Best top 5 solar junction box companies in China



The solar junction box is an important component of the photovoltaic module, which is the connector between the solar cell array composed of solar cell modules and the solar cell charging control device. The solar module junction box is very important in the composition of solar modules.

And its main role is to connect the power generated by solar cells with external lines. This article mainly analyzes top 5 solar junction box companies in China.


The junction box consists of three parts: box, cable and connector. Due to the application of solar junction box, it mainly has the following requirements for shell materials:

  • It has good anti-aging and UV resistance.
  • It can be used in harsh outdoor environments and is resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • It has excellent heat dissipation mode, reasonable internal cavity volume to reduce internal temperature, and meets electrical safety requirements.
  • Good waterproof and dustproof function.

At present, the insulation materials of solar junction box shells include PPO, PC, etc., of which PPO is the mainstream material. China is currently a large country in the photovoltaic industry, and there are many supporting companies, such as related junction boxes and connectors. The following is the introduction of top 5 solar junction box companies in China.

1. Top 5 solar junction box companies in China list




Baoding Yitong


Zhonghuan Sunter







① Baoding Yitong

yitong logo

Established date

June 29, 2005

Company location

Hebei, China

Registered capital

60 million RMB

Company website

Baoding Yitong is a leading company of supporting materials and technical services for photovoltaic modules in China. Annual production capacity is 6 GW, and cumulative shipments exceed 25 GW. After more than 10 years of development, Baoding Yitong has formed significant competitive advantages in technological innovation, quality assurance, cost control and other aspects, and is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic materials in the industry.

yitong environment


Solar module junction boxes and semi-finished products. Solar module welding strips. R&D, design, production and sales of photovoltaic auxiliary products such as photovoltaic welding strips, bus belts and junction boxes.

yitong product


Baoding Yitong officially participated in excellent photovoltaic and equipment companies. In line with the trend of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the photovoltaic industry chain, it continues to promote product upgrading. And it also launches junction boxes for high-power and high-efficiency modules and BIPV modules.

They can play a positive role in reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of module products, thus making due contributions to promoting the cost reduction of photovoltaic power generation and affordable Internet.

② Zhonghuan Sunter

Sunter logo

Established date

September 4, 2008

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

41.8 million RMB

Company website

Zhonghuan Sunter is a national high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of solar photovoltaic module junction boxes, connectors and cables. The company's daily production capacity of complete sets of junction boxes reaches 250,000 sets. The company has a professional R&D team, which ensures the company's high-quality products.

Sunter environment


R&D and manufacturing of solar photovoltaic cells and modules. New energy technology consulting and services. Design and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power generation system equipment and accessories.

Sunter product


The company advocates the use of green energy, which will generate 2MW of electricity autonomously through solar arrays, and more than 50% of the electricity required for product production will be converted by solar energy. We will continue to innovate and continuously improve the level of solar battery technology and product quality to meet the market demand for green and energy-saving products.

③ Forsol

forsol logo

Established date

July 8, 2013

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

55.654971 million RMB

Company website

Forsol is involved in import and export business. It has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of solar module junction boxes and connectors, and is a scientific and technological company committed to the development and application of new energy.

forsol environment


Production of solar panel junction boxes, connectors. Technology for solar equipment and eco-friendly materials.

forsol product


At present, the solar junction boxes and connectors developed by the company have successively obtained many important certifications in the solar industry. Through cooperation with leading top 5 solar junction box companies in China, the company's products are exported to many countries and regions around the world.

④ Boneng

boneng logo

Established date

April 24, 2012

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

12 million RMB

Company website

Boneng is a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of junction boxes and connectors for solar cell modules. The monthly production capacity is 1.5 million sets.

boneng environment


Research on optoelectronic integration technology. Solar photovoltaic products, electronic components. Single polycrystalline glue junction box, single polycrystalline glue filling junction box, thin film battery junction box, household system combiner box, low power junction box.

boneng product


The company's quality management system and health and safety management system, and the system requirements run through the whole process of product design, sales and service, establishing and enhancing the brand image of the company and products. It is not only for the home energy storage, but various types of systems.

⑤ Gzx

gzx logo

Established date

November 29, 2005

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

44.6 million RMB

Company website

Gzx is a high-tech company specializing in junction boxes, connectors, cable services for solar photovoltaic modules. Relying on advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, it ensures that the daily production capacity reaches more than 50,000 sets. In addition, the company has obtained international management system certification. Products through UL, TUV, IEC, RoHs, SGS certification.

gzx environment


Specializing in R&D and service of photovoltaic optimizers, pv inverter, junction boxes, connectors, cables and wires of solar photovoltaic modules.

gzx product


Private labels already have a large market share and a stable customer base. At the same time, the products are also exported to Europe, the United States, South Korea, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Relying on professional engineering technology and advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, we provide customers with more cost-effective products and strive to establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperative relations.

2. Conclusion

The above is the classification and analysis of China’s top 5 solar junction box companies. Solar junction boxes and connectors have led to the development of plastics, potting glue and other materials, opening up new markets for them. Small solar junction boxes and connector parts, with the development of the photovoltaic industry, have grown into a large market, worthy of the attention of China’s top 5 solar junction box companies.


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