Top 10 best power battery companies in the world



Lithium batteries have played an important role in the global economic development, and its market size is also growing rapidly. The global power lithium battery production capacity is mainly concentrated in China, Japan and South Korea in the Asian region. The world's top ten power lithium battery companies are also dominated by these three countries, accounting for 92% of the production capacity. This article lists the latest top 10 best power battery companies in the world and their best power battery products.

Top 10 best power battery companies and products in the world



Total market value: 1183.723 billion RMB

Company website:

CATL was established in 2011 and has been one of the power battery companies in the world. Its customers include Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and other well-known large car companies. On June 23, 2022, CATL released Kirin battery (third-generation CTP technology).

As a best power battery, the Kirin battery adds a water-cooled plate between the two cells, which reduces the heat conduction between the two adjacent cells and prevents thermal runaway. Second, it can meet high-voltage fast charging, and 4C charging is not difficult, and it will be available in the market next year. Third, the battery life can be greatly improved, because the water-cooled plate has a buffering effect. Fourth, the specific energy is improved, and the Kirin battery can increase the utilization space. Compared qilin vs 4680, the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate system is 160wh/kg, and the ternary high-nickel can reach 250wh/kg, which is 30% more than the 4680 battery.



Total market value: 992.7 billion RMB

Company website:

BYD was established in 1995 and grew into the world's second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in 2003. In terms of power batteries, as one of the top 10 best power battery companies, BYD will rank second in the world from January to November 2022. Major customers include State Grid of China, China General Nuclear Power, Chevron of the United States, Fenecon of Germany, A-style of Japan, etc.

The blade battery is a battery product released by BYD on March 29, 2020. The battery uses lithium iron phosphate technology. However, the shape of the blade battery is completely different from that of the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery. The blade battery is a flattened single cell, which is long and thin, a bit like a blade, so it is called a blade battery. By changing the structure of the battery pack, BYD's blade batter, one best power battery, improves the utilization rate of the space inside the pack, which can greatly improve the recombination efficiency of the battery cells, which also means that the energy density of the battery pack can be increased.

Moreover, lithium iron phosphate batteries are not frost-resistant, and their poor low-temperature performance is a well-known shortcoming in the industry. However, BYD's blade batteries can still maintain a discharge capacity of 90% at minus 20 degrees Celsius. Not only that, but in the case of low temperature and low SOC, it performs better than ternary lithium. The blade battery not only retains the advantages of the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery, such as high safety, good high temperature resistance, long life, high charge and discharge rate, and low cost.

At the same time, its battery volume ratio energy density has been greatly improved, and its performance in low temperature environments is also very stable. In this way, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries after making up for the two major shortcomings of energy density and low temperature resistance are very obvious. The blade battery also passed the battery acupuncture test and successfully challenged the 46-ton heavy truck rolling test, featuring super safety, super strength, super battery life, and super life.

③ LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution

Total market value: 93.83 trillion KRW

Company website:

LG Energy Solution is a subsidiary of South Korea's LG Group, and its installed capacity from January to November 2022 ranks third in the world. Provide power battery products for Volkswagen, GM, Daimler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Audi, Porsche, Renault, Tesla and other car brands.

Focusing on the market's demand for new energy vehicles with high mileage and high safety, LG Energy Solution in top 10 best power battery companies in the world is the first in the industry to realize the mass production of quaternary lithium batteries (NCMA) with nickel and cobalt content. The high-nickel quaternary lithium battery with aluminum added has the advantage of high energy density.

Compared with ternary 8-series materials, it will greatly reduce the peak value of the discharge heat flow and increase the peak temperature, so it has excellent thermal stability. LG Energy Solution's next-generation quaternary battery technology can achieve a range of 650 kilometers on a single charge. At the same time, the highlight of this technical solution is that on the basis of a high energy density of more than 300wh/kg, through advanced thermal management technology, it can realize super fast charging, and it can travel 280 kilometers in 5 minutes. It can fundamentally solve the mileage anxiety common to current new energy users.

④ Panasonic


Total market value: 20.584 billion USD

Company website:

Panasonic is currently the only top 10 best power battery company in Japan, and its main customers are Tesla, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, etc. Panasonic's main best power battery products are cylindrical batteries, and 4680 is its latest battery product. Unlike the soft-pack or square battery cells used by traditional car brands, the cylindrical shape has gaps in the module or battery pack due to its shape, and the space efficiency is relatively poor.

However, there are also many advantages, such as stability, fast heat dissipation, and low cost. Compared with the 2170 battery of the previous generation, the 4680 battery has greatly increased the battery volume, and the unit capacity has increased by 5 times. The interior also adopts a poleless ear design, which helps to reduce internal resistance and heat generation, thereby bringing better energy consumption performance and charging performance to the vehicle.

In addition, Tesla also adopts a structured battery pack design, which eliminates the internal modules and is directly composed of batteries, which brings higher space utilization and improves the energy density of the entire battery pack. There will be about 960 cells in the battery pack, which is greatly reduced compared to the previous generation, thereby reducing the burden on the battery management system.

⑤ SK On


Total market value: 16.23 trillion KRW

Company website:

SK On is a battery subsidiary of the Korean company SK Innovation. It is one of the top 10 best power battery companies in the world. Its main customers are well-known automakers such as Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and BAIC. SK On has always been one of the leading companies in the global pouch battery industry, and has developed the best power battery SF battery (Super Fast Battery, super fast battery).

