In a world increasingly reliant on electronic devices, finding the perfect inverter is a critical step toward ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply.

With a plethora of options available, this comprehensive guide aims to explore the intricacies of selecting an ideal inverter, delve into the specifics of two renowned brands – Redarc inverter and Tycorun – conduct a meticulous comparison of their 12v 2000w models, and empower you to make an informed decision tailored to your unique requirements.



1. How do I find a good inverter?

The quest for a good inverter begins with a thorough understanding of your power needs. Think about the kinds of equipment you plan to use, figure out how much power you'll need, and make sure the inverter is compatible with your voltage.

Key factors in finding a reliable inverter include brand reputation, customer reviews, safety features, and adherence to efficiency standards. Choosing a pure sine wave vs modified sine wave inverter should be considered since it offers a clean and reliable power output, particularly for powering delicate equipment.

2. Factors to consider when choosing an inverter

Choosing the right inverter involves a nuanced evaluation of several factors. Start with wattage compatibility, ensuring the inverter can handle the total wattage of connected devices.

Assess voltage compatibility, waveform type (preferably pure sine wave), efficiency, and safety features like overload protection. Delve into build quality, warranty offerings, and brand reputation for a well-rounded assessment of the inverter's reliability. 


3. What is a Redarc inverter?

Redarc inverter stands as paragons of high-quality power solutions. Revered for their advanced technology and robust design, Redarc inverter delivers a clean and stable power output. Renowned for efficiency and reliability, Redarc inverter has carved a niche in the market, offering inverters suitable for a myriad of applications, from off-grid adventures to emergency backup power.

4. What is a Tycorun inverter?

Tycorun inverters are emerging stars in the power inverter arena, boasting a diverse range of high-quality products, including the 12v 1000w 2000w 3000w model. Tycorun inverters, which are committed to providing exceptional performance, use sophisticated pure sine wave technology, which guarantees a stable and dependable power source for delicate electronics. The brand's commitment to safety and efficiency positions Tycorun as a compelling choice for various power needs.

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1000 watt pure sine wave inverter 
 2000w pure sine wave inverter
 inverter 3000w
Price & Discount
Rated Input Voltage
 Continuous Power
 Peak Power





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5. 12v 2000w Redarc inverter vs12v 2000w Tycorun inverter

Now, let's embark on a detailed comparison between the 12v 2000w Redarc inverter and its Tycorun 2000w inverter. These point-by-point comparisons will illuminate their differences and similarities, providing a comprehensive overview for potential buyers.

  • Technology and performance

The Tycorun inverter leads with advanced pure sine wave technology, ensuring a cleaner, smoother, and more reliable power output for sensitive equipment. The emphasis on top electronic materials sets it apart, promising not only superior performance but also safety and stability with an extended machine life.

On the other hand, 2000W Redarc inverter utilizes Pure Sine Wave output for efficient and smooth operation, reducing heat and noise. While it ensures reliability in various conditions, Tycorun's focus on advanced technology and top-notch materials suggests a potential advantage in performance and longevity.

  • Design and portability

Compact, lightweight, and robust, the Tycorun inverter is optimized for 12V DC system voltage, providing a portable and efficient solution. The easy-to-read LCD indicator display enhances user convenience, offering straightforward monitoring and control.

Alternatively, Redarc inverter, although slimmer and lighter, may not have the same emphasis on top electronic materials and design brilliance. Tycorun's commitment to a brilliant design suggests potential advantages in durability and overall build quality.


  • Safety features

Tycorun excels in safety features, offering integrative protection including under-voltage, over-voltage, AC overload, over-heating, short circuit, and reverse connect. Notably, it provides an excellent surge rating (2x the power rating) and ground-fault circuit interrupter protection, enhancing security for connected devices.

Conversely, Redarc inverter also boasts comprehensive protection, including overload, short circuit, and over-temperature safeguards. While both inverters prioritize safety, Tycorun's additional features suggest a more robust safety profile.

  • User-friendly features

Tycorun's ultra-silent cooling system and ergonomic wireless remote control contribute to a user-friendly experience. The built-in AC sockets, USB ports, and a type-C port provide versatility for powering various devices.

On the contrary, Redarc inverter features load-controlled cooling fans and offers an optional remote on/off switch for added convenience. However, Tycorun's emphasis on ultra-silent cooling suggests a potential advantage in quieter operation, crucial in specific environments.

  • Other features

When delving into additional features, distinctions emerge between the two inverters. Tycorun showcases a brilliant design using top electronic materials, promising not just performance but durability. The exterior color includes a black hue adorned with a vibrant red stripe, housing the screen, offering users an aesthetic choice.

