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  • 1.What should i look out for when buying 18650 batteries?
  • 2.Find the 18650 battery store near me
  • 3.How to find the best 18650 battery store near me: multiple methods
  • 4.The benefits of buying a 18650 battery near me
  • 5.How to find the 18650 battery online store
  • 6.The benefits of buying 18650 battery online
  • 7.Why should we buy a 18650 battery
  • 8.How long can 18650 batteries be stored?
  • A 18650 battery is basically a lithium-ion battery. It is called a 18650 battery because of its standard size; 18mm x 65mm. These batteries have a voltage value of 3.2v and power of around 2500-3000mAh. Since these batteries are designed to generate a higher amount of output current and voltage values to meet the power requirements of portable devices, these batteries are also referred to as ‘High drain batteries. You must have seen 18650 batteries being used in laptops, remote control devices, flashlights, and sometimes even in electric cars.

    The fact these powerful little batteries offer good amounts of reliability, longer run-times, and thousands of recharges life, 18650 batteries are equipped mostly in complex power-driven solutions where a high level of power is required at constant rates. If you are looking to buy this portable power solution, this article will state the important things to consider, the benefits, and how you can choose the best 18650 battery store.

    1.What should i look out for when buying 18650 batteries?

    With so many brands and variety in the market today, buying an original 18650 battery has become a little tricky. But you don’t have to worry. We have worked it out all for you. We’ll talk about 18650 battery stores later but for now, let’s discuss what to look for in a 18650 battery.

    What Should I Look Out For When Buying 18650 Batteries

    First thing, always choose a well-known brand when buying your 18650 battery. But here is a thing, not all brands that enjoy a huge reputation in the market deliver equally quality products. Watch out for the quality of the 18650 battery by taking samples from different stores if possible. Choosing a 18650 battery that exaggerated ratings  will do more harm than good. Moreover, exaggerating battery specifications is also an illegal practice. 18650 battery stores practicing it should be thoroughly checked and heavily penalized as using inappropriate 18650 batteries can cause serious harm to consumers.Other aspects that need to be on your attention are:

    · Capacity

    Always go for the 18650 battery that offers the highest capacity, within the specifications of the device. A higher battery capacity will ultimately make sure your 18650 battery lasts longer. To choose the right battery, you must double-check the (mAh) values on the battery as the capacity is measured in milliampere hours.

    · Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)

    There cannot be enough emphasis on how important is CDR value is for your 18650 battery. Continuous Discharge Rating will decide how much current your battery can provide at a certain rate.  Your 18650 batteries CDR value must match the power requirements of eh device you are buying it for otherwise there are chances of overheating and battery damage.

    · Operating Temperature

    18650 battery of good quality doesn’t normally get heated up during the operation. If yours is consistently reaching higher temperatures, we have bad news for you. Your 18650 battery is pushing too hard to meet the power requirements and it is very dangerous for the age of your battery. The charging temperature range is 0℃~+40℃. Rising above this temperature can cause severe threats like bursting/venting.

    · Flat top and Button Top

    One last thing to consider is to choose between flat and button top 18650 battery. The difference lies majorly on the positive ends of both batteries. A button-top battery has a bulging surface while a flat-top battery has a flat surface that just rightly fits into the device with the required length.

    2.Find the 18650 battery store near me

    Find the 18650 battery store near me

    Already made up your mind about buying an 18650 battery for you. The next question is how to find the 18650 battery store near me. Well, there can be more than one answer to this question. Go around for a drive see how many electronic stores you drive by, ask for recommendations for the best 18650 battery or from your friends, family, or colleagues, and choose from the best options you can get your hands at.

    3.How to find the best 18650 battery store near me: multiple methods

    Finding the best 18650 battery store is not rocket science. But with so much battery manufacturing popping up now and then, it is not less than that either. Here are a few methods you can follow to find the best 18650 battery store for your reliable power solutions:

    Use The Google Map and Locator: 

    First, you can open any search engine, enter 18650 battery store near me in the search box, and then click search. Then you will see many battery stores appear in the search results. Select a suitable battery store according to the points we need to pay attention to when buying 18650 batteries, find the store address, and use Google map and locator to query how to get to this store from your location.

    Of course, you can also directly search the 18650 battery store near me on Google map, select the nearest one, and check the route to get there.

