Characteristics of the UPS power supply system in detail



As a product of a new type of technology, UPS power supply is very useful in some specific fields, and it is precisely because of this that it provides a strong guarantee for our power safety.


In order to ensure the smooth progress of digital construction, the use of highly reliable UPS power supply schemes is the most effective and reliable power solution.

1. What is the UPS power supply

UPS system is an uninterruptible power supply system. It is a kind of power protection equipment containing energy storage device, inverter as the main component, voltage and frequency stabilization.

The UPS power supply is a high-quality, high-reliability independent power supply. It is a static uninterruptible battery power supply device. It can provide high-quality backup power for computers or other computer products. Automatically switch to UPS power supply in the event of a sudden power failure that the computer may face, ensuring that important data is not lost.

2. How the UPS power supply works

The UPS power supply operates in four ways: normal operation, battery operation, bypass operation and bypass maintenance. The operating mode of UPS power supply mainly includes three operating modes: double machine parallel, double machine separation, and master-slave series.

UPS power supply can play a huge role in power protection to avoid electrical damage caused by power failure problems. In addition, its unique power conversion function can also play the role of emergency energy supply.

For example, when we urgently need electricity, there is a power outage. We were able to use the UPS power supply as an energy supply device. However, we need to note that the UPS power supply itself has a certain capacity, so it cannot be used as a power supply for a long time.

3. The role of the UPS power supply

In the application of computer and network system, it mainly plays two roles: one is emergency use, to prevent sudden power failure of the power grid and affect the normal work, causing damage to the computer system.

The role of the UPS power supply


The second is to eliminate "power pollution" such as power surges, instantaneous high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, transient overvoltage, wire noise and frequency offset on the municipal power grid. Improve power quality and provide high-quality power to computer systems.

Scientific and reasonable use of UPS to make UPS in good working condition, can extend its service life, reduce the operation failure rate. In the event of a power outage, it can urgently replace the mains power and supply power to the equipment, just like emergency lighting equipment.

UPS uninterruptible power supply systems do not only operate when there is a power outage. The above mentioned mains anomalies, including the mains voltage being too low, too high, spikes, etc., can suppress the power supply regulation, which is enough to make the equipment operate normally. Therefore, the uninterruptible power supply system can bring a full range of protection to the user.

4. Features of portable lithium battery UPS power supply

The lithium battery UPS power supply in the prior art mainly adopts the method of fixed cabinet. The downside include:

  • Do not assemble at will
  • Inconvenient to move
  • Not easy to install and service
  • High manufacturing and repair costs
  • Unsatisfactory needs

The devices of the UPS lithium battery power supply are all independently set and can be moved separately. Each portable lithium battery UPS uninterruptible power supply device is equipped with a charge and discharge management module, which can independently carry out charge and discharge management.

Features of portable lithium battery UPS power supply


Only simple circuit connection plugs are required for connection between the chassis, and a large number of signal and control lines are no longer required. A single portable UPS uninterruptible power supply unit is simple and fast when connecting multiple groups of portable lithium battery energy storage devices.

The portable lithium battery UPS mobile AC power has a life of 1500-2000 times, which is safer and more durable. It is very suitable for use in electric power, railways, coal mines and other field maintenance tests without AC power supply. The lithium battery module provides DC power to the charge and discharge module and the energy storage module through the DC power conversion module.

The portable lithium battery energy storage device is connected to the UPS uninterruptible power supply control host as a cathode voltage battery pack and an anode pressure battery pack. The volume and weight of the portable lithium battery UPS uninterruptible power supply device are greatly reduced. It is more conducive to the capacity expansion of the mobile UPS power supply and the handling of the mobile UPS power supply.

5. Application of portable outdoor power bank

Portable lithium battery UPS is used in photovoltaic solar energy storage, energy storage power stations, home energy storage, etc. When selecting the best power solution for a portable UPS, its total cost and overall performance must be evaluated. The high voltage characteristics of lithium-ion technology can reduce battery usage, thereby reducing the cost of battery packs to roughly comparable to batteries using nickel technology.

Application of portable outdoor power bank


In addition, lithium-ion battery suppliers are constantly using new materials to reduce battery costs. Lithium-ion batteries have potential advantages due to their small size, light weight, high energy, long cycle life, good durability, high voltage and good heat resistance. UPS manufacturers can take advantage of these features to broaden the market for their products and ultimately bring benefits to consumers.

Energy storage electric portable lithium battery UPS is designed for outdoor emergency, the product adopts a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage backup, small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be used in emergency rescue, emergency power supply, backup power and other use scenarios, for various emergency scenarios to provide reliable power supply guarantee.

6. UPS battery power alarm situation

Uninterruptible UPS power supply products are important application products of modern power equipment, using modern and most advanced technology. By adding the alarm system to the UPS power supply, it can well provide alarms to managers in the event of machine failure. So what are the types of uninterruptible power supplies? How to solve the power alarm.

● Uninterruptible power supply alarm classification

General fault alarm Observe the UPS uninterruptible power supply panel indicator and check the current status of the UPS power supply according to the instructions. Observe the display to read faults detected and displayed by the UPS power supply. Other line fault alarms The connection line between the charger and the battery pack is broken and short-circuited.

● Protective action of the output loop

  • Broken wires between batteries
  • Emergency output of open and short circuits of main lines and branch connections
  • The main input power supply fails or the rectified input switch is disconnected

● Overheating or fan failure

When the control system, inverter power module or rectifier power module of the power supply overheats due to ambient temperature or fan failure, the power supply is protected.

UPS battery power alarm situation


● Battery low voltage

Boot battery low voltage alarm. It is normal to press the mute button to mute the sound. The battery switch is disconnected, the mains input is abnormally rectifier turned off, and there is no charging voltage.

● UPS battery overload

It means when the UPS batteries overload, the power is larger than the rated output power, and the power supply alarms. When the power supply alarms, reduce the load. Otherwise, the power supply will automatically turn into the protection state of the whole machine.

● Battery discharge

When the battery is discharged at low voltage, the alarm sounds immediately, and after about 90 seconds, the alarm sound automatically stops. When the battery is discharged to a critical termination voltage close to the battery, the alarm sound sounds again.

● Overloaded inverter output

The load exceeds the rated power of UPS uninterruptible power supply by 120%, and the inverter can supply power to the load for 1 minute, and then the whole machine is protected.

7. The solution of UPS power supply alarm

When the UPS has an abnormal condition, the alarm sends out alarm information and timely notifies the current working state. When the alarm and UPS are connected correctly, connect the alarm power supply to the mains. The power indicator on the main panel of the alarm will turn bright, indicating that the alarm has started working.

The solution of UPS power supply alarm


Usually, you should be familiar with the characteristics of the UPS you use, and you can calmly deal with the situation. The alarm sound of different UPS power supply reflects the problems of UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment.

Therefore, when using UPS uninterruptible power supply, there is an alarm sound, and its law should be observed. Troubleshoot whether the UPS uninterruptible power supply is faulty and standardize the use of UPS uninterruptible power supply.

8. Conclusion

With people's increasing dependence on various electronic devices, computer rooms in many important places need to provide temporary UPS power supply to ensure power supply. UPS power supply is suitable for a variety of occasions and equipment, and the maximum on-load power and maximum on-load power can be arbitrarily extended.


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