In new energy vehicles, whether it is a vehicle equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor or a vehicle equipped with a three-phase asynchronous motor, the inverter exists as a key component.

The reason why an inverter is so important is that the lithium-ion battery outputs direct current, which must be converted when powering a motor using alternating current. Having an efficient and lightweight inverter can extend range and enable faster EV charging. It can also reduce the size of the battery pack, thereby saving the cost of electric vehicles, so inverters are crucial for electric vehicles.

This article will introduce you the top 10 best power inverter companies in Europe, namely Emotors, Tycorun, Marelli, ABB, Protean, Prodrive, Brusa Technology, Lenze, Danfoss, Bel Power Solutions.



1. Top 10 best power inverter companies in Europe in 2024

Here are the global top 10 best power inverter companies in Europe in 2024. Rank in no particular order.


Company name














Brusa Technology






Bel Power Solutions


① Emotors


Established date


Global headquarter

Poissy, France

Company website

Emotors is a joint venture of Stellantis Group (50%) and Nidec Leroy-Somer (50%). The company was founded in 2018 in France with 300+ employees, dedicated to the growth market of electric powertrains.


The company is committed to developing robust products equipped with the latest technologies, providing the solutions for the worldwide automotive industry needs. Emotors facilitates electric powertrain adoption in proposing innovative 3-in-1 solutions. These systems include three components (motor, inverter, reducer).

As one of the top 10 best power inverter companies in Europe, the smallest e-Drive of Emotors product range can reach up to 30kW peak power. Operating at 48V, this solution is optimized for integration into MHEV transmissions and suitable for small BEV applications. The motor is water or oil-cooled while the inverter is water-cooled.


② Tycorun


Established date


Global headquarter

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Company website

 TYCORUN is a high-tech company focusing on LFP battery and solar inverters, providing reliable and safe customized solutions for lithium ion battery products and DC to AC inverters for global users. 

TYCORUN’s all series of pure sine wave inverters deliver outstanding performance for back-up power and off-grid system, which is widely used in camping or household. The advanced pure sine wave technology provides cleaner, smoother and more reliable power for sensitive equipment without any interference.


The TYCORUN inverters, from 500w inverter to 3000w inverter, have all come with voltage stabilization function, supports fast charging, and has low no-load current (0.6A), with LCD LED display, which can detect voltage, power and other values in real time with an accuracy of 98%, which is at the leading level in the industry. And these ultra quiet inverters make themselves perfect fit for RV and trucks, improving the camping experience.

For further details, you can click the picture below for product information:


③ Marelli


Established date


Global headquarter

Corbetta, Italy

Company website

In 2019, Calsonic Kansei and Magneti Marelli joined forces to create Marelli: the two companies were highly complementary in terms of their combined product lines. Founded in 1919, Magneti Marelli was known as a pioneer in the motor industry.

From its base in Italy, it grew operations across Europe, North and South America, India and China to become along its history a leading player in the field of Electronics and Powertrain (magnets, carburetors, injectors, electronic ignition systems, ECUs, navigation and telematic systems), lighting and Motorsport.


Marelli’s product range covers automotive lighting & sensing, electric powertrain, electronic systems, thermal solutions, green technology solutions, powertrain, interior experience, ride dynamics, and motorsport, etc. And it's one of the top 10 best power inverter companies in Europe.

Leveraging on the Technology transfer from race (F1, Formula E) to road, and a proven track record in mass production components, the production focuses on leading edge technologies for maximizing power density and efficiency: from 800V systems, to high revolution speed e-motors, and SiC inverter.


④ ABB Group


Established date

Jan. 5, 1988

Global headquarter

Zurich, Switzerland

Company website

Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. (ABB Group) is a company formed by the merger of ASEA and BBC. It was established in 1988 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB is a technology company in the field of electrification and automation with operations in more than 100 countries around the world.


ABB's business covers a wide range of products, digital solutions and services, from substations to sockets, enabling safe, smart and sustainable electrification. Products cover medium and low voltage digital and connected innovations, including electric vehicle infrastructure, modular substations, distribution automation, power protection, wiring accessories, switchgear, cabinets, cabling, sensing and control. And it is also one of the most famous solar inverter brands.

ABB power converters and inverters help customers to generate and use energy efficiently. They are designed for reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions, and for low life cycle costs.


⑤ Protean


Established date


Global headquarter

Farnham, United Kingdom

Company website

Protean is an automotive technology innovator with over 150 employees globally, offering direct drive in-wheel electric motors for passengercars and light commercial vehicles based on its ProteanDrivetechnology. So far it has travelled over 2 million kilometres on their quest - more than 675,000 of those beyond the laboratory in 31 different types of vehicle.


The motor, inverter and control are integrated in asingle package alongside a compatible friction brake, offeringhigh torque density and efficiency with excellent NVHcharacteristics. ProteanDrive is a scalable technology, enabling to create products for a wide range of applications.

