Damaged solar panel repair opens a new era of green energy



Solar panels are important renewable energy equipment, but damage usually leads to waste, waste of resources. Hence, knowing the way of reducing our cost is also an available way.


However, an experimental glass repair technique was used to repair double glazed solar cell modules and validated the effectiveness of solar panel repair. The research opens up new possibilities for solar panel restoration, turning discarded modules into valuable products.

1. What is solar panel repair

After solar panels are used for a period of time, the surface may accumulate dirt and be more easily damaged, which will affect the conversion efficiency of the panels.

What is solar panel repair


Damage to solar panels often leads to abandonment, wasting resources and increased costs. To carry out solar panel repair rather than replace it can extend panel life, reduce the need for raw materials, and improve sustainability.

2. The most common solar panel problem

When thinking about high efficiency solar panels, the word "reliability" comes to mind. Photovoltaic modules are durable, can withstand hurricanes, and have a long service life.

Many problems will be encountered in the process of use; the cost of replacement is high, the procedure is complex, and the solar panel repair can solve the problem faster. Next, let's take a look at our common solar panel accidents.

  • Layering allows air and moisture to enter the panels

In order to keep the solar cells safe, the seller will use a toughened glass and plastic back plate to protect them. These layers are tightly sealed to prevent internal corrosion. However, sometimes they separate, which is called the layering of solar panels.

It causes corrosion and ultimately the failure of the PV module. The reasons for layering may vary: poor process, poor manufacturing, high temperature. Delamination often occurs in tropical climates, and semi-flexible panels are particularly vulnerable.

Usually the process starts at one. Angle or side of the panel and then spreads throughout the photovoltaic module. You can detect the beginning of layering by bubbles and creases on the surface. Using tape and sealant won't last very long. So as soon as you see any signs of layering, contact your installer immediately.

The most common solar panel problem

  • Microcrack appears

Microcracks are another type of solar panel problem. They usually occur during solar cell manufacturing and module assembly. The other is careless transportation or installation. Preventing cracks is easy when you take panels stacked vertically or wrapped in blankets or foam out of storage yourself. Try not to drop or step on the panel during installation.

  • Heat spots shorten service life

Hot spots can result from shadows, dirt, or microcracks. When sunlight hits the solar cell, it should be converted into electricity. However, if the resistance of a solar cell rises, this part of the panel becomes hot.

This is the hot spot - the excessive heating of a 12v battery compared to others. You can only use infrared cameras to detect emerging hot spots. Eventually, the hot spot on the solar panel becomes visible to the naked eye: the solar battery in question turns brown.

3. The benefits of new ways to solar panel repair

  • Save costs and reduce waste

Designed to fill and fix cracks and scratches on glass solar panels. Using a special polymer material, this material can effectively fix the damaged area. Compared to traditional replacement methods, this method of solar panel repair has significant cost advantages and can reduce the need for raw materials and reduce the environmental impact.

  • Polymer material fills cracks and scratches

This polymer material has special properties that allow it to bind to the glass surface and provide a powerful reinforcing effect. By filling the damaged area with polymer, the structural integrity of the glass solar panel was successfully repaired and its normal function was restored.

The benefits of new ways to solar panel repair

  • The performance of the panel is not affected

There was no significant decrease in the power generation capacity of the fixed panels, indicating that the new solar panel repair method can successfully restore the function of the panels and extend their service life.

4. How does solar panel repair work

Here are the experimental steps of remediation techniques.

An experimental solar panel repair process was successfully developed by applying repair methods similar to those used in the automotive industry. This process includes:

● Clean solar panel

  • Use a soft brush to gently brush the surface dust and dirt, or use a clean gauze to wipe the surface of the panel.
  • Wipe the surface with distilled or deionized water, avoid using cleaning liquid containing ammonia or acid, so as not to damage the surface of the panel.

● Replace the damaged component

  • Some of the deep cycle battery on the panel are not working properly.
  • The wires connecting the panels to the battery controller are broken or frayed.
  • The glass surface on the panel is potholed or broken.
  • Frame deformation or corrosion.
How does solar panel repair work

    ● Repair cracks in the panels

    The surface of a solar panel can crack due to long-term vibration and climate change, which can negatively affect the performance of the panel. If you find cracks on the surface of the panel, you can try to make a solar panel repair by using the following methods:

    • First clean the cracks with a soft cloth to ensure that the surface is dry and dust-free.
    • Apply clear glass glue to the cracks, compacted and left to dry.
    • Use fine sandpaper to cut the dried glass glue to a flat surface.

    5. Conclusion

    In general, solar panel repair and maintenance is very important, only in the solar panel maintenance of all aspects of the panel, in order to ensure its long-term stable operation and play the best effect.

    This experimental glass fix technology holds promise for the solar industry and sustainable energy. Future research can further improve fix technology, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce costs.


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