The easy-to-read LCD indicator display ensures a clear interface, providing users with straightforward control and monitoring. Alternatively, Redarc inverter, while functionally robust, may not have the same emphasis on top electronic materials and design brilliance. The exterior color is a shade of crimson with a contrasting grey stripe. The interface, while user-friendly, may not have the same clarity as Tycorun's LCD indicator display.

Here is a comparison of the main designs of Redarc inverter vs Tycorun inverter:

Redarc inverter

Tycorun inverter

Remote switch



Cooling fan





5VDC,0-2.4A×2 MAX3.4A



Max 20w







Ground terminal



Peak power



Input voltage

10.5 - 16.5VDC



88 ~ 92%


6. Redarc inverter vsTycorun inverter - Which is better?

Embarking on a meticulous exploration, we delve deep into a comprehensive comparison between Redarc inverter and Tycorun inverters. This intricate analysis aims not only to unveil the distinctive advantages and drawbacks associated with each brand but also to offer a nuanced understanding that will empower you to make a well-informed decision tailored precisely to your unique power requirements.

  • Technological prowess: Redarc inverter boasts cutting-edge technology, incorporating advanced features for superior performance and efficiency. On the other hand, Tycorun leverages advanced pure sine wave technology, emphasizing a clean and stable power supply for sensitive devices.
  • Design and durability: Engineered with a robust design, Redarc inverter prioritizes durability for resilience in challenging conditions. Conversely, Tycorun emphasizes a compact, lightweight, and robust design, focusing on safety, stability, and extended machine life.
  • Power output and efficiency: Redarc inverter delivers consistent and dependable power output, earning trust for various applications. Conversely, Tycorun's high efficiency and advanced pure sine wave technology offer cleaner and more reliable power, promoting energy savings.
  • Pricing strategy: While Redarc inverter may come with a potentially higher price point, it aligns with an investment in advanced features and robust design. On the other hand, Tycorun provides competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making advanced technology accessible.
  • Brand recognition: Redarc enjoys strong brand recognition, known for technological advancements and reliable power solutions. Conversely, Tycorun may face limited brand recognition, but its commitment to performance and reliability positions it as an emerging contender.

Ultimately, Tycorun emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking a superior inverter experience. With a focus on advanced technology, safety-centric design, efficiency, affordability, and a growing reputation, Tycorun establishes a standard. Choosing Tycorun guarantees a smart investment in a dependable, cost-effective, and innovative power solution in addition to a power inverter.


7. How do I know which inverter to buy?

To make an informed decision, consider factors such as your power needs, the types of devices you'll be powering, and your budget. Refer to the comparative analysis in the previous sections, read customer reviews, and weigh the features that matter most to you.

Additionally, reach out to the manufacturers for any specific queries you may have. For more detail information, you could refer to inverter buying guide.

8. What sets Tycorun inverters apart?

Tycorun inverters distinguish themselves with a blend of cutting-edge features and thoughtful design. The incorporation of pure sine wave technology ensures a dependable and interference-free power supply for sensitive electronics. Safety takes center stage with integrative protections against voltage fluctuations, overloads, heating, and more.

The compact yet robust design, complemented by an ultra-silent cooling system, enhances versatility for various applications. The wireless remote control adds a layer of convenience, and the inclusion of AC sockets, USB ports, and a type-C port provides flexibility in powering different devices simultaneously. Tycorun's commitment to excellence is further evident in the outstanding surge rating, high efficiency, and a focus on user-friendly functionality.


In a nutshell shopping for an inverter requires carefully weighing your power requirements against the characteristics that various brands have to offer. The Redarc inverter vs Tycorun inverter comparison provides a nuanced view, enabling you to make an educated decision for a reliable and efficient power solution.

Choose wisely, and empower your electronic devices with a seamless and dependable power supply. There are more articles about inverter comparison category you can refer to high frequency inverter vs low frequency inverter, 12v vs 24v inverter, UPS vs inverter.

9. FAQs

① How many watts is a good inverter?

Higher power inverters like 2000w, 3000w mean that they can provide high power household appliances, provide a wide range of appliances, so higher power inverters are better compared to low power appliances.

A good inverter should match or exceed the total wattage of the devices you plan to power simultaneously. Consider a margin of safety to accommodate occasional surges in power demand.

② Is a 2000w inverter enough?

The sufficiency of a 2000W inverter depends on your specific power needs. It is enough for most households, providing some basic household appliances such as rice cookers, kettles, hairdryers, electric hot pots and frying pans.

③ Which inverter is best 12v or 24v?

The choice between a 12V and 24V inverter depends on your power system's configuration. Generally, for smaller applications, a 12V inverter is sufficient, while larger systems may benefit from a 24V inverter.

④ Are inverters 100% efficient?

Inverters are not 100% efficient; there are inherent losses during the DC to AC conversion process. High-quality inverters, like those from Redarc inverter and Tycorun, strive for maximum efficiency, often reaching levels well above 90%.


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