The accuracy and stability of the current sensor directly affect the output quality and efficiency of the inverter. Through the use of current sensors, inverters can achieve high-precision, high-stability current measurement and conversion, thereby improving the efficiency and stability of the product. In this article we have summarized the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world.



1. Top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world in 2024

① LEM senor


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As a market leader in the sensor sector, LEM senor is one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world and can provide customers with innovative technology and high-quality electrical parameter testing solutions.

Its core products are current sensors and voltage sensors, which are widely used in the fields of drive and welding, reusable energy, and power, traction, high-precision, traditional and new energy vehicles.

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LEM senor's strategy is to exploit the inherent strengths of its core business while developing new application areas and seeking growth opportunities in new markets. LEM senor is a medium-sized global company with production facilities in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tokyo (Japan) and Penang (Malaysia). Our sales offices are located close to our customers, providing seamless service to our global customers. The LEM Group was listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange in 1986.

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② Asahi Kasei Microdevices

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Tokyo 100-0006 Japan

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AKM stands for Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation. AKM offer a variety of advanced sensing devices based on compound semiconductor technology and sophisticated IC products featuring analog/digital mixed-signal technology.

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AKM is a Japanese semiconductor company. Its E-compass, Hall device, distance sensor, Angle sensor, current sensor, Motor Driver, car audio and other chips enjoy a good reputation in the market and occupy a relatively high market share. AKM became one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world.

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③ Infineon


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Global headquarters

Novbiberg, Germany

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Infineon, one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world and the world's leading semiconductor company, was officially established in Munich, Germany, on April 1, 1999. The Chief Marketing Officer is Andreas Urschitz. Headquartered in Nuebiberg, Bavaria, Germany, Infineon provides semiconductor and system solutions that address the challenges of energy efficiency, mobility and safety.


Infineon's main businesses include manufacturing and selling semiconductor and system solutions for automotive and industrial power devices, chip cards, and security applications. On October 24, 2023, Infineon Technologies announced the completion of the acquisition of Gallium Nitride Systems for $830 million.


④ Vacuumschmelze


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Vacuumschmelze is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by German VAC Group in China, established in March 2001.


The company currently employs more than 1,000 people. The products are supplied to global companies, including high-frequency signal transformers for telecommunications, current sensors for new energy and electrical instruments and low-power power transformers, as well as magnetic cores made of crystalline, amorphous and ultra-crystalline magnetic materials and various finished and semi-finished products.

Vacuumschmelze is now one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world.


⑤ Murata


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Global headquarters

Kyoto, Japan

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With ceramic technology as the core, Murata makes full use of MEMS, process technology and reluctance components to research sensing functions and develop multi-functional and highly reliable devices, modules and systems. The diverse sensor product lineup meets the sensing needs of various applications such as automotive, wearables, healthcare, and more.


As one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world, Murata manufactures ceramic capacitors, filters, RF components and other products that bring "internal innovation" to mobile phones, computers, home appliances and other devices. Murata continues to promote the miniaturization and high reliability of components, providing cutting-edge products and solutions in the fields of communication, automotive electronics, Internet of Things, energy, industry, medical and other fields.


⑥ Honeywell


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Global headquarters

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

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Honeywell, one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world, is a diversified multinational company that is a world leader in technology and manufacturing, and its business is involved in numerous fields globally.


Mircro Switch was founded in 1935 and later joined Honeywell as Honeywell Sensing and Control Strategy Division. The world first developed STC3000 intelligent pressure sensor, leading technology.

At present, there are more than 20 series of nearly 60,000 kinds of products, with 300,000 users around the world. For nearly half a century, Honeywell's Sensing and Control division has won a high reputation around the world for its excellent product quality and reliability, as well as continuous technological innovation.


⑦ Allegro


Established date


Global headquarters

Manchester, New Hampshire

Company website

Allegro MicroSystems in top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world, is a global semiconductor leader in sensor and power integrated circuits (ICs) and photonics. Allegro MicroSystems is passionate about developing intelligent solutions that move the world toward a safer and more sustainable future.


Allegro products are at the heart of functions that sense, regulate, and drive mechanical systems. Products are in your car’s engine and safety systems, in hyperscale data centers and in the automation enabling efficient factories. If you drive a car, if you use cloud data services, if you receive a package delivery, you’re interacting with our technology.




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Global headquarters

Nanjing, China

Company website

Nanjing ZHONGXU Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the main backbone enterprise in the development, production and sales of Hall components and Hall sensors. The company is a joint-stock enterprise on the basis of the former Nanjing Semiconductor Device General Factory.

At present, it has become a scientific research and production unit of military Hall components and Hall sensors designated by the Ministry of Equipment Development and major military groups. And is one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world.


For more than ten years, ZHONGXU has adhered to the development path of combining independent innovation with industry-university-research cooperation. It has developed a series of new products with distinctive technical characteristics and full market competitiveness, and has obtained dozens of national patents.

At present, ZHONGXU have developed a number of products, such as chip sensor, direct release Hall current sensor series, magnetic balance Hall current sensor series, Hall voltage sensor series, Hall series proximity switch, Hall speed sensor, Hall position sensor, etc. Widely used in inverter, solar inverter power supply, locomotive, communication power supply, industrial control, aerospace, Marine weapons and other fields.




Established date


Global headquarters

Beijing, China

Company website

STMHALL Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading current sensor and magnetoelectric product provider in China. The company mainly produces intelligent DC leakage sensor, power transformer, power sensor, power transmitter and other products. Applied to China's top 10 wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and other industries and new energy vehicle customers such as Trude, Reneng Electric, Xuji Electric, Heide New Energy. 


As one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world, STMHALL is a new high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of power sensors/transmitters. The company has advanced testing equipment, sensor technology, superior production environment, products are widely used in information, power, automotive, energy, transportation, intelligent building, factory automation, distribution monitoring and industrial control and other fields.


⑩ Acrel


Established date


Global headquarters

Shanghai, China

Company website

Acrel is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales and service, committed to providing users with energy efficiency management and power safety system solutions.

The company has a complete production line from cloud platform software to sensors, and has more than 14,000 sets of various system solutions in operation around the country, helping users achieve visual energy management, providing energy data services, and escorts users' energy safety.


Acrel is one of the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world and has a fully functional product test center that can carry out environmental, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, reliability and other tests. The global market includes Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, etc. The rich market experience has enhanced the brand influence of the company, and won widespread praise from customers in terms of product quality and service.

That's all about the top 10 inverter current sensor manufacturers in the world. More inverter related articles can refer to inverter IGBT, inverter cooling, inverter cable, and inverter waveform.


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