Safe steps for solar panel removal and environmental protection ways



Solar panel removal refers to the process of removing a solar panel or solar photovoltaic panel when it needs to be repaired, replaced or recycled. This article describes the definition and specific operation methods of solar panel removal.


1. The composition of solar panels

The solar panel is composed of solar cells, tempered glass, EVA film, backplane, aluminum frame and so on. When the sun shines on the solar cell, the solar electrons are excited, and the different levels of electron energy form a potential difference, forming a direct current.

In this way, solar panels convert the light energy of the sun into electricity, which is a clean energy source using solar energy.

2. What is solar panel removal

The solar panel is a device that uses solar energy to convert it into electricity. Wherein the glass plate is the protective layer of the solar panel, which plays the role of protecting the 12v 200ah deep cycle battery chip inside the panel.

In some cases, it is necessary to remove the glass plate of the solar panel, such as replacing the glass plate or cleaning the battery chip. When panels are damaged or need to be replaced, or when the materials in them need to be recycled.

3. Is solar panel removal possible

Solar panels are generally installed on the roof or at other heights. Also, do solar panel maintenance is usually difficult. But if you need to remove the solar panel, it can be removed.

Is solar panel removal possible


However, the dismantling of solar panels poses certain risks, and it is recommended that dismantling operations be carried out under the guidance of professional personnel. The risks of solar panel removal mainly lie in working at altitude and electrical safety.

Before disassembly, it is necessary to disconnect the PV panel from the inverter power supply, and use safety tools, wear safety belts to ensure personal safety. Dismantling solar panels usually requires the use of professional tools.

After completion, the PV panels can be cleaned and stored in a dry and ventilated place. In short, solar panel removal can be achieved, but it requires professional guidance and the use of professional tools to ensure personal safety and smooth disassembly.

4. How to properly carry out the preparation of solar panel removal

Before removing a solar panel, prepare some tools and materials, including gloves, safety belts, insulation tapes, lifting tools, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, protective glasses, and non-slip shoes.

  • Safety precautions

When removing solar panels, wear protective equipment such as gloves, safety belts, protective glasses, and non-slip shoes. Be careful when removing the board to avoid damage or serious damage.

How to properly carry out the preparation of solar panel removal


Prohibit any smashing, drilling or cutting on the surface of the solar panel, so as not to damage the performance of the solar panel and affect the service life. Before removal, be sure to turn off the power switch, interrupt the power connection, and prohibit the use of water, electricity and other live tools.

5. Specific method of solar panel removal

A solar panel consists of multiple solar batteries that convert solar energy into electricity. In some cases, solar panel removal needs to be carried out. First of all, we must look at the installation and fixing of the PV panel, understand its structure and the location of the screws, and determine the removal plan.

Depending on the size and weight of the solar panel, suitable lifting tools are selected to remove the solar panel from the support or roof. Be careful not to use too large or too small lifting tools, so that the PV panel does not touch the ground.

Causes the glass panel or panel to break, resulting in injury. Use a tool such as a screwdriver or adjustable wrench to remove screws or nuts, remove the PV panel from the bracket or wall, and store the components separately for reuse.

Here are the steps to safely remove a solar panel:

  • Power off

Before the solar panel is removed, power must be turned off to prevent the panel from being shocked.

  • Remove panel

First remove the solar panel from the bracket, taking care not to let the panel collide or damage.

  • Remove border

Use a tool to remove the frame of the glass panel of the solar panel, taking care not to damage the glass panel.

Specific method of solar panel removal

  • Removing glass panel

After the removed frame is placed in a safe position, gently pick up the glass plate. Pay attention to hand protection in case the glass panel breaks.

  • Clean battery chip

After the glass panel is removed, the 12v 100ah deep cycle battery chip can be cleaned to improve the efficiency of the solar panel.

  • Replacement glass

If the glass plate of the solar panel needs to be replaced, the new glass plate can be installed in the original position, and then the glass plate is fixed with the frame.

The above is the method of solar panel removal, the glass panel of the solar panel. Pay attention to safety during disassembly to avoid accidents. If you are not familiar with the operation, seek professional help. 

6. Environmental protection treatment method of waste solar panels

  • Correct classification

The waste solar panels can be classified and processed, and can be marked and recorded before classification to facilitate subsequent processing.

  • Environmental friendly solution

According to the requirements of the relevant local regulations and standards, the waste high efficiency solar panels will be transported to a professional waste recycling center and environmentally friendly treatment.

Environmental protection treatment method of waste solar panels

  • Recycling

Depending on the material of the discarded solar panels, some can be recycled to reduce resource consumption.

7. Conclusion

By following the above steps, you can safely and efficiently remove old solar panels and dispose of them correctly to avoid threats to the environment and human body.

In short, the removal of solar panels is a professional operation . They need to follow the relevant regulations and safety standards, do a good job of safety protection work to ensure their own safety and the quality of solar panels. If you do not have relevant experience or skills, be sure to contact a professional for assistance.


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