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Different from home energy storage, commercial energy storage is one of the main types of user-side energy storage systems, which can maximize the self-consumption rate of photovoltaics, reduce the electricity expenses of industrial and commercial owners, and help companies save energy and reduce emissions. Industrial and commercial energy storage mainly makes profits through channels such as energy time shift, peak-valley price difference arbitrage, capacity electricity fee reduction, and demand response. China's top 10 commercial energy storage companies include JD ENERGY, Newenergy Power, SUNGROW, CLOU, Lingtan Intelligent, Cubenergy, GROWATT, iBattery Cloud, GOODWE and Chen Eel Technology.

China top 10 commercial energy storage companies



Company profile:

Founded in 2018, JD ENERGY is committed to the technical research and product development of core equipment in advanced energy storage systems, and contributes industry-leading solutions to promote large-scale clean energy access and achieve global carbon neutrality goals. JD ENERGY promotes the transformation of the global energy structure and increases the proportion of clean energy through efficient power storage and conversion technology, Internet of Things and big data technology research. It also brings continuous light and power to power-shortage areas, so that stable, friendly and clean power can improve human survival and living environment.

JD ENERGY has established China's first GWh-level energy storage standardized product manufacturing base. JD ENERGY in commercial energy storage companies in China has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the integrated energy storage product eBlock, the system integration and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities of industrial and commercial energy storage power stations, solar storage charging stations, and new energy storage power stations. With an annual production capacity of 6,000 modular PCS, it can provide users with a complete overall solution for energy storage power stations and one-stop energy management services.

Registered capital: 16.210237 million RMB

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② Newenergy Power

Newenergy Power

Company profile:

Newenergy Power was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone. Newenergy Power is an innovative company focusing on product development, production and sales services in the field of energy storage, providing advanced electrochemical energy storage system solutions for the power generation side, power transmission and distribution side and user side. Newenergy Power is committed to becoming the world's leading electrochemical energy storage digital asset management (construction, operation and maintenance and transaction) service provider.

Among the commercial energy storage companies in China, Newenergy Power distributed energy storage is suitable for the application of industrial and commercial peak shaving and valley filling, as well as the application of energy storage and backup in factories and business areas. Features of the Newenergy Power solution:

  • Batteries are distributed and arranged with high safety factor;
  • It can be arranged in the area with the largest time-of-use electricity price difference, charging and discharging multiple times a day to meet the various needs of customers, and can also participate in grid auxiliary services at the same time, greatly improving profitability;
  • Delicate management of battery groups can effectively prolong battery life and effectively guarantee the income of energy storage power stations;
  • The degree of productization is high, the construction is simple, the construction period is effectively shortened and the project cost is reduced;
  • Distributed energy storage cabinets are small in size and high in energy density, so they can be arranged near the power distribution room.

Registered capital: 23.37 million RMB

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Company profile:

SUNGROW in commercial energy storage companies is a national key high-tech companies focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other new energy power supply equipment. As one of top 10 commercial energy storage manufacturers in China, SUNGROW develops PowerStack liquid-cooled industrial and commercial energy storage system, which has the following advantages:

  • Highly integrated, convenient for transportation and operation and maintenance;
  • All pre-assembled, no need to install battery modules on site;
  • Complete on-site installation within 8 hours.

Total market value: 141.704 billion RMB

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Company profile:

CLOU was established in 1996. CLOU builds a new power system with new energy as the main body, and provides core technologies and system solutions in the fields of smart grid, energy storage, new energy vehicle charging and operation, and comprehensive energy services. CLOU's main business is mainly divided into three major sectors, the first is smart grid, the second is energy storage, and the third is new energy vehicle charging and operation.

As one of the top 10 commercial energy storage companies in China, CLOU box-type liquid-cooled energy storage system (1C and below) adopts non-standard container design to achieve a maximum rated power output of 3MW and a maximum rated capacity of 3MWh. It adopts high-quality high-rate charging and discharging cells, a new automotive-grade battery pack design, a new water-cooling technology for the heat dissipation system, and a reasonable layout of the battery rack.

The high energy density battery system can also meet the standard 1C and below charging and discharging operation requirements. The products meet the latest standards of the national standard and the American standard, and are extremely competitive in the market.

Total market value: 12.802 billion RMB

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⑤ Lingtan Intelligent

Lingtan Intelligent

Company profile:

Lingtan Intelligent was established in October 2021, focusing on developing innovative and sustainable distributed energy storage products and services. Lingtan Intelligent focuses on the research and development of energy storage system hardware, software and virtual power plant trading platform, and is committed to providing energy storage-based solutions for industrial and commercial markets such as factories, commercial buildings, charging stations, and data centers.

