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With the increasing number of electric two-wheelers in China, it has reached nearly 400 million. It proves that electric two-wheeled vehicles, as a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, convenient and fast green means of transportation, are gradually gaining people's recognition and favor.


However, with the mass adoption of electric two-wheelers, some problems have gradually emerged, the most prominent of which are range anxiety and charging safety hazards.

At this time, the battery swap station system solutions are proposed. It provides an effective way to solve the problems of inconvenient charging, unsafe charging, etc. Next, we will take a complete look at the battery swap station system solutions and how it works.

1. A comprehensive introduction to the battery swap station system solutions

By promoting the business model of replacing charging and separating vehicles from electricity, the traditional energy replenishment system is changing. In this change, a number of high-quality intelligent battery swap solutions providers have emerged in various places.

Emerging battery swapping technology such as cloud collaboration, big data, and AI have been used to successfully apply these technologies to the field of battery swapping for two-wheeled vehicles. Create a closed-loop operation of intelligent and digital services, and provide more intelligent and refined smart battery swap station system solutions.

These intelligent battery swap station system solutions not only improve the battery swap experience and reduce the battery swap cost, but also effectively increase the popularity of electric bicycles and promote the construction of green travel and intelligent transportation.

A comprehensive introduction to the battery swap station system solution


Undoubtedly, these innovative battery swap station system solutions will play a greater role in the future mobility market and lead to the healthy development of the industry.

2. What does the battery swap station system solutions include

The battery swapping station is not a new concept, and it has been applied to some delivery people who rely heavily on electric vehicles a few years ago, such as takeaways and couriers.

The battery swap station is very similar to the express station in appearance, but it is not a courier, but a battery, and the user can scan the code to swap the battery of the electric vehicle with the fully charged battery in the battery swap station.

Energy replenishment can be completed in one minute, which greatly reduces the waiting time for charging. The best battery swap station system is also similar to the express station, using the Internet of things technology, mainly composed of the battery swap station terminal, battery, management background, mobile terminal and other parts.

  • Battery swapping station terminal

Used for battery storage and charging, each compartment stores one battery. There is usually a display screen on the terminal station, through which the user can know the power of all the batteries in the current battery swapping station and scan the mobile phone for rental.

What does the battery swap station system solution include

  • Admin background

The admin console can view all battery swap station sites, as well as the status, location and usage data of all batteries.

  • Mobile

Different data and interfaces are presented according to the identity of the logged-in person. Merchants can view the usage data and payment data of the battery swapping station under their management.

O&M personnel can operate and open the battery swapping station under management, replace the 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries, and check the fault. The user can rent the battery through the operation.

3. Analysis of the battery swapping cabinet platform scheme

The battery swapping station terminal is the main hardware of the whole system, which is mainly composed of the control host, storage board and many monitoring and protection modules.

Due to the storage of a large number of batteries inside the battery swapping station, charging will cause the temperature inside the box to rise, which is very prone to accidents.

In order to protect the safe and stable operation of the battery swapping station, the battery swapping station is equipped with many protective monitoring equipment, such as the installation of water immersion, smoke sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, fans, lightning protection devices, fire fighting devices, voltage detection modules, current detection modules, etc.

When there is leakage, short circuit and overload in the battery swapping station, it will automatically cut off power protection, and notify the background administrator to protect the safety of charging and electricity from all aspects.

Analysis of the battery swapping cabinet platform scheme


As the core of the battery swap station, the control host collects and transmits data, collects information such as the battery swap station, a single warehouse station, and the 12 volt 200ah lithium battery, and transmits it to the background management center to control the opening and closing status of the warehouse door.

Its internal control board has extremely strong performance, which can meet the requirements of stable operation of the battery swapping station system. It supports the connection of multi-size touch screens to realize human-computer interaction, and is convenient for users to carry out battery swap operations through the touch screen of the battery exchange station.

The display screen can also display the status of the battery swapping station, the battery status in the warehouse and play advertising graphics and videos. Support Wi-Fi module, 4G module, a variety of wireless communication methods, to ensure stable data transmission.

It supports a variety of communication protocols for remote upgrades, fault alarms and remote maintenance management. It supports multi-channel serial ports, rich interfaces, and supports the connection of cameras, sensors and various modules to realize the status monitoring and safety management of the battery swapping station.

Industrial-grade high-quality devices can be selected, and the working temperature can reach -40°C~85°C to meet the needs of long-term operation of the battery swapping station.

4. Advantages of choosing TYCORUN battery swap station system solutions

  • Reduce production costs

TYCORUN is a customized supplier with production equipment and processes, and customers can produce their own battery swapping stations/lithium battery products, so they no longer have to invest in fixed assets and pay high labor costs. At the same time, the product quality can also be guaranteed, and you can enjoy a one-stop service without worries.

  • Create your own brand

Entrust the R&D, design, and production of products to TYCORUN to achieve the lowest cost of product development, diversify the initial investment risk, and easily own your own products.

Advantages of choosing TYCORUN battery swap station system solutions

  • Operate a brand

Provide one-stop service, saving customers a series of cumbersome processes such as finding raw materials, factories, and packaging material suppliers. It allows customers to develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, concentrate on promoting the market, think about marketing plans, and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  • Customized according to needs

Matching lithium batteries of various specifications, automatic identification, compatible with ternary, iron-lithium and other types of batteries, compatible with hardware board and software board batteries.

The lithium battery is equipped with a 4G positioning communication terminal, integrated leasing operation management system, and the battery BMS data is collected to the server at all times, and the battery and the environment are monitored in real time to see if there is any abnormality.

In the event of an abnormality, the power will be cut off immediately and the O&M management personnel will be notified. It is equipped with a management platform and applet, and also supports docking to your own program or system.

  • Back-end management system

The back-end management system comprehensively digitally manages the layout of outlets, user packages and other refined management, helping customers easily manage the setting of revenue strategies and clear revenue.

  • Simple distribution management

Package/deposit setting, free control of equipment feedback, fault reminder

5. Conclusion

As one of the top 10 battery swap station companies, TYCORUN has a complete product layout and technical reserves, stable customer cooperation and a good brand reputation.

At the same time, it has a one-stop intelligent two-wheeled vehicle battery swap platform, aiming to provide users with battery swap products and services with long cruises, super stability, high safety, high intelligence, high cost performance, super convenient use and battery swap station system solutions.

The company also has a complete lithium battery recycling system and a leading new energy life cycle value chain. Provide lithium ion battery pack processing services, with a professional technical team and advanced production lines, and can provide customers with safe and reliable solutions. At the same time, we can provide OEM and ODM services, and provide customized processing and one-stop solutions according to customer needs.


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