The future development of photovoltaic distributed energy storage



Distributed energy storage is actively used in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and other regions. In addition to the electricity price system that is conducive to the application of energy storage.


In order to help users reduce electricity prices, increase the proportion of renewable energy utilization, improve power quality or disaster recovery capabilities.

1. What is distributed energy storage

Distributed energy storage refers to the storage of energy through photovoltaic, wind power or electricity in the power grid in green energy, and the energy of energy storage can be electricity, heat, cold, potential energy, etc.

Distributed energy storage systems can mitigate power fluctuations caused by renewable energy production outputs by regulating loads, absorbing power peaks, and injecting power when the power supply is suddenly reduced.

2. Application scenarios in power systems

Distributed energy storage systems are available in flexible locations, and are currently mostly used in medium and low voltage distribution networks, distributed power generation, microgrids, and the user side.

  • Peak shaving and valley filling

The energy storage device is used to discharge during the peak load period and charge from the grid during the load trough period, so as to reduce peak load demand and save electricity costs, so as to improve load characteristics and participate in the peak regulation of the system.

  • Improving the reliability and quality of power supply

In order to prevent the economic loss of important users of the power system in the event of grid failure or power outage, the reliability of power supply can be effectively improved by configuring an energy storage system with a certain capacity as an emergency power supply or UPS power supply.

It can also adjust the frequency and voltage to compensate for load fluctuations, improve the stability of system operation, and improve power quality.

Application scenarios in power systems

  • Frequency modulation

Energy storage systems, especially battery energy storage technology, have the advantages of fast response speed and two-way adjustment capability, which are more efficient than traditional frequency modulation methods.

However, due to the constraints of the energy storage system, the capacity of the battery energy storage system(12 volt 200ah lithium battery) is smaller than that of the traditional frequency modulation power supply, so the energy storage system participates in the system frequency modulation and is generally used in combination with the traditional frequency modulation power supply.

  • Distributed renewable energy consumption

The randomness and volatility of distributed wind, photovoltaic and other renewable energy power generation will have an impact on the operation control of the distribution network to which it is connected.

The energy storage system can smooth the fluctuation of active power of distributed wind and solar power generation, reduce the impact on the power grid, and promote the ability of the power grid to accept distributed renewable energy generation with high penetration.

3. How new power systems are developing

To build a new power system with new energy as the main body, it is necessary to continue to increase the proportion of energy used. However, since most of China's load centers are located in the east, and most of the energy centers are located in the west, it is neither economical nor safe to increase the proportion of new energy used by relying only on clean electricity generated by large wind and solar power generation bases.

How new power systems are developing


Then, we must give full play to the advantages of new energy in the region, build distributed new energy power generation devices, and increase the power generation of new energy in the region.

In the traditional power system distribution network, thermal power is the main source of electric energy, so the output of thermal power can be adjusted to match the power load to maintain the balance between the production and demand of electric energy, and ensure the stability of power supply.

In the distribution network of the new power system, due to the access of a large number of distributed new energy power generation devices, the output of the power supply side of the distribution network becomes unstable and loses controllability.

4. Match with new energy to achieve full utilization

On the one hand, new energy is matched with energy storage to improve energy stability. Renewable energy generation is fluctuating, intermittent, and random, and can only be combined with energy storage to serve as the main force of energy supply.

Match with new energy to achieve full utilization


Increase the energy conversion path. Rational allocation of energy storage power stations, promotion of the application and demonstration of energy storage technology and new models, promote the complementarity of multiple energy sources, and realize the full use of energy. Energy storage is an inevitable trend for future development.

Due to the large-scale access of new energy to the grid, peak shaving and valley filling, participation in voltage regulation and frequency regulation, and the development of microgrid system, energy storage will be essential in the future power system.

It is the key to understanding the future energy structure and as a forward-looking technology to promote the development of future energy. The energy storage industry will play a huge role in the integration of new energy grids, electric vehicles, microgrids, home energy storage systems, and grid support services.

5. Business model innovation is the driving force for development

Diversification of revenue sources is the key to the development of distributed energy storage, and through the innovation of business models, new impetus can be injected into the development of distributed energy storage industry.

  • Cascade utilization of waste power batteries

When the power battery(12v 100ah lithium ion batteries) cannot fully meet the needs of electric vehicles, it can be applied to other scenarios, such as low-speed electric vehicle grid energy storage, home energy storage, and power bank, to continue to play its function and maximize resource utilization.

Business model innovation is the driving force for development


Build a sustainable closed-loop energy ecosystem Renewable energy is greatly affected by the weather, but with distributed energy storage, it can calm the fluctuation of power generation, store surplus electricity, improve the quality of power generation, and basically solve the problem of consumption.

6. Conclusion

Distributed in the new energy innovation attempt. Clean energy power supply, through photovoltaic power generation and storage of electric energy, photovoltaic forms a microgrid, which intelligently interacts with the grid according to demand, and can realize two different modes of operation of grid connection and off-grid. 


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