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Batteries are one of the most important parts of your devices. They provide power to your equipment and make it possible for you to work more productive and live more enjoyable. But choosing a suitable and durable battery is usually not easy, many factors need to be considered. First of all, it is necessary to understand the performance and function of the battery. This article will provide you with detailed information about AGM battery and flooded battery in an all-round way, to help you in-depth understand the difference between AGM vs flooded battery, both of which are lead acid, which one should you buy for your appliance?

1.Are AGM batteries sealed or flooded?

Are AGM batteries sealed or flooded


Absorbed glass mat batteries are sealed units and utilize woven glass fiber separators between each cell. The electrolytes in the battery stay close to the plates, making it an ideal solution for high-drain and low-maintenance usage. AGM batteries deliver a perfect discharge/charge rate. Because the liquid inside AGM batteries is sealed, you can position the battery in more flexible orientations than a standard battery.

2.What is the main disadvantage of an AGM battery?

The disadvantages of AGM batteries are as follows:

  • AGM batteries can be susceptible to overcharging and high voltages. It means they may not be a good fit for all applications where there's no way to charge them.
  • It's important to use the correct charger for AGM batteries, which should be able to monitor amps, volts, and ambient temperatures.
  • The production of AGM batteries is expensive when AGM vs flooded battery, making them more costly to purchase.

3.Is a lithium battery a flooded battery?

Lithium batteries are sealed, and they emit no dangerous gases such as hydrogen and oxygen, and there is no danger of exposure to corrosive electrolytes such as sulfuric acid or potassium hydroxide. A wet cell (flooded) battery has an electrolyte solution that generates electrons when it reacts and is considered a lead-acid, not a lithium battery. The sulfuric acid in flooded batteries can lead to serious burns and damage to equipment while causing long-term harm to the environment. When these batteries get exposed to an opposite current, they are recharged.

Is a lithium battery a flooded battery

4.What is a AGM flooded battery?

AGM vs flooded battery, they are two different options that people often consider when purchasing a new battery for their equipment. Flooded batteries are filled with acid electrolytes and are low maintenance. They are also cheaper to manufacture and less prone to failure. AGM batteries, however, are sealed and filled with a non-spillable gel that can last for years. These batteries also come with a guarantee of maximum durability. Nonetheless, the cycle life of both batteries is not as long as that of the best lithium batteries, and their average daily cost is higher than that of lithium batteries.

5.What is the difference between a flooded battery and a AGM battery?

When focusing on the difference between AGM vs flooded battery, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the two separately. AGM batteries are maintenance-free, sealed and do not lose liquid over time. It gives the battery a longer life and increased power due to its more stable voltage than other types of batteries. AGM batteries are available in various voltages, capacities, shapes and sizes. 

Flooded batteries consist of thick plates and large separations, it is an improved design of the internal structure of conventional lead-acid batteries. The design of this battery can prevent corrosion from occurring multiple times. It can withstand several recharging cycles in direct proportion to the amperage capacity of the charging source. The electrolyte fluid is distributed in a flooded battery that surrounds the plates in a contained space.

What is the difference between a flooded battery and a AGM battery

6.How do I know if my battery is AGM or flooded ?

AGM vs flooded battery, how to distinguish between these two types of batteries? There are several ways to identify:

  • By reading manufacturer's tag on the battery

Most batteries have a label with the manufacturer's information, you can read it for more information to identify the type of battery.

  • By taking a look at the surface of battery

Suppose the label can't tell you anything about the type of battery. If it's worn off or unhelpful, you can figure out what kind of battery it is by looking at how it's built. There is a difference on the top of the battery between AGM vs flooded battery. The top of the flooded battery has a cover that can ventilate and prevent liquid splashing. Due to the evaporation and decomposition of water during use, the cover should be opened regularly to add distilled water and adjust the density of the electrolyte. Therefore, the flooded battery is also called an open battery. 

  • By shaking the battery

First, remove the battery from your device and shake it. If you feel any liquid wiggling inside the battery, you know it is a wet cell or flooded type of battery. An AGM battery wouldn't have any wiggle because it contains acid trapped in the fiberglass mats.

7.Do AGM batteries last longer than flooded?

Comparing AGM vs flooded battery, AGM batteries are tended to last longer than conventional lead acid batteries. They also hold up better when not in use because of their low self-discharge rate.But lithium-ion batteries have a lower self-discharge rate of only 3.5% per month. Proper maintenance is essential for the AGM to keep functioning properly, and with proper use it canast up to 7 years. A flooded battery has a life of around 3-5 years only. As mentioned above, lithium batteries have a longer life and can be cycled 4000 times on the premise of one charge and discharge per day, that is, 10 years (4000/365≈10.96).

8.Can you use a flooded battery with AGM?

AGM batteries are made to charge differently from flooded batteries and should never be mixed. When you create a new battery pack, ensure all of the batteries in it are AGM, and all have been manufactured at about the same age and rating. If you put a flooded battery in an AGM charger, it will still be fully charged, but doing so could shorten your battery life.

9.Do AGM batteries charge faster than flooded?

Do AGM batteries charge faster than flooded


For comparison of charging speed between AGM vs flooded battery, AGM batteries charge five times faster than a flooded battery. They also have a longer lifespan and higher depth of discharge, making them more efficient. They can sustain 80% of their charge, while the flooded battery is 50% DOD.

10.Which is better, AGM or flooded battery? Can you use a flooded battery in place of a AGM?

You may be wondering AGM vs flooded battery, which is better between the two? The battery plate of the flooded battery is completely immersed in the sulfuric acid electrolyte, and its instantaneous discharge current is large, but it cannot be continuously discharged in this way, nor can it be deeply discharged. At present, it is mainly used as forklift batteries for traction forklifts. Although AGM batteries are more expensive than flooded batteries, they have higher capacity stability over the life cycle and do not require as frequent maintenance as flooded batteries.

In addition, the acid solution inside the AGM battery is 100% sealed, which can reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental pollution. Therefore, it is not recommended to use flooded batteries instead of AGM batteries. In fact, out of the two, lithium-ion batteries may be a better choice. Lithium batteries are also maintenance-free, and their average cycle life is usually longer. In addition, lithium batteries have a greater energy density, which is lighter and has a higher capacity than flooded or AGM batteries in similar applications.

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