What is an online UPS and its features



After using the UPS power supply, you can get uninterrupted power supply, and there are many types of UPS power supplies, such as rack mounted and online UPS. Here's what an online UPS is and how it works.

1. What is an online ups

Online UPS means that regardless of whether the grid voltage is normal, the AC voltage used by the load must pass through the inverter circuit, and the inverter is always in the working state.

Therefore, when the power is cut off, the UPS can immediately convert its stored power into alternating current through the inverter to supply power to the load, so as to achieve the switching goal of zero interruption of the output voltage.

2. How does the online UPS work

It first converts the external alternating current into direct current through the circuit, and then converts the direct current into high-quality sine wave alternating current through the high-quality inverter output to the computer.

When the online UPS power supply is normal in the grid, the input voltage of the grid goes through the noise filter to remove the high-frequency interference in the grid, so as to obtain pure AC, enter the rectifier for rectification and filtering, and convert AC into smooth DC.

How does the online UPS work


Then divide it into two ways, one way into the charger to charge the 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries, and the other way to supply the inverter. The inverter converts direct current into 220V, 50Hz alternating current for load use. Since the inverter is always working, there is no switching time problem, and it is suitable for occasions where the power supply has strict requirements.

3. What is the main features of online UPS

Online UPS is an advanced UPS topology, its main features include:

  • Power protection

Online UPS provides the highest level of power protection. It converts the input power into DC power, and then inverts it back to a stable AC power supply to the output device.

This means that even if there are problems with the input power, such as voltage fluctuations, frequency offset, or power outages, the output power remains stable and will not be interrupted.

  • Constant power mass

Online UPS eliminates many power problems through stable inverter output, such as voltage peaks, fluctuations, harmonics, etc., thus providing stable and pure power quality.

  • Zero switching time

The switching time of the online UPS is very short and almost negligible. When there is a problem with the input power, the UPS immediately switches from lithium battery to inverter mode with little interruption. Thus, the stability of the output power is maintained.

  • Battery protection

Online UPS usually manages and protects batteries well. They are able to monitor the battery condition, perform periodic self-tests and calibration to ensure that the battery is in good condition. In addition, they can also provide battery heat exchange function, making battery maintenance more convenient.

What is the main features of online UPS

  • Wide input voltage range

Online UPS usually have a wide input voltage tolerance and can adapt to environments with a wide range of power fluctuations.

  • Adapts to a variety of load types

Online UPS is suitable for a variety of load types, including sensitive IT equipment, servers, network equipment, and critical industrial control equipment.

  • High reliability

Because online UPS provides advanced power protection, they demonstrate high reliability in critical applications. This makes it ideal for applications that require a stable power supply, such as data centers and medical facilities.

  • High efficiency capability

Although online UPS typically consumes slightly more energy than other topologies, technological advances in recent years have significantly improved the efficiency of online UPS. This allows it to maintain a high level of efficiency while providing advanced power protection.

4. Differences between online UPS and backup UPS

At present, the UPS power supply on the market is mainly divided into two categories: online UPS power supply and backup UPS power supply. They are differentiated by performance, price, and area of use.

  • Backup UPS

Backup UPS, also known as offline. When the mains are normal, the output of the mains supplies the electrical equipment through a simple voltage regulator filter, and the battery is in the charging state.

Differences between online UPS and backup UPS


When there is a power outage, the inverter works, converting the direct current supplied by the 12 volt 200ah lithium battery into a stable alternating current output to the electrical equipment.

Because the inverter does not work when the mains power is normal, it only starts to work when the battery is discharged after the mains power outage, so this UPS is called backup UPS.

  • Price

In terms of price, there are also large differences between the two UPS power supplies. In general, the power of the same brand of online UPS power supply is much higher than the backup UPS power supply price.

However, because the backup UPS power supply is not directly connected to the mains and the load, the inverter is normally closed, so the maintenance cost of the backup power supply is relatively low.

  • Application

In the field of use, the backup UPS power supply is generally small, and it is more used for temporary power supply. For household personal electricity, personal computer host, etc., the frequency and voltage are relatively stable, and the power requirement is not very high.

Online UPS power supply has a large power range from one KVA to several hundred KVA, and has a wide range of uses, from data centers, servers, elevators to commercial super power supply, etc., which can be used to meet different environmental requirements.

5. Common faults and solutions of online UPS

The online UPS power supply has high efficiency and stability, which can provide reliable power guarantees for users. UPS power supplies can be selected according to customer needs.

Common faults and solutions of online UPS


It is mainly used to provide backup power to protect the stable operation of key equipment, such as computers and communication equipment, during power outages or voltage fluctuations.

Common application scenarios include data centers, medical facilities, financial institutions, and industrial automation. At the same time, UPS power supply can also be used to enhance the reliability and stability of the grid, as well as achieve energy storage, peak regulation and other functions. Common faults and solutions include:

  • Abnormal output voltage: The output voltage may be set incorrectly or the load is too heavy. You need to adjust the voltage value or reduce the load.
  • Battery failure: The battery may be aging or damaged and needs to be replaced with a new battery.
  • Overload protection: The UPS may enter the protected state due to excessive load. The load needs to be reduced or the UPS level needs to be upgraded.
  • Abnormal input voltage: The input voltage may be too high or too low. Check the power line or replace the voltage stabilizer. If the fault indicator is on, UPS may be faulty and you need to contact after-sales service or professional maintenance personnel.
  • UPS fails to turn on: The UPS may be faulty or the battery is insufficient. You need to check and correct the fault or charge it.
  • Line interference: There may be clutter or interference signals in the input voltage, requiring the use of filters or replacing the power line.

When handling UPS power failures, follow safety regulations and ensure that operators have the appropriate skills and qualifications.

6. Conclusion

Read the above introduction, you must already know what an online UPS power supply is. The inverter in the online UPS power supply is always in working condition, so it is very stable in terms of power supply.

As an advanced uninterruptible power solution with excellent power protection and stability performance, it is suitable for a variety of application scenarios requiring high reliability and stable power quality.


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