Sharing knowledge about luminous drift batteries



Many anglers like night fishing. At night, we can't observe fish bites without the help of some lighting equipment, and usually use night fishing lights and luminous drift batteries.


For these two lighting fishing tackle, luminous drift batteries are more suitable, but the capacity of the luminous drift batteries are limited, what to do in case there is no power at that time. This article will share how to choose and buy the right luminous drift batteries and improve our experience.

1. Types of luminous drift batteries

Luminous drift batteries are not universal. There are three types of battery models for luminous drift, namely CR316, CR322, and CR425, and different battery sizes and thicknesses are different, so they are not universal. Noctilucent drift uses phosphors to emit light, and the difference from ordinary floats is that luminous bleaching is more weighty.

Phosphors, commonly known as luminescent powders, are usually divided into two categories: photoluminescent energy storage luminescent powders and radioactive luminescent powders.

Photoluminescent energy storage luminous powder is phosphor in natural light, daylight, ultraviolet light irradiation, light energy storage. After stopping light irradiation, and then slowly released in the form of fluorescence, so at night or in the dark, you can still see luminescence, lasting up to several hours to more than ten hours.

Types of luminous drift batteries


● Lightweight drift battery

The batteries are usually about 0.6 grams. Normally, the luminous bleaching is hollow, and its own weight should be smaller than normal floating. However, drift requires a rechargeable batteries, so the net weight of the battery also increases its own weight. The amount of lead consumed by luminous bleaching is usually without batteries.

The marked amount of lead is generally not equipped with a battery, so after installing batteries, it is necessary to consider the influence of battery quality on luminous bleaching. However, there are also some special luminous drifts marked on the amount of lead that is battery, and these conditions need to be understood before use.

2. Advantages of luminous drift batteries

  • It will not be visible due to the unstable flow of water.
  • Does not attract mosquitoes.
  • Portable installation is more light and flexible.
  • No tripod or floor plug is required.
  • Although the luminous bleaching is very practical, one of the biggest concerns is that it has small battery capacity.
  • For target fish species that do not like light, or even fear light, there are advantages of not disturbing fish and reducing fish alertness.
  • When using electronic luminous drift, change the fishing position or fishing point so that the fish will not startle.

● Features of electronic luminous drift

Advantages of luminous drift batteries


Electronic luminous drift relies on batteries for power. The floating body needs to be installed with a battery, generally the floating body is large, and the self-weight is heavy.

The floating tail itself is buoyant, generally a grid of colored luminous eyes, one black does not emit light, and then a colored luminescence, which is different from normal drift.

3. How long can a luminous drift battery last

A good luminous drift batteries are calculated as 6-8 hours of fishing a night, and can normally be used for three nights. Poor quality luminous drift batteries don't last that long.

Later, through many practices, I found that the power consumption of the luminous drift batteries are not bad. but that the internal components it uses are of poor quality, which leads to huge power consumption. The principle of luminous bleaching is the same as that of a flashlight, which is to power the internal components through the batteries, which are called a light-emitting diode.

How long can a luminous drift batteries last


The drifting tail of the luminous bleaching is hollow, and it is not the source of light in use. Instead, the light emitting diode under the drift provides the light source, and then the reflected light illuminates the drift tail. If you have a floating float that is damaged and dropped by the tail, you can check it out for yourself.

4. Can a luminous drift battery be charged

If it is a drift with only a luminous stick and no battery, it cannot be charged. If it is an electronic drift equipped with a battery, a special luminous drift batteries charger can be used to charge when the power is insufficient to achieve the purpose of reuse.

Some batteries of electronic luminous drift cannot be charged, so you need to purchase a new battery. There is a kind of luminous bleaching that only luminous rods are generally distributed in the drifting tail part of the luminous bleaching, which can emit light, but this type of noght drift doesn't have batteries.

There is also a class of luminous bleaching that is electronic, and they can be fitted with batteries. It can emit light under the action of the batteries. This kind of luminous drift batteries can basically be charged by using the luminous drift batteries charger. It can be used repeatedly after charging without having to buy a new one. However, there are also a small number of them that cannot be charged, and this drift requires repeated purchase of batteries.

5. How to choose a luminous drift battery

Glow-in-the-dark drift glows and is suitable for night fishing. Luminous drift has a drifting tail with a glow stick, which can automatically emit light, but the brightness of the glow stick can emit light is limited. If the area around the water is particularly dark, electronic noctilucent drift is used, which shines with batteries.

How to choose a luminous drift battery


The range of illumination is relatively large, the brightness is relatively strong, and it is relatively more suitable. However, due to the weight of the battery itself, it may cause the float to be less sensitive, and some slight signals cannot be reflected in time.

And the battery needs to be replaced or charged after it dies, make sure it has power before use. To choose a durable luminous drift batteries, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points and go to the battery stores nearby:

First, choose well-known brands, because these brands usually have higher standards of quality.

Secondly, check product reviews and user feedback to understand the experience and durability evaluation of other users of different brands of batteries.

Finally, choose the appropriate battery specifications and types according to your own needs and usage conditions, such as aa batteries, aaa, etc. When choosing a luminous drift batteries, focusing on brand reputation, user evaluation and applicability is key.

6. Conclusion

The durability of luminous drift batteries are affected by many factors, such as brand, quality, conditions of use, etc. There are many different brands of luminous drift batteries on the market, some of which are widely considered durable options. However, there is no clear evidence of which brand of luminous drift batteries are the most durable in all cases.


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