The swollen lithium battery-how to handle swollen batteries safely



Batteries can indeed swell like a balloon after using them for some time. Swollen batteries are extremely dangerous and need to be handled with a lot of care to avoid fires and explosions that may occur under certain circumstances. When your battery swells, you’ll need to proceed with a lot of caution when you decide to remove the swollen battery and fix a new one by yourself. As with battery corrosion, leaving the swollen batteries in your device may also poses risks. This article is designed to help you understand:

  • What causes a lithium rechargeable battery to swell.
  • How to handle a swollen battery safely.
  • How to prevent your Li-ion battery from swelling.

Let’s get right to it!



1.What is a swollen battery?

A swollen battery refers to a battery that bulges and swells during use. First things first - it would be best to understand what causes a battery to swell. Your Li-ion battery can swell because of having too much current flowing in them causing a buildup in gasses and heat. as a result of overcharging, deep discharging, or even when your Li-ion battery is damaged. It would be best if you’d acquire your Li-ion battery from a trusted battery store - your battery could swell as a result of defects from the manufacturer. TYCORUN ENERGY is your optimum selection, our products have been tested and qualified, and the quality is more guaranteed.

What is a swollen battery

2.What happens when a battery swells?What causes a swollen battery to explode?

As you've read earlier in this article, a swollen battery is caused by a buildup of gasses and heat due to excessive flow of current. As such, swollen batteries may explode and cause a fire. It would be best if you’d stop using swollen batteries - doing so might save your life as well as your property. Swollen batteries are dangerous. You’ll need to be highly cautious, should you decide to replace the battery by yourself. 

Swollen batteries may explode even if they are not plugged in power. When left in devices, they can explode on your hand when holding your device, which may lead to serious injuries that may lead to death. Most Li-ion batteries have a highly flammable liquid electrolyte except for solid-state lithium-ion battery. When your battery starts leaking the electrolyte, it could explode and cause a fire. That’s what causes swollen batteries to explode. Now, you may be thinking to yourself: “How can I identify a swollen battery?” Here’s how.

Do swollen batteries explode What causes a swollen battery to explode

3.How to identify a swollen battery?

Identifying battery swelling is quite straightforward - the battery increases in size, similar to what a balloon does when air is blown into it. Consider this example: To find out whether your smartphone has a swollen battery, you’ll begin noticing any, if not all of the following signs:

  • Your phone’s touchpad lifts.
  • When you place your phone on an even surface, for example, a table or a countertop, the phone rocks.
  • Your phone’s enclosure splits.

4.Is it safe to use a slightly swollen battery?

No, using a swollen battery, regardless of whether it is slightly or greatly swollen is dangerous. Once you notice that your Li-ion battery is swollen, consider reaching out to battery experts to help you replace them. Remember, having swollen batteries inside your devices is also risky as they may explode and cause a fire.

5.How best to deal with a swollen battery?

After noticing that your battery is swollen, consider removing it carefully. Should you feel any difficulty or the battery is simply not removable, please stop and reach out to an authorized and experienced battery repairer. If you are successful in removing it, consider placing it in a strong container in a cool place away from direct sunlight and other metallic parts.

How to deal with a swollen battery How to safely remove a swollen battery

6.How to safely remove a swollen battery from your devices?

When removing a swollen battery from your device, do not attempt to puncture the batter hoping to release the pressure buildup inside it. Instead, be firm and gentle with it - should you feel any form of resistance, stop the removal process immediately.

7.Can a swollen battery be fixed?

No, swollen batteries cannot be fixed. The best you can do is to remove and replace the swollen battery with a new one from a reputable Li-ion battery manufacturer. Now, since swollen batteries cannot be fixed, it, therefore, means that anyone who tries to sell you fixed Li-ion batteries is messing with you.

8.How to prevent your battery from swelling?

Here’s what you can do to prevent your batteries from swelling:

  • Avoid leaving your Li-ion battery plugged in all the time(especially on laptops and smartphones).
  • Always use the correct charger. If you mistakenly lose your original charger, consider acquiring one from your manufacturer or an approved aftermarket charger by your device's manufacturer.
  • If you notice that your battery is no longer fit for use, consider replacing the battery. Doing so will prevent the battery from swelling.
  • It would be best if you’d store your batteries in cool dry places, away from other metallic parts.
  • High-quality BMS can also monitor the status of the battery in real time, prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, and prevent the battery from swelling.  The TYCORUN products are all equipped with premium BMS to avoid the hidden trouble of battery swelling.
How do I stop my battery from swelling

9.Can you fly with a swollen battery?

No, it would be best to avoid carrying a swollen battery on an airplane. Why? Because swollen batteries may explode and cause your airplane to crash, therefore, destroying the lives of many as well as property.

10.Final thoughts

Finding swollen batteries is not common. You can consider a battery swollen if it is almost similar to an air-filled balloon. Swollen batteries usually have a buildup of gasses and heat caused by the passing of excessive current inside the battery. Common swollen batteries cause are normal battery damage, a faulty battery from the battery store, overcharging, and deep discharging among others. It is dangerous to use swollen batteries, regardless of whether the swell is small or great.

When dealing with swollen batteries, it would be best if you'd remove it from your device to prevent an possible explosion. Remember, leaving it inside the device does not help, and it would be best if you'd remove it. When removing swollen batteries from your device, it would be best if you did it slowly. Should you feel any sort of resistance, discontinue the whole process and take the battery to an expert to help you remove it.

Unfortunately, swollen batteries cannot be fixed. Do not attempt to pierce swollen batteries to relieve them from pressure buildup. Also, avoid boarding airplanes with swollen batteries as they could explode mid-air and may cause a fatal accident. Swollen batteries are dangerous and their use must be discontinued immediately to prevent battery explosions which might lead to serious injuries and loss of property. However, you can avoid these risks by choosing a professional and trustworthy battery store, the TYCORUN best lithium batteries is undoubtedly your optimal choice.

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