Introduction and precautions of battery chainsaw



Today, battery chainsaw is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the use of chainsaws limited by the environment and the bulkiness of chain saws, cumbersome operation.


But lithium battery chainsaw is powered by electricity, so it needs to be charged from time to time, so how long does a lithium battery chainsaw use to charge electric energy? Let's learn about lithium battery chainsaw together.

1. How battery chainsaws work

The batteries inputs electrical energy to drive the brushless motor to start. And the trigger controls the magnitude of its input current to control the speed. The brushless motor operates, the rotor rotates at high speed, outputs high speed and torque, and drives the sprocket to rotate.

The sprocket rotates at high speed, driving the saw chain to move at high speed along the guide rail of the guide plate. The precision and wear resistance of the guide rail determines the smooth movement of the saw chain. Cutting is carried out by relying on the high-speed movement of the saw chain. The sharpness of the teeth of the saw chain and the tension of the saw chain affect the efficiency of sawing.

2. Advantages of battery chainsaw

If the power cord can only be used in the case of electricity, in outdoor operation, you can choose a chain saw with a brushless motor with lifepo4 battery. Such as operation with 2 batteries, so that the use is not delayed. The charging chainsaw has the characteristics of quick start and convenient operation. The procedure is as follows:

● Enter the battery pack

The charging battery chainsaw pack is snap-fixed, plug and remove pay attention to the snap switch.

Advantages of battery chainsaw


● Press the power switch

The power indicator is on (green light). Note that you need to release the brakes before pressing the power switch. Brake pulls back to release state, pushes forward to brake state. If the brake is in the brake state, the warning indicator light is on (red light), in this case, just release the brake.

  • Press the switch lock while holding down the switch trigger.
  • Release the switch lock and the machine continues to run.
  • Release the switch trigger and the machine stops.

In addition, it should be noted that each use needs to check the oil scale to ensure that there is lubricating oil, and the oil output is tested after the machine is running to ensure that the oil output is normal. Check the mounting of guides and chains to ensure that the installation is accurate and in place.

3. How many volts is a lithium battery chainsaw

The lithium battery of the saber saw is generally 12v battery, 2500 mAh. Saber saw is a kind of sawing suitable for pipes and wood, and Chasen is equipped with the artificial engineering hand virtual finger handle design, which is very good to use.

How many volts is a lithium battery chainsaw


Most li electric saws use 5 strings of 18.5/21 volt batteries, if the voltage is too high or too low (above 24 volts or below 12 volts), it may cause abnormal work, and in severe cases, it can lead to equipment damage.

4. How long does the battery chainsaw last

The life of a battery chainsaw is generally 3-5 years, but the specific time depends on factors such as the user's charging method and environment. Generally speaking, lithium battery chainsaw can last about 2 hours, and the maximum power use is generally designed for 1 hour.

Therefore, if you need a longer use time, you can consider replacing the batteries with a larger capacity. However, this data can only be used as a reference, because there are differences in the charging method and use environment of each person's battery. The life of the li battery is estimated based on the user's charging every three days (under the ideal state of full charge and discharge).

● The duration of battery chainsaw

The use time of the electric saw is related to the size of the li battery capacity, the general equipment manufacturer will have a standard, if you want to extend the use time to replace the batteries with a large capacity, you can first check the parameters in the manual and the method of replacing the battery capacity, you can also go to the battery stores nearby.

How long does the battery chainsaw last


Generally speaking, lithium battery chainsaw can last about 2 hours. Maximum power usage is generally designed for 1 hour. If you use a power outage, you can continue to use it after a period of time. When there is a power failure in use, the power shows no power.

After removing the batteries and leaving it for 20-30 minutes, you can continue to work until the batteries are completely discharged. Continuous operation causes the batteries power to plump and cause power failure, and a certain amount of remaining power can be restored when it is placed for a period of time.

5. The correct charging method for lithium battery chainsaws

Charge according to standard times and procedures. When the machine batteries are too low prompt, you should try to charge it in time (do not wait until it automatically shuts down).

The activation of lithium batteries does not require special methods, and lithium batteries will be activated naturally in normal use of the machine. Therefore, all the pursuit of 12-hour ultra-long charging and the use of single-cell lithium batteries to automatically shut down are wrong.

6. How to maintain a battery chainsaw

When the lithium battery chainsaw is not used, the lithium battery can be taken out and stored, which can extend the service life of the battery chainsaw At the same time, it can also prevent accidental start-up and accidents. Lithium battery saws are best used after charging.

How to maintain a battery chainsaw


As far as possible, do not use while charging, which is not only more dangerous, but also the loss of the batteries are relatively large. The motor of the chainsaw needs to be checked regularly for debris, because the chainsaw has a lot of splashes when cutting, so if the motor has too much debris dust, it will also reduce the service life of the motor.

The motors of household chainsaws also need to be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, the chainsaw that is used frequently needs to be replaced with carbon brushes every six months, which can better maintain the chainsaw motor.

7. Conclusion

Because of battery chainsaw, getting rid of wiring, brand new structure, light and portable, brushless motor, strong power, can make logging life simpler. Through the above, I hope you can know the benefits of li batteries for chainsaw batteries, high battery life and safety are its advantages.


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