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Under the influence of factors such as dual control of energy consumption, rising electricity prices, and low-carbon manufacturing, the industrial and commercial photovoltaic market has become the star of the new energy market this year. According to statistics from the National Energy Administration of China, the newly installed capacity of industrial and commercial photovoltaics reached 10.74 GW in the first half of this year. Since the launch of Trinasolar 600W+ products, with the advantages of ultra-high power, high efficiency, high power generation, high reliability and low cost of electricity (“four highs and one low”), they have been welcomed by industrial and commercial owners all over China.


One of top 10 photovoltaic battery companies in the world, Trinasolar shipped 18.05 GW of modules in the first half of this year, ranking second in the world. Among them, Trinasolar's distributed business in the Chinese market will continue to be the first in terms of shipments in 2021, and its market share will continue to remain the first. As of the first half of this year, the global shipments of 210 modules in the photovoltaic industry exceeded 50 GW, of which Trinasolar contributed 30 GW, far ahead.

1. The advantages of industrial and commercial photovoltaic scenarios are highlighted

While the value of 600W+ applied to ground power stations is prominent, it has also been applied in the industrial and commercial market. The Trinasolar 600W+ distributed zero-carbon solution has helped many industries such as rubber and plastics, automobile manufacturing, and cold storage to transform into green and low-carbon development. In typical industrial and commercial scenarios, compared with traditional 545 W modules, the number of 670 W modules is reduced by 19%, the string power is 32% higher, and the PV cable consumption is greatly reduced by 25% and bracket rails by 7%.

The advantages of industrial and commercial photovoltaic scenarios are highlighted


It can save the initial investment cost of the system BOS by more than 4 points/W. The industrial and commercial photovoltaic scenarios are diverse and complex, and the pain points and needs of different scenarios and industries vary greatly. Based on the rich experience in component selection, design and installation in industrial and commercial scenarios, Trinasolar shared solutions for five typical industrial and commercial application scenarios including photovoltaic carports, flexible roofs, water industry, zero-carbon parks, and petrochemical industries.

With a deep understanding of industrial and commercial scenarios, with "four highs and one low" 600W+ high-power components. Trinasolar's solutions provide a premium clean energy experience for a wide range of industries including open parking garages, data centers, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, water plants, zero-carbon factories, logistics parks, and more. And Trinasolar assists users to save time, worry and money to enjoy the fruits of green and low-carbon development.

2. Ultra-high power modules help household photovoltaic market

At the China Photovoltaic Industry Association 2022 China Household Photovoltaic Brand Conference, Trinasolar shared 600W+ distributed photovoltaics. Photovoltaic modules, as the core components of the photovoltaic system accounting for more than 50% of the value, directly affect the installed capacity, power generation and investment income of the project. In recent years, the investment cost of the household photovoltaic market has remained high, and the return on investment can only be improved by optimizing product design and selection. High-power package prices, especially 600W+ modules, can effectively reduce the overall cost of household investors and ensure a balance of investment returns.

Ultra-high power modules help household photovoltaic market


This is also an important reason why 600W+ ultra-high power modules have become popular in the household market. Taking a household project in North China as an example, the roof of the household is a typical rural flat roof of 17.5m*8m, and 545 W and 600W+ components are used for the layout design. Under the same roof, the installed capacity of 600W+ modules has increased significantly, the capacity has increased by 4.5%, the number of modules has been reduced by 6, and the number of strings has been reduced by 1. From the perspective of the comprehensive BOS system cost, 600W+ photovoltaic modules reduce the system cost by about 6-7 points/W.

3. 600W+ has become the mainstream of the world

The strong leadership of Trinasolar and 600W+ high-power modules is not accidental. The core concept of creating more value for customers is the root of 600W+ being able to stand out from similar products. Taking the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity that customers care about as the starting point, the 600W+ high-power module conforms to the development of the industry and combines high power, high efficiency, high power generation and high reliability, effectively reducing the cost per kilowatt-hour of photovoltaic power generation. To truly achieve the goal of creating more value for customers, this is the underlying logic that 600W+ will become an inevitable trend in the industry.

From ground power station to distributed pv system, 600W+ has become the mainstream of industry development. The application in power stations has already highlighted its value, and it has become an inevitable choice for large-scale ground power stations. In China's large bases in Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, several gigawatts of photovoltaic projects are underway. In addition, it is also widely used in many scenes such as fishing light, tidal flat, floating, and sea surface. Globally, the application of 600W+ modules is also in full swing around the world, with several GW projects all over the world.

600W+ has become the mainstream of the world

4. Conclusion

From leading the industry into the 600W+ era, to setting a world record for 210 N-type modules, innovation drive has always been one of Trinasolar's labels. In addition, always innovating in collaboration with industry chain partners, Trinasolar consistently insists on working together with partners, from the 600W+ alliance to the open collaboration of 210 technologies. Always develop innovation with an altruistic concept and an open mind. The future of photovoltaics is bright, and the industry needs to work together. With the proposal of the dual carbon goal and the advancement of energy transformation, by 2050, the global photovoltaic installed capacity will exceed the 14,000GW mark.

The decline in the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour is an important driving force for the continuous growth of photovoltaic installed capacity. Empowering the development of the industry with "four highs and one low", jointly promote the application of products with the characteristics of "four highs and one low", help to increase the proportion of clean energy installed capacity and achieve the dual-carbon goal, and jointly create a beautiful zero-carbon new world.

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