In China’s top 10 commercial energy storage companies, Lingtan Intelligent distributed energy storage system adopts a highly integrated design concept, integrating batteries, battery management systems, energy management systems, thermal management systems, energy storage converters and fire protection systems in the cabinet. The first 1000 cycles of the system capacity have zero attenuation, the number of cycles is 8000, and the highest conversion efficiency is 91%.

The equipment covers an area of less than 2 square meters, with modular design, flexible expansion, and adapting to diverse customer needs. It can be connected and used immediately on site, and can be connected in parallel to meet large-scale energy storage needs.

Registered capital: 6.952223 million RMB

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⑥ Cubenergy


Company profile:

Cubenergy has provided comprehensive energy storage system solutions and value-added services for Honeywell, Henkel, China Southern Grid, and other well-known enterprises in the world. By December 31, 2021, the gross loaded battery capacity around the world is more than 600MWh. Among the top 10 commercial energy storage companies in China, Cubenergy focuses on the operation and research of the four business units of power operation data services for industrial and commercial customers, distributed energy storage, demand-side response, and virtual power plants.

Cubenergy uses TOU, PDS and ADR to comprehensively apply dispatching strategies, and the PowerCombo™ distributed energy storage system helps end users to cut peaks and fill valleys, reduce enterprise power operation costs, and improve user distribution network asset utilization.

Registered capital: 57.395 million RMB

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Company profile:

Founded in 2011, GROWATT is a company focusing on sustainable energy generation, storage, consumption and energy digitalization. It is also a company in power conversion system companies in China. Through the distributed energy ecosystem created by the interactive cloud platform, it connects about 1.5 million home, industrial and commercial end users around the world. One of commercial energy storage companies in China, GROWATT’s WIT industrial and commercial energy storage products adopt multi-channel MPPT design to support complex scene applications and reduce the mismatch loss of photovoltaic strings.

The battery charging and discharging efficiency of WIT industrial and commercial energy storage products is as high as 98%. It has a strong load capacity, supports motor loads and 100% three-phase unbalanced loads, and can be overloaded by 110% for a long time. WIT industrial and commercial energy storage products allow a maximum input current of 16A per string, adapt to high-power components, and support multi-machine parallel connection.

Registered capital: 51.949 million RMB

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⑧ iBattery Cloud

iBattery Cloud

Company profile:

iBattery Cloud in commercial energy storage companies is a solution provider for the vertical industry of digital energy storage. By adopting core technologies such as energy informatization with independent intellectual property rights and dynamically reconfigurable battery network, the digital energy storage system fundamentally eliminates the inherent short-board effect of the traditional fixed series-parallel battery energy storage system.

iBattery Cloud has greatly improved the economics of the energy storage system, and at the same time supports the direct use of decommissioned power batteries for cascade energy storage without dismantling. It is currently the only technical system in the energy storage industry with system intrinsic safety.

Registered capital: 60 million RMB

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Company profile:

As one of the commercial energy storage companies in China, GOODWE has long been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of new energy power supply equipment such as solar energy and energy storage. It has developed more than 20 series of photovoltaic inverter products for grid connection and energy storage, with a power coverage of 0.7-250kW, and is committed to providing integrated solutions such as smart energy management for households, industrial and commercial users, and ground power stations. GOODWE industrial and commercial energy storage solution adopts modular system configuration to flexibly match various industrial and commercial scenarios.

At the same time, it supports multi-mode operation, which improves the investment income, and can realize peak-valley time shift, peak-staggered power consumption, and ease the pressure on the power grid. As one of top 10 commercial energy storage manufacturers in China, GOODWE Lynx C series industrial and commercial energy storage batteries have the characteristics of more flexibility, intelligence, high safety, and high matching, and seize the C position of industrial and commercial energy storage with excellent strength.

Total market value: 34.057 billion RMB

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⑩ Chen Eel Technology

Chen Eel Technology

Company profile:

Chen Eel Technology was established in 2020. It is deeply involved in the field of commercial energy management. Relying on the SaaS platform, supported by AI data analysis, IOT Internet of Things and other technologies, it focuses on distributed energy storage products and energy consumption measurement. Chen Eel Technology is committed to providing business management and energy service systems for commercial properties and merchants, empowering the digital and intelligent transformation of commercial energy, achieving energy conservation and efficiency, and helping to achieve double-carbon goals.

In the field of commercial energy consumption, as a company in commercial energy storage companies in China, Chen Eel Technology created China's first free smart terminal at the beginning of its establishment, and built a small eel butler SaaS platform covering the entire business cycle of merchants. Provide commercial users with professional solutions such as convenient charging, commercial leasing and sales, AI energy consumption supervision, smart power saving, and zero-carbon buildings, overcoming problems such as difficulty in charging, merchant management, and energy consumption control. Chen Eel Technology implements differentiated management services to help commercial users accelerate the digital transformation of energy consumption management.

Registered capital: 24.404603 million RMB

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