Explain the solar lighting system principle and control system in detail



With the increasing scarcity of global energy, solar lighting systems have been rapidly developed. In the development of solar lighting system, people continue to analyze the commonly used control modes of lighting systems and design various practical working modes.


At the same time, the light source technology is also constantly upgraded, and the charging mode of the battery is also constantly studied and explored, and the effective utilization rate is getting higher and higher. In the development and coordination of the various components of solar energy, the solar lighting system is constantly developing and improving.

1. What is a solar lighting system

The solar lighting system uses solar energy as the energy source, and releases energy through solar energy to achieve photoelectric conversion.

The working principle is to use high efficiency solar panels to convert the absorbed light into electrical energy, store it in the battery of the control box installed under the lamp pole, and then take out the electric energy from the 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries at night for the lamp to shine and illuminate the road.

2. Composition of a solar lighting system

The solar lighting system is a DC type independent photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic module converts solar energy into electrical energy, which is controlled and protected by a controller, and then convert it into chemical energy and store it in the battery.

Composition of a solar lighting system


When electricity is used, the battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy for use by DC loads, or through an inverter it is converted into alternating current for AC loads. The device stops working only when there is no light for a long time and the 12 volt 200ah lithium battery runs out of energy.

We all know that oil, natural gas and coal are non-renewable resources, and their use in large quantities will not only lead to energy depletion, but also cause great damage to the environment. However, our production and life are inseparable from solar and thermal energy.

In order to protect energy security and our living environment, people have studied the use of solar energy. The use of solar energy in lighting not only saves resources, but is also very efficient and sustainable. Today, let's take a look at what a solar lighting system is and what are the characteristics of solar lighting.

3. How solar lighting systems work

In fact, the solar lighting system uses equipment to convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy, and then provides operating energy for lighting tools. The energy source of solar lighting is the light energy of the sun, which is collected and stored in batteries during the day.

How solar lighting systems work


When it needs to be used, the stored energy is released by the controller. Solar lighting is an environmentally friendly lighting phenomenon that does not emit harmful substances when consuming energy, so it will not cause damage to the ecological environment.

And solar energy is a renewable resource, unlike oil, coal, etc., which are used up and gone. Solar energy is easy to harvest and doesn't run dry. This energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting method has covered the entire lighting field.

4. Classification of solar lighting systems

According to the power supply, it is divided into three types: independent solar photovoltaic lighting, wind-solar complementary solar lighting and solar and mains complementary lighting. Stand-alone solar PV lighting relies only on solar energy to provide lighting energy and requires the use of large batteries. In addition to solar energy, solar lighting can also be powered by wind turbines.

This electromagnetic capacity can be designed to be smaller. Supplementary solar and mains lighting is suitable for areas where sunlight hours are not enough and wind power is insufficient. In this way, when the reserve energy is not enough on rainy days, the mains energy can be replenished.

Classification of solar lighting systems


By function: This classification is to distinguish the solar lighting used in different occasions, including signal lights, lawn lights, landscape lights, sign lights, street lights, insecticidal lights, light boxes and flashlights.

According to the power supply mode, there are two power supply modes for solar lighting, one is direct power supply and the other is indirect power supply. Directly powered, the battery directly provides electrical energy. Indirect power supply uses an PV inverter to convert direct current into alternating current and then supply it to the light source, which increases the power loss of indirect power supply.

5. What are the characteristics of solar lighting system

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

Solar energy does not need to use electricity, nor does it need other energy sources to provide energy, it only needs the energy of the sun to provide lighting. Solar lighting does not release any harmful substances in use and is not harmful to the environment.

  • Cost-effective

Because solar lighting does not require the use of electricity, there is no problem with electricity bills. Although the price of buying solar lighting is more expensive than ordinary lamps, it has no follow-up costs and is more cost-effective. And the brightness of solar lighting is very good, and now many urban roads are installed with solar lighting fixtures, and the effect is very good.

What are the characteristics of solar lighting system

  • Easy to install

As mentioned earlier, solar lighting does not use electricity, there is no electricity bill, and naturally there is no need to install wires. So its installation is very simple, just fix the lamp and battery, which is very convenient.

6. Conclusion

With the progress of society, people are more and more advocating the concept of low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, and people have put forward higher and higher requirements for energy.

Finding new energy has become an urgent issue facing humanity, and solar lighting is one of them. The solar lighting system is the use of solar energy to provide lighting energy, because of environmental protection, safety, energy saving and high efficiency, it has been widely used in many fields.


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