Where are the benefits of lithium camper battery and how to choose



Although the lithium camper battery is simple to use, unlike the power bank, there are only two main factors to consider: capacity and power. There are many factors to consider, so how should you choose.


The market for lithium camper battery is not mature, and to buy the most cost-effective battery products on a limited budget, homework is still not done. This article will help you understand the lithium battery products of campers in detail in an easy-to-understand way, saving time and avoiding detours in future purchases.

1. What is a lithium camper battery

In short, the lithium camper battery is an extra large power bank. But compared to ordinary charging treasures, in addition to the obvious difference in size. The biggest difference is that the outdoor power supply can provide a high AC output, which is no different from the voltage output on the home energy storage.

However, the output power will be limited by the volume of the product, generally speaking, the larger the power of the outdoor power supply, the larger and heavier the volume.

2. Functional characteristics of lithium camper battery

● Difference between watts and watt-hours

As the two core parameters of lithium camper battery, watts (rated output power) and watt-hours (rated capacity) are two units that we cannot avoid when purchasing.

  • Rated output power

In layman's terms, power is the speed at which the device consumes, measured in watts. For example, in home energy storage, the common bulb power in life is 5W to 10W. The power of the camper's lithium battery determines the type of electrical appliances it can carry, so make sure that the electrical power you need to use is lower than the rated output power of the outdoor power supply before purchasing.

Functional characteristics of lithium camper battery

  • Rated capacity

It's actually quite simple: the speed of power consumption multiplied by time equals power consumption. Without considering the loss, the fan rated 50W is turned on for 1 hour, and the power consumption is 50Wh. Watt-hours (rated capacity) determine how long you can power your appliance using an outdoor power source.

In use, factors such as wire loss and equipment self-consumption should be considered, and the actual number of charging times cannot reach 10 times the theoretical value, but the results can be used as a reference for purchase.

● The difference in AC output voltage

The AC output on the lithium camper battery product is achieved by a component called an inverter that converts the direct current of the li battery into alternating current. Mainstream inverters on the market are divided into three types according to the waveform of the generated voltage:

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Correction of sine wave inverter
  • Square wave inverter

Manufacturing costs are falling, and safety and reliability are also falling. The first is the one closest to the socket in the home. Non pure sine wave outdoor power products can cause damage to sensitive equipment.

3. How to choose the right lithium camper battery

● Check appearance and packaging

Lithium battery products can be judged by packaging and appearance. Although the appearance of general products is somewhat deceptive, it can also screen out some inferior products from the appearance.

● Look at the product cell

First check whether the battery cells are brand new, because there are some bad small workshops on the market that use second-hand batteries to make li batteries. Good battery cells, higher safety, better quality of li batteries. The batteries of outdoor power supply on the market are mainly ternary lithium power supply and lifepo4 battery, both of which have their own characteristics.

Lithium-ion battery is an energy storage device integrating high energy density and high voltage using li as the anode material, with high electromotive force and specific energy. The main features are large capacity and good stability.

How to choose the right lithium camper battery


Lithium iron phosphate battery is a kind of li-ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material and carbon as the anode material. The main features are high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life and good safety performance.

● Detect live operation

In the process of live working of li batteries, if the poles of the battery are not hot for about 10 minutes of continuous discharge, it proves that the battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of li batteries with high-quality protection boards is better than that of ordinary li batteries.

● Compare weights

The weight of a lithium battery is proportional to its capacity. If it is a lipo4 battery, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will definitely be insufficient. But there are differences in the size of the capacity of some batteries themselves. In addition, you can also perceive whether the weight of the battery is relatively heavy from the outer packaging, and if it is heavy, it is biased towards high-quality li batteries.

● Test internal resistance and maximum current

In fact, the fastest test method to judge the performance of li batteries is to test the internal resistance and maximum discharge current. Good quality lithium battery, the internal resistance is very small, the maximum discharge current is very large.

Using a 20A range multimeter, directly short-connected to the two electrodes of the li battery, the current should generally be about 10A, or even higher. And can be maintained for a period of time, relatively stable is a good battery.

4. Precautions for choosing lithium camper battery

● Security

BMS is the battery management system, which is composed of sensors, controllers, sensors, etc. and various signal lines, the main function is the protection of battery charging and protection, to prevent safety accidents, but also to extend battery life.

The lithium camper battery adopts the BMS intelligent control system of vehicle standard, which is very reliable in performance and safety. The second focus on safety-related is naturally the support and protective structure. Materials such as the outer shell and the internal support structure are one of the important signs of power supply safety performance. If safety is the most important, then the second place is fast charging.

Precautions for choosing lithium camper battery


● Fast charging

Charging efficiency will be important to outdoor power sources, more to save our travel time and prepare for events. Imagine that without fast charging, you may need to go to fully charge your equipment a day in advance, and it is not convenient to charge it when traveling halfway. But if you have fast charging, you can fully charge 2 hours before you go out, then unplug and take it out.

● Portability and ease of use

Portability, in general, is reflected in the product details. You can go to the battery store and buy a suitable design, such as a battery with a folding handle, which is not only easy to store but also does not take up space. Therefore, if you want to choose an outdoor power supply, the personal recommendations for the order of reference indicators are: safety, fast charging, rated power, interface and portability.

Therefore, if you want to choose an outdoor power supply, the personal recommendations for the order of reference indicators are: safety, fast charging, rated power, interface and portability. Ternary lithium batteries also have a great advantage, that is, low temperature resistance, even at minus ten degrees can operate normally.

In contrast, if it is lithium iron phosphate, there may be strikes or affect charging efficiency. So the northern camping self-driving or friends with high-altitude self-driving needs, when choosing an outdoor power supply, this point is also to pay attention to.

● Brand

If it is a lithium camper battery, choosing a large brand and having after-sales can solve many problems, and the credibility is relatively high. Try to find the battery stores nearby.

5. Advantages of lithium batteries in camper

Although fuel generators are durable and reliable, the two major defects of noise and carbon monoxide will cause safety hazards when used in the car. However, in the past two years, with the rapid development of lithium-ion power batteries and portable solar products, camper lithium batteries have gradually entered the public's field of vision.

Advantages of lithium batteries in camper


In fact, the advantages of lithium camper battery are far more than light weight, lithium batteries have advantages such as long life and green environmental protection compared with lead-acid batteries of mainstream electric vehicles. The core of the lithium camper battery is naturally the battery. We mainly need to focus on two points: battery type and BMS software system.

The use of the current new energy vehicle the most mainstream ternary lithium battery, from the performance of ternary lithium battery light weight, high charging efficiency, low temperature resistance, in the same quality of the case, high energy density, high power, relatively small proportion of space.

It is recommended that outdoor power supply batteries choose to look at the two types of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and many small manufacturers' outdoor power supplies will also have inflated capacities, which should be remembered when choosing outdoor power supplies.

6. Conclusion

In general, a good use lithium camper battery can solve our electricity troubles to a large extent, let us better enjoy the trip, and improve the happiness index during the trip. If you like self-driving travel and usually love to go out to play, it is highly recommended to buy a good lithium camper battery, which is very practical for short trips.


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