Top 5 TOPCon battery companies in China



The progress of cell technology in the photovoltaic industry is also the one that has the greatest impact of iteration among many technologies in various aspects of photovoltaics. After the popularization of PERC batteries and gradually approaching their theoretical limit, new battery technologies represented by TOPCon and HJT have also received great attention.

Among these battery technologies, TOPCon battery has always been highly concerned by the industry due to its comprehensive advantages in performance and cost. This article lists the top 5 TOPCon battery companies in China, including Jinchen Corp, S.C, Hymson, DR Laser and Shangji Automation.

Top 5 TOPCon battery companies

① Jinchen Corp

Jinchen Corp

Company profile:

As one of the top 5 TOPCon battery companies in China, Jinchen Corp is a national high-tech company in China, an innovative company focusing on vacuum coating technology, automation technology, and intelligent equipment solutions. Jinchen Corp's high-end intelligent equipment is widely used in new energy and new material industries, and provides customers with industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions on a global scale. Jinchen Corp has always paid attention to technological innovation and industrial development, and has made major breakthroughs in TOPCON high-efficiency batteries and HJT high-efficiency battery PECVD equipment.

Jinchen Corp is a scarce target for photovoltaic cell HJT equipment and TOPCon equipment. It is expected to move towards the top of these two businesses, and its performance and valuation will both increase. Jinchen Corp and the Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences launched a strategic cooperation to explore the use of tubular PECVD equipment to realize the preparation of the core material of TOPCon photovoltaic cells "ultra-thin silicon oxide + in-situ doped amorphous silicon".

At the same time, major breakthroughs have been made in key technologies such as suppressing amorphous silicon film explosion, preventing electric field conduction, and realizing full-process integration of high-efficiency batteries, and launched a solution to simplify the process flow. In TOPCon battery companies in China, Jinchen Corp's TOPCon high-efficiency battery tubular PECVD equipment core technology:

  • Release suppression technology of amorphous silicon during high temperature crystallization
  • Low dust process technology
  • Steady state control technology of electric field impedance system in thin film deposition process
  • Large area uniformity control technology
  • Preparation of ultra-thin silicon oxide by plasma pulse oxidation
  • "Silicon oxide + in-situ doped amorphous silicon" two-in-one process technology

Registered capital: 116.2 million RMB

Company website:

② S.C


Company profile:

S.C in top 5 TOPCon battery companies is a fast-growing new energy equipment research and development and manufacturing company. Since its establishment, S.C has provided equipment and services for photovoltaic cell companies and nearly 1,500 cell production lines around the world. Among them, the market share of various process equipment exceeds 50%, becoming the world's leading supplier of crystalline silicon solar cell equipment. S.C is a leader in photovoltaic cell equipment, benefiting from the expansion of new high-efficiency cell production capacity.

Among TOPCon battery companies, S.C is mainly engaged in six series of photovoltaic texturing equipment, diffusion furnace, polishing equipment, deposition furnace, automation equipment, and screen printing equipment, and has a market share of over 50% in PERC battery equipment products. Expand into the field of TOPCon equipment and HJT equipment to open up room for growth. Batch orders for S.C N-type TOPCon SE lasers and special high-temperature equipment have entered the stage of delivery; at the same time, nearly 10GW of PE-poly line TOPCon full-line Turnkey contracts have been signed overseas.

Previously, the company had won the bid for the PE-Poly route TOPCon battery equipment order from a leading photovoltaic customer. The winning equipment includes wet process, PE-Poly, boron diffusion, PECVD front and back film, etc. It marks that the company's equipment performance has been recognized by leading photovoltaic customers, and will fully benefit from the expansion of TOPCon's battery industry capacity.

Registered capital: 348.233546 million RMB

Company website:

③ Hymson


Company profile:

Hymson was founded in 2008. The company has been deeply involved in the field of laser and automation, and has become one of the best comprehensive solution providers for laser & automation equipment in the industry, and is a national high-tech company. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of laser and automation equipment in consumer electronics, power batteries, sheet metal processing and other industries, and has formed a strong advantage in the field of comprehensive application of laser, automation and intelligence.

Among top 5 TOPCon battery companies in China, since 2020, relying on its profound R&D experience in the R&D and manufacturing of laser core optics and control technology, and precision laser innovative process manufacturing, the company has begun to deploy in the photovoltaic industry, and has developed a series of industry-leading innovative technologies in line with industry trends.

In TOPCon battery companies in China, Hymson's photovoltaic high-efficiency battery key laser equipment orders were shipped in batches and officially delivered to customers, which means that the company has achieved a major technological breakthrough in the photovoltaic field. The equipment shipped this time is a photovoltaic laser processing system built with laser as the core, which effectively improves the photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic high-efficiency cells and empowers the development of the industry.

Registered capital: 201.7265 million RMB

Company website:

④ DR Laser

DR Laser

Company profile:

DR Laser is an company that provides comprehensive solutions for laser processing of all high-efficiency solar cells with independent innovative laser technology as the core. DR Laser has comprehensively deployed TOPCon, HJT, xBC, laser transfer printing and other technical routes, benefiting from the growth of photovoltaic demand and the increase in the value of a single GW, and its performance is expected to succeed the heavy volume of PERC business.

DR Laser has SE laser boron doping and other related technical reserves, which are mainly used for the formation of the selective emitter of TOPCon cells, which can reduce the contact resistance between metal electrodes and substrates, and can increase the conversion efficiency of cells by 0.2-0.3%. DR Laser's SE laser boron doping equipment has achieved technical advantages such as low damage and strong doping ability, and the equipment has been verified in small batches by customers. In TOPCon battery companies in China, the laser transfer printing technology developed by DR Laser is not limited to the battery structure, and can be applied to the entire technical route of solar cells.

Registered capital: 170.062863 million RMB

Company website:

⑤ Shangji Automation

Shangji Automation

Company profile:

Established in 2002, Shangji Automation is a national-level specialized and new company positioned in the supply of high-end intelligent equipment and photovoltaic crystal silicon products. The company is the leader of photovoltaic diamond wire slicer. Since 2019, the company has expanded its downstream monocrystalline silicon business, and its performance has risen rapidly.

In August 2022, the company announced that it would extend to downstream N-type batteries, further opening up room for growth. As a company of TOPCon battery companies in China, the company plans to build 24GW N-type high-efficiency photovoltaic cell. Among them, 14GW high-efficiency batteries will be built in the second phase, and 10GW high-efficiency batteries will be built in the third phase. Battery technology options include N-type cells such as TOPCon, HJT, etc.

Registered capital: 385.316335 million RMB

Company website:


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