Understanding Tycorun two-wheeled motorcycle battery swapping solution



Affected by environmental protection, energy saving and other factors, more and more users choose two-wheeled electric vehicles as a means of transportation. However, with the development of two-wheeled electric vehicles, the problem of energy replenishment has also followed, and range anxiety has become a problem for many users of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

Especially for industries that emphasize timeliness, such as instant delivery and takeaway, the charging mode takes a long time and is difficult to meet the demand for energy replenishment. There is difference between battery swap vs charging.

Based on this, the battery swap mode with faster energy replenishment speed and higher safety ushered in an explosion. At the same time, with the rising demand for battery swapping for two-wheeled vehicles, the huge opportunities contained in it have also attracted many companies to lay out the battery swap market.

1. Huge battery swap market size

According to the data, the market size of two-wheeled electric vehicles is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, and the growth rate is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2025. The two-wheeled electric vehicle battery swap market is still very hot.

Huge battery swap market size


In fact, before this, many companies, including Tycorun, aimed at and developed the field of two-wheeled electric vehicles, such as in 2019, Tycorun began to carry out battery swap business. Today Tycorun has become one of the top 10 battery swap station companies in China.

2. Tycorun one-stop battery swapping service

  • Relying on site resources, the business can be quickly implemented

The importance of battery swap station location is self-evident to battery swap service operators, and Tycorun has base station sites in multiple regions, and has great potential for sharing in terms of battery swap station location and power introduction.

With the help of these base station resources, the battery swap network can also be built at a faster speed.

  • Launched integrated battery swap products to solve the problem of battery swapping

In terms of products, it has launched integrated battery swap products such as "intelligent battery swap cabinet, 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries, and battery swap APP intelligent operation platform" for customers, and continues to upgrade battery swap services.

In addition to the basic battery swap service, Tycorun is also able to customize special vehicles according to different scenarios, thus providing high-quality vehicle-electricity integration services for food delivery riders and couriers.

Tycorun one-stop battery swapping service

  • Continuously improve services and optimize customer experience

In addition to upgrading innovative products, Tycorun also strives to be the best in service. For example, Tycorun provides 24×7 response service for battery swap users, so that it can quickly respond to and solve problems encountered by battery swap users in the process of use.

3. The continuous development of the battery swapping stations business

Battery swapping has also become a leading technology in the field of two-wheeled vehicle battery swapping. The technical advantages of the best battery swap station system have boosted the development of its two-wheeled vehicle battery swap business.

Battery swapping adheres to the drive of innovative technology, continues to deepen in the field of technology, and continuously increases investment in technology and operation.

Thanks to its technical expertise, Tycorun has built a smart energy network platform. The smart energy network platform consists of five modules: 12 volt 200ah lithium battery, battery swapping cabinet, energy Internet of Things management system, APP and big data platform, and the whole platform is independently developed, produced and operated.

Actively build an energy supply network to alleviate users' anxiety about energy supply. The coverage density of the battery swap station has a particularly obvious impact on the user's energy replenishment experience, in order to solve the user's mileage anxiety.

The continuous development of the battery swapping stations business


In addition, Tycorun also has an independent factory, which can not only effectively reduce costs, but also ensure the development and manufacturing of intelligent battery swapping cabinets.

With the continuous improvement of Tycorun's technology and services, the development of battery swap business is also advancing by leaps and bounds. More and more customers choose us.

4. User field and battery swap platform

There is still a lot of room for growth in two-wheeled electric vehicles, and the battery swap mode has been accepted by more and more users.

As far as the current situation is concerned, with the development of new technologies, the scale and user acceptance of the battery swap market are gradually improving, and there is great potential, and the battery swap market has become a key layout area for many companies.

In the field of two-wheel battery swapping, it can also broaden the original product range. Competition in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry is anxious, and products have become one of the key points of competition.

It can solve the user's mileage anxiety, accurately meet the needs of users, and further expand the scope of its product coverage. With its profound technical strength and manufacturing experience, Tycorun has launched a series of electric vehicles and launched a smart battery swapping platform.

It not only launched a battery swap platform, but also launched products supporting electric vehicles, and improved the layout of the battery swap network for electric vehicles by continuously building battery swap stations.

User field and battery swap platform


As demand for two-wheel electric vehicles continues to rise, the two-wheel electric vehicle battery swap industry is also showing a positive trend. Despite this, it has to be mentioned that the challenges of battery replacement for two-wheel electric vehicles are still severe.

On the one hand, there is a lack of unified standards for battery replacement of two-wheeled electric vehicles, and it is difficult to promote. In fact, both the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry and the electric vehicle industry have a lack of uniform battery standards.

The models and specifications of the batteries are also different, which makes it more difficult to popularize and promote the battery swap mode of two-wheel electric vehicles.

The vast majority of consumers have developed the habit of adopting charging modes, and they do not have a strong demand for fast energy replenishment, so it is difficult to change consumers' charging habits in a short period of time.

In addition, the battery swapping of two-wheeled electric vehicles faces the dual challenges of cost and profitability. Battery swapping for two-wheeled vehicles is undoubtedly a heavy asset investment, and the cost of laying battery swap infrastructure is high, and the laying density of battery swap infrastructure will also have a direct impact on the user's battery swap experience products.

In addition, in the follow-up operation process, battery swap companies still need to make capital investment to maintain operation. However, the current penetration rate of battery swapping is not high.

5. Conclusion

In general, the outbreak of the two-wheeled electric vehicle battery swap industry is both an opportunity and a challenge, although Tycorun have made certain achievements in the field of two-wheeled vehicle battery swapping, but in the face of CATL and other competitors with their own advantages, they can not take it lightly, and still need to continue to consolidate their competitiveness.


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