The use and maintenance of wheelchair battery in daily life



With the intensification of social aging, barrier-free travel aids have gradually entered the lives of many elderly people, and electric wheelchairs have become a very common new type of transportation on the road. There are many types of electric wheelchairs, and the wheelchair battery they carry have gradually entered people's field of vision.


At present, there are more than 100 kinds of brands on the market, and the configuration, material and quality are also different. How to choose the right wheelchair battery, how to avoid detours when choosing a wheelchair battery, and how to maintain the wheelchair battery. This article will answer these questions one by one.

1. Structure of electric wheelchair

First of all, we must understand the structural composition of electric wheelchairs. The following content mainly describes the battery part of the electric wheelchair: the wheelchair battery.

Most electric wheelchairs use lithium-ion batteries (especially lifepo4 battery) due to their excellent performance and high safety. It is well known that there are lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Whether they are lead-acid batteries or a lithium batteries, they also need to pay attention to care and maintenance.

When the electric wheelchair is idle for a long time, it is also necessary to charge and maintain it regularly, and it is generally recommended to charge the battery at least once in 14 days, because even if it is not used, the battery will slowly consume power.

When comparing these two batteries, most people believe that lead-acid batteries are inferior to lithium batteries. So what is the advantages of lithium batteries? The first is lighter, the second has a longer service life, and most of the standard equipment for lightweight electric wheelchairs are lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are currently mainly used in lightweight electric wheelchairs as wheelchair batteries. And lithium ion battery life is relatively inferior to lead-acid batteries. The cost of battery replacement at a later stage, lithium batteries are also higher than lead-acid batteries. However, lithium batteries do not require regular maintenance, saving maintenance costs and making them safer.

2. How to choose a wheelchair battery

● Using condition

The first thing we need to consider is that electric wheelchairs are all for users, and each user's situation is different. From the user's point of view, a comprehensive and detailed evaluation should be carried out based on the basic data of the individual's body, daily needs, use environment, and special surrounding factors. In order to make effective selection, gradually do subtraction, until the appropriate wheelchair battery is selected.

● Battery life

The electric wheelchair battery life is also a concern for many users, to understand the attributes of wheelchair batteries, and the capacity of batteries. If the product description is about 25 kilometers, it is recommended that the budget range be 20 kilometers, because the test environment will be different from the actual use environment.

How to choose a wheelchair battery


For example, battery life in the north will be reduced in winter, and try not to drive an electric wheelchair out during the cold, which will cause great and irreversible damage to the battery.

Wheelchair battery life is related to battery quality, electric wheelchair weight, passenger weight and road conditions. Lead-acid batteries are not allowed on board. If you need to bring an electric wheelchair to the aircraft, it is recommended to consult the relevant airline regulations before departure and choose different battery configurations according to the use scenario.

● Brands and companies

In this era of wanton branding, many OEM merchants (OEM) some manufacturers' products, custom configurations, TV shopping, online brands, etc., just to make a lot of money when the season comes, there is no plan to operate a brand for a long time. Which product is popular in which category? The after-sales service of this product is basically not guaranteed. Therefore, to find battery stores nearby when choosing an wheelchair battery. Choosing a big brand and an old brand as much as possible, so that when there is a problem, it can be solved quickly.

When purchasing products, you need to carefully understand the manual, check whether the product label brand is consistent with the manufacturer, and the product label brand is inconsistent with the manufacturer, that is, the OEM product.

3. Wheelchair battery charging method

  • Check that the rated input voltage of the charger is consistent with the supply voltage.
  • Check that the charger matches the electric wheelchair.
  • Use the special charger provided with the vehicle, and do not use other chargers to charge the electric wheelchair.
  • Connect the charger outlet port plug with the battery charging jack properly, and then connect the charger plug to the power supply, be careful not to mistake the positive and negative sockets.
  • The power and charge indicator on the charger is lit red to indicate that power is on.

