With a fast-paced life and everything shifting to our smart devices, it is necessary to have them fully charged, even when you are traveling. This is where we need a power inverter for cigarette lighter. It allows your car to charge your mobile phones or laptops thus making it way easier for you to travel while staying connected with the world.



1. How many watts can a cigarette lighter take?

If you want to know how many watts for your vehicle, then you should first look at the model and the capacity of your car. Since most cars come with different features and power capacities, the wattages may also vary from car to car. It is also essential to know these factors because you will need them to get a suitable power inverter for cigarette lighter of your car.

Indeed, the watts depend on the vehicles but generally, most vehicles easily handle 150 watts or less than that. This capacity may look less but it fulfills the requirement of the car because you generally need it to charge small electric devices like your phone, tablets, earphones, or laptops.

2. Can you wire a inverter to the cigarette lighter?

Generally, a power inverter for cigarette lighter is a good option. However, it is not recommended to directly connect it to the cigarette lighter. Why? Well, the socket is usually designed for low watts and the inverter may provide higher wattages.

Still, the possibility exists if you have a low-power inverter for cigarette lighter. I mean if your power inverter is made for low wattages like 150 watts or less then it is safe to wire it to the cigarette lighter. 


3. How does a cigarette lighter inverter work?

Our car’s cigarette lighter provides DC current but our electronic devices are charged with AC current. So, to convert DC to AC we need this power inverter for cigarette lighter. And, how does it do it?

Well, it works on the same principle other inverter works. We have different types of switches such as transistors, MOSFET diode, or similar types inside the inverter. These switches turn off and on the converter of the straight DC waveform into a Sinosidal AC waveform. And, this is how a power inverter for cigarette lighter works to charge our devices.

4. How big of an inverter can I run off a cigarette lighter?

We can use a low-watt power inverter for cigarette lighter of the car. The reason why we cannot go for high power is because most cigarette lighters operate at low power. Their sole purpose is to charge low-watt devices like laptops or phones.

So, what should be the best size for a power inverter for cigarette lighter? An inverter that you need to plug into your car should be max 450 watts as it is most suitable for your car’s cigarette lighter. Still, it is better to read the user manual of your car first and then connect an inverter that matches the needs of your car. 


5. How to choose a power inverter for cigarette lighter?

There are several factors to keep in mind while choosing a power inverter for cigarette lighter. Firstly, make sure the wattage rating of the inverter should be more than the total wattages of the devices you plan to charge. Secondly, the input inverter voltage should be compatible with the voltages of your vehicle.

Then, there are some other important factors like safety features, size, portability, and even a reputable brand. For this purpose, you can read online reviews and feedback from previous customers. Remembering these factors will assist you to get an efficient power inverter for cigarette lighter.

6. What is the best power inverter for cigarette lighter?

If you are looking for the best power inverter for cigarette lighter, then read the following for better understanding.

While there are two types of inverters, squarewave, and pure sinewave inverters, the best power inverter for cigarette lighter is pure sinewave. Why? Well, it is more compatible with the car as most cars are made to support sinewave inverters.

Secondly, it is easier to get a pure waveform without interference or interruptions. It means a sinewave inverter is more efficient and effective compared to squarewave. Moreover, the sinewave inverter provides a smoother wave which ultimately produces less heat and minimizes the risk of overheating the inverter. 


7. How do you wire power inverter to cigarette lighter?

If you have a 400-watt power inverter for cigarette lighter or less, then you can directly plug it in the cigarette lighter. However, if your inverter has more power then it needs to be connected with the battery.

For this purpose, get the cables of the inverter and then connect them with the battery’s positive and negative terminals accordingly. To make it permanent, you can tighten the wires using nuts and bolts. Make sure you install the inverter in a safe place so it can function as an ideal power inverter for cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

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8. FAQs

① What is the largest inverter you can plug into a cigarette lighter?

The largest power inverter for cigarette lighter has to be 400 watts. Remember, you can only squeeze 150 to 180 watts from this 400-watt inverter. This range, however, is safe to plug in directly to the cigarette lighter.

② What should you not plug into an inverter?

A power inverter for cigarette lighters can only convert a few DC voltages into AC voltages. So, connecting any high-voltage devices like a toaster or electric cattle can end up damaging both the appliances and the inverter.

Secondly, avoid any items that are sensitive to surges. Any surge in current can burn these items’ circuits. It is best to always read the guidelines of the manufacturer while plugging anything in the inverter. This way you can ensure your power inverter for cigarette lighter can perform without any interruptions or faults.

③ Is it OK to leave inverter on all the time?

When an inverter is plugged into the car, it drains the battery even if the car is on or off. Sure, it discharges very slowly and most inverters have some backup power on standby mode. Still, leaving it plugged in for a continuously longer period will discharge the battery and its overall lifespan.

So, a power inverter for cigarette lighter will be affected if we leave it on all the time. While leaving an inverter on for houses is recommended, it will not be an ideal practice for the car’s power inverter.


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