EASPRING launched 6 new battery material products



On July 20, 2022, EASPRING launched 6 new advanced battery material products, including three new cathode materials of ultra high-Ni cobalt free, new mangane-rich cathode, and lithium ferromangan-phosphate, as well as two new system materials of dual-phase composite solid lithium cathode and solid electrolyte. At the same time, a new type of battery cathode material, sodium cathode, was unveiled to the public for the first time. The general manager of EASPRING said that the six new products released this time are all independently developed by EASPRING, which is a solution proposed by EASPRING to promote the technological progress of the new energy industry and address the major technical problems faced by the key materials of power batteries.


Among them, EASPRING ultra-high nickel cobalt-free material adopts special structural design, and at the same time, with new technologies such as multi-element PPM co-doping and body-boundary surface multi-level modification, successfully solves the problems of insufficient capacity, rate, circulation, safety and other aspects of ultra-high nickel cathode material, and the technical performance indicators are greatly improved. It is reported that EASPRING ultra high nickel multi-material products have been widely used in various types of power batteries including 4680 large cylindrical batteries by European and American lithium manufacturers. With the large-scale application of ultra-high nickel polymaterials and cobalt-free materials, EASPRING will have greater room for growth in the global high-end power battery field.

1.Ultra-high nickel cobalt-free materials released by EAPRING will reduce material costs

Ultra-high nickel cobalt-free materials released by EAPRING will reduce material costs

The key to the development of lithium battery technology is the improvement of material properties. Experts said that on the one hand, it is necessary to improve various performance indicators of materials, and on the other hand, we need to find ways to reduce material costs. Compared with the current nickel 90 (nickel content of 90%) cathode materials, the ultra-high nickel and cobalt-free materials released by EAASPRING can reduce the cost by 5%, which greatly reduces the adverse effects of the large fluctuations in cobalt prices and the shortage of resource supply on the production of cathode materials. Influence, has a positive role in promoting the stable development of the lithium battery industry.

2.EASPRING achieves an important breakthrough in solid-state lithium battery technology

Another highlight of the EAASPRING conference is the launch of two new products, two-phase composite solid-state lithium battery cathode materials and solid-state electrolytes. Compared with traditional liquid batteries, solid-state batteries are non-flammable, high temperature resistant, non-corrosive, and have higher safety. They are also one of the recognized technological development directions in the lithium battery material industry today, but there are high technical thresholds. 

In view of the current solid-state lithium-ion battery facing the common problem in the industry that the solid-solid interface between the cathode and the electrolyte leads to an increase in the internal resistance of the battery and some performance degradation, EASPRING has achieved a high degree of single crystallization of ultra-high nickel materials through a unique reaction model, and built a fast ion conductor layer in situ on this basis, achieving an important technological breakthrough.

EASPRING achieves an important breakthrough in solid-state lithium battery technology


Moreover, in the process of commercial application of solid-state lithium battery technology, EASPRING has taken the lead in signing strategic cooperation agreements with leading solid-state lithium battery suppliers such as QINGTAO and WELION, providing a total of no less than 55,000 tons of solid-state lithium anode materials to these two companies. Whether it is the progress of mass production or the number of supplies, EAASPRING has gained a leading edge in the field of solid-state lithium batteries.

3.EASPRING releases high-performance manganese-rich cathode materials

In addition to the above three new products, in response to the many key technical challenges of the new manganese-rich cathode materials, after years of technical research, EASPRING has systematically solved seven key technical problems such as energy efficiency, first efficiency, rate, pressure drop, and life, and launched a high-performance rich manganese cathode material, which greatly accelerates the commercialization of a new generation of high-capacity manganese-based materials.

Lithium manganese iron phosphate materials usually have problems such as low capacity, poor rate performance, and rapid voltage plateau decay. EASPRING has launched a new lithium iron manganese phosphate product, which realizes the fusion of manganese and iron at the atomic level, and greatly improves the overall performance of the material by means of synergistic modification of various elements.

EASPRING releases high-performance manganese-rich cathode materials


At the same time, EAASPRING solved the key technical bottleneck of cathode materials for sodium batteries by using special microcrystalline structure precursors and material structure control, and launched a new generation of cathode materials for sodium batteries. While promoting the research and development of new technologies and new products, EASPRING strives to pursue a more compatible and efficient large-scale manufacturing process. EASPRING's new generation of sodium-electric materials can share the production line with the current lithium battery multi-materials, greatly improving the convenience and economy of large-scale production in the future.

4.EASPRING's technical strength is in the leading position in the lithium battery cathode industry

EASPRING's global launch of new products is the first in China's lithium battery cathode material industry. In this regard, industry insiders said that EAPRING is a leading company in lithium battery cathode materials. This time, a series of new products have been released, from ultra-high nickel and cobalt-free materials, solid-state lithium battery cathode materials to sodium battery materials, covering new material products, new technology systems, and new battery routes. 

EASPRING's technical strength is in the leading position in the lithium battery cathode industry


According to the 2022 semi-annual performance forecast released by EASPRING, it is expected to achieve a net profit attributable to the parent company of 900 million RMB to 1.000 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 101.33%-123.70%. It is expected to achieve a net profit of 900 million RMB to 1.000 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 208.97%-243.29%, exceeding the 824 million RMB deduction of non-net profit for the whole year of last year. The performance in the second quarter of 2022 continued to maintain a substantial growth compared with the first quarter, which greatly exceeded market expectations.

As one of the Top 10 lithium battery ternary material companies, EASPRING has a leading technology level and a high-quality customer structure. Currently, EAASPRING's sales in other countries account for more than 70% of its overall business, and downstream customers have strong demand, and the company's production capacity has always been at full capacity. The market generally predicts that in the future, as the penetration rate of new energy electric vehicles continues to increase, and the company's new production capacity is put into operation one after another, EAPRING will usher in greater development opportunities.

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