Different types of batteries have different types of full charge time, lead-acid batteries have a full charge time of about 8-10 hours, while lithium wheelchair battery have a full charge time of about 6-8 hours. When the charging indicator changes from red to green, it means that the batteries are fully charged, the charger turns green and waits for 1-2 hours to float, but it should not be too long.

Wheelchair battery charging method


People who have used electric wheelchairs for a long time may find that the wheelchair battery life is slowly short, and an inspection finds that the batteries are bulging. Either it will be full and running and there will be no charge, or no charge will be charged no matter how rushed it is. Don't worry, today I 'll show you how to properly maintain the battery.

4. Precautions for charging wheelchair battery

● Don't charge the wheelchair battery immediately after prolonged use

When the electric wheelchair is driving, the battery itself will heat up, coupled with the hot weather, the temperature of the battery is even as high as about 70°C. If the batteries have not cooled to ambient temperature, the electric wheelchair will be charged as soon as it stops, which will aggravate the lack of fluid and water loss of the battery, reduce the service life of the batteries, and aggravate the risk of battery charging.

It is recommended to park the electric vehicle for more than half an hour and wait for the wheelchair battery to cool enough before charging. If the wheelchair battery and motor are abnormally hot during the driving of the electric wheelchair, please go to the professional maintenance department in time for inspection and maintenance.

● Not charging under the sun

The wheelchair battery also heats up during charging, and if charged in direct sunlight, it will also cause the batteries to lose water, causing the batteries to bulge. Try charging the batteries in a cool place or choose to charge the electric wheelchair in the early afternoon.

● Do not mess with the charger

Charging an electric wheelchair with a mismatched charger can result in damage to the charger or damage to the wheelchair battery. For example, using a charger with a large output current to charge a small batteries can easily cause the wheelchair battery to be filled and bulge. It is recommended to go to a professional repair shop to replace the matching high-quality brand charger to ensure the quality of charging and extend the service life of the battery.

Precautions for charging wheelchair batteries


● Charging without prolonged or overnight

Many users often charge overnight for convenience, charging time often exceeds 12 hours, and sometimes forget to turn off the power charging time for more than 20 hours, which will inevitably cause great damage to wheelchair batteries. Multiple long-term charging can easily cause wheelchair battery to be charged and bulge due to overcharging. In general, electric wheelchairs can be charged for 8 hours with matching chargers.

● Don't use of fast charging stations to charge the batteries frequently

Try to keep the electric wheelchair battery fully charged before traveling, and according to the actual mileage activity of the electric wheelchair, you can choose to take public transportation for long-distance travel. Many cities have fast charging stations, and the use of fast charging stations for high-current charging can easily lead to battery loss and bulging, thus affecting battery life, so it is necessary to minimize the number of times you use fast charging stations to charge.

5. Daily care and maintenance of wheelchair battery

The following points need to be paid attention to in life:

  • Do not throw the battery into the water or soak it, soak it.
  • Throw the battery into a fire or heat the battery.
  • Charge the wheelchair battery under fire or extreme heat conditions.
  • Do not use or store batteries near heat sources such as fire or heaters.
  • If the battery leaks or smells, remove it immediately from the vicinity of the open flame.
  • The first time you use the battery, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it.
  • Be careful not to interrupt the positive and negative output of the battery.
  • If the lithium-ion power battery is used incorrectly, smoke occurs, please cut off the power supply in time, stop use.

Unreasonable use of this series of products may lead to the expansion of the single cell, and in severe cases may cause the plastic shell to crack or crack. At this time, the use of the battery should be stopped immediately.

Daily care and maintenance of wheelchair batteries


Please contact relevant technical department or after-sales service in time to obtain a treatment method. If the electrolyte enters the eyes after the wheelchair battery leaks, do not wipe it, immediately rinse with plenty of water and immediately seek medical attention.

6. Conclusion

Electric wheelchairs are simple to operate, easy to use, whether uphill and downhill or parallel can be controlled freely, so more and more people choose electric wheelchairs. The wheelchair battery is very important for the electric wheelchair, not only to ensure the running power of the electric wheelchair, but also to consider the impact of the use environment on the battery.


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