The market size of lithium battery structural parts in China



Lithium battery structural components are one of the main raw materials of lithium batteries, mainly including aluminum or steel shell, cover plate, connecting plate, etc. This part play a very important role in battery safety performance, explosion-proof performance, and sealing performance.


Especially in power batteries, the connection effect between the cover plate and the aluminum shell and battery cells plays a key role in safety and practical performance.

1. Application field of battery materials

According to different application fields, battery partial components can be divided into digital battery structural parts of lithium, power and energy storage battery structural parts of lithium.

According to different battery forms, structural components of lithium battery can be divided into prismatic battery structural parts and cylindrical battery structural parts (pouch batteries are not suitable for partial components, and aluminum plastic film packaging is used).

Statistics show that China's lithium ion battery shipments in 2022 will be 480 GWh, an increase of more than one time. Energy storage battery shipments were 130 GWh, up 1.7 times year-on-year.

Benefiting from the rapid growth of downstream lithium ion battery shipments, the market size of China's structural components of lithium ion battery  in 2022 increased by 93.2% year-on-year to 33.8 billion RMB.

Application field of battery materials


From 2023 to 2025, the market size of lifepo4 batteries will still maintain rapid growth, and the main driving force is still the rapid development of the power battery and energy storage battery markets.

2. Battery structure parts subdivision products

From the perspective of subdivided products, prismatic battery constitutive parts have long occupied the main share of the partial components market.

According to statistics, from 2017 to 2022, the market share of China's prismatic lithium battery costitutive parts will rise to 90.7%, mainly because mainstream power battery companies, such as CATL, BYD, Gotion, etc., are mainly based on prismatic battery products.

As the proportion of power batteries in lithium batteries is further increased, the pattern of prismatic dominance in the market will continue. Although Tesla has launched a wave of "4680 large cylindrical batteries" demonstration applications, the comparison of Tesla 4680 battery vs CATL CTP battery account for different proportion.

Battery structure parts subdivision products


However, the proportion of cylindrical batteries in the field of new energy vehicles has increased. However, cylindrical batteries are still difficult to enter the mainstream market, and the prismatic will remain above 80% in the next few years.

3. Company competition and pattern

From the perspective of company competition and pattern, the current  constitutive parts of lithium ion battery market has initially formed a competitive market pattern in which Kodaly is the largest and occupies a place in its respective segments.

In the next few years, China's structural parts of the lithium battery market will generally exhibit the following major trends:

● Power battery

Power batteries and structural components for energy storage batteries are still the main growth points of market demand. The scale of production capacity of power battery companies and the number of batteries in a single order have increased significantly, and the power battery market has entered a period of rapid development.

● Energy storage battery

The market demand for energy storage batteries is rising rapidly and is expected to maintain a rapid growth trend in the next few years.

● Digital battery

The digital battery market is becoming increasingly saturated, the growth rate is slowing, and high-end polymer pouch batteries continue to replace prismatic and cylindrical batteries.

Therefore, the power and energy storage battery market will remain the most important market to drive the growth of partial components demand, and the market demand for digital battery constitutive parts will gradually stabilize.

In 2023, cylindrical structural parts are expected to usher in development opportunities. The 4680 battery is expected to enter large-scale mass production in 2023, and the market demand for cylindrical constitutive parts is expected to usher in rapid growth driven by the 4680 large cylindrical route in the next few years.

Companies competition and pattern


Overcapacity will be highlighted and low-end capacity will be eliminated. In 2022, with the outbreak of downstream market demand and the acceleration of customer capacity building, the progress of company expansion has also accelerated.

And the top 10 lithium battery companies in the world have launched structural part projects in 2022. It is expected that the problem of overcapacity in the industry will be highlighted in the next two years, and some low-end production capacity will face the risk of being eliminated by the market.

5. Conclusion

This paper makes more detailed research and analysis on the market status and development trend, the market size of the battery structure industry. Provide accurate and valuable articles for companies that want to understand the constitutive parts of battery industry about lithium.


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