Electric lawn mower - 4 main brand products comparison


1. Advancing rapidly trend of lithium-ionization in the field of lawn mowers

The lithium electrification rate of garden machinery has increased rapidly. The main markets of the global garden machinery industry are North America and European countries with vast living green areas, traditionally based on fuel power.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as lithium batteries, brushless motors, and intelligent electronic controls, as well as the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, the garden machinery industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation from fuel-powered to electric, and the market space is relatively large.

Compared with traditional fuel-powered garden machinery, electric garden machinery has many advantages such as cleanness, lightness, low noise, low operating cost, and no exhaust odor. It is favored by consumers and its market share is increasing year by year.

Electric garden machinery

According to the working method, garden machinery products can be divided into handheld, stepping, riding and intelligent. Among them, the hand-held type mainly includes reel lawn mowers, dryers, chain saws, pruners, etc. The stepping type mainly includes lawn mowers, snow plows, and grass combers; the riding type mainly includes large lawn mowers and farm vehicles; the intelligent type mainly includes mowing robots.

According to the type of power, garden machinery products can be divided into fuel power, AC power and DC lithium power. Among them, AC electric power garden machinery products use external power supply as the power source, and DC lithium electric power garden machinery products use portable batteries as the power source. At present, the portable batteries of DC lithium battery garden machinery products are mainly lithium batteries.

2. Lithium battery lawn mower product attributes

Lawn mower application scenarios

2.1 Basic parameters

① Brushless motor

The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, the magnetic pole rotates, and the position of the permanent magnet magnetic pole is sensed.

According to the perception, the direction of the current in the coil is switched in time to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated to drive the motor. The brushless motor removes the brush, and the most direct change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushed motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks on remote control radio equipment.

At the same time, the friction force of the motor is greatly reduced during operation, the operation is smooth, the noise and wear are effectively reduced, and the maintenance is easier. Combined with the requirements of the use scene of electric tools, the brushless motor effectively reduces the loss on the one hand, and improves the safety and reliability on the other hand.

The main loss of the traditional electric tool motor comes from the irreparable wear of the brush and rotor commutator, but after using the brushless motor, the wear of the motor itself is only concentrated on the bearing.

From a mechanical point of view, this wear is almost It can be ignored, so brushless motors increase the service life of electric tools and reduce maintenance costs, and there is a lot of room for future development.

Mulching lawn mower

② Mulching

Mulching: Cut it into pieces and put it in place. If there is a lot of grass and it is easy to get stuck, the function of mulching is actually equivalent to in-situ composting. A mulch mower is a machine that mows grass without leaving behind a large amount of clippings. Mulch mowers are designed using a special type of blade that chews up and cuts the grass clippings into very fine mulch that is then simply placed back into the lawn.

③ Working width

The working width ranges from about 30cm-55cm. The wider the better for larger venues. Correspondingly, due to the larger range of blades, the required output power and battery capacity will also be larger, so the price will be more expensive.

④ Voltage and battery capacity

Voltage is usually synonymous with product power. High voltage generally corresponds to large and wider lawn mowers. High voltage products are generally more expensive, and the larger the battery capacity (Ah), the more expensive the product.

2.2 Multi-blade design and self-propelled

Common product addition points of lawn mowers are multi-blade design (cut X, multiblade, cross cut) and self-propelled function. The multi-blade design is as shown in the figure below, using multiple blades to improve cutting efficiency. Self-propelling is usually used in products with higher battery capacity and prices. The motor provides power to the wheels of the lawn mower, and the speed can generally be adjusted to make it easier for users.

Multiblade designed lawn mower

3. Comparison of 4 major brands of electric lawn mowers


Greenworks has a rich product matrix and provides a variety of arrangement and combination options. At the same time, you can match accessories by yourself, which can further enhance the richness of free combination. The overall product price is low, and it can be felt that Greenworks's price is relatively low when the corresponding components are selected.

② Ego

The products are relatively rich, and the products use a unified 56v battery with high consistency, which makes its products all in the same battery voltage ecology, and can also use the same charger as other 56v devices of the brand. In terms of product price, it tends to be in the high-priced segment. With the same components, the price is on the high side. Most of the products of this brand use large-capacity batteries, which is in line with its product positioning. At the same time, the brand has a multi-blade design, which is a point of differentiation.

③ Ryobi

The product interface description is relatively simple, and the product promotion graphics are missing. There are not many products, mainly concentrated in the mid-priced segment. The performance is quite satisfactory in the mid-priced segment, and the cost performance is in the middle.

④ Black&decker

A product company with low cost performance. Since the brand sells gas, cable, and electric lawn mowers at the same time, electric lawn mowers are not the main business of the brand. There are only 4 products. In terms of pure cost performance, we think it is not as good as other brands.

Product price USD

4. Common specifications of lawn mower batteries

Voltage is an effective index to compare the output power of products, and it is also an index to roughly distinguish the price range of products within the brand.

  • For low-voltage products 

Greenworks provides a relatively complete range of products and information in the low-voltage lawn mower segment. Since the capacity of lawnmower batteries determine a large part of the product price, it is impossible to judge which product is better, but Greenworks' complete product information is an advantage.

Click on the picture for product details of Tycorun 12v battery


  • 40v products

40v is a widely used voltage range. Except for Ego, each company has many products in this price range, so select products with similar battery capacity parameters for comparison.

Black&decker has low cost performance. Under the same voltage, the battery capacity is lower, the working time is shorter, and there are no additional functional characteristics. So Black&decker is obviously behind.

Ryobi is comparable to Greenworks products in terms of price/performance ratio. Ryobi is more expensive because of its multi-blade design, which is more efficient. Considering this, Ryobi is comparable to Greenworks in terms of price/performance ratio.

Click on the picture for product details of Tycorun 24v battery

  • For high-voltage products

The price of Ego's 56v products is close to Greenworks' 80v products, and Greenworks' 40v products also have some high-parameter products.

In terms of price and panel parameters, Greenworks's products are cost-effective. The two brands in the first two columns both use a dual battery pack design, and the capacity of Greenworks is slightly smaller, but the price is much cheaper. The two brands in the last two columns both use single lithium ion battery packs. Greenworks has a slightly smaller capacity, but has a higher output voltage and is lighter in weight. The two brands in the last two columns also have differences in self-driving and blades.

  • Summary of the characteristics of each brand

Greenworks and Ego are leading, Ryobi is in the middle in terms of price and performance ratio, and Black&decker is lagging behind.


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