The emerging photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection field will usher in a major development




In August 2022, the vice chairman of CATL, which ranks first among the top 10 power battery companies in the world, resigned and announced that it would focus on the "photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection" business. "Photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection" corresponds to: photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile and battery inspection.

1.What is photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection?

The so-called "photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection", in which the "photovoltaic" is photovoltaic power generation, generally, photovoltaic panels are installed on the ceiling of the charging pile; "storage" is an intelligent energy storage system, which collects and stores electric energy through the distributed lithium iron phosphate battery system of the power station;"charging" means charging the electric vehicle and other electrical terminals; "inspection" means that the battery can be tested when the electric vehicle is being charged. With the dual-carbon background and the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, energy storage has been regarded as the "golden triangle" of the new energy industry with photovoltaics and electric vehicles. Since 2021, energy storage in the early stages of large-scale development is emerging. In this context, the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection industry may further develop.


What is photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection

2.The photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection industry has great potential for development

"Wind and photovoltaic" new energy ushered in rapid development.In 2021, China's wind power and photovoltaic power generation will account for about 11% of the electricity consumption of the whole society. According to forecasts, by 2050, photovoltaic power generation alone will account for about 39% of the electricity consumption of the whole society. In the context of dual carbon, after 20 years of exploration, new energy vehicles have finally ushered in the peak of development: not only the world's leading production and sales, but also corner overtaking in the key technical fields of "electric drive system, battery system and electronic control system". Data show that by the end of June, the number of new energy vehicles in China had reached 10.01 million, accounting for 3.23% of the total number of vehicles. Driven by the benefits of energy storage and the huge gap in demand for new energy charging piles, the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection industry will usher in tremendous development. 

Charging infrastructure is an important "supply station" for new energy vehicles. "Photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection" integrates photovoltaic, energy storage(including home energy storage), fast charging and battery testing equipment. It has the characteristics of flexible site selection, short construction period and no need to transform the distribution network. Compared with ordinary charging stations, it has obvious advantages. An industry insider engaged in the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection industry said, "The new energy industry is going through the 1.0 energy-replenishing network centered on charging piles, and is iterating and leaping to version 2.0 centered on photovoltaic-storage-charging. 2024 , will usher in the first year of the outbreak of 'photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection'."


The photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection industry has great potential for development


Generally speaking, photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection energy storage power station refers to the storage of electric energy generated by photovoltaic power generation on the roof of the carport to charge the car. But in fact, a photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection power station can form a micro-grid, which can be used as an emergency power supply for the adjacent industrial park, and can also help the grid to cut peaks and fill valleys. For example, when electricity consumption is low at night, the energy storage station will start to work automatically, store electricity through the SGCC, and then release it during the day when the electricity consumption of the SGCC is at its peak. The accelerated construction of photovoltaic-storage-charging can not only alleviate the predicament of queuing for four hours for one hour of charging of new energy vehicles, but also is a new model of user-side energy storage.

3.Why is the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection favored?

Under the double-layer promotion of energy storage + new energy vehicles, what are the factors driving the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection to be optimistic?

① The development pattern determines the height of the industry

China has made it clear that the proportion of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation will increase by a large proportion. In March this year, relevant documents issued by the Chinese government proposed that by 2025, new energy storage will enter the stage of large-scale development from the initial stage of commercialization, and meet the conditions for large-scale commercial application; the performance of electrochemical energy storage technology is further improved, and the system cost is reduced by more than 30%. Although at present, China's energy storage market is mainly driven by the power generation side. However, with the further maturity of the energy storage industry, user-side energy storage will become the final commercial model. 


Why is the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection favored


The future power grid will be dominated by large power grids, and multi-level microgrids such as communities, stations, and parks will coexist. The photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection integrated site can not only store photovoltaic clean energy and convert it into new energy electric vehicle battery life, but also establish a closed loop of effective power consumption, but also coordinate management of power nodes in the scene to flexibly distribute power distribution in the park, further expand the production and development path of energy, and help more urban parks to achieve "low carbon" and "zero carbon". It can be called the best carrier for microgrids. With the support of trillions of energy storage + trillion new energy vehicle industry, the future of photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection is worth looking forward to.

② The price difference between peak and valley is widened to improve the profit model

Photovoltaic-storage-charging has been piloted since 2016, but it has been developing slowly, mainly due to the insufficient profit model. With the improvement of the user-side energy storage development model, the last key step of "photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection" will be opened. At present, the peak shaving compensation in Guangdong and Tianjin is more than 0.67 yuan, and they already have strong peak shaving profitability. In terms of peak-valley electricity difference arbitrage, Beijing, Zhejiang and other projects have already achieved profitability.


The profit model of photovoltaic-storage-charging has been improved

③ The joining of giants may accelerate the development of the photovoltaic-storage-charging industry

In July 2022, KBVIP underwent industrial and commercial changes, adding Xiaomi affiliate HANXING VENTURE CAPITAL as a shareholder. KBVIP is an electric vehicle service provider jointly held by BACN, CATL, etc. It provides comprehensive power station technology integrating energy storage, charging and inspection, and has developed an overall solution of "photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection". In the eyes of industry insiders, Xiaomi's stake this time means joining forces with CATL to officially enter the field of "photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection".

④ The maturity of battery fast charging technology further promotes industrial progress

The "sponge city" power grid proposed by SGCC is inseparable from the application of energy storage. The photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection power station will be an important part of the sponge city power grid in the future. In addition, CATL's well-known battery technology is CTP technology. Its hottest new product "Qilin battery" launched in June 2022 has a very powerful fast charging function. Meanwhile, the photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection power station with fast charging function may further accelerate the commercial maturity. Perhaps the large-scale development of photovoltaic-storage-charging-inspection is an important entry point for the trillion-dollar energy storage market. You may want to know more about the market development trends of the industry and the dynamics of leading companies, please click on top 5 fast charge battery material companies in China on our website to get all the details you wonder.

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