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Tycorun 12 Volt 24Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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About Tycorun 12 Volt 24Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Tycorun 12V24Ah lithium battery has 1/2 weight less than a lead-acid battery of the same capacity. This means that the battery of...

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About Tycorun 12 Volt 24Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Tycorun 12V24Ah lithium battery has 1/2 weight less than a lead-acid battery of the same capacity. This means that the battery of the same capacity, 12V24Ah, is more convenient to carry. For outdoor equipment, this is a major breakthrough. For outdoor equipment, light weight and small size batteries have always been the direction of our research. Now that LiFePO4 technology is very mature, the demand for outdoor lithium batteries is also increasing.

Long life is mainly reflected in high cycle times in lithium-ion batteries. 12V24Ah has more than 3000 cycles, which means that the user does not need to replace the battery frequently. As long as in normal use, lithium batteries can be used five times higher than lead-acid batteries. For traditional lead-acid batteries, the most advanced technology can only reach 500 times. With such a strong vitality, lithium batteries will be your best choice for energy storage.

Tycorun 12V 24AH environmental protection lithium iron phosphate battery specifications


Tycorun 12V 24AH environmental protection lithium iron phosphate battery specifications

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Current
Nominal Capacity 307.2Wh
Size:(length×width×height) 198x166x170mm/7.8x6.6x6.7in
Weight 5Kg/11.1Lbs
Cycle Life >4000cycle(0.2C,25℃,90%DOD)
Ingress Protection Rating (IP65>IP55) IP65 (Highest level of protection from dust, protection from low pressure water spraying for 3 minutes)
Standard Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
Standard Charge Current 4.8A,5℃(41℉)<@T<55℃(131℉)
Allowed Max. Charge Current 24A,5℃(41℉)<@T<55℃(131℉)
Standard Discharge Current 24A,-15℃(5℉)<@T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Continuous Discharge Current 36A,-15℃(5℉)<@T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(long pulse) 48A,@T<1min or @T<70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(short pulse) 72A,@T<3s or @T<70℃(158℉)
Battery Ceryifications UN38.3(Battery)、Msds(Battery)、ios9001 (Brand Certification), etc

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TYCORUN Lithium will ship your batteries for free anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Batteries ship UPS ground freight and will arrive in 5-7 days to most of the US. You will receive an email with a tracking number after your order ships. The USPS does not allow for batteries to be shipped to Post Office boxes (PO Box). Please use a street address. Larger batteries (over 300 watts) require hazmat shipping. We pay the cost of Hazmat and freight (typically $90 to $150 a battery). You pay $0 for shipping. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is higher due to federal law that requires that batteries ship Air Freight and have Hazmat protection. Shipping to Canada includes duty, GST and import fees.

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Can I get my battery shipped to me faster?

TYCORUN Lithium can ship to most Canadian provinces served by UPS or FedEx. Canadian shipping is calculated at checkout and we pay for duty & GST fees for you. The fastest way to calculate your estimated shipping cost outside of the contiguous United States (“Lower 48”) would be to add the desired product(s) to your cart on our site and enter your shipping information. This will not complete the transaction, but will give the system enough information to calculate the cost. The total price and cost breakdown should update with the new totals.

Battery FAQ

1.How safe are Lithium Ion Batteries?
Our LiFePo4 batteries are considered to be safe, non-flammable and non-hazardous by international and federally regulated standards.

2.What can I use a Lithium Battery for?
Our Batteries are commonly used for marine, RV and golf cart applications. You can use our lithium batteries for any application that would normally use a single or multiple lead acid, GEL or AGM batteries.

3.How do I change my batteries to Lithium?
After you take out your old batteries, place our batteries in the same way. You can use the same cables to reconnect into the Lithium Battery.

4.How do I charge a Lithium battery?
Our lithium ion technology uses the latest and most advanced built-in battery protection system to prevent damage to the battery. You may utilize a standard charger for our products, although in some cases a lithium charger may be required to charge the batteries.

5.What battery do I need for my RV or Camper Van?
The industry standard house battery size used in most RVs, Campers, and #VanLife builds is the 12v 100Ah battery. This is a drop in replacement for AGM and most lead acid batteries. If you are charging off your engine's alternator we recommend a Victron DC-DC smart charger. If charging off solar panels we recommend a Victron Smart Solar charge controller, or if you have a solar charge controller choose the lithium setting. A handy size chart for number of batteri

Inverter FAQ
1.Is a 3000W inverter safe?
A 3000W inverter is generally safe, provided it is installed and used correctly. Following our user manual, purchasing recommendations, and local electrical regulations are key to ensuring safety. Make sure the inverter is not exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, and keep it away from liquids to enhance safety. Additionally, avoid inserting metal objects into the inverter's ventilation ports and disconnect the power supply before operation.

