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The solar panels for home are the core part of the solar power generation system in home energy storage. The function of the solar panel is to convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy, and then output the direct current and store it in the battery. Solar panels are one of the most important components in household solar power generation, and their conversion rate and service life are important factors that determine whether solar cells have use value. This article has compiled top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world to help you choose the best solar panels for home.

1. Top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world

① SunPower


Company profile:

Officially founded in 1985, SunPower in home solar panels manufacturers in the world is one of the oldest names in the US solar space and continues to be associated with a new generation of products in a variety of contexts. Recognized for its successful innovations in efficiency, durability and material quality, SunPower offers a 25-year warranty and guarantees that all of its high-power solar panels will be at least 90% efficient at 25 years.

If you are installing SunPower panels in your home, you can complete the system design on the SunPower website. From there, SunPower arranges for a vetted local contractor to install your home improvement, complete with a system monitoring app for smartphones and tablets. As a full-service company, SunPower also offers financing and solar storage options.

Headquarters: in Silicon Valley

Company website:

② LG


Company profile:

LG is a Korean manufacturer with international recognition for high-quality products. LG, officially an acronym for "Life's Good," offers high-efficiency solar panels to many happy customers who may also own LG computers or smart devices. In the United States, LG Solar backs all of its high-efficiency residential solar panels with an industry-leading 25-year product and performance warranty. The company's recently launched LG NeON® R is the manufacturer's latest innovative development, with panel efficiencies in excess of 20% and 22%.

LG's products feature low temperature coefficients and high-quality weather-resistant materials for durability and come standard with system performance software. With stylish designs and high-quality parts and materials, LG is one of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the world for renewable energy installations. Customers can get started with LG by taking advantage of the company's online solar marketplace. LG can work directly with consultants to recommend the best solar panel models and installers for your home energy.

Headquarters: in Korean

Company website:



Company profile:

One of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world, REC was founded in 1996 and has since come a long way. From hand-washing its first wafer, to producing more than 43 million panels in its history at end-2021, REC has had the sustainable production of clean energy products as its core focus, growing from a pioneer in the solar industry, to a world leader.

REC's current selection of renewable energy products includes REC N-Peak (330W), REC Twinpeak (360W to 370W), Alpha (380W) and Alpha Pure (405W) models. The Alpha Pure series has a solid reputation in the clean energy industry for minimal power loss, gapless cell layout and completely lead-free construction.

Headquarters: in Norway

Company website:

④ Panasonic


Company profile:

Panasonic also as one of the lithium battery companies in the world, is another global electronics leader with great success in developing high efficiency home solar panels. Like LG, Panasonic has a diverse lineup of refrigerators and cameras, and as one of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world, Panasonic has developed some of the most efficient solar panels on the market today, with Panasonic's EverVolt 380W panels boasting an impressive 21.7% efficiency. In addition to the EverVolt series, this Panasonic has many other great 300W+ residential solar panel options, such as the 96-cell high-efficiency HIT® module.

Headquarters: in Osaka, Japan

Company website: Company website:

⑤ JinKo Solar

JinKO Solar

Company profile:

JinKo Solar lays out the core links of the photovoltaic industry chain, focusing on the integrated R&D and manufacturing of photovoltaic products and the provision of overall clean energy solutions, and its sales have led the global mainstream photovoltaic market for many years. JinKO Solar is the first in the industry to establish a "vertically integrated" capacity from silicon processing to wafer, cell and module production. JinKO Solar continues to expand the diversified scale application scenarios of photovoltaic technology, deploying photovoltaic building integration, photovoltaic hydrogen production, energy storage and other fields.

As one of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world, JinKo Solar's US operations are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and are now one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in the United States. JinKo Solar's sustainable manufacturing facility serves customers in the United States and Canada, selling some of the most powerful and efficient solar modules in the United States.

Headquarters: in Chian

Company website:

⑥ FuturaSun


Company profile:

FuturaSun was established in 2008 by a team of managers in Veneto, Italy’s hub of the photovoltaic industry. FuturaSun operates in 70 countries and is an international leader in solar panel efficiency. FuturaSun is one of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world to offer residential panels that are over 21 percent efficient, with high-power options such as FuturaSun's "Zebra" model, which contains 120 half-cut cells.

FuturaSun's latest panels are not only efficient, they also offer one of the lowest temperature coefficients on the market today. FuturaSun’s solar panels are produced on a 20,000 m2 site, with a highly automated line, with rigid quality controls implemented throughout the entire process, to guarantee maximum quality and traceability for every single item.

Headquarters: in Veneto, Italy

Company website:

⑦ TrinaSolar


Company profile:

One of the photovoltaic battery companies in the world, Trinasolar's business covers the research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic modules, power station and system products, photovoltaic power generation and operation and maintenance services, development and sales of intelligent microgrids and multi-energy systems, and operation of energy cloud platforms.

As one of the home solar panel manufacturers in the world, in the United States, TrinaSolar offers some high-energy models ranging from 310W to 380W, consisting of tons of high-efficiency solar cells. While TrinaSolar is best known for its "half-cut" battery models that pack up to 132 cells into a glossy black panel, TrinaSolar also offers a large 120-cell full-size option for homes in the US. Each model includes 20%+ efficiency and a 25-year product and power supply warranty.

Headquarters: in China

Company website:

⑧ Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar

Company profile: 

Canadian Solar is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York, NY USA. So you could say that North America is our home turf. Canadian Solar have over 300 employees in North America staffing our global headquarters and module factory in Guelph, Ontario Canada, as well as sales and development offices throughout the US and Canada. As a single source for solar panels, inverters, services, and more, Canadian Solar simplifies your access to solar with a complete system solutions approach. We offer dedicated pre-sales, logistics and warranty support - all from a local team that really understands solar.

As one of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world, Canadian Solar's high-efficiency panels offer some of the best shade tolerance and lowest power loss levels available today. With solar wattages ranging from 320 to 420 watts in high-density monocrystalline PERC modules, Canadian Solar produces a variety of cell technologies and designs in its line of premium residential solar panels.

Headquarters: in Ontario, Canada

Company website:

⑨ Solaria


Company profile:

Founded in 2000 when solar energy was virtually non-existent, Solaria was one of the top 10 home solar panels manufacturers in the world and early innovators of next-generation solar panels and systems. Our most recent product, the Solaria PowerXT solar panel, is based on a ground-breaking technology in which solar cells are cut, overlapped (shingled), and more densely packed into the panel to create a substantially higher-power, higher-efficiency panel than conventional solar panels.

Starting in 2014, Solaria was an early innovator in developing shingled panels, and has over 250 issued and pending patents in the field. Solaria’s PowerXT® panel was introduced to the market in late 2016. It is a high-performance, aesthetic solar panel that produces up to 20% more power than a conventional solar panel. The PowerXT® panel also provides a visually attractive all-black appearance compared to conventional solar panels on the market today. Solaria became synonymous with innovative field-tested, high quality, durable, high performance panels combined with solar tracking arrays to maximize energy production.

Headquarters: in California

Company website:

⑩ Mission Solar Energy

Mission Solar Energy

Company profile:

Mission Solar Energy is a manufacture in home solar panels manufacturers in the world. Mission Solar has been distributing American-made solar panels since 2012 and has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

For the past few years, Mission Solar has been known for its durable monocrystalline PERC panels in a 60-cell sleek black design. With a 25-year product and electrical warranty, Mission Solar proves that a company doesn't need international fame to produce high-quality renewable energy modules. All Mission Solar products are engineered, assembled and engineered in the USA and shipped directly from their Texas headquarters.

Headquarters: in San Antonio, Texas

Company website:


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