SK On has applied its unique coating technology to greatly reduce electrical resistance and come up with a new battery material that increases charging speed. For the one best power battery, SF batteries, the battery life is not affected by fast charging, and the cycle life can reach 1,000 times. SK On said this is the result of the company's rigorous testing. SK On completed the development of the SF battery in 2019. In 2021, an electric model equipped with the SF battery will debut on the market. The company now aims to make a battery that can be quickly charged within 10 minutes.

⑥ Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI.webp

Total market value: 37.38 trillion KRW

Company website:

Samsung SDI is a subsidiary of South Korea's Samsung Group, one of the best power battery companies in the world and one of the lithium battery companies in the world. Its main customers include Tesla, Samsung, Ford, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, and Fiat.

The exterior of the Samsung SDI battery, a best power battery, forms a very ideal prismatic lithium battery case in order to achieve the minimum packaging space. In addition, there is no need to additionally increase the structure of the cooling module. Samsung SDI's prismatic lithium-ion battery, because the outside of the prism can be designed to keep the internal air pressure stable, the selection of cathode, anode and electrolyte materials is not subject to any restrictions.

Therefore, in order to obtain greater energy density, prismatic batteries can choose a wider range of materials than any other form of battery. Samsung SDI prismatic lithium-ion batteries have the highest level of built-in safety devices in the industry. Safety is the most important factor in battery production, because batteries rely on the reaction of some volatile chemicals to discharge, and some batteries have high energy density.



Registered capital: 1.506456558 billion RMB

Company website:

CALB is one of the world's top 10 best power battery companies. It was established in 2015 and listed on the Hong Kong stock market on October 6, 2022. It has established business contacts with GAC, Xiaopeng, Changan, Leap, Geely, Co-creation, Dongfeng, Honda, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Chery and other car companie.

CALB has developed the best power battery One-Stop high-manganese iron lithium battery, which has the following characteristics. One is better safety. It adopts TPP2.0 thermoelectric separation technology to ensure the robustness of system safety. Second, the amount of rare metals used has been greatly reduced, including the amount of nickel, cobalt, and lithium, helping everyone to obtain lower purchase costs under the same conditions.

The energy density of the battery pack has reached 180 Wh/kg, and the energy density retention rate has exceeded 80% of the mileage, supporting the entire vehicle to reach 700 kilometers. However, these premises are still based on the premise that the height of the battery pack is about 110 mm. If it is made higher, it will have higher energy density and longer mileage. At the same time, in terms of user cost, CALB achieves less bumps, a 7% reduction in height, and a higher ground clearance.



Total market value: 71.932 billion RMB

Company website:

GOTION HIGH-TECH was established in 2006 and listed in May 2015. It is one of the the world's top 10 best power battery companies. Major customers include JAC, SAIC, GM, Wuling, Chery, BAIC and other large automakers.

Mastering the best power battery semi-solid battery of GOTION HIGH-TECH has a slight advantage on the road of solid-state battery. Compared with current lithium-ion batteries, semi-solid lithium batteries are smaller, more stable and safer. To put it simply, the cost of semi-solid batteries is only one-third of the batteries used in existing electric vehicles, but the energy density is higher, which can double the mileage of electric vehicles on a single charge, and the flexible characteristics also make them safer.

⑨ Sunwoda


Total market value: 47.434 billion RMB

Company website:

Sunwoda was established in 1997. Sunwoda originally made lithium battery modules, strictly speaking, it was an OEM. The company's main customers are Apple, Philips, Amazon, Lenovo, OPPO, BBK, Haier, SanDisk, Topstar, ASUS Linghaida, Ocean King, Mindray and other world-renowned companies.

SFC480 super fast charging battery is the first mass-produced super charging battery independently developed by Sunwoda and it is a best power battery. It has breakthrough innovations in materials, technology and structure. Sunwoda starts from two aspects of liquid cooling and battery technology. SFC480 adopts a 3D liquid cooling technology with higher heating and heat dissipation efficiency and low-temperature charging efficiency.

At the same time, the non-connector design of the Sunwoda SFC480 battery is similar to that of a large cylindrical battery, and the tab transfer is eliminated. The overall design can reduce the internal resistance of the battery by 3%, and the temperature rise can be reduced by 2.5 degrees Celsius under the same supercharging current. The SFC480 super fast charging battery will be mass-produced this year, with a maximum charging power of 480 KW, a cruising range of 700 kilometers on a single charge, and a 200-kilometer cruising range for 5 minutes of charging.



Total market value: 202.601 billion RMB

Company website:

EVE was established in 2001 and was among the first to be listed on the Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market in 2009. At present, EVE's main customers include Xpeng, Dongfeng, GAC, GAC, Universiade, Hyundai Kia, Daimler, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch and other global leading car companies.

The 4695 large cylindrical battery has an energy density of 350Wh/kg, can achieve 9min ultra-fast charging and 500-1000km battery life, its production cycle is less than 7 days, the manufacturing efficiency is increased by 30%, and the manufacturing cost is reduced by 50%. It is a best power battery product. At the same time, the company released a new cylindrical "π" battery system.

The accumulative output of the company's fully automatic pilot line has reached 500,000 batteries, with an overall excellent rate of 92%, overcoming technical difficulties such as flattening, welding, and liquid injection of all poles. The first large cylindrical 20GWh factory is about to be completed in Jingmen, Hubei, and will realize the mass production of the first generation of 280Wh/kg large cylindrical lithium battery products.


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