2.Where can a 3000W inverter be used?
A 3000W inverter is suitable for various applications, including but not limited to home backup power, solar power generation, camping and outdoor activities, and commercial use.

3.How do you use a 3000W inverter?
Place the inverter in a well-ventilated location away from high temperatures and humidity.
Connect the appropriate DC power source to the inverter's DC input port.
Connect the devices you want to power to the inverter's AC output ports.
Turn on the inverter, and monitor the indicator lights to check the operational status.
During use, regularly inspect the inverter to ensure it is operating correctly.

4.How long can a 3000W inverter be used?
The lifespan of a 3000W inverter varies depending on its quality and usage. Typically, it can last between 5 to 15 years. Regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the inverter's lifespan. Higher-quality inverters tend to be more durable and provide longer-term reliability.

5.How do you connect a 3000W inverter to a battery?
Ensure the battery is in good working condition and has the required voltage and capacity.
Use the correct cables to connect the positive/negative terminal of the battery to the positive/negative terminal of the inverter's DC input.
Securely fasten the cables, ensuring they are not damaged or loose.
Turn on the inverter to begin converting the battery's DC power into AC power.

Please exercise caution when connecting the batte

Customer Reviews

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Good duration, weight needs to be reduced

I am an amateur radio operator and I have a frequent need to operate in the field. I need a reliable battery to power my 2m/70cm transceiver. That's why I got this 24Ah battery.
I can connect it directly to my radio, and it fully satisfies my outdoor use time.
The only downside is that he is still a bit heavy (2.9kg), so that I take it for a long time to walk a bit hard.




Tennis is a popular sport all over the world. For young people who are just getting started, tennis training becomes particularly important. With the advent of lithium batteries, more and more tennis ball machines not only support AC input, but also DC input. This makes outdoor training easy. We don't need to look around for sockets, just a 12V 24ah lithium ion batteries, which can provide you with at least 2 hours of training time. You can devote yourself to training without worrying about the battery draining quickly. what are you waiting for? Get into action quickly.


Outdoor audio is more and more recognized by modern people. Both young and old people like to dance with music outdoors. The emergence of 12V24Ah lithium battery can just solve the problem of not being able to supply power. We only need the DC current provided by the battery to dance when and where, without restriction.


A Comprehensive Guide to 12V 24Ah Lithium Battery

To overcome different electrical remote needs you may need a battery that can fulfill your requirements according to your use.

12v 24Ah lithium-ion battery is a portable, lightweight battery that can be used in different appliances like ultrasound recorders and moth trappers.

UN certified and advanced technology-based manufactured 12 volt 24ah lithium battery is very useful and a valuable plus for your work needs. In this complete guide, we’ve conducted a detailed discussion on all the key takeaways of this battery:

1. What is a 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery?

What is a 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery

12v 24Ah lithium-ion battery is a lithium-iron-phosphate battery designed specifically designed for deep cycle usage. The chemistry incorporated in its manufacturing allows it to be much safer to use as compared to other batteries.

The automated battery management system of 12v 24Ah battery keeps the battery from overheating, thus preventing any chances of exploding. Such exceptional features combined with built-in battery protection enable it to undergo up to and over 3000 cycles, with its lifespan exceeding 5 years of usage. However, up to the mark workability of the product depends on implying general usage precautions, such as avoiding overcharging and providing the appropriate temperature. The 12v 24ah deep cycle battery generally costs around $300, though its price depends on the variants.

2. What is meant by LifePo4 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery?

LifePo4 12v 24Ah Lithium-ion battery is also known as a deep cycle battery due to its basic feature of deep discharging and producing stable power output with maximum use of its capacity.

LifePo4 (Li-Fe-PO4) refers to its chemical composition involving Lithium, Iron, and Phosphate. The primary constituents of the 24Ah 12v LifePo4 deep cycle battery include electrodes, electrolytes, additives (i.e., polymer binders), and adhesives. 

It uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) as cathode and metallic backing of carbon electrode as anode. The electrolyte dissolves Iron and Phosphate ions. The circulation of these dissolved ions in the cell conducts voltage and provides current to the circuit and eventually as an output.

3. What are the different uses of a 12V 24Ah lithium battery?

What are the different uses of a 12V 24Ah lithium battery

The well-defined performance of the LiFePo4 12v 24Ah battery enables it to be used for various purposes. The uses are almost similar to those of other Lithium-Ion batteries due to the same voltage, current although varies:

• Uninterrupted Power Supply

12v 24Ah battery is used in power generators and intends to provide an uninterrupted power supply. It not only works as a backup during electrical breakdowns but also ensures a constant supply of power during fluctuations to avoid any damage to the equipment.

• Electrical Equipment 

12v 24Ah lithium battery has extensive use in electrical equipment, mainly involving the electrical appliances. However, the utility in this regard depends on the relative strength of the battery.

• Military Power Equipment

Increased durability of 12v 24Ah deep cycle battery allows their large-scale use in military power equipment. On land, it serves the purpose of infantry communications and improves the reliability of major defense weapons.

12v 24Ah deep cycle marine battery proves its worth in marine and naval equipment. They have an effective role in torpedoes, naval ships, and boats as well as in submarines.

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) use 24-amp lithium iron phosphate batteries for better performance for military surveillance and reconnaissance purpose. Similarly, defense aircraft and UCAVs employ LiFePO4 12v 24Ah batteries to deploy the best of their weapon system.

• Portable Energy Storage

Being smaller in size and lighter in weight, 12v 24Ah lithium-ion batteries serve the purpose of portable electricity. They work as “power packs” and can be carried as a portable energy storage device anywhere with the utmost convenience.

4. Explain the different benefits of a 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery?

Various features of 12v 24Ah deep cycle battery contribute to an up to the mark performance. Let’s discuss the benefits it offers to the users:

• Long-Lasting

12volt 24Ah battery lasts much longer than you can expect. Unlike other lead-acid batteries, your lithium battery of 12v 24Ah can go above and beyond 5 years of life span, making it one of the longest-running batteries in the 12V category.

• Fast Charging

In the present times when life is moving swiftly, no one’s got enough time to wait for their batteries to charge, or to undergo repetitive charging. A 24-Amp lithium battery saves your day at work with its capability of quick recharging and helps you evade the trouble of repeated charging as well.

• Maintenance

The latest technology used in most of the variants of 12V 24Ah deep cycle battery discards the requirement of any major maintenance checks, such as water levels, chemical substances, and electrolyte management. These hassles would be gone along with your lead acid battery once you replace it with the latest 12V 24Ah lithium battery.

• Nature Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries remain eco-friendly throughout their entire lifespan. There’s no emission of harmful chemical substances with lithium-ion batteries since the electrolytic and chemical requirements in terms of maintenance are nullified.

5. What is the cost of a 12V 24Ah lithium battery?

What is the cost of a 12V 24Ah lithium battery

Generally, the price of a 12V 24Ah battery is a bit higher than other lithium batteries below 24 Ampere hours, and rightly so. With a significant increase in discharged cycles (relative to the Amperes of other 12V batteries), it costs around $300. However, the cost may vary depending on its variant.

6. Explain the specifications of a 12V 24Ah lithium battery?

The specifications that come with the 12V 24Ah lithium battery are as follows:

• Nominal Voltage

The nominal voltage required to activate the recharging process is 12V.

• Initial Charging Current

The initial charging current for a 24-Amp lithium battery is ≤7.8A.

• Charge Voltage

With the initial current approaching 7.8-Amp, the charge voltage remains from 14.4V-15V at 25°C (77F).

• Chemical Composition

The product being LiFePO4 battery 12V 24Ah indicates that its chemical constituents are Lithium, Iron, and Phosphate (also known as LFP due to the presence of Li, Fe, and Phosphate). The LFP ions in its cathode circulate through the electrolyte with the metallic backing of carbon as an anode, and eventually produce voltage and deliver current as an output.

• Discharge Rate

The 12V 24Ah Lithium-Ion battery tends to have a very low discharge rate which makes it stand out from the lead-acid batteries.

• Warranty

The product typically comes with a 24 months warranty, although the warranty period may vary with the suppliers.

• Safety Concerns

The Lithium-Ion battery comes with a built-in BMS (battery management system) to address safety concerns. BMS system decreases the likelihood of any major maintenance problems. 

