Best top 10 battery swap station companies in China



In the timely delivery industry, such as express delivery and takeaway, light electric vehicles are the main means of transportation and production. It was through electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers that the final deal was completed, which promoted the growth of China's domestic demand and the boom in the consumer market.


In the just-in-time delivery industry, charging difficulties and insufficient mileage are the two major problems that plague delivery. It is precisely because of this tens of millions of users market and the problems existing in this market that Tycorun has developed a complete set of battery swap systems for two-wheeled electric vehicles for travel services.

And it provides battery swap services for food delivery and couriers, and completely solves the problem of charging difficulties and insufficient mileage. Since 2016, a number of battery swap service companies have begun to appear.

At present, the companies that have formed a certain influence on battery swap services. Here are the top 10 battery swap station companies in China: Tower Energy, Dianxiaoer, Tycorun, Easy Change, Immotor , Xingda, Ningde Zhixiang, Letfun, Zhizu and Yugu.

1. The best top 10 battery swap station companies in China list




Tower Energy






Easy Change






Ningde Zhixiang







① Tower Energy

Tower Energy logo

Established date


Company location

Beijing, China

Company website

In the two and three-wheeled electric vehicle battery swapping service market, Tower Energy is a latecomer. But with sufficient funds and communication base station resources, as well as many resources, a strategic cooperation has been reached.

Tower Energy environment


According to market data, Tower Energy's battery swap business is expected to cover about 300,000 users, with nearly 20,000 battery swapping cabinets and 400,000 batteries on the market, with 60V20Ah being the most common.

Tower Energy product

② Dianxiaoer


Dianxiaoer logo

Established date


Company location

Beijing, China

Company website

Dianxiaoer focuses on the power operation service provider in the field of two-wheeled electric travel, based on the intelligent BMS for lithium ion battery and the extensive battery swap network system, providing uninterrupted power endurance services for electric travel.

Dianxiaoer environment


The company's early battery swapping cabinets and lithium batteries were relatively costly. So far, Dianxiaoer has put nearly 1,000 battery swapping cabinets, built hundreds of centralized charging stations, and put nearly 100,000 batteries on the market, mainly 60V.

Dianxiaoer product

③ Tycorun

Tycorun logo

Established date


Company location

Guangzhou, China

Company website

Tycorun is one of the best top 10 battery swap station companies in China, committed to providing excellent two-wheeler battery swap solutions. 

It has created a one-stop intelligent electric vehicle battery swap service platform, which integrates intelligent batteries inclusing 12 volt 200ah lithium battery and 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries research and development and energy storage systems, intelligent battery swap stations and platforms for safety monitoring.

Tycorun environment


It also integrates a new generation of digital technologies such as big data and the Internet into the battery swap station terminals and users, realizing the maximum utilization of battery value. Tycorun not only provides a convenient battery swap service.

What's more, the lithium battery used is more than 2 times higher than the energy density and mileage of traditional batteries, so that range anxiety no longer appears. Device stability and reliability are critical to the user's experience.

Therefore, Tycorun will establish a maintenance system, regularly inspect the equipment, and solve the problem as soon as possible. Tycorun has also developed a quality service strategy.

Tycorun product


In addition to providing convenient and fast battery swap services, we also pay attention to the problems encountered by users in the process of use and solve them in a timely manner.

This is not only the key to improving brand reputation and market reputation, but also an important way to attract more users. We promise to provide users with high-quality after-sales service and welfare policies, so that users can feel satisfied and comfortable when using our battery swapping cabinets.

④ Easy Change

Easy Change logo

Established date


Company location

Jiangsu, China

Company website

Easy Change is one of the earliest and largest battery swap operating companies in China. As a company focusing on two-wheeled electric vehicles, Easy Change has independently developed and designed an intelligent battery swap network system to meet the travel needs of users with battery swap services.

Easy Change environment


At present, Easy Change has been continuously operating in more than 30 cities and has received good market feedback. The actual number of battery swapping cabinets on the market is in the thousands, and the number of lithium batteries on the market is more than 100,000 sets.

Easy Change product


Compared with other battery swap service brands, the company has been using lithium iron phosphate batteries in large quantities since the beginning of 2018, avoiding the shortcomings of poor safety and short life of ternary lithium batteries, and the company's battery products are mainly 48V models.