    Check the store website Blogs and Listicle Articles: 

    One thing you can find out more about the more professional and reliable 18650 battery store is that they will publish their blogs on their website. If you notice that the 18650 Battery Store website doesn't have blogs,then maybe the 18650 battery store hasn't been open for long or on a very small scale.Meanwhile, a lot of websites publish listicle articles on the forums discussing electronic products and power solutions. If you are active on the internet and have been a member of such forums, finding a good 18650 battery store must not be a heck of a job for you.

    Leading Brands:

    If you search about the best 18650 battery stores on the search engines, you will surely get yourself a list of leading 18650 battery manufacturers. Having decided on the 18650 battery brand will help you find the store of that brand near you.


    Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to finding the best 18650 battery store near me. You are always welcome to ask for recommendations and recent experience from your family, friends, or co-workers about 18650 battery stores.

    4.The benefits of buying a 18650 battery near me

    The benefits of buying a 18650 battery near me

    Buying a 18650 battery near me is benefit for consumers that want to get their hands on their favorite batteries and to use them immediately. Also, most of the physical 18650 battery stores offer a sufficient amount of warranties with their products in case the battery solution doesn’t true to your expectations.You can also get a replacement for your 18650 battery purchase.

    5.How to find the 18650 battery online store

    Online 18650 battery Stores are getting more and more popular among the consumers. Though you can find big retail stores that have devoted entire sections to 18650 batteries for new consumers who have a little knowledge of 18650 batteries, buying from online stores is a preferred option. You can take the help of search engines (Google etc,) to look for the best 18650 battery manufacturer and seller. Things to look for in a 18650 battery are:

    • Website Ratings
    • Store Reviews
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Product Blog
    • Customer Support

    6.The benefits of buying 18650 battery online

    The Benefits of Buying 18650 Battery Online

    The advantage is the answer. Buying 18650 batteries from online stores gives you leverage in terms of time and energy that you are going to spend otherwise driving from one block to another searching for the most reliable 18650 battery store. Also, buying 18650 battery online will allow you have more choices between different shops.

    7.Why should we buy a 18650 battery

    18650 batteries are getting more and more popular in the power sector and they have all the right reasons for it. If you have also made up your mind to buy a 18650 battery for the radio set of your grandpa or the flashlight that often comes into use in power outages, just make sure you pick the right 18650 battery store for your purchase. The benefits of buying 18650 batteries are as follows:

    Safety of Use: In comparison to any other type of battery cell, 18650 batteries offer the highest amount of safety performance. The 18650 battery has a BMS protection board, which has overcharge and over-discharge protection, which greatly reduces the risk of short circuits and explosion of the battery.

    Variety of Use: 18650 batteries offer a great range of applications and are therefore becoming an essential component of the modern household. These can be used to power audio equipment, children’s toys, computers, flashlights, and other electronic appliances.

    Long-Lasting: 18650 batteries have been tried and tested against their longevity and they have produced encouraging results. This is the reason these can be your best choice in time of emergency. Several types of research show that 18650 batteries offer extended shelf life and higher performance as compared to their alternate options.

    How to find the best 18650 battery online store

    Density: 18650 batteries have over twice the energy density of nickel-cadmium batteries. A higher density is responsible for converting into higher performance and ultimately better shelf lives.

    Maintenance-free: if you use lead-acid batteries, you will have to monitor the water levels regularly. But purchasing a 18650 battery would eliminate the need for these maintenance requirements.

    Durability: Just buy a 18650 battery and forget about replacements as these portable batteries offer long service life than you would expect. On average, 18650 batteries offer up to 3000 cycle life.

    Fast Charging: Another reason why 18650 batteries are becoming a hot choice is their fast charging property. Depending upon the size of the battery it can take  about two hours to get full charging.

    Environmental Friendly: 18650 batteries offer a great advantage over alternate batteries as these batteries don’t emit any dangerous gases or toxic materials when disposed of.

    8.How long can 18650 batteries be stored?

    How to find the 18650 battery online store

    For the majority of cases, 18650 batteries can be stored without worry for about six months. Normally, lithium batteries don’t degrade when stored in a discharged state. If you are storing your battery with very little voltage in it, it might degrade due to unwanted chemical reactions, but if the battery has considerable voltage, it won’t bother being stored for longer periods.