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  • 1.Finding inverter batteries near me is preferred to online shopping
  • 2.Procedure for locating batteries near me online
  • 3.Navigating inverter batteries near me using google maps and locator
  • 4.The different classifications of inverter batteries near me
  •  In today’s world where a large populace of the world is becoming more energy conscious, more and more people have been investing in inverters for their homes and businesses.An inverter converts electricity from direct current(DC) from the battery or the solar panels to alternate current(AC) for use by electrical appliances. Inverter batteries  are charged by a power source either from the main electricity grid or solar panels connected to the batteries. This makes inverter batteries a major part of an inverter system and a key component in the overall performance and health of the system.

    These inverters use different kinds of batteries

    Inverter batteries are primarily meant for energy storage to provide electricity for when the main power is out. These batteries are charged when there is an energy supply and discharge when supplying energy to the home or offices. Inverter batteries can provide a consistent energy supply for longer periods in comparison to other battery types such as automotive starter batteries.

    There are many different kinds of inverter batteries and finding the right inverter batteries  is important in ensuring you have the right battery pack compatible with your inverter. In all the ways, looking for the inverter batteries near me which are best match for inverter is the fastest and most convenient method. So, this article will tell you how to efficiently find inverter batteries near me and what inverter batteries we will find.

    1.Finding inverter batteries near me is preferred to online shopping

    Online shopping is currently the preferred choice for most people and could be used when purchasing other items but when inverter batteries are involved, it is preferable to search for inverter batteries near me than shopping online. Locating retail stores and dealers on inverter batteries near me is a much better practice than simply shopping for the batteries online. There are several reasons why shopping from physical stores for inverter batteries near me is preferred and they include;

    Finding inverter batteries near me is preferred to online shopping


    • The quality and authenticity of the battery is never guaranteed when shopping for inverter batteries What you receive after placing your order might turn out to be completely different or substandard from what you actually need for the inverter system.
    • Locating inverter batteries near meusing online search would result in battery dealers and retailers close to your present location which cuts out time wasted on waiting for online deliveries to arrive.
    • You can check vital parts of the battery in person with things such as capacity, life span, voltage, and other essential details which are not possible when shopping online for inverter batteries.
    • Locating stores and retailers on inverter batteries near meis also a great way of finding other inverter system components that you might need. You could decide to opt for other sources of power for charging the inverter batteries by switching to solar panels which are most times available at inverter battery shops.
    • Shopping for inverter batteries online might be stressful as most websites and online stores might list a battery product on their page but not have it stock for purchase. With inverter batteries near me, you can see what it is you’re purchasing before making any sort of payment.

    2.Procedure for locating batteries near me online

    Type in “inverter batteries near me” into the Google search bar and click on the search button

    Locating inverter batteries near me is made easy using the online search and could be done using Google by following a few simple steps;

    ① Use the proper keywords in the search bar to bring up the most relevant results to your location and vicinity. Type in “inverter batteries near me” into the Google search bar and click on the search button.

    ②The resulting search page should show a list of websites and online stores that have inverter batteries close to your present location. Each site with a physical store should have their store location displayed on their website and is up to you to decide which store is closest and has the right battery you need.

    3.Navigating inverter batteries near me using google maps and locator

    Navigating inverter batteries near me using google maps and locator

    Getting a list of search results from Google search is a great way to start in locating inverter batteries near me but we could also do better by figuring out just how close some of the retailers are to us. We can do this by using a few tools already made available on search engines like Google and in this case using Google maps and locator in locating inverter batteries near me will do just fine.

    GOOGLE MAPS: Google maps is always an available option when searching for any item online and inverter batteries near me are no different. By simply clicking on the maps option which should be at the top of the search results, you would see various locations of inverter battery dealers. All you have to do now is simply click on the store location of your choice and the exact address should pop up.

    GOOGLE MAPS LOCATOR. After settling on a store or retail shop for inverter batteries on the map but are not sure how to navigate your way there, there is the “navigate” feature that would help you navigate your way there. All you have to do is click on the navigate button and there would be a line leading you straight to the address of your choice.

    4.The different classifications of inverter batteries near me

    The Inverter batteries near me  we can find come in different types and models but mostly they fall under 1 of 3 major classifications. Each of these classifications differs from the rest in several ways ranging from the technology for storing energy, to the electrolyte chemical composition, safety, maintenance, life span, and price. These classes of inverter batteries include Flat plate Batteries, Tubular Batteries, and Maintenance Free batteries.

    The different classifications of inverter batteries near me

    FLAT PLATE BATTERIES: Flat plate batteries are the most common inverter batteries you would find. These are regular rechargeable lead-acid batteries that can produce large amounts of energy on a single charge. They are relatively lightweight batteries and are commonly inexpensive but they only last between 3 to 5 years and are not recommended for frequent use or places with constant power demand. Flat Plate inverter batteries require a lot of maintenance to keep the battery working optimally. They also have a short life span and are known to release harmful gases during charging and discharging making them unsafe to use indoors.

    TUBULAR BATTERIES: Tubular batteries are more complex in design and technology than flat plate batteries and are equally more efficient. Tubular inverter batteries are recommended for their longer life span and ability to sustain deep discharging making them suitable for areas with frequent power outages. Although these batteries are more expensive compared to flat plate batteries, they are more reliable and require much less maintenance. Tubular inverter batteries  charge much faster than flat plate batteries and usually come with longer warranty periods.

    Flat plate batteries

    MAINTENANCE FREE BATTERIES: These batteries are growing increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages over other classes of batteries. Maintenance-free inverter batteries  do not require any kind of maintenance practice. They are more powerful and efficient than both tubular and flat plate batteries, they also have a slower rate of discharge and have more charge cycles than other inverter batteries. With all these upsides, maintenance-free inverter batteries are more expensive but are also more cost-effective than others.

    The most powerful and efficient type of maintenance-free battery is lithium-ion inverter batteries. Lithium batteries boast a higher energy density and lower cost per cycle life than any maintenance-free battery available. Lithium inverter batteries  have different chemical compositions and different sub-models with the most predominant being lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4). LiFePO4 inverter batteries have a very high current rating, longer cycle life, and impressive thermal stability.

    Maintenance free batteries

    Lithium inverter batteries have several advantages that put them over all other forms of battery when finding  inverter batteries near me and these include;

    • They weigh less than other rechargeable inverter battery types of the same size class and voltage capability. This is because lithium inverter batteries have high energy densitymaking them perfect for applications where space and size limitations are a serious consideration.
    • They do not require any frequent maintenance practice like other inverter battery types. These maintenance-free batteries have a sealed body composition and require no topping up of any material to make the battery function properly.
    Lithium inverter batteries near me have several advantages that put them over all other forms of battery

      • They have a much longer cycle life than other inverter batteries with some lithium batteries able to last for as much as 10 years as opposed to 3-5 limitations on flat plate batteries. Lithium inverter batteriesalso as have more charge cycles than other batteries, reaching as much as 2500 to 5000 charge cycles.
      • Lithium inverter batteries also charge extremely faster than all other forms of rechargeable batteries. This is because lithium batteries employ only a single-stage charging profile and can be bulk charged at once to 100%. This is unlike other battery types like lead-acid inverter batteries which need a 3 stage charging profile which bulk charges to 80% then absorption charge to 95% before finally float-charges to 100%.
      • They have a much higher energy density and can store more energy per unit mass than other batteries. This makes lithium inverter batteries perfect for supplying more electricity to high-power appliances and machines for longer periods.