⑤ Immotor

Immotor  logo

Established date


Company location

Shenzhen, China

Company website

Immotor fully focuses on the intelligent battery swap network, builds a green energy intelligent service platform, and officially launched the "e-battery swap" intelligent battery swap business in 2018.

Immotor environment


Counting the financing process of Immotor, aside from some marketing aspects, among the battery swap service companies, it is the fastest in terms of financing, and the cumulative financing amount is also the largest.

Immotor product


Because of the relatively strong financial support, the number of battery swapping cabinets put into e-swapping in various places is close to 10,000, and the number of batteries put into the battery should be about 200,000 sets.

⑥ Xingda

Xingda logo

Established date


Company location

Beijing, China

Company website

Xingda is an early mobility service company. In the electric two-wheeler battery swap service market, Xingda has been investing and improving its products in the early stage, and it was not until 2019 that it was promoted on a large scale in major cities.

Xingda products


According to public information, Xingda purchases Greatpower's pouch cell in large quantities to make battery packs, and the battery products are mainly 60V.

Xingda product


The layout of battery swapping cabinets has been carried out in 140 cities in China, and the number of batteries put into the market is about 15~200,000 sets, which has basically achieved breakeven.

⑦ Ningde Zhixiang

Ningde Zhixiang logo

Established date


Company location

Fujian, China

Company website

Since its establishment, Ningde Zhixiang has been building battery swap stations and deploying energy networks for two-wheeled electric vehicles in China, launching the "hello" battery swap service.

Ningde Zhixiang environment


In 2020, Ningde Zhixiang announced that it and CATL will cooperate in the research and development of smart product technology. With years of bike-sharing and motorcycle-sharing locations across China, Ningde Zhixiang has a wide user base in the electric two-wheeler market.

Ningde Zhixiang product


Therefore, since its birth, battery swap has aimed at a larger market, and most of the services of other battery swap brands are obviously different. Although it started late, Ningde Zhixiang can open up all links such as capital, batteries, vehicles, battery swap cabinets, and users to achieve integrated operation, and has the most development potential among battery swap service brands.

⑧ Letfun

Letfun logo

Established date


Company location

Hangzhou, China

Company website

Letfun is an innovation and exploration company focusing on the field of shared travel, and is committed to building a first-class short-distance shared motorcycle service platform in China.

Letfun environment


Realize the optimization and sharing of travel resources, and provide travel services for hundreds of millions of users. After 10 years of development, Letfun has more than 30 invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.

Letfun product


Today, the competition in the two-wheeled travel market is still fierce, and the all-round and multi-regional market layout has been completed. At present, Letfun promotes the vigorous and orderly development of shared travel.

⑨ Zhizu

Zhizu logo

Established date


Company location

Anhui, China

Company website

Zhizu is a service provider that provides logistics "terminal distribution" integrated intelligent equipment and Internet of Vehicles software for vehicle electric cabinets.

Zhizu product


It focuses on providing comprehensive services such as special vehicles for terminal distribution and intelligent battery swapping, offline maintenance services, IOT smart cloud management platform, and customer financial solutions.

Zhizu products

⑩ Yugu

Yugu logo

Established date


Company location

Zhejiang, China

Company website

Yugu is a secure and intelligent charging and battery swapping service provider based on IoT applications. Using intelligent hardware technology, we focus on the new infrastructure and operation of the safe and intelligent charging and swapping network of electric bicycles, and innovate and develop electric bicycles.

Yugu products


It not only solves the problem of safe charging, but also improves the capacity and efficiency of terminal distribution, and provides efficient and innovative energy services for residents' local life. It is a competitive brand in the charging pile industry and a consumer satisfaction brand.

Yugu product


Yugu has won the Influential Brand Award in China's battery swap industry for many years. The company has software and hardware development, manufacturing, landing and operation services.

2. Conclusion

After two or three years of rapid development, a relatively mature industrial chain and stable user groups have gradually been formed, and many competitive battery swap service brands have also emerged. This article is a comprehensive analysis of China's best top 10 battery swap station companies.

In terms of industrial chain support, as many lithium battery companies enter this segment, the cost of batteries has dropped significantly. With the large-scale popularization of battery swapping cabinets, the cost of battery swapping cabinets has also decreased significantly.

After several years of exploration, batteries, battery swapping cabinets, mobile phone apps, and remote data platforms have gradually matured. Relying on the advantages of local services, large-scale applications have been realized.


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