7. Can you use a 12V 20Ah battery for a solar power system?

Can you use a 12V 20Ah battery for a solar power system

One of the best batteries to store energy from the solar power system is the 12V lithium-ion battery. Its extended capacity to store energy makes it the ideal choice for solar energy storage. Similarly, with its quick recharging ability, it fares the best way possible against its other contenders.

The best choice in this regard is a customized solar lithium battery 12V 24Ah. The customization solely intended to store solar energy improves its overall functionality and cuts back on maintenance costs as well since the sealed package contains pretty much everything to be installed straight into the solar power system.

8. If the 12V 24Ah lithium battery is charged fully how long it will last?

A 12V 24Ah deep cycle battery lasts for 24hrs providing 1 Amp of current as output. Since Ah indicates the value of Ampere hours which, for a 24-Ah battery, is quite obviously 24hrs per Ampere, which implies that it would provide 1amp for 24hrs straight, 2amp for 12hrs and 3amp for 8hrs and so on. Therefore, the battery timing depends on the application. 

9. Compare 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery with 24Ah lead-acid battery?

Compare 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery with 24Ah lead-acid battery

12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery is better than a lead-acid battery of 24Ah in almost every possible perspective. Here’s an extensive comparison between lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries of 24 Ampere-hour:



While looking at both batteries we’ll find a lot of changes, features such as smaller size, light-weighted, long life, and environmentally friendly features.

Discharge Cycle

Discharge Cycle

The following points must be under consideration while replacing a battery.

Charging and Cool-Down Time

Charging and Cool-Down Time

If you’re thinking to replace a lithium battery with a lead acid battery you must consider that whether the voltage is the same as the original lithium or not, otherwise, the battery will not collaborate with the original motor and cause the problem in controlling the vehicles.

Battery Management System

Battery Management System

In this current state, you’ll find a market providing you various qualities of lithium-ion batteries.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental Concerns

The compartment of a lead-acid battery is 2 times more than a lithium battery only if their capacities are the same. But the volume and mounting direction of the lithium battery must be paid attention to.

10. Is it easy to replace a lead-acid battery with 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery?

Is it easy to replace a lead-acid battery with 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery

Due to the remarkable benefits 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery offers, there is a rapid shift from lead-acid technology to lithium-ion technology. Although replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion battery is rather convenient, some key takeaways, in this regard, are given below:

• Battery Box

The same battery box is typically used with the replacement. The increase or decrease in the weight of the battery depends on its application.

• Battery Protection Unit

The dedicated battery protection unit (BPU) for lithium-ion integration is planted into the same battery box.

• Connecting BPU to BMS

BPU is connected to the battery management system via PC configuration. Temperature sensors as well as other safety concerns are regulated under supervision.

11. What are the quality standards that this battery must fulfill?

The quality concerns a 12V 24Ah lithium-ion battery must fulfill include:

• Conformable to Environment

During manufacturing, a sophisticated battery management system is ensured to keep it eco-friendly. For the safety of the product (for both the inner and outer environment), UL 2054 safety test is conducted.

• Shipment Regulations

UN/DOT 38.3 is a certified test performed to regulate the product for shipping. The test assures safe and sustainable transportation all over the world through any means of shipment whatsoever.

• Avoiding Hazards

To avoid safety hazards like short-circuiting, fire, and explosion, IEC 62133 test is conducted. It is a mandatory test employed to affirm the overall safety of the product.

12. How to get maximum output from 12V 24Ah lithium battery up to maximum life period?

How to get maximum output from 12V 24Ah lithium battery up to maximum life period

Maximum output from 12V 24Ah lithium-ion deep cycle battery is obtained once you assure its up to the mark routine maintenance and comply with the precautions.

Major maintenance issues are readily addressed in lithium-ion batteries due to BMS incorporation, yet there are certain precautions you’re ought to imply while utilizing the product. They include:

• Appropriate charge voltage must be ensured; high charge voltage may push it beyond its operating limit; low charge voltage may hinder its functionality due to deficient charging level.

• Keep the battery at an optimum temperature (neither too high nor too low).

• Reduce the float voltage to increase the cycle life.

• Avoid deep discharging.

• Avoid overcharging the battery.

Maintenance checks and precautions generally depend on the chemistry of the battery. But considering these key factors will certainly help you get the most out of your 24-Amp lithium-ion battery.

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