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The applications of flywheel battery is very extensive, but the applications of flywheel battery is mainly divided into two types: the first type applications of flywheel battery is used as energy storage, such as the applications of flywheel battery in the power supply of satellites and space stations, and the power plant of vehicles , Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for various important equipment (such as computers, communication systems, medical equipment, etc.); the second applications of flywheel battery is used as peak power, such as the applications of flywheel battery in the peak load of the power system. Regulation, fluctuation regulation of grid power in distributed generation system, regulation of hybrid vehicle load, instantaneous high-power power supply sources such as launch vehicles and electromagnetic guns, pulse power equipment, etc.

1. The applications of flywheel battery in electric vehicles and military vehicles

Application of Flywheel Battery in Military Vehicles


At present, the applications of flywheel battery can be used alone or mixed with other power devices in electric vehicles, which greatly improves the power and economy of vehicles and the emission status of vehicle exhaust. The applications of flywheel battery also plays an important role in pulsating load and operating load regulation of military vehicles. For example, the University of Texas at Austin Electrodynamics Research Center has developed pulsating load and operating load regulation for the applications of flywheel battery in military vehicles. The innovative flywheel energy storage system can store 25MJ of energy and provide 5MW of instantaneous power, which can meet the pulsating power requirements of 14T-class military vehicles.

2. The applications of flywheel battery on satellites and spacecraft

Applications of Flywheel Batteries in Satellites and Spacecraft


Fare, the University of Maryland and the Lewis Research Center funded by NASA jointly developed the hollow flywheel system, which is a 500Wh hollow flywheel system scaled down by the University of Maryland to a 50Wh hollow flywheel system. The applications of flywheel battery system is used for the power plant of satellites in close earth orbit and geostationary orbit, replacing the original chemical battery. At the same time, it combines flywheel energy storage and satellite attitude control to integrate flywheel energy storage and satellite attitude control, and the applications of flywheel battery in satellites and spacecraft has more obvious advantages.

3. The applications of flywheel battery in electrothermal chemical gun and electromagnetic gun

The applications of flywheel battery has obvious advantages in electromagnetic guns. There is an 8-level step-by-step linear induction coil launcher that can launch 2kg shells at a speed of 2km/s. The applications of flywheel batteries in electrothermal chemical guns requires 1 The pulsating power is transmitted to the breech of the gun in ~5ms, and the pulse alternator composed of the flywheel energy storage device can meet this requirement

4. The applications of flywheel battery for power quality and grid load regulation

The problem of power quality is a long-standing problem that has been plaguing the power industry. However, with the development and expansion of the UPS market, the loss of various important sensitive equipment (such as computers, communication equipment and medical equipment) caused by power fluctuations in the grid or sudden power supply interruption has been gradually solved. With the applications of flywheel battery, it can fully assume the function of UPS, and the quality of power supply can be greatly improved, and the power supply time can be greatly extended. In addition, the high-power, high-energy-storage flywheel energy storage system can also be used to adjust the power supply of the grid during peak power consumption, so that the load of the core network is more stable. In wind turbines, the applications of flywheel battery can make the output voltage more stable.

flywheel battery

5. The applications of flywheel battery:uninterruptible power supply UPS

Small intermittent power supply has a strong application market. In addition to the current general UPS, the applications of flywheel battery has been used as a new energy storage method in UPS.

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