Best top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world



With the continuous development of science and technology, many new technologies have emerged, among which automatic start-stop technology is a more common one.

So how to choose the most suitable among the many brands of start stop car batteries? This article gives you the elaborate the top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world.


Here are the top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world: VARTA, Sail, Tycorun, BOSCH, Camel, YUASA, Tianneng Battery, Chaowei, MOLL and Leoch.

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Tianneng Battery








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VARTA is one of the famous top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world. Since its inception, VARTA has provided the best battery products and services in smart energy storage.

The company is committed to research and development of cutting-edge technology, continuous innovation, and win the trust of consumers around the world.

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It has a complete manufacturing process and a professional team, a strong technical service team composed of senior battery experts, and strictly adopts a series of advanced quality control measures to ensure that customers are provided with high-quality VARTA batteries.

They provide a variety of high quality battery products with various specifications, including AGM batteries, which are suitable for various vehicle types. According to the characteristics and needs of automobiles, we have created a series of high-quality maintenance-free 12 volt 200ah lithium battery products based on its excellent technology.

VARTA product


VARTA not only focuses on product innovation, but also on environmental protection. All products use advanced battery technology and environmentally friendly interior parts to achieve improved vehicle fuel efficiency, lower energy consumption, less pollution, and higher resource utilization.

② Sail

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The company has been undertaking the R&D and production tasks of starter and power batteries, including automobiles, aviation, ships and other products. The market share of automobile starting batteries is about 20%, and the market share of traction batteries is more than 30%, and the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Sail building


The main business is lead-acid batteries for start-up, traction and industrial use, special material products, and consumer and power battery. In line with the new requirements of high-quality development in the new era, the company will focus on its main responsibilities and main businesses and strengthen innovation-driven.

Sail product


Coordinate the four pillar industries of automotive batteries, industrial energy storage batteries, power batteries and resource recycling, and accelerate the construction of a world-class scientific and technological innovation power supply company with outstanding core technologies, coordinated industrial development, leading quality and efficiency, and strong overall competitiveness.

③ Tycorun

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Tycorun is a professional lithium phosphate battery industrial application solution provider and the top 10 lithium battery companies in the world. Tycorun is also one of the top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world and its products receive lots of compliment in the market.

Tycorun building


The company's products are used in home energy storage, power communication, security communication, new energy energy, smart homes and other fields. Start stop car batteries are widely recognized by customers. The affiliated factory has a power battery test system, which is mainly responsible for new product development and trial production.

Tycorun start stop car batteries

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Tycorun has a professional and experienced team of technical experts and a first-class team of product designers. Very good results have been achieved in energy development. The safety performance of the products has been tested and exported to Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.


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Specializing in the production of auto parts repair station equipment and the remanufacturing of spare parts. The aftermarket offers a comprehensive and unrivaled portfolio of solutions for every job.

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From different diagnostic solutions and quality automotive parts, to industry-leading software and unmatched automotive coverage, to innovative charging, repair and maintenance tools. Committed to quality because their reputation depends on it.

BOSCH product


With more than 130 years of experience in the automotive industry, BOSCH continues to strive for excellence by inventing and developing high-quality products and solutions that focus on our customers' needs and shape the future.

⑤ Camel

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Camel is a comprehensive high-tech company specializing in the research and development of advanced batteries. The company is market-oriented and works hard, has grown into a large group of companies, and gradually developed into one of the outstanding battery manufacturing companies in China.

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Advanced batteries cover the following ranges: lead-acid batteries, pure lead-thin plate batteries, power lithium-ion batteries, etc. The company's products are widely used in automobiles, ships, forklifts, golf carts, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and various special purposes.

Camel product


Camel has a production line and advanced production technology, and has introduced advanced assembly and welding production lines and the world's advanced waste battery recycling system, and has cooperated with well-known automobile companies.


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YUASA specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of lead-acid batteries for automobiles and motorcycles. In addition to successively supporting major automobile and motorcycle companies. High-quality products and services have been unanimously recognized and praised by the majority of users, and we are excellent suppliers.

YUASA building


Products cover the energy needs of the sea, land and air fields, including marine batteries, batteries for automobiles and motorcycles, lithium batteries, industrial batteries and other products. We are committed to the continuous development of batteries that meet the needs of each era.

YUASA product


While manufacturing high-quality products, the company pays more attention to environmental protection. YUASA will continue to provide users with environmentally friendly and high-quality batteries, and work together to create a better future of energy.

⑦ Tianneng Battery

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Tianneng Battery is a large-scale company mainly engaged in the manufacture of environmentally friendly power batteries for electric vehicles, and the production and sales of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, start-stop batteries for automobiles, and wind and solar energy storage batteries.

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Special electric vehicle power battery, new energy vehicle power battery, automobile start-stop battery, energy storage battery, 3C battery, backup battery, fuel cell and other types of batteries.

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Up to now, Tianneng Battery has built ten major production bases and is a leading company in China's new energy power battery industry.

⑧ Chaowei


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Chaowei is a world-renowned new energy company, operator and service provider, and has planned two strategic development paths from power batteries to power systems to electric vehicle series products and from energy storage batteries to energy storage systems.

Chaowei building


Chaowei adheres to the development mission of making the world use green energy, and has built a new energy industrial cluster integrating lead (lithium) batteries, new batteries, energy storage and management by virtue of its leading advantages in the fields of new technologies, new materials and new products.

Chaowei product


In the future, Chaowei will adhere to the original intention of entrepreneurship, maintain strategic focus, and work with global partners to contribute to the development of new energy and jointly promote the progress of human life.


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MOLL is a world-renowned supplier of lead-acid batteries and an early company of batteries for automotive starters. It has 70 years of experience in the production of automotive batteries.

It has been supplying original high-quality 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries to top brands in the German automotive industry (Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, etc.), and has cooperated with Volkswagen for nearly 50 years.

MOLL building


MOLL has undergone many patent innovations, and has written a chapter in the history of lead-acid batteries with leading technological research and unremitting technological innovation.

These unique technological innovations are perfectly used in MOLL batteries, giving full play to its unique functions, so that battery performance far exceeds industry level.

MOLL product


MOLL has a decisive impact on the global battery technology market through in-house research and innovation in its R&D department. And it is considered as top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world。

⑩ Leoch

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Leoch has been focusing on the battery field for many years, providing competitive solutions, products and services to operator customers, corporate customers and consumers.

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R&D and manufacturing of a full range of standby, starter, and power battery products are competitive and influential in global competition, and are widely used in more than a dozen related industries.

It is mainly engaged in solar cells, automobile batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric vehicle batteries, lithium batteries, and its products are widely used in telecommunications, UPS, energy storage, rail transit, power and other scenarios.

Leoch product


Leoch is an international high-tech company specializing in the manufacture and sale of batteries. After years of development, it has grown into a world-renowned battery company and exporter.

2. Conclusion

If you need to start and stop your car frequently, then Tycorun start stop car batteries are undoubtedly a better choice in terms of quality and economy. Because of its high efficiency and long life, it can greatly improve the use experience and economy of the car. Hope the top 10 start stop car batteries companies in the world can bring more help to buy start stop car batteries.


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