Protean provides services including mechanical design, control system supply and calibration, brake supply, integration services, calibration, testing, complete demo vehicle build, vehicle simulation, and dyno facilities, etc. ProteanDrive is its core technology, which enables improved customer experience with better ride comfort and safety, ability for OEM to differentiate with design and performance, also improved margin with driver enhancements.


⑥ Prodrive


Established date


Global headquarter

EM Son, The Netherlands

Company website

Founded in 1993, Prodrive Technologies designs and manufactures high-tech electronics, software, and mechatronic products and systems. Prodrive Technologies has designed and manufactured custom high power supplies in all shapes and forms for over 25 years, balancing efficiency, power density and cost to get to the most optimal solution for the customer.


Prodrive’s product range covers embedded computing systems, motion & mechatronics, power conversion solutions, controls and connectivity solutions, advanced cameras, ev charging solutions, and integrated systems, etc. And the converter products of Prodrive mainly include HV DC/DC converter, LV DC/DC converter, and fuel-cell to grid converter.

Prodrive Technologies offers contract manufacturing services and the factories have a high variety of processes in house for Electronics manufacturing, mechanics manufacturing, magnetics, cable harnesses and advanced system assembly to be able to produce all critical components for customer product, system or machine.


⑦ Brusa Technology


Established date


Global headquarter

Buchs, Switzerland

Company website

BRUSA is a leading development service provider for all electronic and mechanical components of the e-powertrain, founded in 1985. BRUSA Technology AG sees itself as a competent partner for the design and development of complete electronic systems and their components, especially in the areas of electric mobility.


The consistent application of the classic system development methodology (V-model) and the modular phase development guarantees efficient project management from functional models to series production. Their products are mainly applied on vehicles, motorsport, off-highway, and leisure vehicles.

The DMC544 is a powerful inverter from BRUSA. It can be used to control different types of motors. The power output stage is based on the highly efficient, resonant SoftSwing® topology, which was developed and patented by BRUSA.


⑧ Lenze


Established date


Global headquarter

Hamelin, Germany

Company website

Lenze is a leading automation specialist and supports mechanical engineering with its products and services in the design of sustainable production and material flow processes, it has evolved over a period of 70 years from a local trading company to a global provider of drive and automation technologies with 4,000 employees around the world.

Lenze's portfolio includes high-quality mechatronic solutions, powerful systems comprising hardware and software for machine automation, and digital services for mechanical and plant engineering. Headquartered in Aerzen near Hanover, Germany, the Lenze Group has spread the business in 45 countries. Group-wide, the company generated sales of €830 million in the 2021/2022 financial year.


Lenze products cover IloT, controllers, inverters, geared motors, motors, gearboxes, accessories, and software, etc. And inverters mainly include frequency inverters and servo inverters.

Lenze inverters are available as compact solutions for decentralised drive technology, wall or motor mounted; with protection ratings up to IP66 for universal use even in harsh environments; instant plug-and-use for fast installation; IO-Link master function for easy data exchange between IO-Link sensors and actuators; and integrated regenerative feedback modes for high energy efficiency. No braking resistor required.


⑨ Danfoss


Established date


Global headquarter

Nordborg, Denmark

Company website

Danfoss is a Danish multinational company, based in Denmark, founded in 1933, now have more than 40,000 employees globally. Danfoss has more than 40 years of technical experience in the field of power electronics and has mastered the core technologies related to solar inverters and frequency converters. Danfoss is an expert in energy efficiency solutions and is committed to reducing energy waste and CO2 emissions through innovative technologies.


Danfoss technologies and solutions are used in a wide range of applications in residential and commercial heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, food refrigeration and industrial product line automation. Danfoss' grid-connected solar inverters provide a complete solution for new energy applications in the smart grid.

The advanced solar inverters provide reliable and efficient energy conversion for residential and commercial facilities as well as large-scale ground-mounted power plant applications. The product line also integrates solar power monitoring systems for optimal power generation and optimal system management.

Energy-efficient products and solutions have always been a core competence of Danfoss, and the Danfoss product portfolio and solutions make renewable energy generation a real possibility in today's life.


⑩ Bel Power Solutions


Established date


Global headquarter

Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia

Company website

Founded in 1949, Bel designs, manufactures and markets a broad array of products that power, protect and connect electronic circuits. With over 70 years of experience, Bel has reliably demonstrated the ability to succeed in a variety of product areas.


Bel products cover a wide range including aviation spares, cable assemblies, choke & rectifiers, circuit protection, design kits, discrete magneticshigh-frequency magnetics, inductors, interconnects, Magjack@ICM, microwave components, optical connectivity, patching solutions, power supplies, transformers, wireless charging coils.

The Power Stamp Alliance has been formed to define a standard product footprint and functions that provide a multiple-sourced, standard modular board-mounted solution for power conversion for 48Vin to low voltage, high current applications.



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