They have a higher initial cost
  • They have a low energy density
6. Explain different types of 12V mobility scooter batteries?

7. How many recharging cycle you can get from mobility scooter battery?

If you are not familiar with the world of mobility scooters, you must be wondering how many recharging cycles your product is going to provide you. For the main part, batteries are the thing that you need to worry about.

A cycle Is completed when a user consumes all amount of power from 100% of the battery's capacity. 

For example: you have used 75% of your battery's capacity and placed it on recharge overnight. If you planned to use the remaining 25%again on the very next day, you would have a total discharge of 100% 

Time: It can take approximately seven days to complete a cycle.  

Range: A typical good battery can handle about 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles before getting diminished.

The term "diminish incapacity" doesn't mean that a battery should have all of its capacity. It means that it's a small drop of about 10% to 20%, which can carry on in worse cases.

However, there are some things that can elongate your cycles up to 500. They are as follow:

  • A fully charged battery or a battery with a charger plugged in should never be stored.
  • Try to keep their temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Try to charge your battery at a lower C-rate; this means that charge the battery at a lower rate relating to its maximum capacity to improve battery life.
  • Don't store your mobility scooter battery when it's fully discharged.
7. How many recharging cycle you can get from mobility scooter battery?

8. Can you use mobility scooter battery in a car?

A high-power battery is larger in size, heavy in weight, has greater volume to provide a massive amount of current for a bigger engine. A low-power battery is mainly equipped in lightweight engines, and these batteries are usually lighter in weight, small in size, and have few components in them.

Now, we have a basic idea about the battery powers, let's dive into the question of whether a scooter battery can be used in a car or not.

Like we've talked about earlier that a car battery is highly powered, and the engine of a mobility scooter is comparatively much lower. As the engine of a car is heavily weighted, it will require a high-powered battery.

Let's come straight to the point, a mobility scooter battery can't be installed into a car. It'll not work because it can't provide enough current to the car. A 12V battery has 6 plates in it and a large amount of electrolyte. It provides high amperage current.

 It has a capacity of 48Ah means that this battery will provide you an amperage of 1Amp for almost 48 hours. In terms of horsepower (HP), it's 600 watts. A regular mobility scooter battery can't meet these needs there one cannot install a scooter battery into the car. It will not work out.

9. What is 12V 12A mobility scooter battery?

Mobility scooter batteries are well known for their outclass performance in competition with any other lead-acid battery. A 12V mobility scooter battery is compatible with all other standard models from 2006.

They have sealed lead-acid batteries. These batteries show low maintenance, supreme quality, reliability, and industry-leading performance.

Construction: It has a valve-regulated construction along with the duty plates, which are heavier plates. It also has a separator system that delivers cyclic capability twice as compared to conventional batteries. This all results in constant high quality and performance.

 Voltage: This product will provide a voltage of 12V. Each battery comes with a capacity of 12A. It's portable and has an ideal battery. It's safe to travel through airlines. Its vibration is restricted.

Eco Friendly: The best thing about it is that it's environmentally friendly, which means don't release harmful and toxic substances. It guarantees you a no leakage, no-spill product. 

Weight: Its weight is about 4.1kg. In most cases. This lightweight feature allows the user to install it anywhere. They can be mounted at any place without any concern. 

Lead: Most 12V batteries have 90% lead present in them. This lead promotes better and fast charging along with an incredible performance by making the environment cleaner.

10. How many hours you can operate a mobility scooter with a normal mobility scooter battery?

New customers frequently ask how long a mobility scooter battery can last? A good question considering how important the product will become in the life of a buyer.

There's not a certain answer which we can consider, although we can talk on an average scale. So, how long your battery is going to ease you out decides your battery quality and your mobility scooter. 

If you are using a high-quality battery with proper care, apparently, that battery will give you a long run time. A battery that was never cared for can have a short run time.

Let's talk about a normal scenario, if you're using a normal mobility scooter battery that is fully charged, its capacity is full 100%, and you go on a ride with it. 

According to the estimation, it can give you a ride of approximately 8 hours if it's not damaged or retarded in any way. If you got a high-quality battery, it could probably give you more run time in comparison with a good cared normal battery.

But after some time, if you keep using your battery on a daily basis, it can lose its run time, so it can drop gradually.

11. How to select the best battery for mobility scooter?

Choosing a mobility battery might result in a complicated prospect. But a person can choose the best battery for his scooter if he has known some basics. Before purchasing a battery, the below listed points must be considered:

Charging cycles:

The number of charging/discharging cycles decides how long your battery is going to live. If you're disturbing your budget over something, it must be long-lasting.

Let's consider two batteries Gel and SLA; the latter one is not capable of producing many cycles. Therefore, they don't have the ability to last longer. 

Therefore, the battery which can produce more cycles can prove more. If life is not an issue, any battery could be reliable for you.


All scooter and wheelchair batteries are usually 12V and always fitted in pairs so that They can give you a voltage of 24volts. It is recommended that while choosing or replacing batteries, they must be present in the form of pairs.


Markets allow you different options with respect to the quality of the battery. Price has always been a concern to buyers. So choosing a battery that is less costly would do better. In these cases, AGM batteries take command over the GEL ones.

Battery for heavy usage:

This factor always plays a role in choosing a reliable product for your scooter. As we've talked about earlier than Gel batteries can discharge to a lower level which makes them perfect for extensive scooter and constant power.

However, lithium deep cycle batteries are not reliable for heavy usage because they can deteriorate spontaneously when they are subjected to hard use.

These points will allow you how to choose the best battery for your mobility scooter.

11. How to select the best battery for mobility scooter?

12. Can you use deep cycle battery for mobility scooter?

When it comes to choosing a perfect battery for your mobility scooter, you will realize there are different kinds of batteries that can be chosen. One confusion that comes to a buyer's mind is that "Can a deep cycle battery be a good equipment in a mobility scooter?". 

Before deciding these, let's have some information about deep cycle batteries. The following points tell us the basics of a deep cycle battery:

  • They are short for absorbed glass batteries.
  • A liquid-based electrolyte is used in them
  • The electrolyte is usually held within absorbent mats
  • The mat is used as a separator between the plates of the battery

Discharge rate: AGM batteries provide a high discharge rate because of the liquid substance.

Duration: However, they give a high discharge, but the duration is usually for a shorter period of time.

Regularity: They are best for regular traveling.

Summary: It's reliable and safe to use a deep cycle battery for the majority the mobility scooters. The reason behind this is the users are generally infrequent and can charge correctly.They are undoubtedly cheaper to buy. They are pocket-friendly. The other factor that makes them perfect for mobility scooters is these batteries are not suited for heavy usage as compared to other batteries such as GEL batteries

Results: So, a deep cycle battery can be equipped with a mobility scooter effectively.

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