Photovoltaic junction box industry development status and trend



The photovoltaic module junction box is a connection device between the solar module array and the solar cell control device, and is an essential part of photovoltaic power generation.


Each solar cell module needs to be equipped with a set of junction boxes and a pair of connectors, which play a key role in the connection and protecting the components.

1. Photovoltaic module junction box industry technical level

With the continuous growth of battery module power, battery conversion efficiency has also been improved year by year, and the working current in the photovoltaic system has been significantly improved.

As an important connection and protection device between 12 volt 200ah lithium battery components, the box bears the power output of photovoltaic modules and line protection, so it needs to have higher current carrying capacity. The current carrying capacity is closely related to many indexes such as heat dissipation, conduction efficiency and reliable tolerance.

Therefore, photovoltaic module junction box manufacturers need to keep pace with technological innovation to adapt to the rapid development of 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries technology, photovoltaic module box towards higher current carrying capacity, better heat dissipation capacity, higher system stability, lower production costs and other trends.

2. Major barriers to entry into the industry

● Technical barrier

  • Weather fastness

The junction box needs to withstand severe weather such as light, cold and hot, rain and snow outside.

  • Waterproof and dustproof

Solar photovoltaic power stations are exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, and need to withstand wind and rain, wind and sand, floating dust and other meteorological environments, and need to have a better waterproof and dustproof function.

  • Ultraviolet resistance

At high altitudes or in areas with high sunlight, ultraviolet rays can cause damage to plastic products. Therefore, the solar junction box needs to have a strong UV resistance.

Major barriers to entry into the industry

  • Heat dissipation performance

Photovoltaic power stations are generally built in areas with sufficient light, the ambient temperature is high, and the photovoltaic module generates heat during power generation operation, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the overall circuit.

The automatic protection device in the box must be below a certain temperature to play the role of automatic protection. Therefore, the heat dissipation capacity is required. Once the temperature is too high, the automatic protection device will lose its effect, threatening the safety of the overall photovoltaic system. It is difficult to obtain the above technology in a short time, and the industry needs certain technical requirements.

● Barriers to market development

The module box plays a key role in the connection and protection of the photovoltaic system, and the long-term stability of the product is one of the core indicators. Based on the consideration of the safety of photovoltaic system operation, we tend to choose companies with a certain reputation in the industry and long-term deep cultivation in this field, and maintain long-term stable cooperative relations with them.

The foundation of trust between the two sides is based on the process of long-term cooperation. As a result, new companies struggle to compete for quality customers.

3. Photovoltaic junction box industry development opportunities

The policy environment is conducive to the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry. Wind energy, solar photovoltaic and nuclear energy account for a considerable proportion.

And solar photovoltaic industry with its advantages of clean environmental protection has become one of the most promising new energy technologies globally recognized. In this context, governments have introduced favourable policies to encourage the development of the solar photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic junction box industry development opportunities


It is necessary to put the promotion of new energy and clean energy development in a more prominent position, and actively and orderly development of solar photovoltaic and other renewable energy.

4. Battery technology is driving innovation

The development of battery module technology promotes the update iteration of box products. As the power of the solar battery module continues to increase, the operating current within the photovoltaic system increases significantly.

The current development trend of battery components includes the large size of silicon wafers, and the use of double-sided/double-glass, half-chip, multi-main gate (MBB), filling and other processes in the component packaging link. The development of battery technology in different technology paths also makes module power increase significantly.

With the continuous development of photovoltaic industry technology and semi-immersed, double-sided glass and so on. In the application of high-efficiency and high-power modules, the increase in current will affect the box of the photovoltaic module and the diodes inside it.

Photovoltaic module box is a very important connection and protection equipment between battery modules, and its quality and stability greatly affect the revenue of photovoltaic power stations. If the working current exceeds the current carrying capacity of the box, short circuits will occur, reducing the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic system, and seriously causing fire damage to the system.

Battery technology is driving innovation


Therefore, the box of the photovoltaic module needs to have a higher current carrying capacity, and the current carrying capacity is closely related to a number of indicators such as heat dissipation, conduction efficiency, and reliable tolerance.

From the perspective of the development trend of the industry, the mainstream products of the photovoltaic module junction box market gradually change from the single junction box to the split junction box, the split junction box is smaller than the single junction box, the material consumption is less, the current carrying capacity is stronger, and the heat dissipation capacity is better, becoming the mainstream type of the market, in line with the trend of the development of photovoltaic modules with high power.

5. China photovoltaic power generation industry market development trend

  • High concentration of each link of the industry
  • More large size, high power products and affordable photovoltaic access
  • Diversified photovoltaic application scenarios
  • Increasing proportion of distributed pv system 

Based on the wide distribution of light resources and the application flexibility of photovoltaic power generation, the cross-border integration trend of China's photovoltaic power generation in application scenarios and different industries has become increasingly prominent in recent years.

China photovoltaic power generation industry market development trend


In a variety of application modes, distributed PV has obvious advantages over centralized PV in terms of consumption and electricity price, and the business model of self-use and surplus electricity online well guarantees its electricity consumption and comprehensive electricity price level.

6. Conclusion

In the future, on the one hand, with the further reduction of costs and the increase of efficiency after technological innovation, the demand for efficient products is increasing. On the other hand, the technological progress of the industry is accelerating.

And the research and development strength is weak and can not achieve technological upgrading and is gradually eliminated by the industry. The concentration of the photovoltaic industry is expected to increase further, and competition will be more obvious.


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