Have you ever thought about how to get power to operate normally when the sound system is off-grid? Whether we are using a solar system or a generator, we need a power inverter to obtain the AC power required by the sound system. In this article we will explain the role of power inverter for sound system and how to choose it.



1. What is the function of the inverter for the sound system?

Many sound systems like amplifiers and speakers require AC voltages to function. So, a power inverter for sound system is used to convert DC voltages into AC voltages.

This inverter for sound system is either installed in the sound system or comes as a separate device. So, how does it work? It takes the DC voltages as input which is then passed through electronic circuits which can be transistors, MOSFETs, or other types of switches. The straight DC wave is converted to a pure sine AC wave using these switches.

What makes this power inverter for sound system more efficient is its filtering capability. After getting AC voltages it filters the waveform from any distortion or interference and gets a pure sound.

2. Why sound system needs inverter?

It is essential to have a power inverter for sound system, especially for off-grid, traveling, or camping at remote areas. We know that the traveling areas and off-grid spots may not have direct power source.

So, an inverter for sound system facilitates the person to connect the sound system with portable power sources like batteries, generators, or solar power. But, batteries or solar energy store DC current which needs to be converted to AC, and this task is done by the power inverter for sound system that we carry with us.

It also means inverter enables you to carry your sound system with you wherever you go. So, portability is another plus factor that comes with carrying a portable power inverter for sound system. Imagine listening to your favorite songs while living off-grid in the woods without worrying about the power supply.

And finally, using an inverter for a sound system is a great eco-friendly choice. How? You can use this inverter to take DC input from renewable sources like solar or wind energy and convert it to AC to run your sound system. So, it is preferable to pick a power inverter for sound system instead of relying on traditional methods of energy. 


3. How much power does a sound system need?

If you want to know about the total power of your system, then you must first look into several factors. The use of power can vary from person to person, the event, and the size of the system. For personal use, the general answer is 8 watts to 50 watts depending upon the person and you will not a smaller power inverter for sound system of this size.

However, if you need a sound system for a venue with a big space and the sound must reach every corner such as a marriage hall or a theater, then your power will range from 500 watts to 2000 watts.

If you need a sound system for sports stadiums or live concerts, then the power for your sound system can reach up to 20000 watts. For such events, you will also need a high-power inverter for sound system.

In short, your power requirement may vary because of these factors. But, remember when you build a system for you, make sure to buy the right power inverter for sound system. If you have a power requirement of 20k watts then your inverter must be able to handle that high power.

4. What size inverter do I need for sound system?

The size of a power inverter for sound system depends on various factors and one of them, as mentioned earlier, is the requirement of power input. Besides this, other factors include the type of sound system setup, and any additional power needs you may have.

Keep the total power output your sound system provides. It may include every sound device like amplifiers, speakers, mixers, or signal processors. Note down the specifications of these devices provided by the company and then calculate how much is the total consumption.

What you can do afterward is multiply the total power consumption by 1.5 to 2 times to ensure the power inverter for sound system can handle the peak loads of your system. If you use 500 watts audio equipment at home, then it is best to use 1000w inverter


5. What inverter do sound system need?

Well, there are basically two types of inverters you can use for your sound system, Sinewave and squarewave inverters. However, a pure sine wave inverter is better and preferable due to the following reasons.

  • The sinewave form provided by the power inverter for sound system is smoother and clean compared to the other one. Also, it is easier to filter the sinewave in order to get a high-quality sound.
  • All the sound devices are mostly made for sinewave inverters and hence it is a more compatible option and you can connect this inverter with any of your systems. So, compatibility is an important factor to remember while buying an inverter for sound system.

So, in short, if you are looking to buy one, prefer a sinewave power inverter for sound system for a better sound experience.

6. Tips for buy power inverter for sound system online

Buying a power inverter can be a difficult task because of the technical considerations. But, remember to follow these tips to ensure buying the right inverter for sound system.

Firstly, check out your power requirement and power ratings to ensure the security of the system. Then, look at the specifications efficiency, inverter waveform and voltage ranges. Some specifications may cost more but will provide better performance. Lastly, compatibility and brand reputation are also essential to buying a perfect power inverter for sound system. 


7. Tycorun best power inverter for sound system - why choose us?

Tocurun is a leading company in manufacturing best lifepo4 batteries and best solar inverter like 2000w inverter or 3000w inverter. We provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective power inverter for sound system. Get an inverter that provides a pure sine wave AC output filtered from any interruption or interference.

With a focus on innovation and customer service, we exceed your expectations and deliver a great buying experience. Trust Tycorun, the provider of the best power inverter for sound system of your home or business.

8. FAQs

① What does it mean when an inverter beeps?

The beeping of the inverter is like an alarm system. When it beeps, it means there could be some issue with the system. It could be overheating, overload, or the power of the battery going too low. Also, if your inverter is malfunctioning then your inverter will beep to indicate the fault. In such cases, The Tycorun inverter will automatically diagnose and recover.

② Do inverters need maintenance?

Yes, it is essential to do the maintenance of your power inverter for sound system. You can boost its overall performance by keeping it clean, and regular inspections for any faults, and battery deterioration. Maintaining those aspects will help boost the functions of your inverter for sound system.

③ What should you not plug into an inverter?

Do not plug anything that is either not made for the inverter or has a higher input than the inverter’s input requirement. Make sure to read the ratings of the power inverter for sound system mentioned in the description and only connect those electrical appliances that match the description.


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