Decode battery swapping trucks development and solutions



If you want to understand the battery swapping trucks industry, the first thing you need to understand is the heavy duty truck that this industry serves. Whether it is the gradually booming new energy industry, or supporting charging and battery swapping services, it is all about improving truck operation in specific scenarios.


The ultimate goal is to save energy and increase efficiency, and promote the healthy development of the market. This article focuses on battery swapping trucks.

1. The main application scenarios of trucks

At present, trucks are widely used in thermal power plants, mines, freight ports, urban construction, short-line logistics and transportation. From these scenarios, it can be found that the current application range of new energy trucks is only suitable for short and medium-distance transportation.

If you want to carry out long-distance transportation, you do not have the corresponding conditions at present, and the infrastructure of each region, as well as the range of vehicles, etc., still need to be developed in the long run.

2. Why do you need battery swapping trucks

From the source, the battery swap service is the final demand determined through continuous research and exploration under the vigorous development of the new energy truck industry.

From a policy point of view, battery swapping trucks is a product of demand driven by policy support and market economy. From the user's point of view, battery swapping trucks is convenient, fast, clean energy, low cost of use, and can obtain greater benefits.


Why do you need battery swapping trucks


From the market point of view, battery swapping trucks can carry out more scene construction. It is better to check battery swap station site selection first. Because battery swapping equipment occupies a small area, the cost is low, the foundation requirements are low, the application for construction is simple, movable, can be pre-installed, and can be large-scale and rapid installation and construction.

3. The various components of battery swapping trucks

If we want to understand the battery swapping trucks, we can start from three angles.

① Swap vehicle end

Truck head: The front of a heavy truck, the front of the truck is separated from the battery.

Battery: the energy source of new energy trucks, the current common energy density in the market is 282kwh, 350kwh and 422kwh and so on.

Battery control terminal: a communication device that realizes remote monitoring of battery, 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries health analysis, wireless communication positioning, and power calculation data collection. It is often used in battery bank supervision of battery, and is also used for company monitoring of battery.

Battery swap controller: communication equipment for the interaction between the battery swap station and the vehicle, and the connecting bridge between the battery swap station and the vehicle. Through data interaction, it is controlled by the battery swap station control system to complete the automatic and manual battery swapping of the vehicle.

Battery bottom bracket (battery swap compatible core): The equipment that connects the battery and the vehicle is also the key to achieving the compatibility of the battery swap station and the vehicle.

② Battery swap station end

Shell: At present, the mainstream scheme in the market is a containerized shell, and some battery swap stations use steel structure buildings.

The various components of battery swapping trucks


Battery transfer device: It has a device that moves the battery box of the vehicle to the charging position and transfers the fully charged battery box in the battery swap station to the vehicle end. At present, the mainstream are jacking cranes and robotic arm transfers, and some are rail transportation.

Charging equipment: equipment that can meet the fast charging of the battery box, generally an external charger or a built-in charger. Sensors and monitoring devices in the battery swap station as well as a cloud video platform.

Communication power cabinet: the whole station communication and power supply equipment, equipped with UPS power supply. Ensure the normal operation of battery swapping equipment and short-term power supply in case of power failure.

Station control system: the core of the battery swap station, which coordinates the entire battery swap stroke and controls the battery swap. Interact with the battery swap controller, identify identities, run battery swaps, charge and more.

Intelligent cloud-controlled terminals: Battery swap stations will eventually become intelligent, AI-based, and unsupervised. It can not only save labor costs, but also improve the safety factor.

③ Battery swap station cloud

Video cloud platform: a platform for monitoring the situation in and around the battery swap station, realizing remote supervision and safety monitoring, and early warning and alarm.

Integrated solution for battery swapping trucks


Charging and swapping operation platform: an operation management platform that monitors charging, battery swapping, vehicle supervision, data collection and monitoring, and collects operating expenses.

Battery bank operation and management platform: online monitoring of battery life cycle, usage and location information, to achieve refined 12 volt 200ah lithium battery management.

Unattended platform: remote monitoring of battery swap stations, automatic operation and management of equipment, etc.

4. The benefits of battery swapping trucks

  • Efficient and convenient

Traditional charging modes have problems such as long charging times and low efficiency. Battery swapping trucks is as simple as removing the depleted battery and replacing it with a new battery that is fully charged. The whole process takes only a few minutes to complete. It not only shortens the waiting time, but also improves the efficiency of transportation.

  • Environmental protection

With the method of separating vehicle and electricity, the owner does not need to buy a battery pack, but only needs to pay for battery use. Reduce the cost of buying a car, economic pressure. At the same time, pure electric trucks have low pollution emissions and low noise, which meets environmental protection requirements.

Why truck battery swapping can occupy the market

5. Why truck battery swapping can occupy the market

  • Economic benefits

Battery swapping trucks have an advantage over fuel trucks in terms of life cycle cost. By calculating and comparing different battery swapping stations business model, the total cost of renting a battery swapping truck, buying a battery swapping truck in battery-buying mode and the total five-year life cycle cost of a fuel vehicle.

The cost of renting and buying a battery is reduced by 11% and 21% respectively compared to that of fuel trucks. It can be seen that battery swap scenarios in each mode have economic advantages.

  • Policy benefits

New energy has entered a new stage, and new energy vehicles have entered the stage of market competition, and the price has been low and low. With the support of policies, companies can only seize the market by starting from price, service and quality.

  • Social benefits

Rational use of charging time, avoiding peak power time, reducing grid load and improving grid safety. Secondly, we can also use wind and solar storage for additional utilization and rational use of resources.

The battery swap station for battery swapping trucks to replenish power occupies a relatively small area, which can save land resources. Clean energy and the promotion of battery swapping trucks will play a very important role in promoting carbon neutrality and peaking.

6. Conclusion

With the continuous progress and maturity of technology, the battery swapping trucks mode has been significantly improved in terms of safety, reliability, and intelligence.

For example, the intelligent battery swap system can automatically identify the battery status and automatically complete battery replacement and other operations, which greatly increases convenience and safety, and the battery swapping trucks mode is expected to lead to the new trend of green logistics and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the logistics industry.


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